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Ordinary Couple

Carol was hot for cock and there was no end to her horny desires
Scott and Carol are an ordinary couple living in an ordinary middle class community on an ordinary street and in an ordinary house. Carol is an ordinary housewife and Scott is an ordinary nine to five vice-president at mostly ordinary advertising agency. He goes to work from Monday through Friday and Carol spends her time watching Oprah and soap operas. Their sex life has been ordinary as well but that is about to change.

Actually, it has been Carol who has felt a slow but persistent change over the past several years but Scott seems not to have noticed. Whether it's her age or possibly a hormonal imbalance as she edges toward menopause , Carol finds herself getting easily and intensely aroused. She keeps wondering if it is normal for a thirty-eight year old wife to progressively yearn for more sex and lots of it. Carol is alarmed because she is fearful that she's becoming addicted to sex.

Frequently, Carol finds herself getting aroused over very ordinary situations such as when Oprah interviews a male guest or from an unusually scintillating soap. This is not a problem since Scott is at work and her vibrator rabbit is secretly available for these moments. Scott, of course, does not know about the rabbit and Carol is not about to reveal it to him. This loss of communication is why their sex live is, well, ordinary.

In addition to Carol's desires, she has acquired some pretty profound fantasies that dwell in the recesses of her head. Scott, on the other hand is not very creative and a bit conservative in the bedroom. This relationship keeps her from releasing her full potential. So it is, Carol is full of potential in her ordinary life.

It must have been one of those days when Oprah had Tom Cruise as a guest or when " General Hospital " was weaving its way through a doctor's affair with a nurse that Carol found herself beside herself in a state of uncontrollable sexual eroticism. She had to have sex and that didn't mean waiting for Scott to come home.

Plan A was her friend rabbit. Ripping off her clothes, she frantically grabbed a tube of Astroglide, squirting a generous supply of lubricant on her girly toy and began playing as she had done many times before. When the batteries gave out, Carol was far from the orgasm she badly needed. She squirted a gob of Glide on two fingers and stuffed them in her pussy hoping to tame the raging urges inside. That only made Carol want more and not just a finger fuck but the real thing. What happened next was not a coincidence or even accidental. It came from those many "soaps" playing in her mind of long imagined fantasies.

Hearing the whine of a lawn mower next door, Carol opened her bedroom blinds to see Jim, their neighbor, sweltering in the hot summer heat. His chest was naked and he wore tattered gym shorts. The sweat trickling down his chest and back disappearing in the crack of his tight ass, made Carol frantic. Without thinking, she quickly put on a string bikini she had bought in Barcelona but never had the nerve to wear. It left little to the imagination when she went outside to confront Jim. They had occasionally flirted with each other from across the fence or at neighborhood parties but nothing ever developed over the two years Scott and Carol had lived there. This was going to be different. Carol could feel the squishing of the lubricant still in her vagina and it was so satisfying as she greeted Jim.

"Jim," she asked, "Could you do me a big favor?"

Jim's eyes sparkled as he said, "Sure, what is it?"

"The toilet in the bedroom is backed up and I need someone to plunge it."

Of course Jim realized immediately that it wasn't the toilet that needed plunging but that Carol needed a good reaming.

Playing along as if he was clueless, Jim said, "Okay, give me a minute and I'll get a plunger."

Carol walked back into the bedroom and Jim soon followed with his tool.

"Where's the bathroom?" Jim asked.

"Well, Jim, the truth is we don't have a bedroom toilet but I wanted to have you over to ask a private question."

"Oh, what do you want to know?

Coyly, Carol asked softly, "Jim, do you find me sexy?"

"Why do you ask?

"Well, Scott keeps saying the girls at the office are but never says I'm sexy."

Jim waited a moment and then wrapped his arms around Carol giving her a deep down to the tonsils kiss. "Does that answer your question?"

Carol's response was immediate. "Fuck me, Jim. I need it so bad and you are so hot. I've dreamed about you forever."

Jim didn't need a second invitation. It is so easy to undress a woman wearing a bikini. While Carol undid her top, Jim fingered her slippery pussy as he pulled her bottom down to the floor. Carol was not idle as she pulled Jim's shorts over his tight ass and already hard cock. Both were at a fever pitch. There was no need for foreplay. As Jim threw her on the bed, Carol opened her legs wide as if to say, "Fuck me, I'm ready!"

Indeed she was ready. Her love juices and lubricant made Jim's entry into her waiting cunt seem as slippery as a hot knife into butter. Jim was beyond control as his balls slapped at her bum; his cock sliding effortlessly in and out of Carol's wetness. Neither could hold back as Carol, who was ready for an orgasm an hour earlier, totally lost all inhibitions letting her juices flow like squishing an over ripe tomato. Jim, just let go and filled her honey pot full of his manly fluid.

"Jeez, Carol ... you are wonderful and, yes, you are entirely sexy. It's heaven being inside you. You are so fucking hot. I'm ready for seconds! How about you?"

She gave him a sly smile, but just as she said, "Do me harder this time," and begged for more the front door opened and Carol could hear Scott's voice yell, "Carol, where are you?"

Scott never came home this early so something unusual had occurred. In a flash, Jim slipped into the closet as Scott walked into the bedroom seeing his bride stark naked.

"What's goin' on?" Scott asked noticing her flushed face.

"Oh darling, I just got out of the shower and wanted to relax for a few minutes."

"God, you look sexy," taking off his tie and then the rest of his clothes. Scott was in a state of passion that Carol had never seen before. As Jim peered through the closet door, he could see Scott plowing his cock into that already reamed pussy working her in and out as she screamed, Fuck me, fuck me hard." The passion, if that's what it was called, was pure animalistic lust.

As Scott slid in an out of her already cum filled pussy, she kept thinking that this was the best sex she has had since her high school boy friend, Ben, fucked her in the back seat of his parents' 1998 Chevy. That's when she first fell in love with sex and began fantasizing and masturbating. Today was another awakening as she finally began to realize her dreams.

Scott unloaded a massive jet stream of jizz into the deepest part of her love tunnel and when he finally pulled out said, "Lick me clean, honey." She did what she was told smelling the semen of two men and slurping Scott's still dripping dick. If the earlier part of the day hadn't turned her on, now she was feeling even stronger cravings.

Carol's husband dressed and said he needed to rush back to the office but suggested, to her delight, they continue their afternoon interlude after dinner that night. As Scott's car pulled out of the driveway, Jim appeared out of the closet and without a word, jumped beside Carol and immediately mounted her.

"I almost came while watching you fuck your husband. Lucky guy," he said in low sexy tones.

Again Carol spread her legs receiving Jim's hard cock as he thrust ever more forcefully into her leaking glory hole. His organ made a sloshing sound with each stroke while his and Scott's cum creamed his balls. Jim banged away relentlessly as Carol began to cry with joy working herself into a full scream of passion. The whole time Carol was far from passive as she gyrated her hips, forcing Jim's cock to pound deeply into her with each stroke. Jim's guttural sounds told her he was about to ejaculate and fill her gaping pussy again but this time Jim took his time before exploding. After Jim flipped her over to fuck her doggie, she was once again flooded with Jim's cum. Her overflowing vagina began to pool up onto the sheets as cum oozed down her thighs onto the bed.

After a few minutes, Jim said, "Carol, I loved the way you finished off Scott. I want you to do the same for me," as he brought his semi-flaccid penis to her lips. She found him to be delicious and cleaned him spotless. 

Carol's new found lover picked up his shorts hidden under the bed. Carol had hastily put them there when she heard Scott's voice. Jim pulled up his shorts over his still glistening cock from the wetness of her tongue.

She said, "Thanks for everything, Jim."

He replied, "My pleasure, Carol," and gave her a sweet peck on the cheek before slipping out the back door.

That's when Carol heard Scott's car pull in the driveway making her heart pound as if it would burst through her luscious breast. It seemed that Jim had gotten into his yard just in time. The two men waved to each other as neighbors often do.

"Carol, are you still in the bedroom?" shouted Scott as he walked in the front door.

"Yes. Why are you home?" she answered with her heart beating furiously.

"I forgot my brief case. There's some important papers in there that I need for our meeting this afternoon" As he looked in the bedroom door, he saw a still naked Carol looking flushed but lovely. The stain on the sheets excited him and the next thing he knew, and certainly to the surprise of Carol, he was naked in bed beside her.

He could feel her unbelievable wetness when he fingered her pussy and impulsively went down between her legs to eat out her dripping cunt. This was new to both of them. Carol was already primed and Scott's manliness stiffened, straight and hard for the occasion. Plunging into her cum filled hole, Scott spared no energy as he fucked her silly finishing with a blast of another powerful orgasm. She had stopped counting her multiple orgasms and only wanted them to keep coming and her men cumming. Carol was out of breath but the afternoon wasn't over.

Scott hurriedly dressed leaving for the office a happy man but totally drained. Carol felt drowsy and began one of those calming dreams before entering a deep sleep. The dream was of voices in the yard. Jim was talking to two college dudes and gesturing toward her house. One of the guys knocked on her door yelling, "Is anybody home?" Startled, Carol realized she had just dozed off and the voices she heard were real. The two guys, one a handsome black guy and the other a short white guy appeared in her bedroom door as she tried to cover her nude body but it was too late.

"Jim said you were in need of help. We're here to help," the short guy said rather aggressively .

The other chuckled and added, "Yeah, we're here to fuck this little slut," in a deep mellow voice.

The word "slut" panicked her for a moment but then it made her feel sexy and wanted again. There was no small talk, no introductions. The boys' intentions were made clear when their shorts hit the floor. She made no attempt to object as they approached her, each with blood engorged throbbing hard-ons, both as hard as a Louisville Slugger.

Carol had no idea that penises came in so many different shapes. She had seen only a couple of cocks and the girls gossiped about different sizes but shape was a different matter. Looking at the two boys startled her. The black guy had a massive looking penis. "Oh my god," she thought. "Would that monster fit?"

The other had a thinner organ with a shaft that curved decidedly upward. His cock also interested her as she imagined it scratching an inner itch that still needed satisfaction.

The young studs were not shy. They knew what they wanted as did Carol. Again, foreplay was out of the question other than the handsome black guy spreading her legs to lick and suck her clit. It didn't take long before his thick monster cock began penetrating Carol's slippery pussy.

Meanwhile, the short white guy kneeled in front of Carol's succulent lips and she quickly engulfed his crooked member. Within seconds he was deep into her throat.

"Hey Jarrod, this bitch can deep throat like no whore I've ever fucked!"

"Yeah, Barry. Wait until you get in this pussy. We're gettin' sloppy seconds but she is so wet and horny you're gonna love it. Don't cum until you get here," the black kid said as he slipped deeper and deeper into her.

It was clear by her moans, Carol was getting the pleasure at both ends. As the black kid thrust his thick cock into her steaming box, the other kid continued to force his cock balls deep down Carol's throat. Carol gagged but hung in there as she felt pleasure between her legs. The college guy reaming her cunt didn't last much longer. With Carol's legs wrapped around his waist driving the boy's meat deeply into her pussy, he let out a husky yelp as his cum splashed into her previously cream filled hole.

The yelper eventually pulled out unplugging her hole releasing a torrent of milky fluid and giving his buddy a chance to step up to the plate. Once the two boys had changed places, the long curved cock was jammed into Carol all the way to the hilt without even a moments hesitation. As he banged her, she was transfixed by the wet black cock she saw hanging over her face. She simply couldn't resist licking and sucking the cum off this magnificent organ. This gave her the chance to fondle his balls while wanting so badly to have him fuck her again. She didn't have to wait long.

The curved dick was finding it's mark as it vigorously rubbed her g-spot. It seemed that with each thrust it found its pleasure point. This guy might have been short but when it came to fucking, he sure had endurance. In fact, he wasn't through yet.

Turning Carol over so she was face down, he motioned to his buddy to lay on his back so she could be on top to fuck that gorgeous black cock cowgirl. When everyone was in position, he dribbled a stream of saliva into her ass preparing to gain entry from the rear. It was clear that everyone understood what was about to happen.

She had never done DP before and in fact, this was the first time she had done anal. Scott had never wanted to try it although Carol had often suggest it. Scott wasn't a prude but was always reluctant to try new things. That's what made this so exciting as her heart throbbed in anticipation.

Carol was on her knees tenderly licking and sucking that magnificent hard cock, then moved her pussy over it and let it slip into her dripping twat. Almost at once, another hard rod began to force it's way into her back end.

Although Barry's cock was thinner than Jarrod's, it was still a tight fit as he slowly shoved his boomerang-like cock into her back door. "Jeez, Jarrod. She's tight back here. How's it in there?" Barry barked.

"Delicious," was all Jarrod replied.

The action taking place in her cunt became more deliberate as the huge cock slid slowly and effortlessly in and out of her with a slurping sound coming from her ample internal juices. She squealed with excitement as the second penis penetrated deeply into her virgin ass. Carol was well filled and she now realized how marvelous sex could be. The sounds and smells drove her wild as the two cocks drove into her passionate body.

For dessert during this sexual feast, Jarrod sucked her erect nipples that hung over his face. It sent electricity through her entire body. Time seemed to slow down as each of the trio savored the mutual sexual pleasure of the moment. It would all have to end as they neared a mind numbing orgasm. Carol had never had an orgasm at the exact same time as Scott, if at all, so the odds of all three participants cumming at once would be spectacular. Just as she felt the cock in her pussy pulsing, she was at the point of a jolting climax. She could feel her vagina being filled again with hot semen while her pussy muscles tightened trying unconsciously to squeeze every drop of cum from that giant cock.

It was at that point that Barry, who was still pounding her ass, began screaming at the top of his lungs, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming!"

Jarrod's grunts and groans as he ejaculated into her along with Carol's squeals as she reached orgasm after orgasm added to the excitement. Cum gushed out of her ass as Barry withdrew his curved member with a pop, like the sound of opening a Champagne bottle .

Carol collapsed on top of Jarrod with his cock still filling her gash until finally it softened and withdrew by itself. Everyone was exhausted and just laid on the bed for a long time trying to catch their breath. It took a while before the two college kids slipped on their shorts ready to leave.

The guys gave her a wink leaving her dazed and fulfilled. Before leaving, they said she was the best slut they had ever fucked. It was the best day she had ever had too.

Carol thought, "Today was better than any fantasy or dream I've had."

It certainly wasn't ordinary!

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