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Sister's Friends

Jerry and his sister's girlfriends get together for a video and sex
"Fuck me," she screamed. "Harder, harder," I madly pounded my dick while watching him thrash into her inflamed pussy.

"Hey, Jerry." a voice said. "You get yourself off watching porn on your computer?" It was a girl's disapproving voice.

I quickly covered up and wheeled around to see a blond teenager staring at me with a broad grin. Standing behind me was, Marlene, my sister's best friend. There was no telling how long she had been standing there. I had been too involved in the video to notice.

I burst out with a defensive, "Yeah, don't you?"

"Why? Ya wanna see me do it?" my sister's friend said with a note of indignation in her voice. 

"Of course."

"In your dreams," she chuckled. "By the way, Jerry, that video is really hot. I'd like to stay and watch but the girls will be wondering where I am."

"How long have you been watching?" I asked.

"Long enough," she said.

"Fine. We'll watch it together when no one is around, okay?" I offered.

"Only if I feel like it," she said.

Marlene hung around our house a lot being my sister's best friend. They had pizza parties and sleepovers so I watched Marlene's body change as she went from a little girl's body to a sexy full breasted teenager. 

My friends had noticed the changes too. It was pretty easy to notice. The guys joked about wanting to get into her drawers making vulgar remarks about her massive boobs. Marlene had the nicest set of tits in high school.

Marlene had turned sixteen last week and today my sister invited a bunch of their friends over for her birthday party. Everyone was in the next room giggling and laughing. 

I was a year and a half older than my sister and most of her friends. Ordinarily, we had little in common. Maybe things were about to change.

"Look, Jerry, I've gotta get back," she said. "Enjoy yourself. It was fun seing what you do in your spare time." 

At that, Marlene turned and left my bedroom.

That embarrassing moment got me thinking about my sister's friends. Apparently they no longer are little pests always running around and getting in the way. Clearly I had to view them in a very different way, in a sexual way.

But, was Marlene just teasing and flirting with me? One thing was certain, I was going to find a way to test Marlene's 'invitation'. All I needed was a plan.

I didn't need a plan. Two days later I got a text message from Marlene saying she had told one of the girls at the birthday party about me and the video. The two of them wanted to come over to watch it. This is where it gets interesting because Marlene didn't ask me to send her a link to the video but wanted to watch it "together" and that included me! 

Jenny was the 'friend' that I hardly knew. She was my age, shy, and like me, anxious to graduate from high school. We exchanged a 'Hi' and a wave once in awhile in the halls but we never had classes together or even had seen each other at weekend parties.

As far as I could tell, Jenny was painfully shy and it just didn't make sense that Marlene would confide in her. Even more puzzling, Jenny was the sweet bashful type so it seemed out of character for her to be willing to watch a sex video, especially with me at my house. 

Jenny was not favored with the same shapely body like her friend, Marlene. Jenny was a tall girl with a nice slim body, piercing blue eyes, long dark hair and a pretty face but a person would be hard pressed to tell that Jenny was older than Marlene. Marlene's body was that of a fully developed woman; Jenny had a young grammar school girl look. 

The only thing that betrayed Jenny's schoolgirl look was her voice. She had a mature sexy woman's voice. However, looks can be deceiving as I was soon to find out. 

Finding a time for the three of us to watch my porn video wasn't difficult because both of my parents work and this was spring break. The only minor adjustment that we needed to arrange was to be sure my sister wasn't home.

Marlene solved this for us. She chose the afternoon that my sister and her friends were scheduled to go on a spring shopping trip. Marlene told my sister she had a dentist appointment and couldn't go. 

So, it was set for the following Thursday afternoon around 1:30 PM. 

The doorbell rang a few minutes early. The two girls were all giggly as one might expect from two embarrassed teens. I ushered them into my bedroom.

"What's the name of this flick, Jerry?" Marlene asked in a voice that revealed a touch of nervousness. 

"They call it "Lusty Twins." Then I offered an unsolicited summary. "It's about twin sisters fighting over the same boyfriend. They are tryin' to prove who is better in bed." 

Jenny just stood there expressionless saying nothing. 

"Okay, we're ready. Let's see it," Marlene commanded as if she was a girl scout leader. 

It took a minute to get online and link to the video. I sat at the keyboard and the girls watched behind me seated on my bed. 

There rarely is a long introduction in porn videos before the actors start some kind of sex act. That's why within the first three minutes, the twins in the movie were already naked and playing with each other's genitals. 

I turned to look at the two friends sitting behind me. Jenny's cheeks were flushed and Marlene seemed to be totally lost in the action. 

I asked, "Jenny, have you seen porn before?"

She answered with a sharp, "No. Of course not." 

"How about you Marlene?"

"A couple of times. It gets me hot and sometimes I get really wet. I kinda like watching. That's why we came over." 

Jenny rolled her eyes as if to say, "That's my friend, Marlene, for you."

By this time the action in the video had heated up and the twins' boyfriend was removing his pants. With a little help from one of the girls, his fat hard cock sprung out of his jeans and immediately into her mouth. 

As the blowjob in the video continued accompanied by sexy slurpy sounds, the other twin was rubbing her pussy watching the action next to her. That is to say, she was looking at her sister take the man's cock all the way down her throat. 

Marlene reached over to me and said, "Isn't this the scene where I caught you playing with yourself?"

"I guess so. Maybe it was later," I replied in a barely audible voice. 

"Show Jenny what you were doing." 

"You're kidding," I croaked. 

"No really. Let's see you do it," she said. 

At this point, our eyes were riveted on the video as the guy moved over to one of the girls and plowed his cock into her cunt. Not wanting to be left out, the other girl moved between his legs and sucked on his balls. 

All of a sudden and completely unexpected, Jenny wailed, "Come on Jerry, show it to us." 

I was in shock but gathered my wits together and said, "Okay but both of you need to get naked." 

I inwardly smiled at my treachery. 

Now it was her turn to be startled. Marlene looked at Jenny with a frown and Jenny looked back in terror. 

Marlene said, "Okay Jenny, I'll do it if you do it." 

Without a word, Jenny took off her blouse and bra, then she stood up and slipped off her shorts and thong. She was naked except for her shoes. The shy modest Jenny had been transformed into a shamelessly brazen lusty female.

Jenny's tits were small but proportional to her trim body. Her pussy was mostly shaved with only a small tuft of fur above her slit. Jenny had a heavenly ass that made up for a less than robust set of boobs. 

Marlene watched with me in wonder, then Jenny said, "It's your turn Marlene." 

Strangely, Marlene was reticent about taking off her clothes but Jenny kept insisting. 

I decided to encourage Marlene further by helping her unbutton her blouse. She was embarrassed but didn't protest. When I reached around to unhooked her bra, she said sounding annoyed, "Leave me alone. I can do it myself." 

She reluctantly unhooked the clasp behind her back and when her bra fell to the floor, I was treated with a breath taking sight! When I was finally able to catch my breath, I gasped, "Oh my God!" 

Marlene's full firm ripe breasts were more than I could have imagined. They filled her chest punctuated with large areolas and erect nipples. The perfectly matched pair. 

"Stop staring," she yelped.

"I can't help it. Those are fantastic!" I said continuing to stare. 

Marlene's response was quick and to the point. "Take your pants off Jerry. Stop stalling. We want to watch you pleasure yourself like you were doing the other day." 

I took a side glance at Jenny's reaction as my trousers slide past my knees. She was intently watching the video where one twin licked her sister's pussy while she was getting fucked doggie style. 

The bulge in my briefs told the story. I was no longer interested in the video. My attention was locked onto the two sluts in my bedroom. 

Slipping the last piece of apparel over my cock, I stepped out of my briefs standing stark naked in front of two nearly nude girls.

"Now take off your panties, Marlene, before I rip 'em off," I said in a stern manly voice. 

She followed my demands without an argument, displaying a fully shaved pussy and a nice tight ass. My heart began to pound uncontrollably and I was overflowing with lust. 

"Show us what you were doing the other day when Marlene caught you," Jenny said in her soft sexy voice. "You know, rub it." 

My cock was firm but I still hadn't come to a full erection. I needed a little more erotic stimulation asking, "How about you, Marlene. Do you pleasure yourself?"

"You mean masturbate? Of course, like you were doing the other day."

"Well, not quite the same," I countered. "Are you going to show me how you do it?"

"Maybe," she said coyly. 

I turned to Jenny and asked, "How about you? Do you entertain yourself?"

"What do you mean, like this?" she teased. 

At that she licked two fingers, placed her hand between her wide open legs and began fingering herself.

The 'it' Jenny had referred to was now stiff, long and hard with a touch of pre-cum oozing from it's tip. As I began stroking my dick, Jenny wasn't idle. The two of us were stroking ourselves with Marlene a wide eyed spectator. 

Marlene didn't quite know what to do so I took her hand and placed it on my erection saying, "Okay Marlene, help me out here." 

She knew what I meant and sank to her knees to began giving me a hand job. "Wait," I said reaching in the desk drawer for a tube of KY. "This will make it slippery." 

Marlene took a glob of the gooey substance and coated my hard shaft with the jelly then slid her hand back and forth from tip to balls. It surprised me that she could do this so expertly but then she had watched me fuck myself.

This provided an opportunity to grab those marvelous boobs. As she worked my cock, I fondled and pinched her world class tits.

Jenny began moaning as she was now finger fucking herself watching Marlene's hand milking me. Her eyes glanced at the video then back to our foreplay but she never stopped stroking her pussy.

"Wait, Marlene. I want you to tit fuck me," I begged.

At first she was confused but then she took by hard-on and pressed it between those fabulous breasts.

This lasted a few minutes before Jenny told Marlene, "Come over here and lick my pussy like the girl was doing in the video."

I helped Marlene off of her knees and walked her over to the bed where she placed her head between Jenny's outstretched legs. Marlene showed no reluctance to eat out her horny friend so it occurred to me that they were already familiar with each other's bodies.

Jenny's head was propped up on my pillow moaning with the attention she was getting from below. This became an ideal opportunity for me to join them on the bed and to position my dick in a way that there was no doubt what I wanted. 

Jenny turned her head toward my pulsing cock and hungrily engulfed it as if it was her last meal. Jenny sucked and licked and took my meat all the way down. There had been a couple of girls that had sucked my cock but none of them had ever deep throated me before. Although it was new to me, apparently it was not so new to Jenny. She was an expert cock sucker. 

I wanted to cum so badly but there was one more thing that had to be tried. One of these girls needed to be fucked. When Jenny came up for air and backed off of the blow job, I moved behind Marlene whose head was still between Jenny's legs. 

I had a bird's eye view of Jenny's sweet pink pussy as Marlene sucked on her friend's clit sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt. 

With Marlene on her knees and her ass up in the air, I had an another opportunity I couldn't refuse. That young pussy begged me to slam my rock hard cock deep into her wet hot steamy slit. I had to quickly get inside her before she could object. 

She let out a cry of "Oh my God" when my cock rammed into her love box. 

As soon as my dick disappeared in that girl's juicy cunt, she began moving her ass to accommodate the motion of my dick slipping in and out of her tight hole. Her mammoth boobs jiggled and swung back and forth in sync with my balls banging against her ass. Soon we were in a perfect rhythm as if we had been long time fuck partners.

Marlene lost all inhibition but she was unable to multitask. She stopped sucking her friend's pussy leaving Jenny temporarily alone. This made Jenny a bystander, the audience so to speak, but she was not idle.

Jenny came up with an ingenious idea and grabbed her cell phone to snap a few pictures and take a short video of me savagely fucking her younger friend.

I was in heaven slamming into Marlene's soaking love tunnel and she cooperated with moans and sighs of lust. Our slippery bodies kept at it with youthful energy when Marlene squealed, "Jerry, I want to be on top." 

I quickly rolled onto my back. In only seconds, she had me straddled and pushed my cock back into her sopping tight canal. Marlene's sexual appetite wasn't easy to satisfy. With each stroke she became increasingly vocal with short shrieks of passion. And there were other sounds, like little queefs each time her pussy banged down onto my cock. 

Marlene riding me cowgirl with her tits swinging in front of my face made me frantic. There was an uncontrollable urgency building inside me waiting to pour fluids deep into her. I was so ready to cum. My balls ached. Holding back was almost painful. 

Finally she gave out a loud gasp accompanied by a volcanic orgasm with my rod deep inside her. It was my turn next, finishing with an explosive orgasm of my own. I released a massive load into her. Squirt followed squirt as I hemorrhaged into Marlene's accommodating pussy. 

Reluctantly I pulled out and cum oozed out of her twat giving clear evidence that Marlene's vagina had been topped off with more spunk than it could hold. She had to excuse herself to go cleanup in the bathroom. Jenny and I watched as my cum dripped down her thighs when she left the room. 

It gave Jenny time to say something in private.

"Wow, Jerry, that was just like the video and I've got it all here on my camera." 

"Yeah, and I was a kinda surprised that Marlene was okay with you giving her head." 

"We've done that before and like you, Jerry, I love her big tits."

Then she whispered her little secret. "You know Jerry, Marlene and I planned this all along hoping you would go along with it. The trouble is that you were supposed to do me, not Marlene." 

"Well, Jenny, how about a rain date?" 

She smiled and said, "How about tomorrow? Is that too soon?" She seemed eager. 

"Sounds good. Tomorrow it is."

After the girls had left, I wondered, what had happened to that shy invisible Jenny I saw at school? The lesson to be remembered here is, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

I never saw the pictures and video that Jenny took but one of my frat brothers in college said he had seen it and really loved that Marlene girl. 

 Ten Years Later...

Tomorrow never came, that is, the rendezvous that Jenny promised did not happen. Her father had a heart attack on the day we were to get together. He survived but I never saw Jenny again after graduation.

Never again until our tenth high school reunion. The reunion was held in the biggest hotel in town and everyone tried hard to look their best. Most of our classmates were college graduates and moderately successful. Many were married and a few had already started a family. These are things we learned on our high school website where people posted their pictures and profile like on Facebook.

Jenny did not appear on the website and it seemed she was unlikely to attend. I was curious about her and hoped otherwise. 

The dinner was scheduled for 7:30 PM with an open bar starting at six. I was there around 6:15 dressed in my best suit and a wild tie to attract attention. Actually, it was my only suit since it wasn't often I had a chance to dress up. My day clothes were 'relaxed informal' and my formal attire was also 'relaxed informal'. This occasion was different since I was still single and hoped to impress and hook up with a lady at the reunion. Okay, that sounds like high school adolescent behavior but hey, I was still under thirty and looking.

At about 6:45 PM, I was at the bar with a beer. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hi stranger," in a familiar sexy voice. 

I turned my head to look around and was face to face with the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen. The woman was dressed like something you see in a Louis Vuitton commercial. Her skin was flawless; her hair was stunning; her jewelry was, well, rich. It was Jenny. 

"Oh my God, you are beautiful," was my feeble response. "How the hell are you, Jenny?" 

"I'm good," she said in a soft velvet voice with a hint of a smile. "And you?"

"Much better now that you are here," I answered. 

"Aren't you going to buy me a drink?"

"Of course. What are you having?" 

"How about a margarita?"

"A margarita coming right up!" I said with much too much enthusiasm. 

We took our drinks to an empty table and spent some time together catching up until several of the other guys came around to introduce themselves to Jenny always saying, "Remember me? I'm Dick, or Bill or John."

In short, Jenny went to modeling school after high school, joined an ad agency where she was noticed by a fashion magazine and began a highly successful modeling career. Modeling took her to New York, Paris, Dubai, Milan and other fashion capitals around the world. In Saudi Arabia she married a young 'handsome' prince and jetted around the world with the rich and famous.

At dinner time, she excused herself and said that she had made an earlier commitment to have dinner with friends. I was left to find a place for myself at a table. 

The dinner was ordinary as were the classmates at the dinner table. I was probably the most boring of them. I kept wondering if Jenny's husband was in town because he was not at the dinner. How could I spend a few more minutes with her? Did she purposely look me up or did we accidentally meet at the bar? Was she still sexual like a decade ago? I couldn't get her out of my mind.

The after dinner agenda was your basic memorabilia celebration. Our cheerleaders led the school cheer and our class president gave a welcoming speech. Then there was the school fight song that we all sang with simulated passion and finally a DJ started the music for dancing. 

Dancing with Jenny was out of the question. Married or not, it seemed that every male in the room took their turn with Jenny. At eleven, the family men started to leave and by midnight the DJ began to pack his CD's. Jenny was dancing with our team's quarterback but as they twirled around, she gave me a wink and motioned for me to join them.

The three of us 'waltzed' with each other doing a crazy dance to a Michael Jackson song until the last song of the evening was played. It was an old Sinatra tune my parents used to play called, "The Last Dance." It was a slow dance and an ideal chance to embrace Jenny for the two and half minute melody. 

She whispered in my ear, "Jerry, why didn't you ask me to dance? I wanted to spend more time with you tonight."

My excuse was, "I'm not a very good dancer, Jenny."

As the music ended, Jenny said, "My feet are killing me. I could use a drink. Let's go to the bar."

"Sounds good," and we sat at a table in the corner with her margarita and my beer. 

It was then that she confided in me.

"Look Jerry, the only reason I came tonight was to see you. My husband is in the city on business so it was a great opportunity for me to come here tonight." 

"Where are you staying?" I asked. 

"I'm staying here instead of with my husband at the Waldorf in the city. It's just a lot more convenient for both of us." 

"Jerry, can I confide in you?" she asked with her eyes watering up. 

"Of course," I said sympathetically.

"I'm not happy, Jerry."

I stared at her in astonishment but said nothing. 

"I was probably too impulsive when I met the prince and was all caught up with the glamour and wealth and status. Marrying a prince is not nearly as romantic as it is in the fairytales. The prince is away a lot and when he's around, he can be abusive. You understand, don't your Jerry?"

I nodded in agreement and she continued. 

"In fact, Jerry, when it comes to romance, the prince isn't a very good lover. He only wants to get satisfaction from me in bed and then go to sleep. He isn't nearly as playful as you, Jerry and to be honest, he doesn't have as nice a cock as you. He's probably with one of his mistresses now." 

My face flushed and then I said, "Ah, you remember." 

"Yes, Jerry I remember. I was so worked up and aroused that day at your house. With you fucking Marlene instead of me, I wanted you more than ever. I've still got the pictures. Anyway, then my dad got ill and well, you know the rest." 

Clearly, she was seducing me. It was my turn to make a move and said, "Should we do something about that tonight?" 

Jenny nodded and said, "Yes, Jerry, we should make amends for what we missed." 

After I paid the bill, she took my hand and led me to the elevator that took us up to, of all things, the Bridal Suite.

In the room she said, "Jerry, I want to show you the most wonderful lingerie I found in Paris. Wait here while I change," and she went into the bathroom. 

My heart was pounding but still, I had no idea how this evening would play out. It seemed like hours before Jenny emerged from the bathroom but it was well worth the wait. Jenny stood before me with a black see-through negligee that would make Victoria's Secret blush. 

Jenny had filled out since high school and her breasts and hips were that of a healthy mature woman. Her tits were not that of Marlene's but round and full. Jenny modeled the gown turning slowly so that I could appreciate every curve then said, "So, what do you think?"

"Beautiful, Jenny. You are absolutely beautiful." 

"Don't you think you would be more comfortable, Jerry, if you took off your jacket and that awful tie? It would make me feel a little more comfortable if you would take off your shirt and pants as well." At that she sat on the bed watching me remove all of my clothes except my briefs.

"Let's start where we left off, okay Jerry?" Then she laid on the bed spreading her legs. "Remember this?" she said moving her hand between her legs.

"How could I forget," I replied.

I could now see that she was wearing shear crotchless panties revealing a gorgeously shaved pussy. Her fingers quickly began massaging the open area between her legs followed by two fingers that found the warmth inside the sweet spot I had seen ten years earlier.

"It's time, Jerry. I've waited too long for this. Come here and fuck me." 

With that, I striped off my briefs and rolled in next to that beautiful creature. 

"Let me help you with that," I said removing her fingers from her pussy and replacing them with two of my own. Oh how deliciously wet she felt. 

It was only a moment later that my head was between her legs lapping up her cunt juices. My tongue circled her clit and she responded by heaving her hips to meet my hot lips begging me to suck her swollen organ. 

"Suck me, suck me, Jerry. Put your fingers back inside me." 

I love when a woman tells a man what she wants, what she needs in bed. I did what she commanded. 

"Oh how I love that, Jerry," she cried. 

Now I had to taste those nipples and removed her flimsy top. The sucking continued but this time it was on her tits that became erect and hard, just like my cock. She returned the favor with a fantastic blowjob taking me deep into her throat.

Before I could blow my wad she whispered, "Jerry, I have to tell you a little secret. I haven't had a real man's cock inside me for over a year. My husband has been away and most of the people in the fashion industry are gay so the only sex I've had has been with other woman." Please don't wait any longer. I want your cock inside me now!" 

With that I pushed apart her graceful legs and drove my dick deep into her love tunnel. Without a bit of reservation, I banged into her honey pot hard and fast, holding back my own satisfaction until Jenny cried out, "I'm cumming, Jerry, I'm cumming."

Her orgasm was strong and wetness gushed out of her hole signally it was my turn for relief. I poured my juices deep inside her, spewing shot after shot of cum in that glorious cavern. She cried out again and again saying. "Keep it in. Don't pull out. Keep it all the way in, Jerry." 

""Yes, Jenny, I'll keep it in." I kept my word until finally my erection softened and fell it out on it's own. 

We both were exhausted. Tears rolled down her cheeks while she kept saying over and over again how fulfilled she felt and how fantastic it was to feel a real man's cock sliding inside her. 

After we caught our breath, she said, "Jerry, I have been photographed in every kind of gown on this earth but have never been photographed in the nude. Will you take a picture of me now?"

"Of course. Where is your camera?"

"In the desk drawer by the lamp." 

It was a very nice easy to use point and shoot Canon. First I focused on her pussy because I wanted to capture the creampie oozing out of her slit. At first I asked her to bend her knees but keep them spread. This made for some nice creamed pussy shots. Then she began posing as only a professional model can pose and I clicked away at an assortment of erotic poses.

She particularly liked to touch herself showing off all of those intimate places such as spreading her pussy lips and finally she said, "Jerry, get my vibrator in the other drawer."

That's when she gave me a demonstration of female masturbation and I faithfully photographed it all.

Jenny finally got tired of the photo session and said, "Masturbate for me, Jerry but don't cum. I want you to fuck me doggie." 

I had pretty much recovered from round one and was ready for more. I stood in front of the bed, licked my hand and gave her a nice show as I jerked my cock back and forth like I had so often done at home. Meanwhile, she grabbed the camera turning it to video. So, there I was having a movie taken of something I had only done in private.

When she put the camera down and turned over on all fours, I knew she was ready to be reamed by my now very hard cock.

We screwed like hyper sexed teenagers for a long time. After she experienced several orgasms (who's counting?) and when I released another stream of cum deep into the recesses of her vagina, we collapsed into each other's arms and fell fast asleep.

I awoke the next morning, not by the sound of birds chirping, but by the sound of what seemed to be an electric shaver. To my surprise it was Jenny's toy buried between her legs. 

"Good morning, Jerry. Hey, those pictures we took last night are really hot. I was looking at them again before you woke up and got really horny. I needed some relief. Do you mind?" 

"Of course not," I replied still trying to figure out where I was. 

"Jerry, some of the fags I work with said this toy of mine works wonders on their prostrate. It makes them cum really hard they say. Do you want to try it?"

"I really don't know. Maybe." 

"Come on. I want to see if it works." 

"Okay but give me a minute to go to the john and wash up."

I returned from the bathroom looking at a beautiful woman wearing only a sly wicked smile and holding a tube of lube along with her vibrator. 

"Assume the position, Jerry," she said meaning kneeling on all fours.

I followed her instructions. With one hand lubing my ass and the other holding her humming appliance, she began to gently insert the toy in my butt hole. It was an unfamiliar sensation especially when it reached my prostrate. The affect was a mixture of pain and pleasure, an acquired feeling.

"Do you like it Jerry?" she asked. 

"It's okay but my cock seems to like it better." My erection was hard and throbbing so I said, "My dick needs some attention, Jenny." 

"I can see that. I want you to do me anal while my toy is stuck in your ass." At that she also assumed the position and we looked like two dogs in heat. 

The vibrator kept massaging my prostrate and my cock inched forward toward her backside. With the help of a little more lube, I was balls deep inside her rear door but I couldn't hold back. The stimulation was just too great. My belly felt a sharp pain of pleasure as I began a mind blowing orgasm.

"Oh, oh, oh, aaah," I yelled as I finished with a flourish. Yanking out the stimulator I said, "Jenny, this thing is terrific!" 

"So you liked it, hey Jerry?" 

"You bet."

"Take it. You might want to try it again. I've got more of them at home. Look, I have one more thing to ask of you, Jerry. I want you to cum in my mouth." 

"No way, Jenny. I'm totally spent." 

"Maybe after breakfast you will feel different. I'm going to call room service to bring us breakfast," and she did.

A half hour later a young man was visibly surprised to be greeted by a completely naked woman when he brought in a breakfast of juice, ham and eggs, croissant, and coffee. He quickly ducked out and didn't wait for the tip. 

We talked about our years after high school but it was mostly me doing the talking. I already knew about Jenny's past. 

It took a long time until I was ready to perform again. When we had finished breakfast, I said, "Let's take a shower." 

In the shower, I rubbed her back and lathered her boobs and soaped her pussy. She returned the favor and washed my cock and balls. It all worked to get me hard again. Jenny went down on me as the water flowed over our bodies working my cock in and out of her mouth and sometimes deep into her throat. She had to work at my appendage for quite some time before I finally erupted with another explosive orgasm giving her the milky fluid she craved. Jenny was not shy about taking it all in and swallowed with one large gulp.

"Thanks, Jerry. That was even better than the breakfast." 

Around noon she called her limousine driver and paid the hotel bill. This time we were both dressed. 

"Do you need a ride, Jerry?" she offered. 

"No, I've got my car." 

Before slipping into the limo, Jenny said, "That was the best class reunion ever. Let's do it again at the next one." 

I smiled and said, "You can count on it."

"Oh by the way, Jerry, I want you to meet my husband."

I looked in the limo's door and a man was sitting in the back seat." 

"Jerry, this is my husband, Rashid."

"Hi," I said and he nodded with a princely nod. 

"Rashid, this is the man I told you I was going to seduce yesterday when we had dinner with Marlene. By the way, did you and Marlene spend the night together? She's such a great fuck, isn't she?" 

He looked away from her for an instant, then turned back slapping her in the face and growled "American slut!" It was unlikely that he would ever know how right he was. The limo driver closed the door and drove away. 

That gave me an idea. It was time to look up Marlene. She was easy to find on the Internet since she had her own website. Her home page showed those magnificent boobs and nothing else. It said, "Call me, I'm easy." Only a prince could afford her rates. No matter, I got a free one ten years ago.

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