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She Got it Hot in Their Holiday Hotel Room

The afternoon had suddenly opened up an opportunity
Em’s nipples were about to be hotly massaged. They were already erect and hard as little rocks. Her masseur’s warm, firm hands were just below the swell of her breasts. His fingers had already lightly brushed her nipples.

She was wet with anticipation. She was naked and her legs were wide apart.

She was in their room at the island resort she and Ambrose had chosen for a four-day break. To be precise, she was on a massage bed onto which the masseur had placed her thirty minutes ago as soon as he had arrived.

He wasn’t from the hotel spa. She’d had a massage there two days earlier, with a masseuse, and she had come at the end of the session very soon after the woman had whispered, “You like hot to end?”

Em had murmured back, “Yes.”

The woman, who was young, lithe, a lovely brown colour and wearing a blouse and a sarong, the spa uniform, had then asked, “In panty or you like panty off?”

The spa gave clients those ridiculous paper panties to wear during their massages.

Em had felt her nipples buzz. She was aware that her pussy had deliciously moistened. She said, “Panty off.”

What happened next had surprised her. The woman smiled and opened her blouse, revealing small brown breasts with nearly black nipples that were visibly erect and plainly hard.

She then took off the blouse and untied and dropped her sarong. This revealed that she wasn’t wearing panties. She was clad only in a deliciously trimmed full beaver.

She smiled at Em and asked, “Okay?”

Em was wondering what Ambrose might be doing with his masseur in the next room. She made a mental note to ask him later.

She said to the woman, “Okay. Of course Okay. I like very much.”

The masseuse smiled again and briefly ran her fingers around Em’s hard nipples. She said, “Yes, you like very much.”

Then she drew away the little towel that still lay across Em’s hips (it had ridden up earlier in the massage, leaving her paper panty-covered sex revealed) and swiftly pulled off the panties. She lightly ran her fingers through Em’s pubic hair and into her slit.

Then she spread Em’s legs very wide and moved behind her, at her head.

Em felt her climb onto the massage bed. Through half-opened eyes she saw the masseuse’s furry slit appear just above her face. She smelled her smoky sandalwood-wet sex aroma and saw her pussy lips open and her dark little entrance with it.

Em licked her lips (they were suddenly very dry) and murmured, “Oh god!”

She felt the masseuse’s hands begin to caress on her upper inner thighs and felt her tongue slip wetly and strongly into her slit. It found her clitoris. It licked her very hotly.

Em put her own hands on the masseuse’s slim hips and pulled her down to within tongue range. She blew softly into the trimmed hair between the woman’s legs.

The woman’s pussy lips instantly opened more widely. The wantonly hot pink line and wide open entrance this revealed were irresistible.

Em’s tongue swiftly found the woman’s clit and licked it hotly. They came frantically, together, in a very short time.

She gave the masseuse a very generous tip.

That was two days ago. At dinner that night she’d told Ambrose what had happened to her in the massage room that afternoon.

“I thought you looked very refreshed after your massage, Em,” he had said with a laugh. “Did you notice I looked refreshed too?”

Em smiled her sweet smile at him. “Tell me why Ambrose,” she said.

He did. His masseur, he said, had asked if he would like a complete massage. Ambrose had said yes.

It was the first time he had ever been masturbated by a man, he said. It had been incredibly hot.

Em had found that thought very arousing indeed. They had played sex games in bed after dinner.

She had particularly enjoyed wearing a pair of Ambrose’s boxers while she blew him away in one of her favourite little red strings that he had chosen to wear.

Em smiled. She often thought about how nice a big hard cock looked and felt in her panties.

Today, however, Em’s focus was elsewhere. Ambrose had arranged to visit someone elsewhere on the island (a friend or a former colleague, Em wasn’t sure which classification he fell into) and would be away for the afternoon.

She had woken in the night with a hot wet feeling between her legs and the memory of a very hot dream just enjoyed. In the dream she had been naked on the massage bed in their hotel suite.

In the dream she had been warmly observing in the mirrored ceiling of the living area in their ocean-view suite the very forward attentions that she was hugely enjoying receiving from a very horny and decidedly sexy masseur.

She had quietly brought herself to orgasm and had enjoyed the wetness of her fingers playing in her entrance. Afterwards she put her hand to her lips and tasted herself, then to her nose and smelled herself.

She decided that she would book a hot out call massage for that coming afternoon and became immensely aroused by that thought.

She did herself again, less quietly this time, and had woken Ambrose with her murmurings and exertions.

She gave him a gentle cock massage. He came in her hand.

Em knew where to call. She was an assiduous collector of leaflets and brochures.

She made that call after breakfast (they had breakfast in their suite that morning) while Ambrose was in the shower. He was leaving at twelve and would be back (he said) around six in the evening.

Em booked a three-hour in room out call for one o’clock. They asked if she wanted a female or male therapist and she became quite aroused when she answered, “A man.”

Her nipples had become very erect when the woman on the other end of the phone said that if she had any special requirements she could discuss them with the masseur.

Em had responded, “I will have some special requirements. I mainly want a frontal massage. Please tell him to expect that.”

The woman had said in reply, “Your masseur is very much used to special requests. You will be very satisfied by him.”

Em’s pussy had become very wet when she heard this.

Ambrose left on schedule. His friend had sent a car to pick him up.

Em had selected a nice yellow bikini to wear for the opening delights of her forthcoming massage. It untied easily via little strings at the back of the bra and the sides of the panties.

It was just big enough to cover the sexy V of hair on her mound.

She showered, tidied up her manicured mound, and perfumed and put the little bikini on.

The suite already had a massage bed in the corner of the living area. She lay on it briefly and looked up at her reflection in the mirrored ceiling, imagining the three hours of hot delight she would soon be observing for real.

She got hot thinking about seeing herself being stripped naked by a strong masseur who would soon be naked himself. That was one of her special requirements.

Em loved feeling a hard cock pressing against her when a masseur moved close to massage her arms, her tummy, her breasts, and most delightfully of all, the soft hot and wet place between her legs.

She had booked a three-hour session. That was because she wanted it hotly on the massage bed in the living room and then, even more hotly, on the big bed in the bedroom suite behind the screen.

Em and Ambrose had been at the resort for three days. Ambrose had fucked her there twice, with passion and love, as he always did.

Today she wanted hot illicit, lustful sex. She wanted to shout and scream on a stranger’s thick, hard cock, one she would never see again.

The masseur arrived. Em was surprised. He was not a local man. He was a Brazilian.

“Eduardo,” he said by way of introduction. “I am the owner of the spa. I was there when you called.

“I thought you sounded like a lady who would appreciate a special treat. I like to keep my hand in, in a manner of speaking.”

He slipped his hand into Em’s yellow bikini bottom and found her hair. “You are not a Brazilian,” he said with a laugh. “Good. I much enjoy massaging a furry mound.”

Em’s legs went weak. She whispered, “Oh god!”

He slipped his other hand into the back of her bikini bottoms and ran his fingers through her slit right up to her hair at the front. He teased her hair.

“From both directions,” he said.

Em’s knees nearly gave way. She murmured, “Jesus god!”

He led her to the massage bed. He had noticed the mirrored ceiling. He said, “You are a very seriously sexy woman.”

Then he motioned towards the bedroom. “Today you shall be very seriously sexy here under the mirror first and then you shall be very loudly sexy on your big bed, yes?”

He placed her gently face down on the massage bed.

Em said, “Yes.”

Then he got the stand-up mirror from another corner of the room and placed it so that Em could see a reflection of herself being sexily massaged face down on the massage bed.

Em said, “Oh god, that’s hot.”

Then she said “Aah!” quite a lot while he was oiling her legs and arms, and her back and her butt in her little bikini. She said “Oh Jesus” when he ran his oily fingers through her slit and massaged her furry mound from behind in her bikini.

He massaged her superbly well, with firm but gentle strokes that ran the full length of her back and into her crack, and her legs right up into her bikini.

She shouted especially loudly when he ran three warmly oiled fingers through her crack and briefly penetrated her open entrance.

She shouted loudly too when he pushed his hands underneath her and into her bikini bra and massaged her breasts and played with her hard nipples.

A little later and after more firm massaging, she tensed and murmured in delight when he undid her bikini top and pulled it down below her breasts. The eroticism of the resistance her hard nipples put up to this stripping gave her pussy a strong buzz.

His fingers slipped under her again, pressed against her breasts, and oiled her nipples. She threw her legs very widely apart, shouted and came.

He pulled away her bikini bra, slowly and deliberately. The fabric teased her nipples and caused her to shout again.

Then he threaded the little bra top through her bikini panties. Em moaned and moved on the massage bed.

She watched in the mirror the reflection of him undoing the two side strings of her bikini panties. She saw him begin to excite her slit with the little bra that was now within the panties.

He pulled the garment back and forth rapidly between her legs. It took Em twenty seconds to come again.

When she was finished she watched him slide a hand through her slit again and felt him hotly massage her mound.

Lust made her shout again, very loudly, when he pulled the bikini panties and bra off through her slit. He did this slowly and sexily and it aroused her tremendously. She immediately had another orgasm.

Then he rolled her over onto her back and gently pulled her legs wide apart again.

Em looked at herself in the ceiling mirror. She watched Eduardo gently pull her pussy lips apart and wetly lick her slit and entrance. She saw herself mouthing “Oh!” and her wide open legs twitch sexily when he did this. She saw her nipples growing bigger and harder.

She loved mirrors. She loved watching herself having sex. It was always like a hot combination of fact and fantasy, like taking part in a porn shoot.

She watched Eduardo move away from the bottom of the massage bed and walk to the top end. She watched his hands briefly hold her shoulders and then slide down to her breasts.

She saw and felt him pinch her nipples. She heard him say, “In a little while, when I am naked, I will bite them.”

She felt her pussy get wet again and knew that her entrance had reopened. She saw herself push her left leg out on a slightly crooked angle to fully expose her slit. She saw her open entrance, waiting ready for cock.

“Oh god!” she said. “Will that be while your cock is exciting my pussy?”

Eduardo said, “Yes.”

Em had another orgasm. She grasped the top of the massage bed and watched herself thrash around on the bed.

Eduardo’s hands moved down to her belly, then up again and massage her breasts.

When he had been doing this for a little while, and Em had been making little hot noises, he broke away briefly. She heard him stripping out of his clothes.

She felt him climb onto the massage bed. She saw his big cock appear just above her face.

She whispered “Oh god!” and opened her mouth to receive it.

Eduardo thrust his cock into her mouth. His lush pubic hair tickled her nose.

Em gave him her hot-man cock special, running her teeth tightly up and down his shaft with occasional breaks for a hot tonguing. It was his turn to shout.

He moved further over her and down. She felt his tongue taste her pussy then penetrate it and fuck her. He was holding her thighs tightly, on the insides at the top.

He didn’t come. Em could tell that this required great effort on his part. His cock clearly loved being in her mouth and also her hot cock-sucking technique.

Instead he pulled out (her teeth pretended to resist this movement; he very nearly came then).

She watched him go to the end of the massage bed. She saw him, and felt him, pull her down the bed so that her pussy was over the edge at the bottom.

She watched his cock approach her slit. She felt it push apart her wet pussy lips to accommodate its great width.

She felt it slide in and she began shouting.

She shouted all through his first great fucking of her, the shouts in synch with his powerful upward thrusts.

Em felt that he was filling her entire body with his cock. She watched with intense fascination as he pumped her and saw her legs rise wildly in the air and pump in time with his action.

She watched her breasts jiggle in time too. She felt a great heat through her pelvis. It reached upwards to her nipples and downwards to her slit.

She felt (and watched) him double and then triple his pace. She saw and felt his penis swell further.

She watched him arch his back with his approaching orgasm and saw his eyes glaze with passion.

She came in a blinding flash of pink heat, a double orgasm.

When she did this he shouted loudly, several times, and filled her with big gouts of hot cum.

He did her on the big bed in the other room later, twice.

Luckily Ambrose was a bit late getting back to the hotel. Em had just had time to recover.

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