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Sometimes no mask in the world can guarantee anonymity

“There’s a condition.”

“What’s that?”

“When my husband and I arrange these little sessions, we always invite someone to watch?”

“What there? In the room?”

“No. It’s like a cam show, only private. It adds spice.”

“How many would be watching?”

“Just the one. Unless you’d like there to be more ;)


“Just some guy.”

Just some guy. Some sad, lonely guy sitting at home in front of his computer with his thing out, getting off on her … discomfit. Or someone like her husband, more interested in fantasy blondes then his own wife. She sighed. Not having bargained for this her feet grew cooler, but then she pulled herself together. She’d come this far, and she didn’t like to disappoint. Her fingers resumed their tapping.

“I don’t know. I mustn’t be recognized.”

“I understand. That can be arranged.”


“A hood.”

“A hood?”

“Yes, a hood. You’ll like it. It adds spice, as well as preserving your anonymity.”

“What kind of hood?”

“A black, latex hood.”

She leaned back, feeling herself travel from nervous excitement to out on a limb. A hood. A black, latex hood. The idea signalled danger. She’d seen such hoods, in the videos her husband liked to watch.

“Will I be able to see?”

“No. The hood will cover most of your head. There’s a circular opening leaving the tip of your nose and your mouth free.”

“I’d be more comfortable if I could see.”

“It’s to guarantee your anonymity. And you don’t want to be comfortable, do you?”

“It sounds scary.”

“A little fear never hurt anyone.”

No, but other things might. The things her husband liked to watch. She wanted to ask exactly what the couple had planned for her, but she knew the woman, Lucy, wouldn’t tell her.

“Do you and your husband do anything to preserve your anonymity?”

“Yes. I’ll be wearing a purple latex mask, much like yours, except with eyeholes. Don will be wearing a hangman’s hood.”

She trembled, ashamed at the realisation that it wasn’t just fear that had made her shudder.

“A hangman’s hood?”

“Yes. It makes Don look very fetching. I’ll let you see before we put your own mask on.”

“You’re making me nervous.”

“Don’t worry. We’re not crazy people. We’ll respect your limits. We realize that it’s your first time.”

No, whatever they were she was sure Lucy and Don couldn’t be any crazier than she was for going looking for this experience. And madness drove her on, a kind of fever she’d never known could grip a person. Maybe she’d hate the experience. But she’d hate herself more if she didn’t try, just this once.

“I don’t want any preferential treatment.”

“You want us to treat you the way we would any submissive slut who finds herself in our clutches?”

“Yes. I want to submit fully.”

“Good. I look forward to it.”

“So do I.”

She meant it. She didn’t want to mean it, but she did.




“Good evening, Big Man.”

Apart from the little square where he could see himself, the screen was occupied entirely by sumptuous cleavage. The woman was wearing his favourite corset today, the one that turned her breasts into bulging and irresistible forbidden fruit. “Good evening, Purple Princess. You look ravishing. At least the part of you that I can see.”

“Thank you, Big Man. I promised you a real treat this evening, and this is only a small part of it.”

“You know what I like, Purple Princess.”

The woman purred. “Enough small talk,” she decided. “Why don’t I fetch the evening’s entertainment?”

“Why waste time, eh?”


More of Purple Princess came into view. He watched as she retreated from the camera, the black latex skin making her behind shine. She didn’t just walk with confidence on her five inch heels, she radiated harsh authority.

As she disappeared through the doorway, he felt the old familiar pang of guilt over the relief he felt whenever his wife announced that she’d be out. Relief and anticipation, a chance to settle in front of the computer and sample illicit delights. And the guilt. He knew only too well that it was a form of cheating.

Tonight was special. He’d known about Claire’s visit to her friend sufficiently in advance to arrange this little session with Purple Princess and The Hangman. Purple Princess had promised him a newbie, and here the pair of them came, through the door. He focused his attention on the newbie, the sight of her enough to elbow any kind of guilt aside. She was walking on all fours next to Purple Princess, her head bowed, black latex covering her scalp.

Purple Princess was holding a chain, the other end of which was wrapped round the latex covering the newbie’s neck. As the two women came closer, he watched the newbie’s tits jiggle beneath her. She’d been given a cupless corset, wet look, black. Like Purple Princess she was attired in heels and black leggings, also wet look rather than the latex favoured by her mistress for the evening.

A pull on the chain, the two women coming to a halt so that he could still see both of them. Purple Princess stared into the camera from within her purple latex hood, the one she loved to wear. “This is Noone,” she said. “I call her Noone because she’s no-one, nothing, just a slab of meat with a few useful holes.”

A familiar thrill gripped him. Purple Princess had promised something special, and he knew she’d keep her word. She was yanking on the chain. “Turn around, Noone, so the nice man can see you from behind.”

The order was obeyed. A little awkwardly to be sure, but it was delicious all the same. So was the newbie’s arse, which looked as if it was being molested by the glossy material stretched across it. He adjusted his position and the screen, so that Purple Princess would able to see the erection that had materialised the moment he saw her. She gave a little smile, yanking on the chain and demanding that Noone turn again to face the camera she couldn’t see, and then to rise to her knees.

The newbie obeyed with a push of her hands. Now he could see her in full figure, her tits hovering above the corset, nipples visibly swollen. Nerves or excitement? It didn’t really matter. The important thing was to see her used. As he fingered the swollen part of his own anatomy, Purple Princess gave a little laugh. “If only you could see the nice man,” she said. “His cock is big and meaty just from looking at you. Who knows what he’s imagining himself doing to you.”

There was no response from the newbie, who remained rigid in her hood, corset and leggings. She couldn’t have said anything comprehensible because the space between her lips was occupied by a ball gag with a black strap stretching round the back of the hood. Her lips were the same bright red as the object between them. He’d have liked to have been able to see her eyes, but understood the need for discretion. Part of him liked it better that way.

Oddly, what he could see of the newbie reminded him of his wife. Well, reminded him of his wife when he still desired her; back in the day when Claire still made an effort instead of just schlepping around the house in sweatpants. Lipstick was but a faint memory, even if she’d never worn anything as bright and provocative as the shade Noone was sporting.

Thinking of Claire made the guilt creep back, and he pushed her from his mind, focusing instead on Purple Princess’s gloved fingers as they flicked at the hard nipples. There was an intake of breath from the newbie. Purple Princess moved behind her, reaching round to grab hold of those perfect handfuls. Then, in an instant, she had her finger’s round Noone’s nipples, pulling, twisting.

There was a rasp at the back of the newbie’s throat, then a whimper. Purple Princess was staring straight at the camera. “Oh yes, such a big hard cock, longing to get stuck into you.” She released Noone’s breasts only to slap them with both hands before gripping and squeezing and thrusting them at the camera. “What do you say, Big Man? Isn’t she a treat?”

He was having trouble driving Claire from his mind, and in an effort to get her as far away as possible, he said what he could never say to his wife. “You look like the perfect cock whore, Noone.” The newbie tensed, just as all the little sluts did when they heard his voice. “I’d love to give you every inch of my cock in every one of your little fuck holes.”

It was nasty, but it did the trick. Claire crept away from his mind, leaving him free to concentrate on Noone, now the focus of his lust and no more than that.

Purple Princess was twisting the newbie’s nipples. “What do you say, cock whore? Would you like to take every inch of Big Man’s cock in each of your horny little holes?” The newbie sat there in silence, with just a soft gurgle at the back of her throat. “What’s the matter with you? I would have thought a little cock whore would be gagging for it by now.” Still silence. Then a whimper as Noone’s breasts were slapped anew, a trickle of saliva emerging at one corner of her mouth.

Purple Princess took a step back, sounding suddenly more conciliatory. “Don’t worry, I understand. It is your first time, after all. Let’s see if we can’t get you in the mood.” She beckoned. The Hangman came into view. Big Man would have liked to have seen Noone’s reaction to the menacing-looking man dressed from head to toe in leather in her eyes, but no matter.

The Hangman went straight up to Noone as Purple Princess grabbed the newbie’s head and forced it down and forwards, to just the right height for the man to bring his thick cock out and stick the bulb up under Noone’s nose. The newbie gave a shocked gasp. “Smell that cock!” Purple Princess urged. “It wants you, and it will have you.” There was a short pause, then: “So what do you say, are you ready for it?”

With the ball gag in her mouth, the newbie was in no position to speak, but she didn’t respond in any other way either. The Hangman took his cock and slapped it against her latex-covered cheek. “Tell me!” Purple Princess barked. “Are you ready for it?”

“Perhaps we’re doing this all wrong,” she decided when there was still no response. She let her partner take control of Noone’s head, and he slapped his cock against the woman’s face again, before bringing her nostrils back to his cock.

Purple Princess sank to her haunches next to Noone. In an instant her gloved hand was inside the leggings, moving. Big Man watched, enthralled, not able to see the hand, but able to tell what those fingers were doing. The Hangman slapped his hard cock against the newbie’s face again, and again. There were noises coming from her throat, unnervingly familiar, though there was no good reason why they should be.

To stop his conscience from playing tricks on him again, Big Man focused on Purple Princess, on the eyes he could see glowing with delight within the purple mask. She thought the mask protected her, but the joke was that he knew who she was, or at least he was sure he knew who she was, which wasn’t quite the same thing.

The circumstances of how he’d been ‘introduced’ to her at least suggested her identity. And then she’d been in the local paper once, when her shop opened just off the high street. That was how he ‘knew’. He’d studied her eyes in that photo, just as he studied her eyes now. He was sure it was her. Lucy her name was, if he was right. Sometimes he thought he might visit the shop, on the pretext of buying jewellery for his wife, to hear her, to find out if he was right. But what would be the use of that? It would endanger the good thing he had going, because she would certainly recognize him.

The Hangman moved to one side. The fact that he never spoke was also suggestive. Purple Princess pulled her hand from the leggings, moving to the camera, holding her fingers up to show black latex glistening with secretion. Then, in an instant, she was back with Noone, shoving her fingers up under the newbie’s nostrils. “Smell that! Smell your greedy cunt, you dirty little fuck whore!”

Noone didn’t move a muscle, remaining in position like a statue.

“Your cunt doesn’t lie!” Purple Princess barked. “Did the smell of cock turn you on? Or do you get off on having your slutty little face dick slapped?”

Oh how he wanted to see Noone’s eyes as Purple Princess wiped her fingers on the newbie’s tits. He knew they’d be burning with shame, humiliation and submissive lust, just as Purple Princess’s shone with sadistic glee.

“What’s your verdict, Big Man?”

“I think the slut needs to find out what you’re really about,” he said. And just when he thought Noone couldn’t be any more statuesque, she tensed some more.

“Get back down on all fours!” Purple Princess commanded.

As the newbie obeyed, the camera moved. He now no longer saw her masked face, just a view of her glossy fuck-me arse and her tits hanging enticingly beneath her.

It happened quickly, Purple Princess pulling the leggings down to half thigh. A hand struck one of Noone’s naked buttocks. There was a squeak of surprise, but that was nothing compared to the sound that escaped her when Purple Princess briskly got down behind her and with practised ease parted her labia, stuffing three gloved fingers into the newbie. “Like that?” she sneered. “This is just for starters. Tonight you’re going to have your cunt stretched like it’s never been stretched before! But from the feel of you I’d say it’s just what you want. You really are a filthy little fuck slut, aren’t you?” As she worked her fingers in Noone’s snatch, she brought her other hand down on a fleshy buttock. “Am I right?”

When there was no reply, Purple Princess slapped the newbie again. This time there was a vague response: “Mmmfff.”

Then Purple Princess was just holding Noone open for Big Man to see. The newbie was wet, so deliciously wet. Whoever the woman was, the treatment was having the desired effect on her.

“What do you say, Big Man?” He gave his cock a tug in response to the sound of Purple Princess’s voice. There was no need to mince his words. “I say the whore needs stuffing like a yuletide turkey. From the way her cunt’s drooling all over the place, I’d say she wants it bad!”

Purple Princess’s lips curled, framed perfectly by the purple mask. Her fingers moved. The camera moved too, and when it steadied, he was staring straight at Noone’s gaping anus where Purple Princess was parting the newbie’s buttocks. “What do you say about this hole, Big Man?”

“What I wouldn’t give to stretch it right out with my cock!”

Purple Princess chuckled. “Well, her cock holes are just about the only things the slut has that are of any use whatsoever.”

The scene must have been prepared, because remaining where she was, Purple Princess reached out and soon she had a bottle of lube in her hand. This could only mean one thing and he watched with mounting excitement as a big dollop was squeezed out. Gloved fingers rubbed and smeared, and then as one of the fingers slid into that tight hole, pushing its way past the sphincter, he heard a reluctant whine fusing doubt with complete submission.

The voice, if it could be termed such, made him uneasy again. It sounded so very unnervingly familiar, but why unnerving? After all, if he’d worked out who Purple Princess was, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if he’d encountered Noone at some stage. He just needed to remember where. It certainly couldn’t be Claire, not in a million years. There was no way she’d let anyone get within a furlong of her anus. He knew, because he’d tried. It was a source of disappointment to him that there were some things his wife refused to try, even once.

No, any similarity between the newbie and Claire was just coincidental, a result of his guilty conscience. The renewed realisation made things easier for him. He relished the appearance in Purple Princess’s hand of a butt plug. An even more reluctant whine was heard as the thing was slowly inserted into Noone, stretching her wide. Safe in the knowledge that this was not his wife, he even indulged in a little fantasy that it was. “This one’s a real find,” he said, keeping his eyes on the plug as it became lodged in the newbie’s anus, delighting in the ooze of lubrication. “That arse is just begging for a bit of the rough stuff.”

“I’m glad you like her,” Purple Princess said. “I’m already of a mind to invite her back.” She paused. “Maybe I’ll invite you over too, Big Man. So you can take charge of her arse for yourself.” She paused. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, slut?” And she slapped Noone right where the plug was inserted, making the newbie whimper again.

Big Man moved his hand, manipulating his stiff cock as Purple Princess reached out again. He’d always thought the item she now held in her hand resembled a gas lighter. It wasn’t quite so mundane, of course, and he relished the sight as all of Noone and most of Purple Princess came into view before the newbie’s buttock was treated to an electric shock, followed by a loud squeal. “Forwards, you little whore!” Purple Princess barked.

Noone began to crawl, but not fast enough for Purple Princess. A new shock, a new squeal. “Faster, whore!”

The camera moved, following Noone as she made her way across the floor, the chain dragging along behind her. No movement could be fast enough for Purple Princess, who followed, tormenting her captive with shock after shock shouting, “Faster! Faster! A little to the left! Keep going! Faster!” Finally, when Noone was about to collide with an armchair, she shouted, “Stop!”

“Fuck!” he exclaimed. “That’s so hot! You promised me a treat, Purple Princess, and it doesn’t get much better than this dirty fucking whore!”





Noone felt fingers on the back of her head, and the strap being loosened. The ball she’d had in her mouth for so long was pulled away. Her jaws were aching; saliva trickled down her chin. She heard Purple Princess’s voice. “Tell Big Man how much you appreciate his nice comments!”

Where was the camera? In front of her? The hood was very efficient. She couldn’t remember ever being so much in the dark.

“Go on, tell him!”

But she couldn’t. She couldn’t speak, mustn’t speak. She needed to remember that she was Noone, no-one, nothing – and someone who was no-one had no words, surely?

No words, but she squealed when she was dealt a new shock. “Tell him!” She fully expected another jolt when she still didn’t answer, but instead Purple Princess said, “Have it your way.”

She heard the woman move. Just standing there on all fours in the dark, waiting and not knowing, was worse than actually being done to. She was acutely aware of the object lodged in her behind, and even more acutely aware of being watched by three pairs of eyes, one pair at a distance, probably masturbating at the sight of her predicament.

Then she felt something move on her left buttock. She understood that Purple Princess was writing, and the shame flooded through her as the woman began to recite as she wrote.

“I am a fuck slave, to be used as others see fit.” Then the other buttock. “My greedy cock holes need filling. It’s all I’m good for.”

Fear ran through her. What if the words wouldn’t wash off? What would she do then? “Is there any of that you want to repeat out loud?” Her humiliation increased. Where was the camera? Was it showing Big Man the sentiments that Purple Princess wanted her to say out loud.

She shook her head. Big Man’s voice could be heard, “If she doesn’t want to speak, I can think of plenty of other uses for her mouth.”

It was nasty and humiliating, but she deserved it. Whatever happened to her, it was no more than she deserved for putting herself in this position to begin with. What had she been thinking?

Once more she was left waiting and not knowing, aware only that much more was to come, preoccupied with the object in her anus and the man watching, no doubt glorying in the words on her buttocks. Then came a new command. “Hands together!”

She did her best to balance as she centred her weight. There was rope, wound tightly round her wrists, making her even more of a prisoner than she already was.

“Legs and feet together!” She tried, she really did, but it was impossible. She toppled over, suddenly grateful that the room was carpeted. To make matters worse Big Man laughed raucously. Purple Princess didn’t berate her though. Somehow she knew that the person who grabbed her legs was The Hangman, and that Purple Princess was the one binding her ankles tightly together. She laid there, feeling a humiliation that was as much to do with her own failure to stay on hands and knees as anything Big Man might say or the couple might do.

Then she heard a loud piercing whistle. “Go on, follow The Hangman!” Purple Princess said in the tone of voice someone might use for a small dog.

How was she going to manage that? She tried pushing herself back up onto hands and knees, but the attempt was doomed to failure, as was trying to move on all fours with her limbs tied. There was a new whistle, then a sharp jolt to her thigh made her cry out. “Follow him! Follow The Hangman! Good girl!”

Big Man laughed again as she began to wriggle across the floor. Her humiliation was now complete it seemed to her. How would she ever recover from this crawling across the floor, this being subjected to electric shocks, this being forced to change direction as The Hangman moved about the room whistling, with her leggings round her thighs and that… thing… in her rectum, while she was watched like this and laughed at.

But it was her own fault, and the humiliation was her punishment for being so stupid. She should have had things out with her husband the moment she discovered what kinds of things he was watching behind her back.

How exactly had it happened? At first she’d been appalled, of course. She’d watched a few of the videos her husband watched and been shocked at what she’d seen. Then what? Why had she watched more, instead of confronting him?

The shameful truth, and the real reason she deserved the humiliation and punishment, was that watching had stirred something in her, something she had never known was there. Feelings she didn’t know how to share with her husband after all these years, quite aside from not wanting to let him know she’d been spying on him. Because that’s what she’d been doing, hadn’t she?

She came up against something. The Hangman had allowed her to reach him. Her head was grabbed, Purple Princess twisting it. “Lick The Hangman’s boot! Show some deference!”

She couldn’t see it, but all in the dark she still understood that his boot was right there, by her head. She extended her tongue experimentally. Purple Princess relaxed her grip, forcing Noone to locate the boot by herself. By some miracle she found it first time. So this was what leather tasted like.

Purple Princess patted her on the head. “Good girl!” she praised, in that high pitched voice. “I think you deserve a reward for that!”





Big Man watched with mounting excitement as Noone was prepared for the next stage in her treatment. The chain was removed, as was the rope from her ankles, and her leggings pulled off. She’d been brought to a halt at the foot of a bed, and was now made to sit on her haunches with her back to the same. “Knees wide apart!” Purple Princess commanded.

His hand moved faster as he stared at Noone. She was now wearing nothing but heels, the corset and the hood. Her chest heaved as Purple Princess coiled rope round her knees and secured it to the legs of the bed, making sure the newbie couldn’t close her thighs. The resemblance to his wife remained, but now it only added a little extra spice. Had he not already decided that she couldn’t be Claire, the woman’s Venusian mound would have dispelled the notion for once and for all. Claire would shave it for no man, or woman.

The Hangman’s gloved hand appeared, offering a wand to Purple Princess, who flashed Big Man a smile through the purple latex while she adjusted her grip on the thing. He allowed himself the luxury of imagining his wife visiting her shop – he was sure he was right about Lucy/Purple Princess – to look at the jewellery, only to be placed somehow in this ignominious position. If only Claire had been more adventurous, perhaps they could have explored a bit of role play together, and he’d still find her as desirable as the women in front of him on the screen.

The wand was switched on at the exact moment Purple Princess placed it between the newbie’s thighs. Noone gasped out loud. He noticed that after this first exclamation she held her lips tightly shut, but that didn’t stop a strange humming from running in tandem with the vibrator. He’d seen scenes like this many times and desperately wanted to see the newbie’s eyes; wanted to see in them the effect the wand was having on her.

He knew from experience that such a request was never going to be granted, so contented himself with staring at the luscious swell of nipple and the way Noone’s body shifted. Purple Princess looked at the camera and smiled. “I’ve got to tell you, Noone, that Big Man is wanking his stiff cock like he wishes he was here and about to drown your tits in hot spunk. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little cumslut?”

When Noone didn’t answer, Purple Princess removed the toy from between her thighs. The Hangman, who had been standing at the newbie’s side all this time, grabbed her hooded head, turning it, bringing it right up to his erect cock. To Big Man’s delight, her lips parted.

“Look at that!” Purple Princess exclaimed. “The slut won’t say anything, but shove a cock in her face and she can’t get it in her greedy mouth fast enough!”

The Hangman grabbed his cock and slapped it against Noone’s face, before pushing her head back roughly, making her gasp out loud.

“Lick The Hangman’s balls!” Purple Princess demanded. “Do it, or you can forget the vibrator!”

Noone’s tongue came out and The Hangman didn’t wait, but pulled her face into his scrotum. Almost immediately Purple Princess shoved the vibrating wand back up between her thighs.

“Mfffff!” the newbie exclaimed. Big Man could just about see her tongue slithering against the ball sack. She was moving too, thrusting her tits at the camera she couldn’t see as Purple Princess increased the intensity of the vibrations. There was a drone at the back of Noone’s throat. The Hangman was pulling her into him, grinding her against his testicles. Big Man could practically feel the tongue, soft and moist against his own balls as he cradled them, his hand working at a pace designed to provide maximum stimulation without things coming to a premature end.

The Hangman repeated his trick of slapping his cock against Noone and simultaneously pushing her away roughly. Purple Princess pulled the wand away, leaving it to hum in her hand while the newbie breathed heavily, her full bosom heaving. To Big Man’s delight Noone’s head moved, her lips parted and her tongue came out as if she was searching for The Hangman’s weapon. He slapped it against her cheek.

“What’s that? You want that fat cock in your mouth, you knobgobbling little slut?” Purple Princess barked.

The newbie nodded, her lips still parted, her tongue still out. The cock was in her mouth in a flash, The Hangman pulling her onto him violently. Her whole body fought against it. As the cock came out of her mouth, followed by a flood of saliva, Purple Princess reapplied the wand. Noone gasped, still drooling. The Hangman grabbed her head again, forcing his cock into her mouth. The result was the same. Purple Princess kept the wand in place, rubbing it against Noone’s snatch, as viscous slime dripped from the newbie’s chin onto her breasts.

Big Man couldn’t help himself. “Please remove the hood!” he said. “Let me see the slut’s eyes as she chokes on that big cock!”

“Sorry, Big Man,” Purple Princess said. “That’s the one shred of dignity I promised Noone she’d be allowed to keep, to keep her eyes hidden.”

He tried not to be disappointed. After all, it was the response he’d expected. Watching The Hangman’s cock plunge back into Noone’s mouth was a form of compensation. So was hearing her gurgle as yet more drool slid down her chin and her breasts. Once more The Hangman rammed his cock right to the hilt, again Noone drooled and wheezed. Her nipples were as hard as little nuts. Big Man was sure she was about to cum when Purple Princess removed the wand and switched it off.





She wanted to speak, but she mustn’t, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t. Quite how she could have been on the verge of climaxing while simultaneously being abused like that, she didn’t understand. Once, her husband had tried to pull her down on him, quite gently by comparison, and she’d panicked. Yet here she was, allowing herself to be mistreated, and almost achieving an orgasm into the bargain. Why hadn’t they let her climax? She was desperate for it, but she couldn’t ask, mustn’t speak, wouldn’t speak.

“I think she enjoyed that,” Purple Princess said. “But then it’s what you’d expect from a desperate little cock whore.”

Noone felt gloved hands on her breasts as the woman spoke, massaging all that drool into her skin. She heard Big Man’s voice too. “That’s so fucking hot. I could watch you take care of the little cock whore all night.”

“Who knows,” Purple Princess said. “Perhaps we will.”

Noone’s head was swimming. She hardly knew what was happening, but drowning out all other concerns was the desperate need to climax. She could feel damp on her thighs where she’d leaked, where her pussy had drooled while her mouth did the same.

The Hangman must have loosened the ropes, because when Purple Princess instructed her to rise and sit on the edge of the bed, she found that she was able to, however awkwardly because of her wrists still being bound. Then she was pushed, hard, falling on her back. “Spread your legs, whore!”

She obeyed. Both her legs were grabbed immediately and pulled back. The ropes that were still in place around her knees were tied to something new. All in the dark, she couldn’t know what, only that soon she was unable to move her legs. She heard Purple Princess’s voice, “Look at that nice, juicy cunt, Big Man.” She could imagine how she looked, with her legs spread and tied, her sex on display. The shame might have killed her, only she was long past caring. “What do you think?”

“I think her cunt needs stretching by a big, hard cock.”

“Well, she is a little cock whore, after all.”

Not long ago Noone would have been mortified by the exchange, now she felt that if she’d been able to speak, she would have agreed. She felt movement in the bed, then someone above her. It had to be The Hangman, because suddenly she felt his organ, the bulb sliding between her labia.

“How about it cock whore? You want to feel that big cock inside you?”

She nodded without quite being able to lift her head.

“That’s no good, cock whore! I need to hear you say it. I need for you to beg to be penetrated by that big hard cock!”

The thing was on the verge of penetrating her anyway. She was on the verge of giving in, but somehow she kept her discipline, kept silent, lying there in the dark.

“Oh well,” Purple Princess said. “Even if you don’t want a real cock, there are plenty of other ways of using your greedy cunt.”

She felt The Hangman climb off her, but almost immediately she felt gloved fingers. Fingers which didn’t hesitate to penetrate her. She gasped, trying hard to do no more than that. She knew what she wanted still, a craving that threatened to overwhelm her; one greater than she had ever conceived of. Two fingers became three fingers became four fingers. She felt herself ooze, leak, juices flowing as the fingers twisted and twisted.

Her head was lifted and turned. The Hangman wanted her mouth again. She let her lips part for him and was glad she had, because having her mouth full prevented her from crying out loud when she was suddenly stretched way beyond normal limits.

“Oh yeah!” Big Man exclaimed. “Fist the filthy cunt! Use her! Abuse all of her filthy holes!” His delight in the debauched display had clearly overwhelmed any shred of decency he might have had left.

A hand came down her throat. Fear gripped her, but now a source of excitement rather than one of terror. The cock came out of her mouth and began slapping at her face. She extended her tongue, searching for it. The Hangman relented, just sliding his cock against her tongue, but digging his fingers a little harder into her neck. And all the while Purple Princess rammed her fist into her, over and over.

It was unbearable yet exquisite; a punishment she deserved, and a treatment she wanted. When the humming began again and vibrations tormented her clitoris, everything came into sharp relief; the arm and hand stretching her vagina, the object still stuck in her rectum, the fingers squeezing her throat, the rigid weapon that suddenly made her face sting again.

She couldn’t help herself. She cried out. “Oh! Oooooh! Oh! Please let me cum! Please, please, please let me cum! I need to cum!” The last word was three octaves higher than the first.

Only dimly did she hear the cry. “Claire? Claire!”

But she was lost. With The Hangman managing to insert his cock in her mouth, with every hole occupied and with the vibrations making her clit bulge, she climaxed into the darkness, only dimly aware at the very back of her mind that her husband was howling her name over and over and over again as her own ecstasy extinguished the last vestige of her own reluctance and guilt.


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