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She Got It Hot in Honolulu

It was her holiday treat – a blonde hairdo, a sexy Brazilian and a very naked massage
They were in Hawaii, on a trip that was part business, part holiday. Em was feeling neglected. She didn’t like that, it wasn’t really her. It was inevitable, however, because the business part of it involved Ambrose and he was only around for a bit of the playtime Em had imagined they would have.

That would end soon. Ambrose had only a few more days of talking to people (that’s what he did) before he could relax properly too. Em knew he wanted to relax and that it would be nice when he did, when they went on to Maui. She planned to fuck his brains out then. However, relaxing wasn’t on his list of available options at the present and Em had been entertaining herself.

She had awarded herself some holiday treats. First she had a nice haircut and gone streaky blonde. It was a girl thing, she told herself. Second, she had taken the plunge and had a full Brazilian. She wondered whether Ambrose would like this. “If he ever finds time to see it,” she told herself a little sourly.

She had also had sex and a secret massage that she probably wouldn’t be telling Ambrose about, at all, or at least not immediately.

In their ten days in Hawaii so far she had tried out a few of the bars along the beach at Waikiki and avoided several pick-up attempts. She had shopped and acquired part of a whole new wardrobe. American clothing was excellent, though she found the underwear a little ho-hum. Her preferred bras and panties came from more forward-thinking places that understood the true meaning of the word scanty.

They had been in Honolulu for the full ten days. Well, Ambrose had. Em had taken a two-night trip to Kawaii a few days before and stayed at a beach-side multi-star hotel. She had enjoyed the playful surf which had tried several times to remove her bikini and the hot attentions of a rather nice American man who had succeeded in removing it at his first attempt.

That was before she had her Brazilian. She had been fully furred in Kawaii and it had driven the poor man mad with lust. She had rewarded him with two very hot after dinner fucks and some sizzling beach sex that was the best she’d had in a long time.

She had particularly relished being fucked naked in the surf. She didn’t think anyone had seen them but she didn’t care. She would forever remember the cool sensation of the surf on the shoreline running up her legs and into her pussy and over her bush and up to her breasts while she was coming on hot hard thrusts from a fat cock.

When she got back to Honolulu after one of those ridiculously short flights you take in the islands, she and Ambrose had dinner together. He guessed (no, he knew, he always seemed to know) that she had had sex on her two nights away.

Ambrose never asked. He left it to Em to confess if she so desired. Sometimes she did, but mostly she didn’t. This was not because of conscience; far less was it from embarrassment. It was because Ambrose firmly believed that no one had proprietary rights over anyone else’s body. He had told her once, years ago when Em was making an early small confession, that he was a sexual Marxist. Proprietorship was outlawed. It was a concept she had come to accept without much delay.

That night she didn’t tell him about Kawaii. One night, perhaps soon, she might. Instead they talked about what they would do when, in a couple of days, Ambrose’s work requirements would be over and they were going to Maui.

Em knew vaguely where it was and that it was just another ridiculously short flight away. Ambrose in contrast had the history of the place at his command. He was particularly interested in the whaling history of Lahaina and they were staying just north of there and hiring a car. Em expected lots of little lectures on whaling and other island history over some lovely lunches.

Next day Em gave some thought to extensive personal care and decided she would go blonde for a change, as far as her dark hair would let her. She would never be a real blonde of course, so that dictated a further hair experience. She would also have a full Brazilian. She’d had them before though her most preferred style was naked pussy and minimalist landing strip. She had had several men (and three women) who had hotly desired this combination.

She booked at a salon she’d seen earlier and had checked out, for two o’clock that afternoon. The haircut and blonde dye was standard. The Brazilian was an interesting experience. Newly coiffed, she had walked through to the pleasant, airy room where these proceedings took place. She got naked below the navel, as required, and waited in the comfortable reclining chair for the stylist.

There was a knock at the door and a man’s voice said, “Can I come in now?” She was about to say “No” quite loudly when the door opened and the man walked in. “I’m your stylist,” he said. Em said, “Oh,” in a surprisingly small voice. “Oh, OK then. I thought you would be a woman.” The man had laughed. “Well, I’m not, as you can see. My name’s Mike. I do most of the Brazilians here.”

Em considered this as she lay in the chair with her legs apart and her pussy (which every man who had ever seen it and many who hadn’t regarded as highly desirable) on full display. “Are you gay?” she asked. He laughed again and said, “No, I’m not.” Em said, “Oh,” again; and again in a very small voice.

“Relax,” said Mike. “Having a Brazilian done is not necessarily very pleasant, but I’ll do my best to make it easy for you.” He looked at Em, judging her character. He made the right call. He said, “With some of my clients I start with a pussy massage. Would you like that?”

Em’s pussy answered that question for her. It opened pinkly, parting her hair. Mike said, “I see that you would. That’s good.” He removed the salon robe that Em had placed loosely around her shoulders so that she was completely naked. Em said, “Oh god.” Her left hand strayed into her pussy, her right hand to her left breast.

Mike moved her hand from her breast and gently bit each of her now hard nipples, several times. Then he moved her left hand onto her thigh and stroked her pussy softly. He ran his fingers up and down between her wet lips and she felt herself getting very hot.

He said, “Some of my clients like it with a licking too. Would you like that?” Em was nearly climaxing. She murmured, “Oh god yes.” She came very hotly on his tongue very soon after that.

The Brazilian waxing didn’t hurt at all.

Afterwards Mike said to Em, “What are your plans for tomorrow?” She looked at him and said, “Well I have none really, I’m going to Maui with my husband the next day.” Mike smiled back at her. “Tomorrow I’m working at my other salon. It does very nice massages. It’s just down the street. I would really love to massage you if you’d like that.”

Em felt her nipples harden quickly in the little bra into which she had only just corralled them. She felt suddenly wet in her newly bald pussy. Her mouth went dry. She said, “Are your massages as good as your Brazilians? What time should I book for?”

Mike said, “I’m told they’re even better. Book a two-hour session for two o’clock.”

Em and Ambrose had dinner out again that evening, in the open, by the beach. They could hear the soothing waves. Ambrose said he liked her hair blonde. Em smiled at him and said “Thanks” and nothing else. She had had a lovely surprise that afternoon and odds on she’d be getting an even hotter one tomorrow. Ambrose could wait until Maui to get his.

He was busy next day on his final round of appointments, talking to people, after which he would be writing up copious notes. Em spent the morning by the pool with her new Brazilian hidden in a nice little white bikini she’d bought at the hotel shop in Kawaii to replace the one that had been hotly ruined by the surf and her randy American. She was wearing fuck-off sunglasses. No one bothered her.

She had a light lunch poolside, just a Caesar salad with a Campari and tonic (the drink was her favorite poison). She didn’t want to go along to her massage with a full tummy. She was pretty sure she’d get something else nicely filled while she was there.

Then she went up to the room and dressed. She chose a little flowery sun dress over a very tiny black string and a little black bra. Her nipples were erect and her strangely nude pussy was already buzzing with anticipation.

She arrived at the salon at five to two. Mike was there to greet her. He took her along to a nice room at back, out of earshot of the rest of the establishment. It had a massage couch in it and was naturally lit and pleasantly warm. The air had a sandalwood aroma. It was Em’s favorite turn-on.

On the couch were two tiny little red towels. Em noticed these with heightened attention and a buzz in her nipples and pussy. Mike said, “I would like to strip you.” Em’s nipples tried to break out of her bra. “Oh god!” she said.

He stripped her slowly. First he undid her sun dress and took it off over her head. Then he unclipped her bra and slipped it off. He bit her nipples. Then he slipped her tiny string off her hips and down her legs. He nuzzled her naked mound and briefly licked her pussy. Em kicked off her low-heel sandals. Mike pulled her string off over her feet.

He said, “Lie down on the couch, on your back, and spread your legs; this one’s front only.” Em felt suddenly hotter and did as she was told. Mike spread her legs more widely and said, “You’re beautiful.” Em said, “You’re hot.”

He licked her open pussy again. Em said, “Oh god!” Then he put the two little towels in place, one over her hips and the other over her breasts. They were more erotic instruments than cover-ups. Em lay there with her nipples and her pussy on fire and imagined how it would feel when the little towels were hotly drawn off her soon.

Mike massaged her fully, rubbing sandalwood oil into every inch of her body below her chin. He rubbed oil into her legs, especially into the tops of her inner thighs. He rubbed extra oil into her nipples, arousing her beyond measure. He did the same with her naked mound, under the little towel. He massaged her pussy. Em came, energetically.

Then he drew away the little towels. The top one teased her erect nipples delightfully as it traced its way off her body. Mike left it lying carelessly discarded over her left arm, to remind her that it had once covered her breasts and that now it did not. The bottom one he drew away in a different manner. He pulled it slowly and erotically across her mound and through her pussy and then dropped it on the floor.

Em moved her legs even wider apart. She was waiting breathless for whatever else it was that Mike was going to do to her. She knew her vagina had opened. She had felt it do so when he removed the lower towel.

Mike licked and bit her nipples again and said, “You are a sexy woman.”

Then she felt him slide a big finger into her vagina and felt it begin to fuck her. It was so hot. She came very quickly, thrashing on the massage couch and shouting.

Afterwards Mike ran a finger through her Brazilian pussy and into her vagina again and whispered, “Are you keeping that for someone special the first time? Because if you’re not I want to fuck you.”

Em quivered with lust. She did think briefly of Ambrose. But it was only very briefly. She breathed at Mike, “No! No! Please fuck me, fuck me. Naked, make it naked, I want your raw cock. Come inside me.”

It was Mike’s turn to say, “Oh god!” Em heard him stripping off his T-shirt and board shorts. She felt him climb up on the massage couch between her legs.

Then she felt his huge cock thrust into her urgently. She opened her eyes. It was a very thick cock and very long. There was a neat triangle of hair above it.

She watched his cock fuck her to heaven. She heard Mike’s man-shouts. She felt it get bigger and more frantic and then shoot several gouts of hot cum into her vagina. She shouted in ecstasy.

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