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Our First Encounter

Tyler Forge and Ivy Ellimone's first encounter
I sat in my truck in a hotel parking lot on a late Friday night. Because I was nervous, my heart was racing. I didn't know how my first meeting with Ivy would go.

We had met online over a month ago and had become great friends, but I wanted us to be more. The site we met on was sort of an online dating site, but it also was not your regular dating site. This site was used to bring doms and subs together.

I had been on for a few months now and was becoming restless because no one lived in my area. Finally, we were both able to find each other. We were both in our early twenties and were both looking for the same thing. We wanted to find someone to practice BDSM with on several different occasions.

Her name was Ivy and this was what she told me about herself; she was dark haired woman and her hair was shoulders length. Her skin was supposedly soft as a baby's. Her eyes were brown with a slight bit of gold in them and her ass wasn't big like some of the other women out there. To her, it was the perfect size to be fucked, spanked, and just simply touched. She stood at a 5'11 and had a C36 breasts. She was a very shy girl and it had taken me forever just to find out her real name.

She was new to BDSM and so was I. Ivy found herself to be a submissive while I found myself to be a Dom. We talked daily and she began to reveal to me many of her fantasies she had and some of them were very descriptive.

A couple days ago I had finally convinced her that we should meet. We both lived in the wonderful, but cold, Toronto, Ontario. It was decided that we would meet at a hotel and that I would be waiting for her. The safe word for our little meeting was to be the word flowers.

She was instructed to wear a short black skirt, a white button-up blouse, and a black matching bra and thong. She was to bring with her some rope to tie her up with and a ball gag that she had bought. She was to be in the hotel room at 7:15PM, and if she was late I'd be punishing her.

The night was cold and I looked at my watch; it read 6:57 PM. I got out of my truck and locked it with my keys. The sun had already gone down and the air was frigid. Snowflakes fell covering the streets with a thin layer of snow.

I walked my way into the lobby and kicked off the snow on my shoes. Casually, I walked up to the manager at the front desk and said to her politely, "Check in for Tyler Forge please." She handed me a key card and I told the manager to leave one for my girlfriend, Ivy.

I decided to take the elevator and pressed the button to summon the elevator to my floor. Within seconds the elevator was there with no one inside. The room number listed on my key card said "Room 621."

I pressed the button to take me to floor six and calmly waited. I was nervous that she would not show up or that maybe she would not find myself attractive. We did exchange photos of each other, but I still didn't know for sure that she would like what I was going to do to her.
Finally, I arrived at my floor and I walked out and down the hall. I stopped at my room and inserted the key card and stepped inside. I turned on the lights to see a king size bed, a dresser, a nightstand, a TV, a table, and four chairs around the table. I walked inside and opened the blinds to the windows giving some more light in the room.

I walked back and closed the door and muttered to myself happily, "Perfect." I turned off the lights and walked over to the chair. I sat down and waited for what seemed like forever until I heard a noise outside in the hallway.

A key card enter the slot at 7:15 PM on the dot and I smirked. This was actually going to happen. The door slowly opened and and I muttered, "Don't turn on the lights." In walked Ivy, and she had worn what I had asked of her.

She was carrying with her a small black purse that was most likely where she had put the items I had requested. Carefully I examined her body. Her thighs had just the right amount of curve to them and her hair was done up just right in a ponytail. I loved pony tails because it made it so easy to fuck a woman's throat.

I stood up and said, "Close the door then continue to face towards the door. Gently toss back the purse then get on your knees." She did so obediently. I walked up behind her and picked up the bag and zipped it open. Inside was some rope and the ball gag with a bright red ball.

I pulled out the rope and carefully tied her hands behind her back. I leaned in and breathed in her scent. Her perfume made me want to take her right there, but I knew I shouldn't. I walked her towards the bed and bent her over onto it. I looked at the crack of her ass, and my cock became instantly hard. I rubbed the bulge in my black dress pants and I took off my black button-up shirt.

I knelt down beside her and examined her ass cheeks carefully. I spread them apart then pulled down her thong. Her thong was wet with her juices and I slapped her ass hard while muttering, "Aren't you a dirty little whore?" She wriggled and pushed her ass back towards my face. I slapped her ass again and yelled, "Are you a dirty little whore?"

"Yes Sir," Ivy whispered in pain.

I unzipped my fly and grabbed her thong. I put it over her eyes and slapped her ass while commanding, "You're going to suck my cock. If I feel your teeth, then I will beat your ass with my belt. Is that understood?" 

"Yes Sir," she murmured.

I pulled her off the bed and got her onto her knees. I grasped her ponytail and rubbed the head of my cock against her lips. My cock was bulging with excitement and my tip was dripping with pre-cum.

She parted her lips and welcomed my hard cock into her mouth. She lapped her tongue at my head in the beginning then moved to my shaft. She stopped at only halfway in and I grunted. Under no circumstances was she going to take only half of my seven inch dick in.

With one powerful thrust, the rest of my cock was pushed into her mouth. Immediately she tensed up and gagged. She struggled against the rope and I quickly pulled out. She breathed heavily and I muttered, "You want more slut?"

Between taking deep breaths of air in Ivy muttered, "Oh yes, please give me more!" 

I pushed back in and began to fuck her throat violently and with force. She struggled to keep up with me and just licked whatever was stuck into her mouth. She was tensed up and struggling against the ropes. Within minutes my cock was throbbing and I was ready to cum.

I groaned out loud as I hit my orgasm and dumped a load of my hot cum into her mouth. She welcomed it all and swallowed it all obediently like a good whore. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and Ivy breathed heavily.

I lifted her up off the ground and laid her on the bed on her back. I parted her legs and lifted them up as high as they could go and I whispered, "Seems like you enjoyed getting your throat fucked. Did you want your cunt fucked too?"
Ivy smiled widely and said to me, "Yes Sir, please fuck my cunt. I've been waiting for you all day. Take me and fill me up with your cum." 

I could not believe what I had just heard. I pushed my cock up to her slit and grabbed her legs tightly. I pulled her legs towards me and my cock went into her cunt with ease. Her insides were so wet, warm, and tight.

I slid my cock in and out going a fast pace, but I wasn't giving all I had in me. Her lips parted and soft moans escaped her mouth as she whispered, "Oh fuck Master, you're so big! Fuck me harder than that Sir; give me all you got."

That set me off; I fucked her cunt with all the force I had. My balls were slapping against her body and she began to scream in both pain and pleasure. I put my hand over her mouth and kept it going.

Her cunt tightened around my cock and her juices began to squirt out as she screamed into my hand and bucked her hips against me. I kept it going and soon after I was ready to cum again. I gave her some final, hard thrusts then came in her cunt.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and dropped her legs onto the sheets. I flipped her onto her stomach and untied her hands. I sat down and pulled Ivy onto my lap. She sat there quietly, and I noticed some stains on the bed from her dripping cunt. I kissed her neck and whispered softly, "You want your ass fucked too?"

"Yes Sir," Ivy muttered quietly.

I stroked my cock with my hand and it soon stood up fully erect. I lifted Ivy off of me and bent her over onto the bed. I spread her ass cheeks and saw her puckered up asshole looking at me. I knelt down and spit on the little hole and I pushed a finger inside.

Ivy let out a gasp which soon turned into a moan as I gently finger fucked her asshole. Now it was time for my pleasure. I pulled my finger out of her asshole, and I pushed the head of my cock against it. Slowly her asshole began to stretch open and welcome my cock. As it stretched, Ivy gasped and moaned loudly and while whispering "Ah, It's so big!"

I kept it going and soon it was all in. I smiled widely and slapped her ass playfully as I began to thrust in and out. My cock was pounded into her tight little ass hole with all my might as she laid there taking it and gripping the bed sheets with her hands. She moaned loudly as I kept it going.

My slaps on her ass became harder and her cheeks turned a bright red. Each slap on her ass now caused a short but loud scream to be heard from her. I couldn't take hearing this so I pulled the wet thong off of her head and pushed it into her mouth.

I groaned and increased my pace as I muttered to her as I slapped her ass, "You like tasting your juices while being fucked in your ass?" She nodded slowly as she laid there taking it.

Soon enough I came into her asshole and jerked as much as I could into her asshole. I pulled my cock out and some of my hot cum leaked out. I collected it with my finger and pulled her thong out of her mouth. I pushed the finger up to Ivy's mouth and she smelt it then opened her mouth and sucked it clean. I laid down with her as my cock softened. I kissed her neck and gently spooned her as we closed our eyes and went to sleep.

Thank you for reading. Please leave comments below on what you liked and disliked about it so I can improve, but please nothing too rude if it is that bad.

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