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One Thing Leads to Another: Is he fucking her ass?

"Come over hoe, we are so fucking bored," Maria said as soon as Christine answered her phone.

"Are you at your parents house? I don't want to kick it there, I want to get high."

"I'm over at Tony's pad. Don't worry his roommates are gone, It's just us two."

"Are you sure Maria? Because I can't stand those fucks."

"I'm sure. Bring some shit over, yeah? I have the pipe with me, I'll give you some money when you get here."

"Fuck the money hoe, I want that honey!"

Maria remained silent.

"Is Tony in the room? Can he hear you?"

"No, he's in the bathroom... Why?"

"So... You and Tony... Are you like together now?" Christine probed.

"I don't know... He gets jealous when other guys call me, and he paysfor me when we go out... I think he likes me."

"If he's getting jealous...he so does. Have you kissed him yet?"

"He tried to the other night, but I totally gave him the cheek...I didn't mean too, I just kind of did..."

"You're such a hard ass..."

"Don't even start, loose ass."

"Fuck you Maria."

"Just get your little ass over here and entertain me already."

"Alright, I'm leaving now..."

"I love you Christine."

"I love you too Maria."

Christine put her phone in her jean's pocket, put on a thin sweatshirt and slipped on some sneakers. She placed a small amount of weed in an Altoids tin and headed out to her car. She plugged her phone into her radio and turned on some music. Twenty minutes later, Christine parked her car in the driveway and headed toward the front door. She gave a couple of light knocks before walking in and joining Tony and Maria in the small living room lit only by the sunlight coming through the sliding door leading out to the back yard.

"Hey Christine, how you been? Want something to drink?" Tony asked.

"I will in a second, after we smoke some of this shit dude...You two look very snuggly under the blanket there…Can I get snuggly too, or do I have to sit by myself?"

"Yes, you can get snuggly too, you baby," Maria said as she lifted the blanket and motioned for Christine to get under."

"We get to make a Maria sandwich Tony," Christine said as she cuddled up next to Maria on the couch.

Tony nervously smiled and flipped on the television. He searched for something funny to watch and put the remote down. He put his arm around Maria slightly brushing Christine's shoulder in the process,causing her to turn and look at him, looking at her. They caught eachother's eyes for a long second before Tony turned away.

"Where's the pipe at Maria?" Christine asked as she fished around forher tin of weed.

"It's in the drawer, in the end table next to you, there's a lighter in there too."

Christine grabbed the pipe and carefully packed the bowl full of some of the skunkiest weed Maria and Tony had ever smelled. When she was done she handed the pipe and lighter to Tony.

"You get greens playa."

"I feel so special," Tony said. He flicked the lighter on and took aquick hit before passing it back to Christine.

"You go ahead Maria," Christine said, waiving off the pipe.

Maria grabbed the colorful glass pipe and was about to touch the fireto the weed when she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. Shelooked at the screen and saw it was her cousin Carmen.

"Fuck, what now? I better answer this guys, it's always some damn emergency with her..."

Maria got up and walked into the kitchen to take the call whileChristine and Tony continued to smoke.

"Have you met Maria's cousin?" Tony asked.

"No... Not yet, Maria tells me she is fucking crazy though. Maria doesn't like her too much, I guess they grew up together or something."

"Yeah, Maria said that when they were teenagers they were insepara..."Tony began to say before being cut of by Maria reentering the room.

"Sorry guys, Carmen got into a fight with her husband and now she'swalking down Garnet by herself and in a crazy Carmen mood. I need togo pick her up before something happens to her... Man, I just wanted to relax and get stoned today."

"Do you want us to go with you?" Christine asked.

"No...I don't need your high asses annoying the shit out of me whileI look for her... Hopefully I'll be back in a couple hours. Save mesome weed hoe."

"Okay... Have fun with that," Christine mocked.

"You sure you don't need any help?" Tony said while he coughed and sethis glazed-over eyes on Maria.

"Hahaha... No, you guys get high and sit tight. I'm going to try andget her ass back home as fast as I can. Should I grab some food orsomething on my way back?"

"Fuck yeah! Get us some sandwiches yeah? Please? Yeah yeah? Pretty please?" Christine begged.

"Sandwiches? Alright that's easy. I'll call you when I'm at the deli,"Maria said as she grabbed her purse and keys and rushed out the door.

"Looks like more weed for us Tony..."

Christine took a big hit, looked up and let the cloud of smoke out slowly. She got up, walked to the kitchen, tapped the bowl into the sink to empty the ash and repacked it with fresh greens. She took another big drag and handed it back to Tony. She lifted the blanket and sat back down only this time she sat in Maria's spot.

"I'm going to steal Maria's warmth cocoon if you don't mind Tony."

"Uh... No I don't mind," Tony said while reaching for the remotes to get them out of Christine's way. When he went to put them down on the table they started to slip out of his hand, causing him to tighten his grip. When he did he felt the buttons sink in, and the VCR come to life...

"Shit!" Tony gasped when he saw what had filled the small TV screen infront of them.

"Hahahaha OH MY GOD! Is he fucking her in the ass?"

"Fuck, I'm sorry Christine, my roommate always leaves this shit in theVCR... fucking thing... Hold on I'll shut it off."

"No! leave it... Porn is so funny when you're all high," Christine laughed.

"Maria hates porn... She says it's gross."

"Maria thinks everything is gross... Man, look at that whore take it.How big do you think that guy is? Looks like at least ten inches andhe's fucking her so hard! What a slut..."

"You mean you don't do that?"

"Anal? Nahhh..." Christine said as Tony handed her the pipe for her to refill.

"Are you sure?"

"Am I sure? Yeah I'm sure, what the fuck..."

"Because Maria was telling me that you've done that before... A few times. That's how you guys got this pipe, isn't it?"

"She told you about that? That fucking bitch! It's not like it sounds.They caught us stealing and Maria was all scared to get arrested, so I agreed to suck the dude at the bong shop off. Things got a little out of hand and yeah, one of them put it in my ass... But it's not like I went there looking to give up some ass for a bong. I'm not some whore... I can't believe fucking Maria told you. How embarrassing..."

"Hey, you gotta to do what you gotta do right? I know Maria's parents would of killed her if she got caught stealing."

"I can't fucking believe she told you..." Christine said through her teeth as she slumped back into the couch and leaned close to Tony.

"So you liked it? Was that the first time?"

"No, I'd done it before. I like it, I like it a lot... So it wasn't that big of a deal."

"Really? Damn... That dude was pretty lucky then that you, of all people, decided to steal..."

"Yeah I guess... Let me see the remote. I want to fast forward to the next scene," Christine said as she reached for it before Tony had a chance to hand it to her. She felt the head of his erect cock through his thin pajama pants brush against her forearm causing Tony to jerk away from her.

"Shit, sorry about that Christine..."

"Sorry about what? That you're a guy? I'd start to think you were gay if you didn't have a boner right now."

Tony sat there in silence, not really sure how to respond.

"You've never fucked Maria in the ass?"

"No... I've never even kissed Maria. I don't even know if she actually likes me like that."

"Maria can be a bit of a hard ass, that's for sure. Good luck trying tohold her hand. If you're really lucky, she might let you one day...Once you're married."

"Wow... You're pretty pissed she told me about your little episode at the bong shop, ey?"

"Look, there's another guy now. When did he come into the mix? Porn doesn't even make sense most of the time," Christine said as she placed her hand on Tony's dick and kept it there. When he didn't move she tightened her grip on it and began to stroke the head, never taking her eyes off of the screen.

"Yeah... Um... Porn is such bullshit..." Tony nervously said.

"Look at that bitch, so natural fucking two guys at the same time. Like, it's just a normal thing to her. Just taking it with a smile..."

"I know, these porn bitches are so fucked up."

"You know Tony... I've done that before too."

Christine reached into Tony's thin pajama pants and pulled out histhick hard cock. She gripped it at the center and slowly started stroking it up and down.

"You fucked two guys at once?"

"I let two guys fuck me in the ass, …at once."

"They both had their cocks in your ass at the same time? That's a little gay..."

"They took turns, dumb shit. Oh my god..."

"Was this at the bong shop?"

"No, this was at a party I went too with Maria and a friend a while ago."

"You had a threesome at a party with some random dudes?"

"Yeah... It was my first three-way... First time I had anal too. Theygot me all high on coke, and before I knew what was happening… I had a dick in my ass."

"Damn, Christine are you serious?"

Christine turned to look at Tony and disappeared under the covers. She noticed him tense up as he felt the warmth of her mouth get close to his cock. She swirled her tongue on the head slowly a few times before putting it in her mouth. Christine's warm wet sucking made Tony inhale deeply...

What the fuck is happening right now... how long had Maria beengone... I should stop this slut... This shit isn't right... Fuck it...Who are you kidding, you haven't gotten laid in like three months and this girl is fucking hot. You've never tagged a piece of ass like her... Maria did say she would call before she came back... But if Maria finds, out she'll never talk to me again... Fuck, I better stop before I fuck my shit up... Tony's mind raced.

Christine felt Tony squirm and try to pull away. She sank his dick deeper in her mouth, almost hitting the back of her throat. She reached for his balls and massaged them as his wet shaft glided along her lips.

Where do you think you're going big boy... You're going to say no tome... I don't think so... Your dick is rock hard right now Tony my man... Don't worry, Maria will still want you around to listen to her problems you pussy... Christine chuckled to herself as she slid the length of Tony's shaft in and out of her mouth.

Christine stood up in front of Tony, reached for his waistband and pulled his pants all the way off as he quickly removed his shirt. She pulled her sweatshirt off and tossed it to the side. Tony, needing no further coaxing, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down along with her thong. Tony brought Christine close and began to kiss down her stomach until he reached her pussy. She slightly parted her her legs and Tony slightly parted her lips exposing her clit. He gave it a small peck before placing his mouth on it, and softly sucking.

That's what I thought... Maria who? Right Tony... I hope she let's you practice on her one day because your pussy eating technique is sorta weak... Christine thought as she let out an exaggerated moan.

Christine pushed Tony back on the couch, removed her shirt and tossed it on Tony's face. She bent over and grabbed a small black hair band out of her pant's pocket to tie her blonde hair into a ponytail. Christine glanced back at Tony and made her way to a desk chair in the corner of the living room. She sat down on it backwards, rested her chest on the soft back, reached back to grab her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

"Well Tony-boy?"

Tony gulped so hard he was actually scared Christine could hear it from across the room. He made his way over and placed his hand on her lower back and started rubbing his dick up and down her pink slit.

"What are you doing?" Christine asked annoyed.

"What do you mean?"

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"I... I thought you wanted to fuck?"

"You think I'm going to let you fuck my vagina? After all that? Put itin my ass you pussy."

"Don't we need lube for that?"

"You better just spit on it and stop fucking around before I change my mind."

Jesus Christ... Alright bitch...

Tony knelt down, spread Christine's cheeks far apart and licked hertight muscle. He traced her ring slowly getting it as wet as he could.

"Oh... Look at you, licking your girlfriend's best friend's asshole...You're a very bad boy Tony..."

Tony stood up and yanked Christine's head back by her ponytail.

"Shut the fuck up already, I'm getting sick of your fucking bullshit."

Tony gave Christine's ponytail another yank and placed his thumb against herasshole. He wiggled the tip into her opening and pushed his thumb in hard until it was all the way in.

"Owww damn... Easy man... You better not do that to Maria, she might not marry you if you pull that shit..."

"I told you to shut the fuck up!"

Tony harshly pulled his thumb out of Christine's ass, pulled her head back further and put his thumb in her mouth.

"How's that bitch?"

Christine unfazed closed her eyes, sealed her lips on Tony's thumb and sucked hard followed by a loud moan. Simultaneously Tony placed his dick between Christine's cheeks and pushed into her tight spit covered hole. He pushed his head into her ring until it gave way to his rock hard cock in one crude motion, causing Christine to gasp loudly. He let go of her head and placed one of his hands on her shoulder and the other on her hip. He slowly pushed his dick in half way before pull in git back out, relishing in the first few intense moments of anal penetration. He pushed it back in, only quicker and deeper this time.He felt Christine's ass relax, her body loosen and he started to slide in all the way.

"Come on! Fuck me you pussy!"

Tony placed both of his hands on Christine's shoulders, pulled hiscock almost all the way out and shoved it back in harshly.

"FUCK! Yeah like that pussy! Come on!"

Tony let go of Christine, pulled his dick all the way out and walked toward the couch.

"WHAT THE FUCK! Get your dick back here and fuck me you goddamned pussy!"

Tony fished around for Christine's T-shirt, twisted it into a thick rope, walked back over, placed the rope in Christine's mouth and brought the two ends together behind her head. He held them to get her tightly and shoved his cock back up her ass. He viscously pumped Christine's ass as she moaned loudly into her shirt.

"This how you like it slut? Not such a pussy after all ey?"

"Mmmyoumm mmppuummssiimm..."

Tony placed both of his hands on the balled up shirt, tightened it around her mouth and fucked Christine harder until he felt his orgasm building to the point of no return. He slowed his thrusts to a stop and shot his cum up Christine's ravaged asshole. Tony let his dick soften in Christine's ass and gave her a peck on the top of the head.He let go of the shirt gag allowing Christine to refill her lungs with air.

"You're such a dirty hoe."

"You're such a weak pussy."

Tony slipped his dick out and grabbed his clothes.

"If Maria calls, tell her I want a ham sandwich, she knows how I like it... And some fucking Sun chips, the French onion kind, slut."

"Anything else pussy?"

"I don't need to tell you to keep your mouth shut, right?"

"I dunnooo... I told Maria to keep hers shut and she didn't..."

"I'm serious Christine..."

"Don't worry pussy... I won't fuck your shit up."


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