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Sarah - Part Eighteen

The start of another night of lust
It was a Friday night in the waning days of the March springbreak from school.

Sarah had found her new apartment in upstate New York and had an opportunity to meet the people with whom she would be working.

In addition, her last school projects, art and photography portfolios, were completed.

The only school requirement that remained for Sarah was one small exam, and then graduation.

Any stress or problems Sarah may have had regarding school or her new job and where she was going to live had either diminished or had disappeared altogether.

Sarah was relaxed. We had the house to ourselves. And, most important, ever since her trip to upstate New York earlier in the week, she had become very horny.

Just the night before, in fact, she had let me know that she likely wanted to fuck me more than I wanted to fuck her.

Sarah, as I have indicated before, was not shy when it came to sex.

We went out to dinner, sat in a corner of the restaurant, and talked about what we might do the rest of this evening, the new toys she had bought, and why she had become so horny.

As for the rest of this Friday evening, I suggested that we might re-visit our self-made notes, written when we last played “Sarah’s game”, which was near the end of our holiday break in December. Those were the notes about a night of sexual pleasure and what we wanted to do to each other.

It was during that game that Sarah had drifted from needy and wanting at the start of the game, to pleading, begging and becoming desperate for release and an orgasm; to an ethereal, erotic, idyllic sexual state where she completely abandoned any inhibitions, lost all awareness of her surroundings, and entered a world where all that mattered to her was her sexual pleasure and gratification, and enjoying orgasm after orgasm until she was exhausted.

The morning after playing that game, Sarah admitted that her complete loss of awareness and control, and her passionate and intense desire for non-stop pleasure and orgasms, no matter how achieved, had scared her. She had never been that “far gone” before and it frightened her.

In addition, she was sore for days after, although she had indicated that it was a “good” soreness.

In the days and weeks following that December “Sarah’s game”, she and I developed deeper feelings for each other. We grew closer and continued to enjoy not only more sex, but a variety of sexual experiences. We became more aware of what each of us liked and developed greater mutual trust.

In that context, and now almost three months later, Sarah had developed an increasing interest in recreating that sexual experience.

Despite her previous concerns, Sarah once again wanted to enter that world where she would lose her inhibitions, give herself completely, and do anything for her sexual satisfaction, no matter the means or the consequences.

As we talked, we thought back to the Christmas break experience and what we had done to make it such a memorable night.

I would need to be able to control myself and my urges.

I had teased her, prolonged her pleasure and made her beg to cum.

“Do not stop,” she interjected. “Continue to tease and fuck me even if I beg to cum or am still experiencing an orgasm. That’s what you did last time.”

She recalled how I had played with her body, from tweaking her nipples to licking her slit; from fucking her pussy to fucking her ass.

Sarah had begun the December game by taping my wrists to the arms of the leather chair and then undressing for me so she could show me all of her wonderful lady parts and I could watch while she played with her breasts and pussy.

Then she freed my manhood from its confines and played with it, kissing, licking, stroking, tickling and sucking, all the while getting more and more turned on.

She remembered how she had controlled me, doing whatever she wanted, whatever was necessary, to keep me at the edge but not allowing me the release of ejaculation.

She had teased me to the point of orgasm, and had kept me there as long as possible before allowing me to cum.

She also recounted that it was the power and control she had when she teased me, when she deprived me of an orgasm, and when she made me beg to cum, which made her so hot and wanting that night.

We recalled that by the time Sarah had finished with me, she was so turned on and desperate for her own pleasure and orgasm, that she was ready for the next phase of her transformation.

At the same time, I was recovering from my orgasm, which made it easier for me to control my urges and need to cum again.

Knowing what we had done the previous December helped us to develop a plan for this Friday evening.

All of this talk, of course, was an aphrodisiac to Sarah and did nothing to dampen her eagerness and need for sexual fun and gratification on this evening.

In addition, all the talk about sex had me hard and oozing pre-cum all during dinner.

These discussions about sex and what we were going to do to each other typically resulted in us rushing home and ripping each other’s clothes off.

This night was no different.

Once home, Sarah worked quickly and eagerly.

She spread out a blanket on the living room floor along with some pillows and all our toys, old and new.

My wrists and arms were then tied to the arms of the big leather chair in the living room, making good use of the new restraints Sarah had bought.

Sarah gathered the toys she planned on using and placed them by the chair.

She took off my socks, undid my belt, pulled the zipper down, and slid my pants off.

My rock hard cock fought to work its way free from my shorts.

At first, Sarah just ran her fingernails over the shaft which was hidden under the now wet material of my underwear. She stared at the cloaked rod, anticipating how she was going to have me.

Then, when she was ready, she slowly pulled my shorts down past my ankles and off, letting my manhood spring out and stand erect.

She sat back and looked at my hard cock.

Sarah already had that look of desire and need. That wonderful, sultry look a woman gets when she needs to be fucked -- when she desperately wants to be fucked.

“Your wonderful cock is now mine,” she said, making it very clear who was now in charge.

She moved forward and placed her hands on my thighs. With her tongue alone, she teased and tickled the swollen head of my cock, my balls, and the long, hard shaft.

My head fell back against the chair and I enjoyed the pleasurable sensations, as clear pre-cum seeped out of the little slit at the tip of my cock.

Our evening of pleasure had begun.

Sarah stood and walked a few feet away and then turned to face me. She pulled her T shirt over her head exposing her breasts and hard nipples.

As she walked back towards me, her tits jiggled and swayed back and forth.

She put her hands over my wrists and bent over, letting her tits hang down in front of my face.

“My nipples ache to be touched,” she said, as she let her breasts and nipples dangle and sway in front of my eyes for several seconds.

Then, kneeling in front of me, Sarah took her index and middle fingers of one hand and ran them over the head of my cock, using my pre-cum as a lubricant.

The head is the most sensitive part of my manhood. Her rubbing the soft skin of the head with her finger sent shivers through my body.

“Do you want me?” she asked.


“Are you going to play with my nipples?”


“Are you going to fuck me?”


“Are you going to play with my ass?” she said with a lusty look on her face.

“Will you make me cum more than once?”

“Are you going to tie me up?”

Her questions, partly whispered, and asked with a little coy smile and look, were designed to get into my head, to make my temperature rise, to turn me on even more than I already was.

Her questions were also Sarah’s way of playing, toying, teasing, and getting her own blood boiling.

She stood and walked away.

She undid her pants and let them drop to her feet. Having nothing else on, her wet pussy and shapely ass were now exposed.

Sarah had told me on more than a few occasions that the way I looked at her body gave her chills and turned her on.

“It is a hungry look,” she had told me. “When I see that look on your face I know that you want me. I like that I make you feel that way.”

Sarah enjoyed showing me her body and walked around, letting me see all of her delicious parts

The effect was noticeable as my cock strained to grow even bigger.

To emphasize her exhibitionist enjoyment, Sarah raised one foot up to the chair arm, exposing her pussy. She opened her swollen lips with two fingers and flicked her clit back and forth with one finger.

“Do you want my pussy?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “Will you lick it and suck my clit?”

I gazed at her love hole, transfixed by her slit, swollen lips and love pearl. Her pussy juice was slowly running down her slit, making her pussy glisten in the light.

Sarah got a thrill out of displaying her body and had goose bumps all over her arms and tits, as well as a look of sheer pleasure on her face.

Without Sarah even touching me, pre-cum flowed from my cock and ran down the sides of my shaft.

Sarah’s approach to teasing always began with this toying and talking, before moving on to oral pleasures.

She wanted to bring me slowly up to the point where I was near to an orgasm, and then keep me there while playing with my manhood and mind.

To accomplish this, she used her hands, tongue and mouth, stroking my shaft while she sucked on my swollen head and as much of the shaft as she could get between her lips and down her throat.

It was a wonderful, slow, agonizing, highly pleasurable blow job.

She played with my manhood and talked to me, telling me all the things she wanted me to do to her.

“I really need to be fucked long and hard.”

“I want you to play with my ass.”

“I want my nipples played with until they hurt.”

“I want you to cum all over me.”

A slow hand job or blow job was expertly administered between each seductive comment.

“I love to suck your cock,” she added, as she ran her fingernails over the underside of my balls. “I love the feeling of your cock in my mouth. I like that I can make you feel so good.”

It is both a visual and physical pleasure to watch Sarah work her magic tongue and lips over the head of my cock.

The pleasure slowly grew as she sucked and stroked, and spread through my entire body.

I began to sweat and pull against my restraints. My fingers grabbed at the arms of the chair; my toes curled. I made a variety of guttural noises indicating my enjoyment.

Soon, Sarah had me where she wanted.

Another minute of her mouth and tongue and I would explode. But Sarah had an uncanny ability to know when I was about to cum.

She stopped.

Sarah reached for the silk-like scarf first, spreading it out and running all of it over the head of my cock.

It is, at first, a soothing and pleasurable feeling.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation that tingled through your body.

As the material got wet with pre-cum, however, it began to drag and rub on the sensitive skin of my swollen head, causing some pain along with the pleasure.

The scarf material sliding over the head of my cock several times was not going to make me cum. Its use, as Sarah well knew, was not designed for that.

It is used as a “toy” to bring pleasure only, then pleasure along with a little pain.

When the scarf material becomes too wet, it is tossed aside.

Sarah used the second scarf to tease my whole cock.

She twirled the scarf around the base of my shaft and then slowly pulled it straight up by a tip, letting the silk-like material unwind its way slowly around my shaft.

It tickled; it made my cock twitch, and it sent waves of pleasure through my body.

She teased me with the scarf in this fashion maybe ten or twelve times. Each time a soft moan of pleasure was made by me as the scarf material twirled around my shaft.

Again, scarf teasing is not intended to make me cum. But, it does cause pre-cum to ooze out in greater amounts.

Sarah returned to licking, sucking a stroking my manhood.

It was a slightly different feeling this time.

By now, as a result of her use of the scarf toys, the soft skin on the head of my cock had become red and much more sensitive. My pleasure, then, was more intense, but also a little uncomfortable.

Again, Sarah brought me to the edge, very slowly stroking my cock looking for my reaction, and stopping when it appeared that I might cum.

The hair brushes were next.

The two brushes are made from different materials, were shaped differently, and had different handles and bristles. My hair brush had soft bristles; her’s had longer, harder bristles.

Sarah used both brushes, running the bristles softly over my balls, shaft, stomach and inner thighs, avoiding my swollen, sensitive head.

When she was done teasing my balls and shaft with both brushes, she put her brush aside and used the soft bristles on my brush to run over the head of my cock. It felt good, but also hurt.

The brushes, when used in this fashion, produce pleasurable feelings, while at the same time allowing me the time to retreat from the edge and let my need to cum calm somewhat.

All the while, during this roller coaster of feelings, both pleasure and pain, there is a pending explosion of ecstasy and cum building inside me.

Sarah again used her hands and mouth to bring me slowly back to the edge.

This time, she stopped for several seconds and then started up again, her warm mouth engulfing the head of my cock and her hand slowly stroking the shaft. After the third or fourth time of stopping and starting, there was no question that I needed to cum.

When talking about teasing in the abstract, as we had done at the restaurant, it is easy to say to oneself, “I can do that. I can hold out for as long as necessary. Eventually, Sarah will let me cum.”

In real life, even the best of us cannot withstand the teasing as administered by an experienced lady like Sarah. We eventually lose control and find ourselves with such an overwhelming need to cum that we will beg and plead for the much needed release.

On this Friday night, Sarah’s relentless teasing had worked. I could not take any more; I could no longer hold out.

I had been brought to the point of orgasm several times and then denied my release; my balls were beginning to ache. The muscles in my body were twitching. Pre-cum flowed freely from the tip of my cock.

I was more than ready to explode.

What was a desire to experience the pleasures of an orgasm had now become a physical and mental necessity, a must, a requirement.

I ask her to let me cum.

There is no response.

I ask her gain.

There is no response.

The feathers are next.

Ordinarily, having experienced a feather tickle my cock and balls before, I would say that a feather, or two in this case, lightly touching my manhood, would not make me cum.

A feather lightly tickling my cock certainly feels good, and makes my shaft quiver, but the sensation is not strong enough to evoke an ejaculation. There may be more pre-cum flowing out and down my manhood, but there is no sense of a building release and eruption of cum.

This time it was different.

In my previous experience, Sarah had used real feathers which, when wet, no longer provided the soft, tickling sensation that make a feather such a great sex toy.

These new feathers were made out of some material that prevented the feather from absorbing any liquid, like pre-cum.

The texture, as well, was different, as was the sensation the feather provoked.

Sarah ran the feathers up and down my shaft, over the head of my cock, all around that sensitive area between the head and the shaft, and over my balls.

It tickled; it felt wonderful. I would have cum if she hadn’t stopped.

Noticing the effect the feathers were having on me, Sarah continued to tease me with them, then stop, and then start to use the feathers again.

As she ran the feathers lightly over my cock and balls she talked to me.

“How does it feel?”

“Do you like the feathers on your cock?”

“Are you going to cum for me?”

There were other questions. I just did not hear them.

These two feathers were more than I could take. If she continued to tickle my manhood with them, I was going to explode.

There is something very erotic, sensual, arousing and wicked about watching an attractive lady with a great body, kneeling in front of you and tickling your cock all over with two feathers.

If the visual does not make you cum, the idea, the thought, the sensation will.

I was sweating, gritting my teeth, breathing heavily, and producing more pre-cum than I had thought possible.

My balls ached. My cock ached. My body jerked, shook and twisted. My fingers held tightly to the chair arm; every muscle in my body tensed.

Sarah brought me to the edge several more times.

Again, I asked her to let me cum so we could move on to her needs.

She wanted me to say “please”.

I did.

She wanted me to beg.

I did.

Despite my pleading and begging, she did not stop, bringing me close a few more times.

My back arched and my hips pushed up, and I grunted out more pleas for my release.

Sarah had gotten to me and she knew it.

I was hers; she controlled me, and she let me know that only she had the power to give me the release I needed.

Not that she was cool, calm and collected about it.

She was, as Jimmy Carter once said, “in lust”. The look on her face alone was enough to make any guy cum.

Her lips, mouth and chin were wet with saliva and pre-cum. She was sweating, her hair matted to her forehead, her nose running. Sweat and saliva had dribbled down her neck onto her tits. The inside of her thighs were wet with her pussy juice, and her slit leaked juice in long strands which swung between and caught on her inner thighs.

Sarah liked being in control and the power she had over me, and wanted to tease me more.

She enjoyed the sweet torture she could administer.

Sarah returned to slowly stroking and sucking on the head of my cock, and licking all around the head, again causing copious amounts of pre-cum to flow out and run down the sides of my cock and over her fingers.

When the clear, viscous pre-cum began to mix with white cum, and my cock would twitch even though she was not touching it, we both knew I was full, ready to explode, and would not last much longer.

Sarah sat back and slowly, and very lightly began to stroke my shaft. She took her time, barely touching my cock with her hand, tickling and stroking at the same time.

Then she would stop.

My cock would twitch, and small amounts of cum would dribble out and down my shaft.

Sarah loved these moments, enjoyed watching the wonderful agony I was experiencing, and liked making my pre-cum and cum run down my shaft and over her hand and fingers.

After a few seconds, she would start again, very slowly working her hand up and down the shaft, touching me very lightly, and running the palm of her hand or her fingers over the head and all the pre-cum and cum.

I could not bear it. My hips and ass were up off the chair. I strained against the wrist restraints. My whole body shook.

Sarah slowed to a stop.

“Oh god. Oh god,” I said. “Don’t stop. I’m there. I’m there.”

She continued to slowly and lightly run her hand over my cock.

“Sarah, please, I need to cum,” I said, with desperation in my voice.

She stopped.

“Are you going to fuck my brains out?” she asked.

“Yes. Yes.”

“Are you going to play with my pussy and clit?”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Will you fuck me in the ass?”


“Will you fuck my ass real slow?”


“If you make me cum, will you promise not to stop and keep on fucking me?”

“Yes. Yes.”

She returned to stroking my cock and licking around the head.

“Please,” I said. “Let me cum, please.”

I could feel the explosion building from the core of my being.

There comes a point when I know that I have gone over the edge and am going to explode.

Beyond that point I have no control. The eruption of cum is going to happen and there is nothing that I can do to stop it.

I had passed the point of no return.

Sarah knew this as well.

She grabbed my shaft with both hands and stroked my cock hard and fast.

“Cum for me,” she yelled. “Cum all over me.”

Despite her plea, I had no control.

I would cum, but where all the ejaculate went was beyond my ability to control.

Nor, at that point, did I care where the cum went.

I have tried to explain this moment before.

All control is lost. Your body shakes, your breathing stops, and the mind goes to a place deep inside. There is no awareness of anything other than the intense pleasure rippling through your body and cum trying to escape. Every muscle in your body tenses, and your head feels like it will explode as the blood rushes to your face and tries to exit through every pore. The pending explosion wracks your whole body. Your back arches. You try to express your pleasure, but no sounds can be made.

Then, suddenly, there is sweet release.

As if a dam had broken, the pent up fluid escapes and rushes out of your body.

Sounds begin to escape from your mouth -- guttural, animalistic sounds. A muscle or maybe more than one muscle, violently contracts within your groin, forcing a stream of hot semen out of the tip of your cock with such force that a long, twisting ribbon of white fluid rises feet into the air.

What were just barely audible sounds and noises turn into uncontrollable expressions of pleasure emanating from deep within your core.

Then the muscles contract again, and then again, and again; ribbons of cum shoot in all directions.

I felt hot cum land on my leg and foot.

Then I collapsed back into the chair.

My body, consumed with pleasure, jerked and trembled; I could not speak. My cock continued to twitch and pump cum out in smaller amounts as Sarah continued to stroke my cock. Cum ran down the shaft and over Sarah’s hands; I began to breathe again. The pleasure slowly receded, and my cock began to list to one side, on its way to becoming limp.

If you are very lucky, the lady you are with, hopefully aware that the head of a cock at this point is ultra sensitive, will take your listing cock into her mouth and drain you of any further cum that remains.

I was lucky. Sarah sucked every drop of cum from me.

I opened my eyes.

Sarah was covered in cum. It was in her hair, on her shoulder and back, on her tits, across part of her forehead, and on her arms. It dripped from her nose, chin and nipples.

It was as she had wanted: very messy.

My wrist restraints were quickly undone.

Sarah crawled onto my lap, straddled me, and buried her tongue down my throat.
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