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I make a sexy new friend, learn a sexy new dance, and we both have our way with my boyfriend.
“When's she gonna show up? I'm ready to go!”

Ramon, my boyfriend, was yelling at me from the living room. He was ready to leave two beers ago, but it was okay with me that Ashley was late; I was still trying to decide what to wear, and the fact that it was Ashley that we were going out with made me more self-conscious than usual.

I'm a dancer, which is short for 'exotic dancer', which is a ridiculous name for strippers that is meant to make us feel less slutty for doing what we do. I get told several times a night how hot and sexy I am, and I know that I'm not ugly and that I have a good body. I'm very thin and very petite- I can thank my Vietnamese mother for that, and I know that my 'look' is one that lots of men fantasize about. But when I first saw Ashley, working out in the gym that I just joined, I was instantly envious.

Ashley's not a stripper fuck-up like me and Ramon- she's a college student, but to me seems wilder than either of us. Besides a chance at someday getting a high-paying job that doesn't involve VIP-Room hand jobs, she has something else that I'm very jealous of- her body. She's fit- she has to be to play college sports- but she's also has amazing curves. I never thought I had much attraction to other girls, but seeing her from across the aerobics room, I couldn't quit staring at her, wondering where she was from, wishing I had what she had. It was fucked up- I'm usually not shy at all, but I found myself unable to approach her. Lucky for me, she introduced herself as I was ending my workout, but the butterflies did not go away. I always know when a man likes me, and I knew that this girl did too.

We made plans to meet up at the gym again a few days later, and I got to know her a little better. Just like my boyfriend Ramon, she is Puerto Rican- I should've known, as hot as both of them are! She told me about her love life, she dates both men and women, neither one seriously, but always aims to have fun either way. She was dating a woman exclusively for a while, but she fucked Ashley over not long ago, leaving her for a man, and she'd been trying to shake that bummer ever since. She told me that I was helping with that, which gave me another butterfly-attack in my stomach. I told her about Ramon, and didn't seem threatened at all- in fact, when I decided to invite her out to go dancing with us, she was really excited. Ramon asked if maybe we should set her up with one of his friends; I told him she wasn't really over someone enough to date yet. What I didn't tell him was that I also didn't want her to be with anybody else.

When she showed up, I ran to the door so that I would be the one to answer. Ashley ran in and gave me a big hug- she had already been drinking, the smell of vodka was mixing with her body spray.

“Girl, where did you get that outfit- fuck!” , I said when I finally was able to look at her. Her top was low cut but tight, showing off her amazing tits and her strong abs- fuck, I love her tummy- and her skirt came down just below her sexy round ass- why couldn't I have just a little of that for myself, I feel so scrawny around her!

The three of us were a lot of fun together at the club, both of us giving Ramon a lot of attention- we had fun blocking any other women from dancing with him, and I was glad to see that the two Puerto Ricans in my life got along just fine. I knew Ramon thought she was was hot- I caught him looking several times- and each time I kept looking until I caught his eye and smiled at him, not even jealous but I didn't know why. Yes I had fun watching Ramon try not to slobber over Ashley, but I had more fun watching Ashley- if she ever wanted to be a dancer, should could bank big time. And here in the club, she had a way of moving her body in rhythm- it was liquid, it was hot, and just under the surface it was nasty- that made me so fucking wet.

“That's a Rican for you, baby”, he said with pride when I mentioned it. He was being a sweetie, not drinking much so he could drive us, and Ashley was the devil on my shoulder, urging me to let loose. We both did.

Vodka, dancing.

Water, dancing.

Vodka, dancing

Tequila, getting a little loud, dancing

Tequila, getting very loud, dancing.

Tequila body shots, dancing.

Tequila, Ashley talks me into Perreo

Perreo- I had to ask what it was, then she showed me, or should I say, she showed it against me. Perreo is a very sexually-charged dance from Puerto Rico, best done in pairs, and when done well, it's the closest thing to fucking that one can do on a dance floor, but with twice the energy and the power of imagination. My face went flush and my mind went numb as she backed herself up against me, moving her hips, then turning around and slipping a leg between mine. The blushing and numbing had nothing to do with the tequila. It was fast, it was fun, it was a tribute to my 'career' that I was able to keep up and keep my composure, but it made my mind spin.

More tequila, body shots.

She kissed me, deeply, with arms around me. I ran my hand down her side, feeling her sexy body.

Ramon decided it was time for us to go home.

Two more rounds of tequila at home, this time with Ramon participating, and the music was turned up and our desire to wear clothes went way down. Ashley and I seductively removed each others' tops, then skirts, then shoes, and laughed as we danced in only our bras and panties. My pussy was flooding at the site of a nearly nude Ashley, for fuck's sake could she be any hotter? How was she not covered in men and women all the time? Why us? Then I looked at my hot-ass Ramon and didn't feel so bad- my confidence returned.

“Fuck ya, I'm not!”, I thought to myself, backing my ass up to Ashley, attempting a move from the dance that I couldn't remember the name of anymore.

“Oh la ley, sweetie! That's hot but what the fuck are you doing?”, she giggled at me, causing me to crack up and fall to my knees.

“I was trying to do the- what the fuck's it called again?”

“Perreo!”, Ramon said, laughing at my drunken ass on the floor. “That's a hot ass dance, baby, but you got the wrong blood to do it. That shit flows through me and Ashley”, he said. “If she wasn't so fuckin' drunk she could show you again, but I guess we'll have to wait until another time.”

He was teasing her, trying to get her to dance.

“I'm not too drunk to dance, there's no such thing”, she said to him. “I just don't like to dance Perreo with fuckin' guys, they make me do all the fuckin' work!”

“Not this ese', baby, I won't stand and watch”, he said, starting to move his hips to the music.

“Hahahaha, is that right motherfucker? Well if you think I'm gonna do it fuckin' almost naked with you forget it”, she said with attitude. Now she was teasing him!

Ramon kicked off his shoes, removed his top, and pushed his jeans down his legs and off onto the floor. My man has faults, but his body is not one of them.

“Don't worry, Mami, I won't let you do it alone” he said with a giant grin. Ashley had too much to drink- maybe not too much to dance, but definitely too much to hide her thoughts when she saw his body. Male strippers don't make it long in the money unless they take perfect care of their bodies, and he's damn close to perfection. “Well, come on then, unless you're scared. Do you suck at Perreo? It's okay I won't judge you”, he said with a smirk, waving his hand dismissively and turning away. He knew what was doing.

“Oh no no!” she said, rising to her feet. “You better move quick and you better read my mind!” she said, already starting to move her body in time. I sat on the floor, drunk, and was amazed by what happened. My pussy flooded in response to the dance being performed, two nearly naked, beautiful bodies, coming together at the groin, the separating, each one anticipating the other. They were like mirror images, perfect puzzle pieces fitting together in the most suggestive ways, and the images still stick with me:

Her ass shook and rippled each time he she popped it back against his body.

His big, hard dick swung up, down, and around, barely held within his boxers.

The chain that hung from her belly piercing twirled clockwise as she moved her hips like a belly-dancer, seeming to draw the fuck and lust out of the music all on her own.

Her toes dug into the carpet as the rest of her body shook wildly but smoothly in time with Ramon's.

His well-defined abs started to shine with sweat. So did Ashley's back.

Ramon lifted her up, and she rolled her pussy against his cock, wrapping her legs around him, moving quickly, so fast they were almost shaking, making him groan.

She danced back against him in a doggie position, and didn't change, they stayed in the same position. Ashley moved more urgently, pressed against him harder. He gripped her hips and didn't let go, grinding his cock against her ass, thrusting his hips forward so hard that it sent a ripple through her body, over and over.

I could feel the heat rising in the room, and I sensed it was about to boil over. If I was jealous, like I would be if any other bitch was dancing like this with my man, I'd put a stop to it, or at least distract them. But I didn't, and because there's no way I could dance like them anyway, I just sat in a trance, watching it escalate. I watched their faces, in the same kind of trance that I was in- Ashley's eyes were half-shut as she dry-fucked my man to the music. Ramon looked up and down her back, meeting each hip movement exactly in time. I didn't even notice her panties drop to the floor, or the fact that he had pushed his boxers down his legs to free his cock, but I noticed Ashley's face when their pelvic movements lined him up with her cunt and he slid inside. Those eyes opened wide, almost worried.

“Ungh!”, she moaned turning toward him in hesitation as he gripped her hips and pulled himself into her. She flinched for a moment, looked at the floor in confusion, then slowly started rolling her hips again. The music was loud but I could hear the faint sounds of juices and skin as she settled into getting fucked from behind. She popped back against him, rolled her hips, then popped again. His hips carried an opposite rhythm, jamming his dick as far into her as possible with each thrust. Fuck this was hot, I couldn't resist touch my own buzzing pussy and I watched them fuck in Perreo-style dance, joined together.

Her ass was so hot, and I loved to watch it move, it controlled her whole body, had a life of its own. It gobbled up Ramon's dick and flexed it inside of her with no problem, and he is not small. She bent all the way over, holding herself up with her hands, and that's when the last remnants of the dance died off. He gripped her hips and thrust hard, she could barely move now- he controlled her. He went faster and faster, jumping ahead of the music. Ashley was cursing in Spanish, moaning loud, overcome by such a hard fuck. Ramon's head was leaned back, no longer watching what he was doing. Her whole body shook with the force of his pumping, and her look was of pure lust. The clapping of her asscheeks against him rose above the music. I don't think he ever fucked me as hard as he was fucking Ashley, and I knew he'd been thinking about this all night.

Their rhythm slowed and went back in time with the music, Ramon relaxed his grip, Ashley rolled her hips against him, and when I saw his face I knew what was about to happen. I said the words in my head but nothing came out. His expression went hollow and his hands tensed up, reaching up to her waist to force her back against him. He was shooting it inside of her, cumming hard. His pelvis jerked and his chest rose and fell with heavy breaths.

Ramon finally leaned against the wall and slapped her ass, as if to signal to her that he was done. Ashley fell forward and rolled onto her back, shooting a fiery glare at him.

“Did you cum in my pussy, motherfucker? Fuck!”, she screamed, slipping a finger inside and feeling his seed oozing around deep inside her slit. Ramon just laughed, his reddened dick hanging half-hard between his legs.

I almost came at the sight of her wet pussy, swollen from the deep-dick that Ramon had just given her, and when I saw his come start to trickle out, I couldn't help myself.

“Don't worry, girl”, I said, barely able to speak without slurring, “I'm not gonna let it stay there.”

I crawled to her, watching her angry face change to curiosity as I got closer, then to lust again as I leaned my face closer to hers. We kissed deeply, and Ashley had her arms around me, pulling me to her. I shuddered at the feeling of her bare skin against mine, the heat of fuck still radiating from her, and her curves gently pressing into my tiny frame. She pushed me away, down toward her pussy- and blame the tequila or the sex that was swirling all around us that night, or just my attraction to Ashley maybe- but I started to kiss her pussy with no hesitation, recognizing the tang of pussy juice, having tasted my own, but excited by the spicy tang of someone new.

My tongue easily slipped inside of her, feeling the intense heat of her chamber, and my lips closed around those of her pussy. Ashley started to moan as I started to suck, flicking my tongue against her clit, then back inside. I sucked harder, tasting my Ramon's cum mixed in with hers. I reached up and roughly shoved her bra up, exposing her full breasts. I looked up to see the swells sticking up, her back arched in ecstasy, as I sucked and licked, harder and harder. Her hands ran through my hair, then pushed on my head, forcing me down against her pussy. I felt her start to shake, felt the muscles around my tongue start to twitch, and then the rush of liquid, hers and his, as she came on my face.

My mouth was covered in cum, inside and out, and I desperately wanted to kiss Ashley again. As I climbed back up to meet her, I felt two hands pulling my panties off, then Ramon's dick against my ass as I shared that cum with Ashley, feeling her moan into my mouth as she tasted it and swallowed it down. Ramon easily entered me from behind, making me break the kiss and gasp in surprise. He unclasped my bra and I unclasped Ashley's. I was laying on top of her, kissing and caressing, and Ramon was on top of both of us, holding himself up by his arms and fucking my pussy. I was already buzzing and pulsating for so long that his dick was forcing a small explosion of nerves each time he plowed into me. I could barely kiss her, and just stopped, sighing and moaning into her mouth, feeling her hands all over me.

He pulled out of me, pushed me further up Ashley's body and penetrated her pussy again. I kissed her neck and ears, listening to the sounds of fuck coming from both of their mouths, me sandwiched in between. I knew he was close to cumming again, and my hand was rubbing her clit, feeling my boyfriend's dick slide in and out of her wet pussy. I heard the familiar grunt and forced my hand around his shaft on a backstroke, pushing him out of her just as another load of cum was starting to stream out of his pulsing cock. I jacked him off, feeling it throb as he came, hearing him moan, feeling his body shudder in relief as it subsided. He rolled off and I looked down and saw his thick cream on her pussy and on the floor.

I cleaned my new friend's pussy until it was nothing but my saliva, sucking all of his cum into my mouth and swallowing. I was tired and drunk, so was Ashley. We held each other tight, and the next thing I knew we were in each others' arms under a blanket on the floor, the early light of morning creeping in, and my head pounding like a hammer against my skull. Ashley stirred, her face snugged into my neck.

“Maybe the three of us should go dancing again sometime,” she mumbled into my ear, snuggling a bit closer. “That was fun.”
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