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No time to waste

Unbridled lust
The cock tasted good. All cock tasted good as far as Ellen was concerned. Well, so long as it was clean. And this cock was clean. Clean, hard and cut. She loved cut cocks. The ridge where the helmet met the shaft was more defined and felt good when it moved in and out of her mouth.

A slight salty taste of pre-cum washed around her mouth. She loved that taste almost as much as a full mouth of cum, the prospect of which made her pussy tingle.

As much as she loved sucking cock, especially in broad daylight in the front seat of her car as she was doing now, she desperately wanted to feel that cock inside her. She didn't care if it was in her pussy or in her arse, she wanted it inside her.

She started to unzip her jeans and pull them down over her hips, still with that thick hard cock in her mouth. She pushed her boots off with each foot. She begrudgingly let the cock slip out of her mouth while she worked the jeans down her legs and off her feet. She left the jeans in the footwell of the front seat. Her hand instinctively shot down between her legs.

Her pussy was very wet indeed. She pushed a finger inside herself and decided that she was more than ready to take that cock inside her; she would have taken it regardless of whether she was wet or not.

She smiled, opened her door, stepped outside the car, and leant on her elbows on the drivers seat. She wiggled her arse in the warm daylight air, and looked at the man and then at his cock. No words were spoken. The man opened his door, stepped out, took his trousers off, dropped them in the footwell and walked round to Ellen's side of the car. He spat in his hand and worked it into the shaft of his cock before slipping effortlessly into Ellen's waiting pussy.

At first Ellen just allowed him to fuck her slowly, delighted in the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Very quickly however, her lust took over, and she started pushing back onto each of his thrusts. She moved a hand back to stroke her clit and felt his shaft. His pace quickened, and she reciprocated.

Then, she stood up and lay back over the seat, opening her legs as wide as possible; she wanted him to see his cock moving inside her cunt. He entered her again. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked down, smiling, the sight of his thick cock sliding in and out of her making her wild with lust.

With her free hand, she spread her lips giving herself and him a better view of the fuck action. A car passed by, the horn beeped. A shiver of excitement coursed through Ellen's body. He started fucking her hard and fast, he wasn't far off coming.

Ellen anticipated the warm cum on her tongue. She wasn't going to be disappointed. Moments later, he pulled his cock out. Ellen pushed forward in a well rehearsed routine and squatted in front of him. Another car passed just as he shot a huge string of cum into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his shaft, not wanting to miss a drop. She could feel the hot cum hitting the roof of her mouth which made her cum. Her pussy squirted onto the floor beneath her. She gently grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently, milking his cum.

When he'd finished cumming, he pushed Ellen back onto the seat. He squatted between her legs and started lapping and sucking at her pussy. He sucked her lips into his mouth, stretching them out as far as they would go. He sucked and licked her clit, which made Ellen cum again, this time she squirted into his waiting mouth. He drank it all down.

He stood up; rock hard again. Ellen brought her legs up again. This time, he pushed his cock into her tight, puckered arse hole. He slid his cock in slowly until his balls slapped against her arse. Ellen's pussy contracted and sent a torrent of her cum onto his belly.

He fucked her slowly and built up a steady rhythm. He sped up and Ellen spread her pussy lips for him as he loved her cunt. She sped up again, until he couldn't hold back and shot a smaller load of cum inside her tight arse hole.

Moving quickly, Ellen moved forward and took his cock in her mouth and sucked and licked to get the last remnants of cum from his throbbing cock. It tasted good. She wanted more. He grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up and spun her round. He put a hand in the middle of her back and pushed her forward. His cock, still hard rubbed against the cheeks of her arse.

Ellen looked over her shoulder and smiled. She reached back and pulled one of her cheeks, exposing her cum oozing arse hole and gaping and swollen pussy. He pushed his cock into her cunt this time with little finesse. This was animalistic. He let out a low growl as he did so. He pounded her pussy hard and deep, his balls slapped as he pistoned into her.

Ellen raised one leg onto the step of her car, giving him deeper access to her aching cunt hole. She reached under herself again and furiously rubbed her clit, bringing herself to an almost instant orgasm. Her pussy muscles contracted around his thrusting cock. He moaned. He came again. No a lot, but she felt it inside her. Hot. His cock throbbed inside her. She panted. She was well and truly fucked.

He stayed inside her until he finally got soft. Ellen turned around sucked his cock one last time, savouring the taste of her own pussy as well as the taste of his cum. She hopped into the driver seat. She didn't bother putting on her knickers and jeans. She smiled at him standing there, half naked, his flaccid cock a thrilling reminder of what had just happened. Her pussy twinged. She wanted more.

She picked up her phone and texted a friend. A male friend. "Meet me at mine in half an hour. Need attention."

She started the car and drove home, all the while, her fingers playing with her soaking pussy.
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