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She Got the After Dinner Special

It was so delicious that she made it an all-night banquet
Em had watched all the action. It had taken place deliciously between her legs on the sofa in the man’s hotel suite.

She was still tingling all over with the excitement and ecstasy of it all. Em had been half-lying, half-seated on the deep sofa. This position had afforded her a full view.

He had first stripped her to her panties. They were little white bikini-cut lace ones through which the attractive darkness of her bushy mound was plainly visible.

Her short midnight blue cocktail dress had fluttered to the floor first. She had raised her arms to make it easier for him to remove it.

Her little white lacy bra had followed the dress to the floor very soon. The man had kissed, licked and bitten her hard erect nipples. They had instantly grown even bigger and harder.

While the man was removing her dress and her bra Em had made little noises of intense anticipated pleasure.

Her pussy, still encased in her little white panties, became suddenly very wet. Her panties moistened between her legs.

She was imagining the delightful sensation of an eagerly illicit hot cock parting her pussy lips and sliding into her. It was a sensation she craved and which she liked to find the means to enjoy.

A new man’s thick and hard cock slickly thrusting into her wet vagina was her favourite fantasy. It was even better when it was the real thing.

Sometimes such thoughts and their inevitable results happened much earlier in the play, when she was chatting up a man she had decided to fuck.

If, say, she was wearing a little black dress and a very small bra at a dinner or drinks, this was obvious to her quarry. It always worked. It was her winning poker hand.

On this occasion, which was taking place in the man’s plush hotel suite after a business conference dinner, she had allowed herself to be picked up.

Not only was this one unscheduled but it had come excitingly right out of the blue. She had been having a drink alone in the bar after the dinner when he approached her.

That had been half an hour ago.

Now, in his suite upstairs, the man was excited beyond measure by what he had found under her dress.

It had further thickened and lengthened his cock. He had then gently placed her on the sofa, stripped off all his clothes except his open shirt, and Em had seen his thick long cock and his dense curly bush, trimmed into a powerful triangular shape, just above it.

This in turn had excited Em beyond all measure.

She had licked her lips and opened her legs. The man’s cock had pulsed delightfully when he looked lasciviously at her hard nipples, her flat tummy, her spread thighs and her already open entrance visible because her panties were just a little string between her legs.

He had licked his lips too.

She had watched him kneel down and eat her bush through her panties. The feel of his strong tongue on the thin lace fabric of the little garment quickly aroused her to orgasm. It was one that came with a lot of noise.

When she had partially recovered from this delight while he still knelt between her legs, she watched him slip her panties gently off her hips and ass and pull them down her thighs, over her knees, down her shins, over her ankles and off her feet.

The feel of free cool air on her wet slit caused her to spread her legs even wider.

When she had done this, she watched the man’s tongue slide into her slit and felt it part her pussy lips.

She felt it excite her clitoris and then penetrate her open entrance. He tongued her with great passion and surprising gentleness. His tongue fully penetrated her vagina. His fingers gently massaged her slit.

She began to moan and then to yelp in excited little utterances that kept time with his tongue. Then her nipples began to tingle hotly and her pelvic region suddenly became very hot.

The low lights in the room turned rosy pink. She shouted loudly and repeatedly and writhed and came a second time.

The man again waited for her to recover, his tongue still gently inside her entrance. She felt him sexily and gently massage the insides of her thighs. She watched with resurgent lust as he played briefly but hotly with her bush.

Then she watched him stand up. She saw his cock, all nine rock-hard inches of it, standing out horizontally from his bush. She saw his big balls beneath his cock.

She wanted his cock very badly and she wanted it right now.

She watched him grant her wish. He moved forward. The head of his cock parted her pussy lips.

She watched it slide in and felt it deliciously and fully fill her heated vagina. She heard herself shouting with pleasure all the while his cock was fucking her with keen precision, with very firm and carefully measured thrusts.

He fucked her for a very long time. Em had two orgasms while he was doing this. She watched him exercising supreme self-control during these loud affairs. His cock was plainly telling him, “Come now.”

Em got hotter at the thought that he desired her so much he wanted to be inside her for a really long time. She enjoyed sex in all its varieties, but slow-cooking was the best style.

To pace herself as the man slowly pumped her pussy, Em let her mind wander through a few past affrays.

The hot multiple shagging she’d enjoyed at a motel in a small town once, on an overnight business trip she had tried to avoid, was a stand-out.

There had been a boring business dinner and afterwards she’d gone to the only nightclub in town with another dinner-goer who was as bored as she was. They had been rewarded with one of the hottest strip acts Em had ever seen.

She and the man she was with had both been so aroused by this that they’d gone back to the motel and her room and he had hotly parted her hair several times, in several delightful ways, reverse cowgirl first.

There was that time in a New York hotel room when she’d booked an out call and had screamed with delight, naked except for her dress that was rumpled round her hips, while she was impaled on the biggest black cock she ever had in her pussy or in her mouth for that matter.

There was the time she and Ambrose had been in Rio. He had said to her he thought she looked really hot for it and that she should go and find a sexy massage.

She still fantasized, years later, about how the hot masseur at that little backstreet salon in Copacabana had stripped off her sun-dress and the little bikini she had on underneath and been highly aroused by her sexy little landing strip.

There was that time a work colleague she felt quite attracted to dropped in unexpectedly at her home and found her naked in the swimming pool.

He had stripped and jumped in and licked her furry pussy for ages in the water. Then he had shagged her hotly on the pool lounge and twice on the bed in the spare room.

Last, but by no means, there was her fabulous first hot in room massage. It had been in Hong Kong on a business trip, years ago, and was her first major away from home engagement.

She’d booked it on the recommendation of a girlfriend who lived there and had sampled those delights among many others.

Em had been delightfully stripped naked on her king-size bed and oiled everywhere, with special, lengthy and close attention to her slit. The masseur spent ages licking and biting her nipples.

He had given her a superb pussy massage that still ranked as the hottest she had ever had.

Eventually he had fucked her twice, one entry immediately after the other. Em had booked him for the next night too, her last on that trip, and run through the script again.

Ambrose had smiled at her when he picked her up at the airport after her flight home and said, “You’ve been having it, haven’t you?”

Em had answered his question. ”Yes Ambrose, I have,” she said. “It was lovely. Do you mind very much?”

He had laughed and said, “Not at all. Everybody gets that way sometimes.”

She was roused from her reverie at this point by the sensation of a change of pace on the part of the desirably long and hard cock that had been fucking her for many, many minutes. Em sensed new urgency in its thrusts.

She opened her eyes. The man was still looking at her pussy, enjoying seeing his cock disappearing and reappearing between her widely-spread legs and her pouting pussy lips.

Now he had arched his back, however, and his eyes had taken on that pre-ejaculatory glaze she loved to see in any man who was fucking her.

She looked at his hot cock, now bigger and harder than ever, and felt a sizzling thrill run through her pelvis and up to her breasts, propelled by the knowledge that he would soon fill her with searing shots of cum.

She lifted her hips slightly to give his cock the rails run it clearly now desperately wanted.

It worked. He began to make man-noises. They always made Em come and they did so this time. She could feel every inch of his hugeness inside her. It kept getting bigger and harder.

She shouted and shouted and continued shouting while she came, writhing in ecstasy on his cock.

The man’s eyes narrowed. He was pumping air through his open mouth, rictus-lipped. He managed to shout “You have the hottest slot!” before the first of his six great ejaculations filled her pussy.

Em felt all six hot shots and shouted again. “Give it to me! Give it to me!”

He did, immediately. He did so several more times too, on his bed, through the night.

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