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On The Balcony

On The Balcony

On the balcony with my lover, the morning after the night before...
You had woken me that morning with a cup of coffee and a kiss. I had smiled at you sleepily as you leaned over me, wearing just a towel wrapped around your trim waist. Even through bleary eyes, your toned abs and chest looked delicious. As you turned towards the bathroom, I admired the taut muscles in your back and shoulders. You'd been working out so hard recently. You were a very tempting sight to wake up to indeed.

What a lucky Miss I am, I thought to myself, as you closed the door behind you.

Outside on the balcony, as the caffeine started to revive me, I felt glad that I could take it easy today. Last night had left me with aching limbs that I longed to soothe in a steaming hot bath, preferably with you to join me in it. I pouted and blew on the scalding hot coffee with pursed lips, before taking another sip. I took care not to spill any, as I leaned against the railings, still feeling dozy. Rather than bother to dress properly, I had put on your white shirt from yesterday, and just did up a couple of the buttons for decency's sake before I stepped outside. I had nothing on underneath it, and the morning air was fresh against my exposed skin.

The slight breeze felt delicious on my bare cunt, which was extra-sensitive having been waxed smooth just the way you like it. I closed my eyes and sighed, as I considered what you might do to me if you caught me on the balcony, playing with myself with no panties on.

Then I felt a hand on my ass. It was unmistakably yours, and gave me goosebumps all over, as it snaked under my shirt and up my spine. With your other hand, you gathered my messy, slept-on mane of hair into your fist, and used it to tilt my head back. I gasped as you took a step closer to me, so our bodies were almost touching. A shiver ran through me as you kissed the side of my neck. My nipples hardened in an instant.

"Good morning, Miss."

"Hello, Mister.”

As I leaned into you, the hand that had been travelling up my back slid around to stroke my breasts. My arms were still balanced on the railings in front of me, but my hands were barely managing to keep hold of my cup between them. I thought I heard you groan, as your fingertips found my erect nipples, and I writhed against you as you squeezed them.

"Mmmm,” your murmured into my shoulder. “So... what are you doing out here dressed in my clothes, Miss?”

"I'm going to drop this coffee on someone's head in a minute, if you don't stop!”

You plucked the cup from between my hands, and bent to put it down on the floor. I giggled as you straightened up, and immediately returned to stroking my boobs, by taking them in greedy handfuls, then teasing the hard nipples between your fingers. I couldn't wait for you to find out how wet you were making me, but knew better than to take your hand and put it on my moist little mound for you. You always liked to be the one in total control, and that was how I liked it too.

I arched my back and flexed my hips to grind my ass into your crotch. I could feel your erection straining through the fabric of your pants. My pussy tingled for you and the wetness began to seep onto my thighs. I wondered if there was any precum at the tip of your cock yet. I expected there would be, as I circled my hips and my soft, rounded buttocks continued to press against you in a gentle rhythm. I wanted to taste you. I reached back to stroke up the outside of your thigh to your firm ass.

"Mister...” I began in a low voice, the one I used to let you know when I was about to say something naughty.

"Yes, Miss?”

"Please can I play with your cock?”

I turned my head to give you the most innocent look I could muster, while slowing my grinding down to a near halt.

"Oh, Miss! What if someone sees us?”

I could see from the glint in your eye, that you were as turned on by the possibility of that as I was.

"Don't worry, baby, they won't see me."

In a flash, I turned around and dropped to my knees. Before you had a chance to respond, my face was level with the bulge in your pants, and my hands were at your waistband to start to pull it down.

"You are such a naughty girl. What am I going to do with you?”

I glanced up at you, and although you sounded cross, your tone was contradicted by the look of want in your eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mister. I can't help myself. I just love it so much."

"What do you love?”

"I love your cock.”

"Good girl.”

I freed you of your boxers, and my eyes widened as your cock sprang out right in my face, so big and hard and beautiful. I smiled up at you, as I wrapped my fingers around your length, while my other hand delved further to find your balls. They were so heavy, and full of cum for me, as I started to stroke them. I ran two fingertips over your swollen end, which I reveled in, as it felt so silky-soft and hard at the same time. My pussy pulsed when I felt the wetness there, just as I thought it would be.

I wrapped my hand around you again, and started to pump with my fist. You groaned as you watched your dick growing harder in my hand. I licked my lips to tease you, and looked up at you with hopeful eyes. I wanted to taste you so much, but not until you invited me to.

"Ohhh... you want it in your mouth now, do you?”

I gave a shy nod, but the increased pace of my strokes showed my eagerness. You moaned, and gripped the railings in front of you as I worked your cock. It made me smile that you couldn't stop yourself from thrusting your hips slightly in time with my movements. You groaned as I cupped your balls, while I rubbed your end with my thumb. Another bead of precum was forming there, and I so badly wanted to lick it up.

"Ohhh... you can suck it now if you want to, baby,” you gasped.

"Mmm, thank you, Mister."

I parted my lips, then was just about to touch the head of your cock with my tongue, when you stopped me with a sudden grab at my hair. You forced my head back so I was looking straight at you.

"No... you didn't let me finish,” you chastised me. “Always talking too much, aren't you, Miss?”

I nodded and waited patiently for you to finish this time. Your cock was still pulsing in my hand, and I was so turned on I could barely speak anyway.

"You can suck it if you want to... but I need you to lick my balls first.”

Without a word, I leaned forward to do as you instructed. I kept stroking your cock with one hand, while I used the other to grip your thigh and steady myself. As I began to lick you, I felt your body give in to me. You quivered as I touched your balls lightly with my lips. I ran my tongue all over them as I breathed in your distinctive musky scent, which was still strong even though you'd only just showered. I moved my mouth to that sensitive spot just behind your sac, then increased the pressure as I circled it with my tongue.

"Ohhh... so good, Miss,” you groaned.

I worked you faster with my hand, according to the tension in your body and the throbbing of your cock. I sucked gently on your balls, and rolled each one around my mouth in turn, while I flicked my tongue against them. I felt your cock stiffen even more in my hand. My clit was pulsing hard for you now, but I knew if I begged you to fuck me before you asked me to, you would only make me wait even longer.

"Mmmm, yes... suck it now, baby... suck my cock.”

As I went to take you in my mouth, you stared down at me. You could see how hungry I was for your cock. I was so wet for you, but you still hadn't touched my pussy yet, or said that I could rub myself for you. I hoped you were going to fuck me, or least let me touch myself soon, before I turned into an animal for you.

"Yes, open your mouth for me... ohhh yes, good girl.”

I remained civilised for now. Your praise shot straight to my pussy in a tingle of pleasure, as you slid the head of your cock between my waiting lips. I closed them round it, and sucked on you a little until you groaned. I didn't want to take in anymore until you told me I could.

"Ohhh, Miss... open wider for me now. I want to fuck that mouth of yours as deep as I can.”

You pushed your cock in further, and I relaxed the muscles of my jaw and throat to let you have your wish. You held me in place with a gentle hand on the back of my head as you started thrusting in and out of my mouth. I was able to take you more deeply with each thrust, until each time I felt the tip of your cock hit the back of my throat. You shuddered with pleasure as my tongue played against your shaft, while it slid back and forth between my lips.

"Such a good girl,” you panted. “So good, Miss... you love sucking my cock, don't you?”

My mouth was still filled with your dick, so I could only nod and blush in response.

"I bet you're so wet for me now, aren't you, baby?”

Your voice was thick with arousal as I nodded again.

"Show me. Stand up, turn around, and put your hands on here.”

You pointed to the railings, then took your cock out of my mouth, and made an impatient motion for me to stand. Your hard-on was now sticking straight out in front of you, and you looked so sexy, with your urgency apparent in your manner. I raised myself up from the floor and turned around, then put my hands on the railings in front of me, just as you had told me to.

You watched me as I bent over, with my back arched and taut legs pressed together. I stuck my ass out as high as I could for you, then looked back over my shoulder, to ask for your approval at my obedience. You remained silent without even a smile, then took hold of the shirt that still covered my body, and lifted it up to my waist.

"Ohhh, baby,” I heard you say, as you reached out to stroke my buttocks. “Look at how wet your peach is for me. Mmmm... open your legs for me so I can touch you... good girl.”

I obeyed and moved my feet to hip-width apart, as you slipped your hand round from my ass, to explore the silky-soft warmth between my thighs. My juices instantly covered your fingers as you probed me. I let out a huge sigh, followed by a groan when you reached my clit and started strumming it.

"Ahhh... ohhh, Mister... oh fuck, yesss.”

My voice was a harsh, breathy whisper and I glanced up to see my knuckles turning white, as you played with me and I gripped the railings tighter and tighter. I could feel an orgasm starting to build already in the pit of my loins. After making me moan for a while longer, I felt your expert fingers be replaced by the head of your cock, as it nudged against my slit. You rubbed up and down my lips to tease me, and it felt so good my knees almost buckled.

"Shall I fuck you now, Miss? Out here, where someone might see or hear us? You know I could get you to make a lot of noise if I wanted to, baby.”

You punctuated your words by pressing your cock harder onto my tight little hole, but still not pushing inside me yet. I marvelled at your self-control, as I was aching to thrust back, and impale myself fully on your dick.

"I can see your pussy dripping for me, sugar. Do you want my cock in there now? I think you do... Tell me how much you want this,” you instructed.

"Please fuck me, Mister,” I begged you. My voice was low and full of desire. “I want your cock so much... please fuck me now. I need it so badly. Give it to me, please.”

You teased me again, this time by pushing your cockhead inside me for a second, then taking it back out just as quick. I groaned and bucked back against you in frustration.

"Ohhh yes... fuck me, Mister, please fuck me now.”

My voice was becoming more urgent as I implored you to carry on. You responded by pushing inside again and thrusting deeper this time.

"Mmmm... such a nice tight pussy wanting to be fucked,” you said approvingly, as your cock felt inside me. “You're definitely ready for me now... such a good girl.”

You paused, still teasing me and drawing it out, even though you were now inside me.

"But then you're always ready... Mmmm... My little peach, always wanting to be fucked... always wet for me... aren't you?”

"Ohh, y-yes, Mister.”

I was trembling for you now. As you leaned over to whisper in my ear, you thrust your cock deeper into me at a different angle. I let out a loud moan at having you all the way inside me now; the sensation of fullness was heavenly.

You ran your hands over my ass then held onto my hips as you began to fuck me. I gasped and gritted my teeth, trying not to cry out as you pounded into me harder. As you found your rhythm, I could feel your balls slapping against my thighs. The slick sound of our fucking was all I could hear, as it drowned out the noise of the traffic far below. My pussy clenched around your cock again, and I knew you felt it when I heard you moan.

"Mmmm, good girl... are you going to cum for me?”

"Yes... ohh yes,” I panted. “Please... ahhh... please don't stop.”

You didn't stop. You grabbed my hair and wound it around your fist, so you could tug on it while you drove into me, again and again. I was still holding on tight to the railings, while the tension in my body was building beautifully. I felt my pussy start to spasm once more, and you knew you were about to tip me over the edge.

"That's it, baby... cum for me. Cum on my cock now.”

I never could resist when you gave me an instruction like that; it seemed as though my body complied before my mind had a chance to process the words.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yes... fuck me... yes... ohh..ohhh...ohhh... fuuuuck!”

Not caring at all who might hear, I swore loudly as a massive orgasm ripped through me. There was no let up in your nailing of me, and I was glad, because I wanted you to feel as much pleasure as I did at that moment. I fell silent for a few seconds at the very peak of climax, and my whole body tensed, then just as suddenly became limp. I felt my juices trickle down to my thighs and gave a deep sigh of relief.

You carried on fucking me, with strokes fiercer than ever now, as aftershocks of sensation continued to course through me. I turned to look at you, and found you staring down at my puffy little peach. I could feel my clit was still throbbing, and knew that my lips would be quivering for you. It felt so raw and sensitive, as you continued to slam your cock back and forth, in and out of me, after just making me cum so hard.

Your fingers dug even further into the flesh of my hips as I watched you screwing me. You looked so hot, with your face set in lustful concentration, as you stared down at your cock while it thrust in and out of me.

"Mmmm... oh yes... fuck me more, Mister... squirt for me, baby, please... I need it all in my pussy now.”

You grunted your approval at my encouragement of you, so I continued, and was rewarded with a slap to my ass.

"Ohhh yes, Mister. I need your cum inside me so bad, please give it to me... ouch!... ohhh yes... fuck me, baby, cum for me, please. It's all yours. My pussy belongs to you. I want you to use me. You feel so good... please, Mister, cum inside me now.”

I felt your cock pull almost all of the way out of my cunt, and thought you were about to ram home one last time. I was prepared for a huge final thrust from you as you came, but instead you pulled out and slapped my ass hard. You paused just long enough to watch the resulting jiggle of my flesh, before you ordered me: "Turn around. Get back down on your knees.”

I gazed at you blankly, still half-stunned from my orgasm, and your thorough fucking of me. A look of annoyance crossed your handsome features, as you grabbed my shoulder and hauled me around to face you.

"On you knees now, baby. That's a good girl.”

You knew I liked being manhandled by you sometimes, and you used your firm grip on my shoulder to guide me down to the floor. I blushed as you put your cock right up to my face, almost as if you were threatening me with it. I loved seeing you this turned on. You were so stiff with precum leaking everywhere, out of your juicy cockhead, which looked fit to burst. The whole of your length glistened with the juices of our sex.

"You like looking at my cock when it's just been fucking you, don't you?”

Your smile was sly, as you put your question to me like you had just read my mind.

"I want to see you taste your pussy on it, before I cum on your face, baby."

I dabbed the tip of my tongue against your shaft, as I complied with your instructions. I kept my eyes locked with yours the whole time.

"Do you like tasting your pussy on my cock, sugar? You taste good, don't you? Mmm... that's it baby... lick it for me, yeah... you're so good...Mmmm...”

Your words trailed off, as I lashed my tongue against your rock hard prick. I could taste my own salty-sweet juices all over you. You rubbed the swollen head over my cheeks, and tapped it hard against my nose and lips. I blushed and smiled up at you; I almost wanted to giggle whenever you did that, but it was so sexy too.

You pumped your length in your fist, and I stuck my tongue out to try and catch another lick of your delicious cock. Then, I saw you close your eyes, as you started to feel the cum rising up from your balls. I reached out, and just managed to cup and squeeze them in time with your first spasm.

With a shout, you began to squirt your warm load onto me, and I licked my lips as your cream covered them. I watched as it spurted from the end of your cock all over my face, then felt it dripping down my cheeks, nose and chin as it landed. When you finally stopped pulsing so hard, you milked the last few drops of cum from your spent cock into my waiting mouth.

"That was so good, baby... Mmmm.”

You shook your cock over my lips one last time as you spoke, before brushing my hair back with both hands. I tilted my face towards you, to give you a proper look at the cum you had just sprayed over me.

"Look at you, with my spunk on your face,” you laughed, as you ran your fingers through my hair. "You know, Miss, it really suits you.”

I smiled up at you with a coy grin, through the ropes of your cum that I had no intention of wiping off just yet. You gave my hair one last playful ruffle, then looked around and said, "Do you think anyone spotted us, baby?"

"No, I don't think so," I replied. I wasn't sure, as for the duration of our fucking, I'd been almost entirely oblivious to our surroundings, and to anyone who might have seen or heard us.

"Oh well," you shrugged. "We'll have to try harder next time..."

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