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She was Alone at the Hotel that Day

A porn story her husband had given her to read reminded her of a very hot occasion
Em was sitting in a long chair under a big sunshade beside the hotel pool. It was late morning. She was there for a solo weekend and was deciding whether she would like to have sex after dinner with that rather nice man she’d chatted to in the restaurant the evening before.

That thought made her hot. It was warm anyway, even in the shade. She was wearing her new weekend-alone bikini, a tiny little halter top and string. It showed off her sleek, lightly tanned butt to perfection and barely accommodated her latest mini landing strip. It utterly failed to disguise even the hint of a hardened nipple.

As it happened, her nipples were very hard at the moment. She’d been reading through some very hot porn stories Ambrose had emailed to her some days before. He’d asked her to check them for context and misspellings. He often used Em as an editor. She had, he said, an excellent eye for detail.

Ambrose often sent her the text of essays or articles he’d completed for a final editorial check. She hadn’t known that he wrote porn until he’d sent her the file she was now reading with close attention. He’d told her he’d had a few ideas for stories in a new genre.

Em read pornography herself, though she thought that Ambrose probably didn’t know this. It was so easy these days with an electronic reader. It was also nearly always better to read than to waste time on porn movies unless they were voyeur cam. Real people having real sex and real orgasms were much hotter than ersatz boobs and fake comings.

She particularly liked hotel settings. Along with massage porn these were, she mused, one genre in which porn-star porn worked. It did so particularly well if you were bored and alone in your hotel room and you could pay for your viewing with cash. A wink at the cashier usually made that possible.

Watching movies that showed women having hotly illicit cock in their hotel rooms always turned Em on. It turned her on nearly as much as actually having hotly illicit cock (and sometimes pussy) in her hotel room or at a holiday villa. Occasionally on business trips or holidays she had booked an outcall sex service after watching a hot episode.

Em decided Ambrose had a good touch with pornography. She had just read a very sexy short story about a man who had returned several hours early to his holiday villa and had found his wife thoroughly enjoying a very hot licking by the pool.

He had quickly worked out that she was so enthusiastically enjoying the experience that she would undoubtedly also be frantically fucked. This had made him very hot. Instead of slipping away quietly he had stayed to watch and enjoy the whole performance.

The man whose long and evidently well practised tongue was licking his wife’s mound and penetrating her pussy and clearly exciting her very hotly indeed was no one he had seen before. He was a tall, powerful man with a very thick and long cock and big balls and a perfectly trimmed lush black bush.

He was obviously enjoying the experience too. His tongue was sliding in and out of his wife’s hot pussy very quickly and urgently. He was teasing the little triangle of hair on her mound with one equally urgent hand and pinching her hard right nipple with the other..

The husband stood behind a bougainvillea hedge five metres from them and observed the whole performance. He surmised from the carelessly discarded little bikini top and string on the pavers by the sun lounge that his wife had been hurriedly stripped.

He didn’t think she had been unexpectedly made naked, however. It seemed very clear that what she was getting was by prior arrangement.

Perhaps, in view of the fact that she didn’t expect her husband to return for several more hours, she would be getting it again in the villa itself, maybe even on their bed.

This further thought excited him tremendously. He knew his wife sometimes had illicit sex. They both travelled a lot and largely followed a don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

Apart from two occasions, he had never seen his wife having sex with someone else. He recalled those incidents hotly while his wife shouted on the hot tongue just across the hedge.

They had once had a shared couple-room sex massage session at a little spa on a holiday long ago and both thoroughly enjoyed it. The other occasion had been a weekend house party when he had inadvertently opened a bedroom door upstairs and seen her getting doggy-style cock from one man while giving a second man a hot blow-job.

The husband noticed the polo shirt, shorts and runners (and a little black thong) belonging to the present man were also lying in an untidy ripped-off heap by the sun lounge on which his wife was being licked and loving it and on which she would soon be fucked.

The polo short had the hotel spa logo on it. The husband smiled as he recalled that the day before his wife had been to the spa for a three-hour massage therapy session. Evidently she had thoroughly enjoyed both the massage and the masseur. He wondered whether she had had sex then too.

He saw that his wife’s nipples were the biggest and hardest he’d seen them in a very long time. He felt his cock become intensely erect. He undid his shirt so that the warm tropical breeze could help excite his own nipples. That was something that always turned him on.

He opened the fly in his trousers and pulled down his briefs. His cock sprang out. He stroked it while he watched his wife audibly enjoying very hot tongue on the other side of the hedge.

When she came, thrashing energetically on the sun lounge, she shouted, “Oh god yes! Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me!” The man then thrust his naked cock deeply into her vagina and fucked her hard and fast. They were both making a lot of noise.

The husband saw that his wife’s legs, which she had previously been holding aloft, were now free of even that restraint and even wider apart. He saw that they were pumping in time with the man’s now huge cock as it split her slit. Her neat, firm breasts were also doing a frantic little dance.

She had thrown her arms carelessly above her head in her ecstasy. The husband, fascinated by the sight of the man’s cock thrusting deeply into his wife’s pussy, masturbated to climax as his wife and the man came loudly together.

Then the husband hurriedly re-dressed and walked away quietly. He went to a beachside restaurant and had lunch. Afterwards he strolled down the beach to a little massage hut and paid the slimly pretty young woman there triple the price to do him naked and give him a blow job.

She had put out the “Closed” sign on the bamboo door of the hut and let him fuck her too.

She’d had a fully furred beaver and a lush triangle of hair on hair on her mound. The pink slit that had opened wetly in the trimmed and sandalwood-perfumed black hair between her brown legs when he licked the insides of her thighs had excited his cock beyond measure.

She had enjoyed this too, so she let him fuck her twice.

He returned to the villa at the time he had originally said he would. It was neat and tidy and none of the beds or the sofas in the living room showed any evidence that they had been disturbed.

His wife had made a dinner reservation for them at a plush restaurant and told him she’d had a quiet day.

Em laughed as she finished reading the story. Ambrose had a very good memory. All that had taken place many years ago on a long holiday in Thailand. She had thought she’d got away with it undiscovered. Ambrose had never told her about the beach massage hut, either.

She had never told him that the hotel masseur at the spa the first day had gently brushed her pussy lips through her panties while he massaged her. He had done it in a way that could be excused as a mistake if she didn’t like it.

Em in turn had never said that she had made a little appreciative noise when he did this. Neither had she said that he had then he had whispered to her, “Would you like me to take those panties off you,” or that she had said, “Oh, yes please.”

She had never said that he then gently massaged her to orgasm. She also had never said that afterwards he told her that if she liked he could come to her villa when she was alone and give her the real deal, or that she had again said, “Oh, yes please.”

She’d never said that he’d been at the villa for two hours that day and had fucked her three times; by the pool, on the day bed in the living room, and on their big bed.

She had never mentioned that the next night, their last at the resort, her excuse that she wanted a last solo stroll on the beach in the moonlight was a fib. She had arranged with her hot masseur to meet her there and for him to fuck her one last time.

She switched off her tablet and looked around her. She was no longer alone at the pool. A couple had arrived and set up on some lounges at the other end, under the tamarind tree.

Of much more interest, however, was that the man with whom she had chatted in the restaurant last night was just across the pool from her. He was looking at her in an interesting way.

She called over to him. “Hello,” she said, “Why don’t you join me over on this side?”

He called back, “OK, sounds good,” and had immediately gathered up his towel and beach bag and walked round the end of the pool to her. He set up again on the sun lounge paired with hers under the big umbrella.

Em said, “I have an idea.”

He said, “Oh yes, and what would that be?”

She said, “I have the idea that we would both like it very much if we got to know each other in intimately exquisite detail.”

He smiled at her. “I thought you were a sexy woman when we chatted in the restaurant last night. I had no idea you would be that sexy though,” he said. “What did you have in mind?”

Em smiled at him. She wanted his tongue and his cock and now that need was suddenly urgent.

“You’re here alone aren’t you?” she said. “I am here alone too. There’s a great big bed in my room on which we’d look great together doing a sixty-nine. Do you like sixty-nines?”

He said, “Oh god, you are a seriously sexy woman. Yes, I’m here alone and yes, I love a sixty-nine with a very erotic woman. When can we do this?”

Em said, “I think very soon. That way if we enjoy each other we can have dinner together tonight and explore a lot of options later.”

He looked at her. “Do you often do this, Em?” he asked. She smiled at him. “Only with really hot men,” she said. “I travel a lot on business and sometimes have solo weekends away, like now. That makes it easy.”

He smiled at her again. “So I really have been picked up by a sexy woman. That’s so exciting. I want to taste you very soon.”

She said, “I want your hard cock in my mouth and your tongue in my pussy and then your tongue in my mouth and your cock in my pussy, several times.”

He reached over and squeezed her hand, the one with the wedding ring on it. Then he moved it into his crotch. She felt his huge length in his swim shorts. She felt her pussy open wetly and thought, “Oh fuuuck! I need to see that right now!”

She said, “I think we should go now.”

He said, “I think we should.”

They went to her room. She stripped him naked just inside the door and stroked his hard cock. “Very soon,” she said.

Then she led him to the bed and pushed him down onto the cover, on his back. She got on the bed too, above him. Just before she sank her lips over his huge cock she said, “Take my bikini off.”

He untied her halter top and the little string and drew them off and threw them on the floor. He ruffled the tiny little landing strip that was revealed and murmured, “Oh god you’re beautiful.” Em shouted loudly when his tongue entered her.

His tonguing became frantic when she licked his hot shaft and then took it into her mouth and masturbated him quickly with her tightly clamped and sharp little teeth. Every man she had ever done this with had come very quickly.

Her weekend hotel friend was no exception. He shot huge gouts of hot cum into her mouth within a minute.

Then Em came on his tongue.

They had dinner together that night. Em wore her little black dress and fuck-me heels and told him she was wearing nothing else.

He smiled at her and moved to sit next to her instead of across the small table. He said, “I like a hot dinner.”

He slid two fingers into her wetly open pussy. Em came, with well suppressed moans, before the entree.

She came several times after dinner too, in his room; and so did he.

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