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She Had a Hot Massage in her Suite

It was late, she was horny, and the masseur was hot
She’d been out all day at meeting after meeting. These had been followed by drinks and then a corporate dinner. By the time she got back to her hotel suite with its fabulous view of city lights and darkly twinkling water, she was badly in need of something to reduce her tension.

A massage always helped. Em was a fan of therapeutic massage. Deep tissue massaging always relaxed her if she was feeling tense.

Often, though, because she travelled on business a lot and was frequently in cities where she was not known socially outside business circles, she chose to indulge herself with a hot in-room massage instead.

Sometimes she wanted sex too. She had yet to meet a man (or a masseur) who could resist pleasuring her pussy if it was available. It wasn’t always available. Em was choosy. But when it was, it was screamingly hot.

This time she was in a city she frequently visited on business, not too far away from home, on a two-night trip. This was a first night. The next, she would be seeing her lover. He would nail her to her bed, she knew that.

He would do that at least twice, with a young man’s energy. She was looking forward to this with keen anticipation. They met occasionally, when their schedules permitted, and had been doing so now for nearly a year.

Tonight, however, she was not only tense but also horny. She needed a hot massage. She needed a hot masseur too.

Em poured herself a longish whisky over ice and checked her watch. It was ten o’clock. She sat in the comfy armchair beside the second house phone in the suite’s living area. She made two calls.

The second one was to Ambrose. He was always around in the late evening and anyway expected her to call. He was working at home (no surprise there) and they chatted briefly. They cooed goodnights when Em told him she was tired and was going to bed.

Ambrose told her she sounded super-sexy on the phone and that he would be taking that thought to bed with him in a little while.

Em knew that meant he understood that she had made some arrangement, possibly a massage or maybe a straight out call, that would result in her shouting in ecstasy.

She knew in turn that this meant he would be slipping into one of her very sexy little strings and possibly one of her bras. She knew it meant he would be fantasizing that he was she and getting it hotly somewhere from someone, and that the bra and the string would come off at some point.

She knew he would masturbate himself to a very hot climax. She had seen him do that once, by accident. This still fuelled her own fantasies, along with those that flowed from her knowledge that he enjoyed sex on the run himself sometimes.

She checked the time again. It was now nearly ten-thirty. Hot masseur time. She’d get a call from the front desk any moment.

There was a massage bed in the suite, set up in the bedroom. It was a standard inclusion in the hotel’s facilities. It was one of the reasons she liked staying at hotels in that particular chain.

She had several times, both here and overseas, been hotly massaged on the in-room massage bed and then been hot-nailed on the king size beds that all featured in the inclusions.

Her mind wandered briefly, to an occasion just a few weeks ago where in a similar suite in a foreign city she had booked a straight massage.

She remembered with hot pleasure how the young man had unclipped her bra and, hearing no demur, removed it. She remembered with even hotter pleasure how he had then slipped his hands into her panties and, again hearing no demurral, removed them too.

He had briefly massaged her mound, causing her to make excited little noises.

She remembered with extreme pleasure how he had then pushed her legs wide apart and given her a tongue fucking of practised excellence. He had set her clit on fire and she had come very loudly and very quickly.

A little later Em had enjoyed the sensation of his powerful cock slipping into her vagina and fucking her with passionate force. When he was nearly ready to come he pulled out and placed his big tumescence between her breasts and she, and they, had masturbated him to ejaculation.

The phone rang. Em picked it up. It was Damon from the house phone in the lobby.

She said, “Ground floor, harbour view, to your right.” He knew the suite number.

Three-quarters of an hour later Em was in one of her favourite massage positions. She was naked and on her back and her legs were spread wide.

The big blue top sheet on the massage bed that had originally covered her from just above her breasts to half way down her thighs had been adjusted. It lay in rumpled disarray around her hips.

The masseur was massaging the inner tops of her thighs and Em knew he would hotly massage her pussy any minute, for the second time. This thought had made her nipples rock hard and her nude pussy very wet.

She was lying with her eyes closed and her arms loosely at her sides. She was still buzzing from the orgasm she’d had during the first part of the massage, when she was face-down on the bed.

The masseur was a very sexy young man. While he was massaging her back after he had massaged the backs of her legs right up to the top (he had teasingly given her just one through the slit finger run) he pushed his hands under her body.

The one at the top pushed her still fastened black lace bra up over her breasts. The one at the bottom entered her black lace panties and found her nude mound.

She had murmured, “Oh god! Oh god!”

He had whispered, “You like it hot then?”

Em had murmured back, “Oh god yes.”

He had said, “Good,” and unclipped her bra and ripped it off and tore off her moistened panties at the same time.

Em had whimpered with pleasure and murmured, “Oh yes please.”

He had played with her breasts and pinched her hard nipples, and thrown her legs apart and given her a three-finger pussy massage, and Em had come very loudly.

Then he had whispered, after gently biting the back of her neck, “Time to turn over.”

He didn’t replace the sheet when he had turned her over. He just draped it over her middle and said, “You like to be wanton, don’t you?” and pushed her legs apart.

He ran another teasing finger through her slit and briefly played with her clit.

Em, eyes closed, whispered, “I love to be wanton.”

His finger ran through her slit again. She felt her entrance opening and then his tongue deliciously flick it.

“Tell me,” he said, “about your last in-room massage.”

Em felt a hot pulse through her whole body. Her last in-room massage had been incredibly horny.

It was in Osaka. She had been there on business and a Japanese friend (a woman whose pussy Em had tasted several times) had recommended a little place she knew of that did out calls.

She had said to Em (this was while she was licking Em’s pussy in Em’s hotel room one evening when her husband was away in Tokyo on business) “Ask for Tattoo-san,” and winked.

“He is exceptionally good.”

Em had verified this quality the very next evening. He had stripped naked and she had seen his tattoos and become excited at the prospect of sex with this man.

Then he had stripped her naked and massaged her superbly, especially her pussy, and then licked her doggy-style, missionary stile and sixty-nine style.

Afterwards he had fucked her twice with his very long, thin rod. She had been so delighted in his approach and style and energy that she had let him come inside her.

She especially remembered the intense heat and power of his ejaculations and his beautiful Japanese man-shouts.

She told Damon all this while he was licking her pussy missionary style. His licking increased in depth and tempo as she told the story.

When she had come on his tongue he whispered in her ear, “I would like to come inside you.”

Em said, “You should come inside me. I think you should come inside me twice.”

She watched his already erect cock grow even longer and harder when she said that.

Damon continued with the massage. He was applying long strokes with both hands that ran up each of Em’s legs, over her hips with a detour to her mound and then up the sides of her tummy to her breasts.

Then he was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples and Em was coming again.

It was while she was coming that she felt his big, thick cock thrust between her pussy lips and deep into her vagina. He fucked her frantically, rapidly, holding her jiggling breasts firmly as he did so.

Em kept coming until he did. She heard him shout her name.

She shouted in turn “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god! Fuck me!” as he pumped her full of huge gouts of hot cum.

Afterwards, he whispered just after he had nibbled her ear, “You’re my only client tonight. I would like to stay and fuck you again and again.”

Em murmured, “Yes please.”

He picked her up, slick and glistening with massage oil and the sweat of hot sex, and carried her to the big bed. He fucked her across it, doggy style.

Em could see him reflected in the window, mixed in amongst the glittering harbour lights, pumping her madly and holding her hips, her sexily pert breasts with their huge aroused nipples swinging below her in time with his thrusts.

When they were finished and they had both come very loudly, she said, “You’d better stay a bit longer and do me again.”

He did.

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