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Sarah - Part Nineteen

Sexual teasing and denial almost become too much for Sarah
It was a Friday night at the end of spring break from school.

Sarah had found a place to live in upstate New York, completed most of her school work, and was looking forward to her graduation and new job.

She was relaxed, happy and horny, and had planned an evening of pleasure for the two of us.

A blanket was placed on the living room floor. The toys were organized next to the big leather chair in the living room. And, Sarah had tied my wrists to the chair arms.

For the next forty-five minutes, she teased me with her mouth, tongue, hands, fingers, and toys, some of which she had bought just a few days before.

Sarah brought me to the edge several times without letting me cum. She was a master at teasing and knew just when I was about to cum. A half dozen or more times, Sarah would stop any teasing just as I was about to cum.

Finally, and I think eager to get on with her own torture and sweet agony, she used both hands to very lightly stroke my shaft until I screamed that I was going to cum.

I arched my neck and back, held on, and spewed gobs of cum all over her, myself and the blanket.

Having just experienced one of those mind-blowing, intense orgasms, I was resting back in the chair, trying to catch my breath. Sarah straddling me and tried to bury her tongue down my throat.

Cum that had been on her face was now on my lips, chin and cheeks, as Sarah smothered me in kisses.

She held a breast to my mouth and begged me to suck on her hard nipple.

She whispered to me how much she wanted to be teased and fucked, and how I should make her beg to cum.

I think Sarah expected that I would take her over to the living room couch, lay her on the floor and tie her wrists to the couch leg, as we had done once before.

I wanted something different this time.

I would still restrain Sarah; there was never any question about that.

But at that particular time restraints weren’t necessary. Nor did I want to take the time to tie her to the couch and lose the moment.

Sarah couldn’t wait to be teased and fucked.

I stood, lifting Sarah by her ass as she clung to me, turned and put her down on the chair where I had been sitting.

I pulled her forward a little, and bent her legs back so her ankles were by her ears

I was ready.

I knew what Sarah wanted. We had talked about playing and teasing several times and she was not shy about telling me what I should do and how I should do it.

I ran my fingers lightly over Sarah’s inner thighs, and around the cheeks of her ass, dragging my fingernails, but stopping before I touched her wet slit or puckered hole.

Sarah liked the soft stroking; it drove her wild and gave her chills.

She would watch me do it, moan when I didn’t touch any of her sensitive parts, and would push her pussy and ass up towards me to try and get me to touch the places that she needed touched.

She seemed more turned on, more aroused, more sensitive to my touch than usual.

Maybe it was because she was relaxed and happy and in a good mood. Or, maybe it was because she had just spent almost an hour teasing me, denying me any release, and then watching me cum.

Whatever the reason, she was sitting before me, wet, wanting, willing to do anything, and shaking with anticipation.

Sarah is not a gusher. Never had I seen juices gushing out of her pussy, even when her orgasms were intense.

She did, however, get very wet.

Even before I started, her juices were oozing down her slit, over her asshole and dripping slowly onto the chair.

Her lips were spread open like flower petals. Her love pearl protruded past the little hood that hid the sensitive bud. The swollen red bud was bigger than I had ever observed.

I ran two fingers of my right hand up and down her drenched slit, taking care not to touch her clit or slide my fingers into her love canal.

I also wet two fingers on my other hand and slowly ran them over and around her puckered hole.

Sarah watched me play with her sensitive parts and shifted her body around on the chair.

“Put your fingers in my pussy, Michael,” she directed.

I did not, and continued to play with her slit and asshole.

Sarah grabbed for my hands in an attempt to either push my fingers into her holes or to finger her holes herself.

I pushed her hands away, and told her to not to try that again or I would stop.

I teased and tickled her pussy lips and her puckered hole for several minutes, denying Sarah the penetration she wanted.

I licked her pussy, running the tip of my tongue up her slit, touching her clit lightly.

I could not see Sarah’s reaction. But, I could hear her make wonderful noises, and I could feel her body shake with each stroke of my tongue as her tension grew.

She grabbed my head with both of her hands and tried to push my face down into her love hole.

I stopped and let her calm down.

More licking and sucking on her clit, tickling her pucker hole with my fingers, and some pinching and twisting of a nipple, and Sarah was brought to a higher level of need.

The toys were next.

But first, I needed to tie her to the chair.

Using the same restraints she used on me, I tied her wrists to the arms of the chair.

I used her own, hand-made restraint with the soft, wool cuffs and leather strapping, to tie her ankles back by her head, with her legs spread and her pussy and ass fully exposed.

Once she was tied up and the restraints secured, I proceeded to lovingly torture Sarah, starting with the hair brushes.

Despite the difference in the bristles, each brush provided a soothing, yet stimulating feeling when lightly touched to Sarah’s body.

Care, of course, had to be taken with sensitive nipples and pussy lips. Only my brush, the one with the soft bristles, was used to slowly stroke and tease those parts.

Sarah watched me slide the brushes over her body. She moaned each time I caressed her nipples and swollen lips with the bristles.

There were two scarves. One was wet with my pre-cum. The other, while damp, was still usable.

Just as Sarah had dragged the scarf over the head of my cock, making my swollen head all red and sensitive, I dragged the silk-like material over her hard nipples, again and again, causing them to turn a bright red and become highly sensitive to touch.

When playing with Sarah’s pussy, however, the scarf is best used when it is folded and forms a long band of fabric about an inch wide.

I had used the scarf in this manner on Sarah before. She watched with great anticipation as I folded the scarf to fit into her wet slit.

“You’re such a tease,” she said.”Making me watch and wait when you know how much I want it.”

The folded scarf is placed length-wise inside a lady’s pussy and slowly run up and down.

One must take care, however.

Used in this fashion, the scarf material also runs over a lady’s very sensitive clit, and the friction of the material can become too much to take, both pleasure and pain wise.

Sarah likes a slow, steady sliding of the scarf material up and down, until the pleasure/pain threshold becomes too much for her to take.

“God, that feels so good. Do it a little faster. Yes. Yes. Like that.”

Judge for yourself how much to use the scarf in this way, and how much pressure to place on the lady’s clit. It may eventually cause the lady’s pleasure to morph into pain; it may also cause her to experience an intense orgasm.

As we progressed through the toys and teasing, great care had to be taken to watch Sarah closely.

My experience had been that Sarah arrived at the point of no return after about a half hour to forty minutes of teasing. Once she reached that point, she typically could not take much more and could cum at any time.

On the other hand, while she was moaning and making other wonderful noises, had beads of sweat formed on her forehead and cheeks, and had that erotic look of pleasure on her face, she had not yet begun to beg for release. I would not let her cum until and unless she begged and pleaded.

I checked her restraints and continued.

A combination of the small vibrator buzzing around, but not on, her clit and two fingers slowly sliding into her asshole, and Sarah was ready to explode.

She squirmed with pleasure, tugged hard on her restraints, swore at me, cried, pleaded and finally begged me to let her cum.

I continued with the vibrator and anal play, doing both in slow motion, as I watched.

The intensity of the pleasure was evident on Sarah’s red, sweaty face.

Each time she was about to cum I either slowed down or stopped all together.

She swore; she yelled and screamed; she begged.

But there was more teasing to be done; much more.

As I reached for the two feathers I heard Sarah moan with anticipation and frustration.

She had seen the effect the artificial feathers had on me, and she knew that the feathers were going to drive her crazy; that she was about to be pushed to the next level of need and lust.

She also knew that no matter how much she begged, I would not let her cum.

Sarah could barely contain herself as I lightly dragged a feather tip up her slit.

She almost went over the edge as the feather tip was lightly brushed over her sensitive pearl.

Tears and sweat rolled down her cheeks as she held her breath. Pussy juice flowed down her lips to her asshole and beyond to the chair. Pleasure, frustration and anticipation were all part of her facial expression. Her teeth were clenched and her jaw locked.

The feather tip dragged along her slit was hard for her to endure. The tip brushed over her clit almost made her cry with pleasure.

But she and I both knew that the real magic of this game began with the feather tip touching and probing her asshole.

I ran the tip around Sarah’s hole, tickling that sensitive area.

Then I pushed the tip into her asshole itself and wiggled it around.

The sensation and pleasure was so intense that Sarah’s whole body arched, twisted and twitched with each touch of the feather.

She swore, her body tensed and jerked, and she pulled on her restraints. She cried for relief, and ultimately begged me to put something, anything, into her asshole. She did not care what.

I slid a single finger, and then two, into her asshole, and she let out a long, slow moan of pleasure.

It was time to push Sarah into a whole new world of pleasure and frustration by toying with her very sensitive asshole.

I used one of the anal probes Sarah had bought; a slender, ribbed dildo made just for anal play.

I put some K-Y oil on the dildo and slid it into her asshole all the way up to its hilt. There was little, if any resistance.

While slender, the dildo was still wider than two fingers, and helped to open her hole for the next anal toy.

I was in no rush. The ribbed anal dildo was doing a very good job of making Sarah squirm and moan with pleasure.

Sarah watched and grunted as I slide the dildo in and out of her hole, each rib on the dildo making a soft popping noise as it slid past her loosening sphincter.

Sarah’s facial expression was one of pure pleasure. Her eyes wilted until they were half closed. She had that little crooked smile on her lips. Her face was red. And her body glistened with a coating of sweat.

She rode the dildo, enjoying the sensations it created as it slid into her hole.

Sarah was now deep into that place we all go to just before our orgasm consumes us with pleasure. That place where nothing else matters but the impending explosion of pleasure that will ripple through our body and provide us with the release that we crave.

She almost came. I stopped.

She let out a long, low groan of frustration as her body twitched at the brink of her explosion.

“Please. Please let me cum,” she begged. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

We had reached the negotiation phase of the game of edging and denial.

When Sarah is desperate, she knows what to say; what buttons to push to try and get what she wants. She would say and do anything to get me to let her cum. She was never shy about expressing her wants and desires.

“Fuck me any way you want. I’ll suck your cock as many times as you want. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Do you want to fuck Maggie again? I can get her to do it. Fuck us both. I can get two more girls. You can fuck all three of us.”

Like the ancient Greek seamen of myth, lured by the enchanting music of the sirens, Sarah plied me with detailed promises and suggestions hoping that she could seduce me into giving her the release she craved.

Unlike many unfortunate Greek seamen, I ignored her.

“Will you suck my cock every day?" I asked, fighting back in a way.

“Yes. Yes.”

“Will you let me take more pictures of your pussy?”

“Yes. Anything you want.”

“Can I fuck you in the ass?”

“Yes. Anytime you want.”

I was surprised by the affect of the anal dildo, which I was using for the first time. Perhaps it is the ribs that form a coil around it. Whatever the case, it turned out to be a wonderful toy with which to tease Sarah.

For several minutes, I slid the toy slowly in and out of her hole, twisting it, and providing her with such pleasure that her body twisted, turned and jerked. She begged me to do it faster and harder.

Suddenly, in the middle of a long moan, Sarah yelled that she was going to cum.

I stopped just before she went over the edge.

Sarah expressed her frustration with cries of disbelief that I had stopped just when she was about to cum, threw her head back against the chair and screamed a few un-ladylike swear words directed at me.

There was another anal toy that was also new and never used. I saved it for last, as it appeared to me to be the most intimidating.

This was the cone-shaped toy. At the tip, there was a small, smooth ball about the size of a pea, which was connected to other balls. Each ball increased in size as they went up to the handle. The last ball, at the top or next to the “handle,” was of significant size, larger than a golf ball, but smaller than a tennis ball.

Sarah watched as I picked up the toy and covered the balls with oil.

She had bought this toy, so she must have liked the idea of having it in her ass.

Still, I could see both anticipation and a little concern in her eyes. How many balls could she take?

By now, Sarah had lost most of her control.

Her body was glistening with sweat. Rivulets of sweat rolled from her forehead and dripped off her nose onto her chest and breasts. Cum still clung to her face and tits, some of which had run down onto her stomach. Her hair was matted to her forehead. Drool ran from the corners of her mouth. Her nose was running. Her nipples were red and hard. Her pussy juice streamed freely onto the chair and dripped onto the floor. She was exhausted from all of her shaking, pulling and squirming.

I covered the toy with K-Y lube, placed the “pea” tip at her hole and slowly slipped it into her ass.

At first, I only went up to the third or fourth ball, sliding the toy in and out of her ass.

Sarah moaned and lifted her ass up off the chair.

Within a minute or so Sarah was begging for and taking the whole toy into her ass, and probably would have taken more if the toy were bigger.

Each ball slid into her ass with ease. Each ball made a popping sound as it slid out of her ass and over her sphincter muscle.

Sarah’s head flopped hard back onto the chair, her eyes were almost closed, and she had that little smile she gets when the pleasure she is experiencing becomes too much, and her lips tremble.

Sarah had slipped into that world of pleasure where nothing else mattered except the pleasure running through her body.

Pull on her nipples; stretch them; tweak them; pinch them. Put things into her pussy and up her ass. She didn’t care.

She was ready to cum.

There was one more new toy. A cock shaped dildo much like ones used by millions of women every day.

While keeping the cone-shaped “ball” toy in her anus, I wiped the head and sides of the other dildo along Sarah’s pussy, coating it with her juices. I slid it into her pussy as far as it would go.

It was a good sized dildo, maybe eight inches long and sizeable in girth.

I alternated sliding each toy into its respective hole.

At first, I went slow, watching Sarah enjoy the double entry.

After several seconds, she asked me to go faster.

I disregarded her once more and kept a slow pace, teasing her, frustrating her, making the pleasure last.

Her requests quickly turned to pleading and begging, then swearing and crying.

“Faster! Harder!” she yelled. “Oh God, please, please. Do it harder. Fuck my pussy and ass.”

I picked up the pace.

Seconds later, Sarah went silent, watching me thrust each toy deep into her holes.

Her silence was a sure sign that Sarah’s orgasm was building deep from within. When the intensity of her pending orgasm reaches a certain point, Sarah can no longer express herself in words, let alone make a noise.

I went faster, slamming each toy into its wet hole.

And I watched as Sarah went over the edge and entered her own private world of ecstasy, rapture, joy and release.

Her face turned red. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. She stopped breathing. Her head arched back. Her body arched up, shook, trembled and jerked. Her eyes remained closed. The crooked smile re-appeared.

She remained frozen in that tense, body arched position, breasts shaking, straining against her restraints, for what seemed like an eternity.

Then she exploded, and the room was filled with all of the wonderful noises and sounds a woman can make when she cums.

Her face was contorted in that pain/pleasure look and her eyes opened wide.

“Don’t stop.” she screamed. “Don’t stop. I’m going to cum. Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yessssss!”

Her body jerked violently and her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Uuuunnnnggggghhhhhh. Uuuunnnnggggghhhhhh. Uuuuuunnnngggghhhh.”

I continued to slam the toys into Sarah’s slit and ass as her body jerked violently and she screamed with pleasure.

I slowed the double insertions only when it appeared that Sarah’s orgasm was beginning to diminish.

Sarah eased back down onto the chair, her body still twitching and shaking with each pulse of pleasure that flowed through her body.

Her release and orgasm had been so violent that she had broken the cord on one of her wrist restraints.

I did not wait for her orgasm to subside any further.

I stood in front of her, bent over a bit, rested my hands on the arms of the chair, and slid my hard shaft into her sopping pussy.

Sarah watched, but said nothing.

I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could.

Sweat dripped off of my nose onto her stomach and breasts.

With the hand that had broken free from the restraint, Sarah violently rubbed her fingers over the top of her slit, massaging her clit.

She stared at my shaft and her hand, working in unison on her wet pussy, and said nothing. No words were spoken, no sounds were made.

I watched her breasts slide up and down and back and forth as I slammed her pussy with my shaft.

It did not take long. I knew from past experience that it wouldn’t.

Sarah could cum several times. If she is pleasured soon after her first orgasm, she can cum again, often within a matter of minutes.

She threw her head back against the back of the chair.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” she yelled. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Her body arched. Her eyes closed. And, her mouth opened wide. With a loud, long “Uuuuunnnggghhh,” Sarah came a second time.

I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock and then rhythmically milking my shaft as each new wave of pleasure possessed her body.

Sarah pushed her hips up trying to engulf as much of my shaft as she could.

We were not done.

As soon as Sarah slumped back onto the chair, I pulled my cock out, and quickly untied her restraints.

I pulled Sarah’s shiny, sweat slickened body off of the chair, pushed her to her knees and told her to lay face down on the floor with the pillows under her hips. She staggered for a moment, in a daze, as I grabbed the two pillows and threw them onto the floor. She silently and willingly obeyed.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and spread some on my shaft and head of my cock.

I spread her legs and then her ass cheeks, squirted some lube on her asshole, and placed the swollen head of my cock at her hole and pushed it in.

Sarah said nothing. There was no resistance and no cautioning me to go slow.

All Sarah did was moan as my manhood easily slid in all the way up to my balls.

The time for teasing was over. This was now down and dirty sex.

I fucked Sarah’s ass hard and as fast.

Exhaustion began to set in. I was breathing heavily and sweating. My arms and legs ached.

I tried to control myself as Sarah moaned and made noises of pleasure, and grabbed at and clutched the blanket with her fingers.

I plunge my manhood into her ass and whispered every dirty thought I could think of at that moment, in hopes of getting her to cum once more.

“Fuck, you’re good. I love fucking your ass. You’re a great fuck. Cum all over my cock.”

Sarah’s only response was to moan and grunt as she pulled on the blanket with her hands.

I pulled my cock out of her ass, flipped her over and reached for the little vibrator which was about three feet away on the blanket.

I pushed Sarah’s legs back and slid my shaft into her still gaping hole, started the vibrator, opened her pussy just enough to be able to see her love nub jutting out from under its hood and held the buzzing toy to her swollen pearl.

In seconds, Sarah’s eyes fluttered as if she were having a seizure. Then her eyes rolled back into her head again. Her mouth stretched wide open, even as spittle ran from the corners of her mouth. Her body shook and jerked. And her arms flailed around looking for something, anything solid to hold onto.

“Fuck, yes.” she yelled in a strained and rising voice. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yessssss!”

As I watched Sarah writhing in pleasure in front of me, her breasts swinging back and forth, and the look of pleasure on her face, I knew I could not last any longer.

I fucked her ass hard and held the vibrator to her clit.

Sarah came, screaming, swearing, and bouncing her ass off of the floor.

It was another intense and powerful orgasm.

She settled back onto the floor, moaning softly.

I kept my cock in her ass as best as I could.

I needed to cum.

I knelt between her legs and stroked my cock as fast as I could.

It did not take long, maybe just a few seconds.

I let out a long, deep groan of pleasure, yelled that I was going to cum, and shot long streams of hot cum into Sarah’s body and beyond.

Even the last few pulses of cum were wiped on Sarah’s wet pussy lips.

I fell on top of her, spent and exhausted, and then slid off her sweaty body to her side.

I held Sarah to me and pulled the blanket over us.

We lay silent except for the two of us gasping for breath.

Every few seconds, Sarah would shake or her body would jerk, as she continued to experience what she called “little cums”.

After a several minutes, Sarah began to ask for more.

“I want more cum. Make me cum again.” she whispered in a pleading voice. “Please?”

I held her tight and whispered that I had no more to give; that she had drained me of my cum.

I wasn’t even sure that Sarah knew what she wanted or what she was talking about.

When I looked at her, she still seemed to be in a daze, unsure of where she was or what had happened.

“I want more.” she said again. “Please, I want more.”

I was limp, with no real expectation that I was going to get hard anytime soon.

Even if I could get hard, my cock was sore, and I had just finished fucking Sarah’s ass. I couldn’t put it into her pussy or mouth.

“Please. Please.” she said. “I want to cum again.”

I reached my hand down between her legs to her wet pussy and ran my finger lightly over her clit, thinking that the swollen pearl would be very sensitive and sore.

“Do it harder” she said.

I rubbed the nub a little harder and faster.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she whispered, as she buried her head between my shoulder and neck.

“Harder. Make it hurt.”

With the blanket folded around us and being so close to each other, there was not much room to maneuver.

I held her clit and the fleshy hood that covers it between my thumb and fingers and rolled her clit around, pinching it with some force.

“Yes. Like that.”

Sarah pulled on her nipple, stretching it out further than I would have dared, as I tried my best to knead her clit.

She started to breathe faster, and began to whisper non-stop instructions.

“Harder. Make it hurt. Fuck yes. Hurt my clit. More. Faster. Harder. Suck on my nipples. ”

She grabbed my limp shaft and held on tightly. Way too tight for my comfort.

We each grabbed, pulled on and pinched sensitive body parts; cum and sweat covered us both; I was hurting her; she was hurting me; and we were both gasping for air while at the same time flailing our tongues in each other’s mouth.

Somehow, it was all very erotic and sensual.

Sarah threw the blanket off, rolled onto her back while at the same time swatting my hand away from her pussy. With two hands furiously rubbing the top of her slit, she arched her back, swore a few more times, and finished herself off.

It was not a screaming, violent orgasm like the first three, but her body did shudder and jerk, and there were long, loud moans of pleasure.

Sarah had cum for the fourth time.

She lay there on the blanket, moaning little whimpering moans, staring at the ceiling.

She was all sweaty. Tears ran from the corners of her eyes. Her hair was wet and matted to her face. Her lips, and chin were covered with saliva and cum. Long, blurred lines of cum ran from her head, down over her breasts and nipples, along her stomach, and over both thighs. Her pussy glistened with her juices and my cum.

She was beautiful.

I kissed her cheek and then licked a nipple. There was no reaction, other than her breathing.

I asked if she was okay. There was no response.

It was like she was in a trance, just lying there, breathing, twitching every few seconds, but with no sense of where she was or what had just happened.

I was concerned and unsure of what to do.

I moved next to her and held her limp body. No reaction.

I kissed her softly on the lips. No reaction.

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a cold, wet face cloth, returned and washed her face, breasts, chest stomach and pussy.

As the cold cloth moved over her face and body there was movement and, finally, acknowledgment that she was okay and just stunned or in a daze.

I helped her up, tried to steady her on her feet as we walked, and helped her to her bedroom.

She was a little wobbly; a little unsteady; but able to get into bed by herself.

As soon as she lay down, she seemed to gain more composure.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself as best as I could, wiping off the sweat and cum and cleaning my cock.

When I returned to the bedroom, Sarah asked if I was okay.

I assured her that I was.

I was drained and exhausted, my dick and balls ached, and the muscles in my arms and legs were shaking, but I was okay.

“That was incredible,” she said, as I got into bed and slid up beside her. “I’m still feeling little ripples of pleasure through my body.”

As if she had just woken up, Sarah asked me again if I was okay.

“Did you cum?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, and it was very good. You were very good.”

We talked for a few minutes. Sarah fell asleep at some point during my explanation of what had happened.

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