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She Had an Extra Long Black after Dinner

A hot treat in her room made her night
Em was in Amsterdam, where because of the season it was chilly. She preferred warm places. Apart from anything else, you could wear less.

It was a business trip as always, this time a little further afield than usual and of longer duration. She had already been to Milan and Munich and this was third week of the trip.

It was also the Saturday of a free weekend, giving her a carefully contrived two days of R&R before the work schedule recommenced on Monday. She had arrived the evening before and was cosily set up in a nice hotel with a fine view of a canal and two well mannered streets.

Her little suite was on the third floor, on the corner of the building. It had a modestly sized but well equipped living room accessed directly from the vestibule. There was a good sized desk with full communications, an up market sound system and a midsize flat screen TV.

In one corner there was a nice little bar with an ample fridge, a good range of wines and liquor and some very nice gourmet snacks. Near the bar was a small dining table. The in room menu was brief but tasty.

Lounge chairs and a coffee table were in front of the fire.

The best part of the set-up from Em’s perspective was the gas-fired faux-coal fire in a proper grate. Even though the room was warmed to comfortable level (Em had turned the thermostat up) the live flames in the grate were a significant mental boost.

Through a door between the bar and the TV lay the bedroom and en suite with a walk-in wardrobe and a comfy king-size bed. Double-glazed windows with internal wooden venetians and nice, non-fussy curtains looked out to the streets and the canal from both rooms.

She would be there a week with a hefty schedule, so she was glad of the space and the additional privacy of being on a corner of the building.

Em had been to Amsterdam a couple of times before. The first time she also had a weekend to herself. She’d gone to a little unlicensed cafe down a side street near the Red Light district on the Saturday afternoon, not the sort of place she would normally visit but she was feeling adventurous.

Over several coffees and a number of cognacs she had chatted with a young man from Suriname who had told her, when she asked what went on out the back where she’d seen customers going, that they did massages there. He said, “I don’t think it’s the sort of place you would like to go.”

Em had liked him all the more for that, but she had been intrigued. “Are they hot massages?” she had asked him.

He had looked at her, surprised, and said, “Yes, they are.” Then he had paused and said, “Do you like hot massage?”

Em had felt her nipples harden. She had then looked him in the eye, over her fourth cognac, and said, “I like them very much. But I like them in nice, safe comfortable places.” She had paused, looked at him again, and added, “For example, in my hotel room.”

The young man had smiled back at her and said, “I am a masseur. I work here. I finish work tonight at ten o’clock. Where would you be then?”

Em’s pussy had opened wetly, her mouth had gone suddenly dry and she had squirmed on her seat. She had said, “In my hotel room.”

The young man, whose name was Johann, had then put his hand over hers and said, “Would you like it very hot on your bed tonight? It would be a pleasure to do that for you.”

Em had felt her nipples straining to get out of her bra and become aware that her inside upper thighs were hot and wet.

She said, “Yes.”

They had made the arrangements.

Johann had arrived at ten-thirty and gave her a very hot massage on her bed. She had been fully clothed when he placed her face down on the opened bed and deliciously naked except for her bra two minutes later.

It had been spectacular when Johann took off her panties. He had put one hand on the string at the back and pushed the other underneath, through her pussy and up to the tiny little triangle of fabric at the front.

On the way he had seriously disturbed her furry mound. He did so on the way back too, when he drew the panties downwards front and back and slipped them down her legs.

Then he had given her ten minutes of pussy massage with his hands and his tongue. It had been so hot. The sexy late removal of her tiny red lace bra had been accompanied by her first loud orgasm.

Johann had previously unclipped the bra and his tongue had been wetly circling her clit when he suddenly pulled the little garment off underneath her, from one side, intensely exciting her nipples.

Em got hot thinking about it now. He had massaged her sexily for ninety minutes, every bit of her and especially her breasts and pussy. Then he had fucked her twice with a young man’s urgent passion and a long, solid, thick and very black cock.

Then Em had eaten hard cock while the young man ate soft pussy. That had been a mutually loud affair too. Johann had fucked her twice more in the night and once before he left in the morning.

Em remembered that night with intense pleasure, though her memories of the next day were not so good. She had phoned home and excused her failure to call the evening before by saying that she’d been to a coffee house and had stayed there late drinking cognac.

Ambrose had laughed and said, “Sorry Em, you’ll have to do better than that. Coffeehouses in Amsterdam may sell cannabis but they can’t sell alcohol.” He left the issue hanging there, loose. Em hated that, but she had to admit he was damn good at catching her out.

Especially when she’d forgotten an essential element of her cover story, for Em knew very well that the licensed coffee houses in Holland were not allowed to serve spirits. She was literally caught with her pants down on this one, so she had confessed.

Yes, she had had a very hot massage in her room. Yes, this had been complemented by a number of hot fucks. Ambrose wouldn’t think she was exaggerating and he did like to get a good outline of the event when he had caught her out.

He had not been angry; he never was. He had simply said, “Well you’ve been away for two weeks now and there’s a week to go, so I guess that’s fair enough.”

Ambrose travelled too.

Em had silently thanked her stars she had managed to keep under wraps the monumental shagging she had enjoyed in Singapore on the way to Europe, with a friend who lived there, and the impromptu dinner date in London that had extended from early Friday evening to late Saturday morning.

That had been a number of years ago. Since then she had had further business trips to Europe, three of them including Amsterdam, and had managed to avoid inquiry. Em preferred to confess only when it suited her to do so.

This weekend she had decided she was hot for big black cock again. Em considered them a prime indulgence. She had enjoyed them in Amsterdam three times, in New York and Paris twice, several times on Pacific islands when she was taking solo holidays and a couple of times on business trips at home.

Once, deliciously, she had been hot-nailed to a hotel bed in her home town by the astonishingly long black cocks wielded by two visiting Chicago businessmen.

Tonight she had dressed with care for her adventure evening. She was planning to visit a club that catered for women in her situation. She had been there before and knew it had the tools for job, in a manner of speaking.

She was wearing a little black dress. This one had a crossover plunge neckline that revealed the top quarter of her cleavage, that cleavage enhanced by a very tiny but super-efficient push-up bra.

It was powder blue, as was the see-through lace string she wore below. This only just managed to contain the full triangle of pubic hair that was her currently preferred style.

She also wore sheer black thigh-high stay-ups on her long and shapely legs and the black patent leather stiletto heeled fuck-me shoes she’d packed specially for this trip.

Em knew exactly what the sort of youthful, big black cock she was looking for tonight would want to see.

She rang down to the concierge and asked for a taxi, destination unspecified but in the central city area or just outside it. It was a chill night. She put on her bright red Italian overcoat and her black leather gloves and left the room.

In the cab she gave the driver the address. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled sweetly back at him. They drove there in silence. When he pulled in to the kerbside at the club he said, “Have a nice night.”

Em gave him another sweet smile and a medium tip and said, “Of course.”

She parked her overcoat at the cloakroom counter, went into the ladies to check her turnout for any trip damage (there was none) and then smiled at herself in the mirror and said to her reflection, “Here we go girl.” Her reflection winked back at her.

The club salon was hopping. A jazz quarter played in one corner. In another, a man and a woman, a strip act, were slowly but hotly undressing each other on a bed. Em and other patrons distant from the spot-lit area could see the action in the angled mirrors placed around and above the bed.

The man was young and black and wearing a mask; the woman was on her back, a well proportioned thirty-something blonde. Em knew from a visit to the club on her last trip that the strip acts there went all the way. She ordered a martini, sat on a bar stool and settled in to watch the action.

Later she would get a table in one of the alcoves and order a light dinner from the short but tasty menu. That’s when she would acquire a companion too.

The man was removing the woman’s black evening dress. He did this very well indeed, unzipping it at the back and then easing it downwards. She was wearing a little red bra and, as soon became apparent, a very tiny red string.

She had unbuttoned his shirt. It hung loose exposing his powerful chest and six pack. She was in the process of unzipping his trousers and pulling them off him. Em watched this action, getting hotter by the second between her legs and feeling her nipples straining at her bra.

He was wearing a small and tightly fitting red thong. It had a huge bulge in it. The man undid the woman’s bra and pulled it away from her breasts. They spilled out, nipples hard and high. The man bent forward to bite and suck them and slid his hands into the woman’s little string.

He excited her for a minute or so and then ripped it off. She had a full beaver, nicely trimmed. Her pinkly wet pussy lips had fully parted her hair. She was a real blonde.

The woman pulled at the man’s red thong. A huge cock sprang out, fully erect. The man threw the woman’s legs widely apart. His cock disappeared inside her. He fucked her hard and fast and she writhed beneath him.

Then man’s back stiffened. The black cheeks on his powerful pumping ass squeezed inwards. His hands went back to the woman’s nipples on her jiggling breasts and squeezed and pinched them. He doubled his stroke. The woman thrashed more and more wildly, her legs now in the air.

Then the man arched his back, redoubled his stroke and threw his head back to look up at the mirror. He watched himself and the woman shouting frantically as they came.

Em was thoroughly wet between her legs. She wanted what to have done to her later tonight what she had just seen done to the woman on the bed under the spotlight. “Just like that,” she thought.

Then she composed herself. She beckoned the barman and told him she’d like an alcove table now. She would choose something to eat from the dinner menu and could the waiter please bring the other menu to the table.

The barman smiled at her and asked, “The other menu – dine in or takeaway?”

Em said, “Takeaway.”

A little later Em was eating her dinner. It was just a light Caesar salad and a glass of wine with a strong espresso to follow. She didn’t want to eat much before the night’s main event.

She was also consulting the other menu, the takeaway one.

She found a dish she thought she might fancy. It was in the premium section. His name was Jerome, he was from Curacao and he was over six foot and built to match. She loved how this club operated. She beckoned a waiter, pointed to Jerome on the menu and said, “I’d like this one. Is he available tonight?”

The waiter went away to check. He returned quickly and told her, “Jerome is available, madam.”

Em’s nipples hardened again in her little bra. “Would you ask him to join at the table please” she said.

Jerome arrived. He looked even better than his picture in the menu. They chatted briefly while another strip act was taking place, mirrored in the ceiling. This one featured a very attractive brunette being stripped by a naked masked black man as she pole-danced.

Em became very aroused when the dancer was revealed to be wearing a very tiny bikini under her tight, brief top and short sheath skirt and even more so when the man doing the undressing put his cock between her legs from the back and untied the bikini top.

She had the sort of pert, firm breasts that Em would kill for. Or which she would like to lick and nibble.

The man then turned the woman around and she grasped the pole behind her and he got in behind her again and untied her bikini bottom. It fell away, revealing the shapely dark stripe of a full beaver. Em said, “Ooooh!”

The man’s thick black cock entered the woman from behind. She spread her legs wide as he began his strokes. Her breasts jigged up and down and side to side in time with his increasingly passionate pace.

Em stared, enthralled. She murmured, “Oh god!”

Jerome’s hand covered hers and gently squeezed it. “Time to go?” he asked.

Em said, “The first show I saw was probably hotter but this one’s good. Yes, it’s time to go.”

She paid her bar bill, the meal bill and the takeaway account. It was a very expensive evening.

Twenty minutes later they were in her suite. Em was drinking a whisky, Jerome a mineral water.

While they drank and chatted, Jerome removed Em’s dress, He said, “You’re a very attractive woman. I will enjoy stripping you entirely naked on your bed.”

Em unbuttoned Jerome’s shirt and unzipped his trousers. He was wearing a tight red thong just like the man in the strip show. It contained an even larger bulge. Em said, “You are very sexy man.”

She brushed her hand across the bulge and felt his cock pulse at the touch. She said, “It will be very hot to watch that slide into me. Several times I hope.”

In a little while they moved into the bedroom. Jerome pushed Em gently onto the bed, on her back. He stripped her of her underwear just as she had seen the woman in the strip show hotly lose her bra and panties.

By now Em was hot and wet for cock. She wanted it so badly.

Em pulled down Jerome’s red thong. Ten inches of hard black cock sprang out. It was above huge balls and below a neatly trimmed low triangle of pubic hair.

Em murmured, “Oh god, oh god,” and lifted her hips to present her pussy to it. Her nipples felt as if they were on fire and she had a hot flush right through her vagina and her pelvis.

Jerome kicked off his thong and pushed Em’s legs wide apart. He said, “We’ve got all night to play with each other. I think you want this first and right now.”

Em said softly, “Oh yes, I do. I want it now and I want it very hot, very hard and very quick.”

Jerome smiled at her and licked first her hard nipples and then her open wet pussy. He said, “You are one sexy woman.”

Then Em watched with hot excitement as his thick cock with its pre-cum glistening head parted her pussy lips. Her legs were in the air.

She shouted with extreme pleasure as she watched it thrust hotly inside her and while it fucked her very quickly. She saw and felt her breasts bouncing madly and this excited her further.

She screamed in total ecstasy and thrashed wildly on his cock when it suddenly get even longer and harder and quicker.

She went to a private pink heaven when it pulsed in her streaming vagina and filled her with six fabulously hot loads.

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