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She Had a Hot Massage Upstairs at Home

It was deliciously hot watching her being massaged naked and getting it twice
“Ambrose,” Em had said over the croissants and Eggs Benedict. “I’d like to get a home service massage today.” It was a Saturday and they were having a late breakfast at the big table out under the jacaranda tree that shaded the courtyard.

Unusually they would both be home this weekend. It often wasn’t like that. Their competing work schedules frequently deprived them of weekends together. Tonight they’d be going to dinner together too, a little place Ambrose had chanced upon by the river a little way out of the central city.

Em was looking forward to it. So was Ambrose. They enjoyed each other’s company.

There was something Em needed to get out of the way first, however. Last night she had dreamed she was getting a really hot massage. The setting was clearly apparent. It was in the anteroom that separated their bedroom from the other rooms upstairs.

It was not entirely novel as a venue. She’d been done there a few times.

In her dream she was naked and lying on her front on massage bed with the beginnings of the afternoon sun shining into the room through its big bay window through the rain tree in the front yard. Her legs were slightly apart. Her pussy was in full view of her masseur.

She felt hot about that, because he’d stripped her naked on the massage bed after stroking the insides of her thighs and saying to her, “You want it hot, don’t you?” When he said that her nipples instantly grew hard and hot and her pussy moistened.

She had murmured, “Oh god yes.”

He had stroked the insides of her thighs again but this time right into her panties and into her wet slit. He had unclipped her bra and gently and slowly drawn it off underneath her, seriously disturbing her nipples. She had sighed “Aaah!” when he did this.

Then he had placed one hand under her body at mound level and the other at the top of her ass and slipped his hands into her panties. He played briefly and gently with the minuscule landing strip she was currently wearing.

Em said, “Oh god that’s good!”

Then he had removed her panties, contriving to run two fingers all the way through her slit. Em quivered with delight and sighed again, “Aaah!”

He had pushed her legs wide apart. Em’s pussy moistened further. Her aroma reached her nostrils, exciting her. She knew he would smell it too and be excited, hopefully beyond measure.

Apparently this was the case.

She heard him take off his polo shirt, undo his belt and unzip his jeans. Her pussy became a hot river.

Then she heard him pulling off his underpants. She came, shouting and writhing.

He bit her ass gently and said, “You are a hot one.”

He had massaged her fully and expertly; and very firmly, which she loved. While he was doing this his slick fingers had entered her from behind and she had come again, throwing her legs wider apart still.

He had rewarded her with a hard tonguing while his hands pushed underneath her torso and found her hard high nipples and pinched them.

Then he had rolled her over onto her back and given her a full tongue and fingers pussy massage. He briefly ceased this from time to time to nibble her pubic hair, lick her belly button, and bite her nipples.

After this he fucked her with his rock-hard rod, quickly, and they both came, shouting into each other’s faces.

Em had woken up then to find that she was frantically masturbating.

Ambrose’s arm was round her shoulders and he was kissing her ear. “That was a hot dream Em,” he said. “Don’t stop. I want to watch you come.”

She came.

Ambrose licked her pussy when she did. Then he whispered, “Was that one of your hot massages Em? Or was it one of your after dinner delights?”

Em said, “A massage, Ambrose.” Then she took his cock in her mouth and blew him away.

Ambrose had not been surprised, therefore, at Em’s breakfast announcement the next morning that she would like to get a home massage that afternoon. He didn’t mind. He got off on Em coming at special occasions to which he was not invited.

He had seen Em having sex with other men a number of times. He had also seen her have sex with a woman once, a girlfriend she’d taken upstairs to the anteroom, which doubled as a library.

He had enjoyed all these occasions. They appealed very strongly to his inner voyeur.

Once he had inadvertently seen Em having her brains fucked out by a casual lover in a hotel room. That incident had fuelled his fantasies for many months. He had been pleased later to find that he had inadvertently returned the compliment.

They had been on an island holiday and a young blonde woman who had taken a shine to Ambrose had suggested he go to her room after dinner. (Em believed Ambrose’s seduction technique was fail-safe. He engaged women in serious conversation.)

When Ambrose got to the young woman’s room (he had told Em he would go to beach bar for a while) the young woman was naked and lying on her tummy across the bed, her legs sexily parted.

She had a firm ass and firm little breasts and she had loosened her hair. It reached all the way down her back.

She had given him a very hot blow job as he stood naked and erect by the bed. Then Ambrose had fucked her very lustily. The young woman had enjoyed this hugely.

It seemed her mind may have been elsewhere, though. She had forgotten to draw the curtains. Em had seen Ambrose and the girl from outside and had stopped to watch the entire performance.

She had told him next day, “It was very hot, Ambrose. I had to go to our room and excite myself. It was something that I masturbated to for a long time afterwards.”

Ambrose remembered the occasion well. He had fucked the hot young woman’s delightfully furry slot once more that night and a third time on the beach the following evening.

This Saturday promised true voyeuristic pleasure. He would bring his notebook computer downstairs to the big kitchen and watch Em getting it hotly, if indeed that was her plan, on the remote audio-video cameras in the anteroom.

He hadn’t told Em of their existence. One was in the light fitting overhead. The other was hidden in the corner of a picture frame in the room.

She made the booking with a regular massage service they both used from time to time. Ambrose wondered if the afternoon would in fact be as hot as he hoped. The therapists from the studio were very good and very professional.

The time for the appointment came. The masseur arrived on schedule. Ambrose had already made himself scarce.

Em took the masseur upstairs with the massage bed carry case he had brought with him.

Ambrose returned to the kitchen and switched on the camera.

Em was wearing white shorts and a tight yellow top. Underneath this, as Ambrose soon saw, she had on her tiny little white string bikini. He hardened when he saw that, because it was those little scraps of fabric that he had once seen being torn off her in that hotel room.

Ambrose put on his headphones and switched on the camera sound. Em called the masseur Dave. He was in his mid-twenties and looked as if he knew what to do with a randy woman.

Dave led Em to the massage bed he had just completed setting up. He told her to lie face down. Em did so.

She parted her legs just a little. The white bikini string between them hid nothing.

Dave softly stroked her back and the backs of Em’s legs. He whispered something that Ambrose couldn’t hear. Em spread her legs wider.

Then Dave said, “Is your husband at home?”

Em replied, “Yes. He’ll be downstairs, writing I expect. He won’t disturb us.”

Dave went to the door and locked it. Then he returned to the massage bed and pulled Em’s little white between-legs string aside and ran two fingers through her nude and very wet slit.

“I’m guessing you want a really hot one,” he said to her.

Em moaned and moved her hips and said, “Oh yes. I want a very hot one.”

Dave said, “Good,” and untied Em’s bikini top and pants. “I would really love to massage you naked,” he said.

“I’m guessing you have a little landing strip in your panties and firm breasts with very hard nipples.”

Em said, “You have a good eye for geography.”

Dave reached between Em’s legs and tore away the string. Em let out a little yelp of pleasure.

She let out a louder yelp, a series of them, immediately after that when he gave her a two-handed pussy massage.

Three fingers in her slot, his thumb and forefinger exciting her mound and its tiny little landing strip, and the other hand massaging her softly from her anus to her clitoris was a technique to die for. Or at least, it was to scream about.

Downstairs, Ambrose unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his shorts. His cock was already firm.

It became ramrod stiff when he played with his nipples and on the notebook screen the overhead camera showed Dave turning Em over onto her back.

Em said “Oh my god!” when she saw Dave’s cock. It was very big. It was approaching her wetly open entrance.

Dave said, “I’ll do the rest of the massage later. I have got to fuck you now.” Em looked very excited. Her mouth opened slightly in that sexy way she had. The tip of her little pink tongue licked her lips. It was a lascivious, wanton, moment. She lifted her hips to receive him. The fat long cock parted her pussy lips and then paused briefly, teasing.

Em made lots of excited little noises. Dave pinched her nipples hard. Then he thrust his full hard length into Em’s hot vagina and fucked her quickly. She threw her legs into the air and they pumped in time with his thrusts.

Her neat little breasts jiggled in time with his movements too.

Ambrose was enraptured. He took his own cock in hand and masturbated furiously

Dave began to come. His thrusts became frantic. Em was shouting “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Ambrose came, copiously, just ahead of the play.

On the screen, Em and Dave reached orgasm together, staring into each other’s eyes. After he was spent, Dave lay down on Em’s body and played his tongue over her breasts and bit her nipples. His cock remained hard and fully inside her.

Ambrose heard him say, “You are a very hot fuck. I’ll have to fuck you again after I’ve finished the massage.”

He did. He did her doggy style. It was Em’s favourite lust-fuck position.

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