One Hell of a Night

By Newhere

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Meeting at a party turns to something a lot more intense.
It started out with a dance, Leon slowly moving his hips closer and closer to Rebecca’s before he started grinding against her, his hands going on her hips bringing her against his body. His hot breath tickled her neck as he began to kiss up and down, slowing down to suck lightly while she leaned her head back into his chest. His fingers crept down slowly until he reached her crotch, then with a little more power, began to run his fingers up and down her slit. Even through her shorts, he could feel her engorged clit as he started applying more pressure. Gaining confidence, Leon began to trail his fingers under Becca’s shorts, feeling her shaved pussy. Skillfully, he pushed aside her thong and began to work at her cunt, feeling the wetness accumulate, making his fingers slick. At first Becca was nervous, they were, after all, in the frat house basement, so she pushed his hands out of her panties. He withdrew and brought his fingers up to Becca’s lips, letting her suck on her own juices.

“Damn, it’s getting hot in here…” Rebecca managed to sputter out.

“Yeah, it is… wanna go outside? “ Leon whispered, pressing his lips against her ear.

Becca reached for Leon’s hand and led him out of the basement, leaning against a wall when they had gotten outside. Leon pushed her against the wall; his hands braced and began to grind his hardened cock against her throbbing pussy. She looked up at him and their lips met, his tongue pushing through into her mouth. She could taste him as she pulled him closer by the belt loops. One hand ran through her hair while the other snuck up and began to fondle one of her breasts. He grabbed it roughly as he continued to kiss her, letting his tongue invade her deeper. As he withdrew from the kiss, Becca sucked on his tongue gently and bit on his lip.

He pressed against her body when he said, “Hey, wanna head back?”

Becca knew that what she wanted to do could not be done here and so she immediately agreed. Leon put his hand on her ass as he led her to the bus stop, squeezing a cheek every couple seconds. By now, she was so desperately wet that she could not think properly. As they got on the bus, they shared a few laughs, flirtatious glances, and a few tongue slips into the mouth but for everything else, they knew they would have to wait. Unfortunately, two people got sick on the bus, and Becca and Leon were forced to get off at an earlier stop and wait for another bus. As the people around them dispersed, they found that they were alone.

“Do you want to sit down?” Becca asked.

“No, I have a better idea,” Leon replied as he pulled her close. His hands fell slightly to her ass and he began to massage it through the thin fabric of her shorts. The cold wind was blowing, causing her nipples to stand at attention. As he leaned in for another kiss, he removed his hands and pushed them under her shorts, feeling the flesh, and grabbing hard. As his tongue explored the inside of her mouth, he began to get hard again, feeling her ass and pinching it slightly. They soon found their way to a stone fence where he lifted her up. Kissing her harder his hands began to slide under her shirt, finding her erect nipples and running them through his fingers. He pinched them hard, hearing her gasp as she began to kiss his neck. He lowered his lips and wet under her shirt, licking around her nipples and nibbling at them softly, feeling her warm body in the cold.

They both heard the bus round the corner as she gave his cock a quick squeeze.

Ten minutes later, they found themselves in Becca’s single, struggling to get out of their clothes. Once Becca had her shorts off, Leon pushed her onto the bed and raised her legs, kneeling so he could smell her.

“God, you’re so fucking hot,” he murmured before he dove into her pussy, licking around the lips and sucking gently on the clit.

Before long Becca could feel an orgasm building up as she shoved Leon’s face deeper into her cunt. His tongue began running alongside of her clit, barely giving it any obvious attention causing her to push his head harder upon it. He slowly found it and sucked hard to a point where Becca almost screamed, before biting her lip to a point where it drew blood. Leon’s eyes darted up at her deviously as he continued to torture her swollen clit. He knew she was close to cumming so he began to quickly flick his tongue up and down on her abused pussy until she began to convulse and clamped his head on her pussy with her thighs. She began to moan and buck for another couple seconds before she laid there, her energy drained completely. Before she had time to fully recover though, Leon pulled her off the bed by her hair and pushed her to her knees in front of him.

“Suck my fucking cock,” he said as he whipped out his tool.

Becca’s eyes ogled at his dick as it hung there, half hard, it was still a good six and a half inches, cut, with a huge throbbing vein on the bottom, with a thick mushroom head. It had a drop of pearly pre-cum on it already as she licked it up.
“I hope you don’t mind it rough babe,” he said as he speared his cock into her face.

She shook her head.

“Good. Now get to work bitch,” he sneered as he forced it past her lips.

She felt his hands tangle into her hair as he began to thrust his cock deep into her mouth. She had only suck cock once before so she wasn’t entirely sure what she should do, but it was clear that he was going to take the lead. He pumped into her face as he began to moan softly. Then all of a sudden, he plunged into her throat and held it there. Being unprepared and deep throating for the first time, Becca began to flail and tried to push him off of her.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you bitch,” he smirked as he pushed deeper into her throat, the must and scent of his balls and crotch overwhelming her.

“Keep that head nice and tight in your throat,” he continued, as he began to thrust again, making sure that his mushroom was caught in her throat, feeling the tremors and vibrations as she struggled to keep it in.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he released her head, letting her catch her breath for a couple seconds. When he deemed like she had enough time, he pushed his head back between her lips and began to thrust into her throat again, with every three strokes, he would push it into her throat and hold it there, counting to ten every time.

“Your throat feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock. You’re such a dirty fucking slut, you know that,” he mocked.

He pulled out again and spit on her face, slapping her with his cock. He smiled and began to laugh, seeing the tear streaks that had come because of her face fucking. However, as demeaning as it was, Becca found it so hot to be under Leon’s power. For him to dominate her like this was just so fucking kinky. She reached for his cock again but he slapped her and again, pulling her hair, impaled her throat with his cock, thrusting deep inside feeling her drool lubricating his tool. Becca was almost surprised at how long he lasted, especially with the amount of enthusiasm that he was displaying for this fucking. When her friends had told her about giving blowjobs, their guys always seemed to last a few minutes before blowing a load all over the place, but Leon was a true stud.

Soon, he grew tired of the blow job and pulled her up by the hair. He pushed her over the edge of the bed and leaned over her, running his hands over her breasts, giving them a quick squeeze.

“You know, for an Asian, you have some of the biggest fucking tits I’ve ever seen. I’m going to fuck them later, nice and fast, but first, I think you’ve been a real bad fucking whore who needs a man to teach her a lesson.”

Not knowing what to expect, Becca turned her head towards him, only to have it shoved into a pillow. He began to spank her… lightly at first but as her cunt began to moisten, harder and harder. Every two slaps across the ass, he would squeeze her cheeks, almost soothing them before spanking her again.

“Mmmm, Leon, that feels so fucking good,” Becca managed to say with her face stuffed in the pillow.

“Oh yeah? That’s right, bitch. I own your motherfuckin' ass. Tell me. Who owns you?”

Becca didn’t respond, too preoccupied with the pleasure of his calloused hands on her ass before she felt a sharp sting.

“Who does this fucking ass belong to?” he demanded again.

“You, baby,” she murmured back.

“Tell me, do you want my cock?”


“Tell me what you want me to do with my cock and your fucking cunt.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Once I start fucking, this pussy is mine and I can do whatever I want okay?” he asked with another sharp slap against her tender ass.

“Just fuck me,” Becca moaned into his ear.

He lined up the head of his cock to her pussy before pushing in. She was so tight that even though she was dripping wet, it still took a little force to pop his head in. He grabbed onto her hair as he began to fuck her with long deep strokes, feeling his balls slap her cunt before he pulled out to his head again and pushed it back in. He loved the feeling of her tight pussy hugging on his dick as he felt himself pulse inside of her. She was moaning his name when he began to pick up his pace and fuck her like the bitch that she was. She agreed to it and he was going to take advantage of it. Never before, had he fucked a girl where she had told him that he could do whatever he wanted. The bed began to creak as he began pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside of her.

“Your pussy’s so fucking tight. I thought a slut like you would be loose as fuck,” Leon mocked as he fucked her hard.

He pulled on her hair harder making her arch his back so that every inch of his eight inch cock could slide into that pussy. With his other free hand, he made his way to her clit and began to rotate slowly, feeling it get coated with her moisture. He brought it to her lips to taste her and could sense that she was hotter than ever. He grabbed onto a breast and tweaked at the nipple, feeling his tool stiffen up to the sound of her groans.

“Oh Leon! Your cock is filling me up so much. You’re so fucking big,” she gasped as she was being banged against the bed.

As tight as she was, Leon just couldn’t bring himself to cum. Out of the three holes, he had only fucked two and it was not in his practice to do so. He pulled himself out only to be met with a dissatisfying sigh.

“Baby, why’d you stop…” Becca started before getting slapped by Leon.

He pulled her so that he was facing her. “Shut the fuck up and do what I tell you to do, you fucking slut. I want you to look at me while I fuck you, so turn around and spread your legs.”

She followed his instructions and he crudely pushed her legs apart, pushing them to a point where it hurt. With her legs spread as far as they would go, he once again penetrated her.

“Tell me how good I am,” he lashed out as he stuck his cock deep into her.

“So fucking good. You feel so fucking good. I love feeling your throbbing cock deep inside of me,” she moaned.

“Who’s your daddy?” he said slapping her across the face and sticking two fingers in her mouth.

“You are,” she gurgled out before he removed his fingers.

He pinched at her nipples while driving deep into her, feeling his cock hit her cervix time after time. He ground his crotch into her clit as he fucked her hard and fast, with an amount of passion that can only be expelled through anger. He slowly wrapped his fingers around her throat and bent over her, letting their sweaty chests push against each other. He could feel her nipples against his stomach as he fucked her slowly, and squeezed down on her neck. She was gasping for air and he could tell but he wasn’t ready to let go yet. Letting a few more seconds pass by, he spit on her face and returned, letting his cock impale her pussy.

“Will you please fuck my asshole?” Becca asked, her eyes pleading.

This was a first for Leon and he had no response but to grunt. He shoved it back into her twice and held the head at her asshole. He slowly began to push in as Becca gasped, holding her breath as he continued to get balls deep into her.

“You know, you’re such a dirty fucker,” he spat. “If I could, I would get my balls up your asshole too, you slut.”

As much as he tried though, it felt incredible to be in such a tight space. He could feel Becca squeezing her ass around him making it tighter, if that was even possible. It was so tight that he could barely even move in her ass, but slowly he began to fuck her, making sure that every inch of his thick cock made it back into her every time. Inch by inch he would pull out and inch by inch he would push it back in.

“You’re so tight…” he muttered as he slowly shoved it back in, letting all eight inches penetrate her.

“Leon… I want you to fuck my ass like it’s my pussy” Becca replied, enjoying the feeling of being full.

He grunted a reply and slowly began to build up steam, allowing the grip to power him through and he slowly began to fuck her ass harder and harder, enjoying the tightness like he had never done before. This was the first ass that he had fucked, and he loved seeing her fleshy cheeks surround his cock. He pumped in and out of her making sure that she knew that she was getting fucked by him. She stared hard at him, biting her lip to mask the pain and it turned him on all the more. He grabbed both breasts and began to knead them as he fucked her faster and faster.

“I’m going to cum you bitch. You’re too fucking tight,” Leon moaned as he threw his head back.

“Cum deep inside my asshole baby,” Becca pleaded.

Determined to give her a creampie, Leon began ramming into her as he felt his balls begin to tighten. Feeling that sensation, Becca too clenched her ass around him. With one last thrust, he grabbed onto her, stuck all eight inches balls deep into her tight ass and came with a grunt and groan. Five spurts of cum sprang deep inside her ass as it dripped out when he pulled out. He collapsed against her panting.

“We must go to more parties together," Becca said laughing, licking her lips before she pulled up her thong again.