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Staying With Erin - Chapter 6

Bridget shares her new lodger with her best - and equally depraved - friends.
The next three days were absolute torture. The sweetest, most devastating torture one could think up.

Erin had somehow changed the dress code, and I was suddenly the only one running around buck naked all day long. This gave her and Bridget the opportunity to fondle any part of me that they desired. And they did that a lot. When I wasn’t sleeping, the longest I went untouched by them was perhaps half an hour.

Everywhere I went, everything I did, the one thing I could be sure about was the fingers that suddenly pinched my nipples or bum, tickled or caressed all parts of my body, buried themselves inside my constantly moist sex and teased me until I was toeing the cliff to release. Where they left me dangling in frustration, time and time again.

The first few times they kept me from climaxing, I was annoyed and got hyperactive. But with each forbidden release, the emotions became more intense and the feeling of despair took on physical qualities. My nipples became two constantly hard and throbbing needlepoints. My pussy was swollen and sensitive, constantly dripping juices down my thighs; juices that I wasn’t even allowed to wipe away. I couldn’t have done that anyway, as Erin had re-applied her arm bondage to keep my hands from straying between my legs.

By Wednesday evening I was a walking heap of sexual frustration, and a few pinches to my clit were all that was needed to get me teetering on the brink of release. Tears of frustration trickled down my cheeks while I ate dinner under the watchful and excited eyes of my tormentors. They had only grinned like lunatics every time I had begged to be allowed to come. I had even gotten on my knees and plastered sweet kisses all over my landlady’s feet in a moment of absolute despair.

I’m not sure how I managed to do the dishes without breaking anything. My whole body was trembling with need.

“Oh, look at the clock,” Bridget suddenly exclaimed somewhat dramatically, “it’s almost eight already. Erin, get your roommate into some clothes, the guests will be here any…”

The doorbell kept her from finishing the sentence, but the shooing motion she made was quite clear. So I followed Erin to her room, where she told me to stand in front of the mirror while she rummaged around in the wardrobe.

“Got it! You’ll look great in that!”

I gasped when I looked at the two flimsy pieces of fabric dangling from her fingers. “You can’t be serious! Those are at least two sizes too small for me!”

“That’s the plan.” She looked at me expectantly, her head tilted to the side and that sweet, slightly pouting smile on her lips. “Come on, don’t be a spoilsport.”

I clumsily took the pants from her, a tiny bit of washed-out pink terry cloth shorts, and stepped into them. “Who’s going to be here this evening?”

The shorts didn’t even cover my bum cheeks, and I had to fight a rising feeling of panic.

“Oh, just a few friends of Bridget. Let me see, there’s Elaine, she’s a neighbor from a few miles down the road and quite friendly. I think Joanne will also be there, she’s her best friend,” she winked at me, “if you know what I mean. And Mrs. Somerset, she’s going to be our teacher.”

“Our teacher?” I squawked, only halfway through the struggle of pulling the much too narrow white tank-top Erin had given me over my breasts. “Oh god! You can’t let her see me like this!”

“Of course I can!” Erin slipped behind me and pulled the top down.

It just barely came down below my breasts, but what was worse, my nipples stood clearly out, their silhouette enhanced by the darker skin color that was quite visible through the stretched fabric.

“See how beautiful they look in that! I could eat you right here and now! They are so yummy!”

“But - but those are Bridget’s friends! And our teacher!” I gasped again, but this time because Erin nibbled on my neck and left a moist, hot spot of burning desire.

“And what if? You know, I could suckle on your nipples and see if the top gets see-through when it’s wet. Should I try it?”

“No!” But even while I voiced my protest, a deep, dark part of me rejoiced in the idea of presenting myself to a room full of strangers in such an obscene display. Goosebumps raced up and down my spine, and Erin’s satisfied laughter told me that it didn’t go unnoticed.

“C’mon, let’s go!”

I followed her like a puppy. In my defense, I had spent three whole days more horny than I had ever been before in my life, and my mind had entered a state where everything had taken on a surreal hue.

And surreal was truly the best word to describe the feeling that I experienced when I entered the living room. I almost felt the eyes physically on my body when we crossed the threshold. Our landlady sat in the middle of the couch, a huge grin plastered across her face. To her left was a petite woman whose cherry-red lips were the first thing to draw my attention. She wore a form-hugging brown t-shirt with glittering rhinestone and leggings with a leopard pattern and white, incredibly high heeled sandals. She looked like she had directly jumped out of one of these eighties movies my mother loved so much.

Then my sight moved to Bridget’s right. The woman - I quickly substituted the word ‘lady’ in my mind - appeared to be at least in her early fifties. The dress she wore was formal, a navy blue skirt that went almost all the way to her ankles, and a white blouse with a stiff collar. Her grey hair was done up in a bun, and she looked at me calculatingly over a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, the stern expression making me shiver. She had, I thought, been quite beautiful at one time, but time had left a number of wrinkles on her face. She still effused an air of elegance.

There was a third woman, I noticed belatedly. She was sitting opposite my landlady on one of the plush chairs, and when I looked at her, two huge eyes with almost black pupils captured my gaze and made me freeze on the spot. I felt like falling into them, and it was only Erin’s insistent pulling on my hand that enabled me to break out of my trance. Her hair was sleek and black and fell all the way down her back. Her eyelids were artfully done in a pinkish blue that changed into deep violet toward the outer edges. Her lips were painted in the same flowing mix, with a thin black line enhancing their fullness.

And there was her dress - a twirl of colorful fabrics, a bit like an Indian sari, skin-tight at the top and flowing like liquid down her body. She was tall, I realized, she had to be over six feet, because she was lounging back on the plush chair, but her eyes were still level with the others’. She never looked away from me the whole time I stared at her, and then she brought a finger to her mouth and touched the tip with her tongue for a moment. Goosebumps raced up my spine, and I couldn’t suppress the shiver. A slight widening of her eyes told me she had seen it.

“This is Paisy, my new lodger, I have told you about her.” My landlady waved me towards the couch. “Paisy, go around and greet our guests. This,” she gestured to her left, “is Elaine, she’s a neighbor and a friend of mine. Come on, Paisy, don’t play coy.”

So I traipsed hesitantly over until I was standing in front of her after small push on my back from Erin helped me get moving.

“Nice to meet you, Elaine.” I extended my hand.

Instead of taking it, she stood up and embraced me rather tightly, so close that her pelvis pressed against mine.

“Nice to meet you too,” she whispered into my ear, and I almost yelped when her hand rubbed down my back and slid shamelessly into my pants.

“Elaine,” I whispered back, trying to wiggle out of her embrace, “please don’t.”

“Don’t what,” she teased and squeezed my bum cheek, “this? Bridget has told me quite a lot about you. Does it make you hot?”

But she finally let go and sat down, and I sent a thank you to whatever god there was that she hadn’t kept up her fondling, or I would have been unable to hide my enjoyment. So I staggered along the couch and stood in front of my teacher-to-be.

Did she expect an embrace too? I was already off balance, and her glare didn’t help. Her eyes roamed critically up and down my body, and I might just as well have been naked if the disdain in her look was anything to go by.

“Oh, silly me.” Bridget broke the uncomfortable silence. “This is Mrs. Somerset, she’ll be your teacher next year. Or perhaps a little earlier, if she can make the time.”

“Nice to meet you,” I voiced again.

“I’m not sure if I’m all that pleased to meet you,” she declared, “I mean, just look at you! Bridget has told me that you have nothing but sex in your head, but wouldn’t have thought it would be that bad. When have you put on these pants?”

Wilting under her words, I looked down at my crotch and gasped. Right there between my legs was a huge, dark spot of wetness. My face burned. Elaine’s short stimulation had been enough to make my juices flow like mad, and these shorts hid nothing. That was probably why my devious roommate had selected them.

“Answer me!” Mrs. Somerset’s voice became sharp.

“Uh, five minutes ago.” Did the room just start to revolve?

“Tut, tut. And your dripping snatch has already soaked these pants? You’re quite a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

She looked into my eyes while she spoke to me, and when she didn’t avert her gaze, it was clear that she expected an answer.

“Yes, I am,” I confirmed in a tiny voice.

But she shook her head. “Try again.”

Again? What did she mean? I bit my lip, but then I had a thought. “Yes, I am a naughty girl.” My throat felt scratchy.

“Better, but there’s still room. Again.”

Erin had stepped behind the couch and mouthed a soundless word to me that finally made the pieces fall into place.

“Yes, I am a naughty girl, Ma’am.”

She smiled for the first time. “See, that was not that hard. Let’s regard this as your first lesson. Do you know what I do with naughty girls to keep their attention on my lessons?”

I quickly shook my head. “No, Ma’am.”

“I spank their bare bums and cover them with red welts all the way, until I have their undivided attention.”

I had thought that, once classes started, there would be reprieve from all the depravity going on around Erin and my landlady. I had been wrong.

“Have you been spanked before?”

“Only twice. Both times by Bridget, Ma’am.”

“I see.” She looked over to my landlady and held a short, silent conversation with her that ended with a nod. Turning back to me, she smiled sweetly. “Your landlady thinks I’m warranted a good look at the derriere that will, and I have no doubt there, be spanking quite thoroughly. Please lean forward and hold yourself up on the table.”

That this evening would hold some kind of surprise for me had been quite clear to me. That things would spiral out of my control this quickly was more than I had expected. I slowly turned around, aware that every eye in the room rested on me, and bent forward until my trembling hands touched the surface of the tea table, waiting to be examined by my future teacher.

I didn’t expect the feeling on cool air on my bum, though, and before I knew it, the terry-cloth shorts were around my knees and firm hands kneaded my buttocks.

“Nice,” Mrs. Somerset commented, squeezing my bum cheeks tightly. “Quite full and bouncy, she will be able to take a lot of strokes.”

I could only press my eyes shut and try to ignore the implications her ominous remark held for my future.

“And if her impertinent little pussy is anything to go by right now, we will have ample reason for chastisement. But there is one thing that needs to go. Joanne, what do you think? Scurry over to our friend, Paisy, and let her have a look at you.”

I stood up, relieved, but when I reached for the shorts, a slap on my bum made me halt.

“Keep them where they are. You would only have to pull them down again anyway.”

I swallowed, wondering why I had been allowed to put on anything at all, if all they did was to undress me with some made-up reasons. “Yes, Ma’am.”

And so I shuffled awkwardly over to the third stranger, self-conscious as hell and starting to sweat from arousal the humiliating display stirred up in me.

“Hello Joanne,” I managed to say though, and “nice to meet you,” even if I couldn’t look her in the eyes.

Until her finger touched my chin and turned my face towards her, that is. I immediately fell into those dark eyes again, and it felt as if she was looking right into my mind.

My heart almost stopped when she bent forward and her face came closer and closer to my tingling crotch. She wouldn’t - no, she only took in a deep breath, just inches from my dripping wet pussy, but then leaned back again, licked her lips and smiled.

“Mm, exquisite. But you are right.” Her eyes met Mrs. Somerset’s. “These…”

Suddenly, her fingers were between my legs, nestled in my pubic hair, tugging almost painfully. My knees nearly gave in.

“Yes, these have to go. Knowing you, Patricia, there’s no time like the present, is there?”

A loud chuckle from the teacher filled the room. “Too right you are. What do you think, Bridget?”

“I always defer to your judgment, randy old girl, you know that.”

“Then you know what I need.”

“I’ll be right back.”


It was perhaps both the speed with which things progressed as much as the multiple people drawing my attention that I didn’t protest more, not even when Mrs. Somerset had me lie down on the table, which she had pulled close to the couch, my bum right at the edge, and pulled my shorts completely off me. My landlady was back in less than a minute, a silvery box and a bunch of leather strips in her hand.

I was naive, but I wasn’t silly. I knew that this was about my pubic hair, and that whatever they had planned was probably more than a simple shaving. It was quickly confirmed when my legs were guided wide apart and tied to the feet of the table with the leather strips.

Then they sat down next to each other right in front of me, and Bridget opened the silver box, took out a pair of tweezers and handed the box over to Mrs. Somerset. My heart started to thump when I looked at the tweezers in their hands, their intentions now perfectly clear. They bent over my lower body, both grinning in expectation, and the lewd display I had to be presenting to their hungry, depraved eyes became apparent to me for the first time.

“Do you feel ashamed?” Mrs. Somerset’s words startled me back into the here and now. She didn’t wait for my answer though. Her free hand touched my thigh and travelled up until it came to rest on that sensitive spot at the inside, tickling and teasing me with its flighty touch.

“You’re such dirty, depraved little thing; letting us undress you, tie you up without even trying to protest. You have no modesty, and this runny cunt proves that. It is seeping!”

Her thumb trailed over my pussy lips and drew a shameful moan from me. When I felt my hips jerk to meet her finger, I wanted to sob. She was right. Those devious games I had agreed to play with Erin and her landlady had turned me into nothing more than a wanton slut. Or maybe I had been that all along, and they had merely exposed me for what I was. And exposed did I feel!

“You are a pretty thing, my horny little student, but that bush you have here is disgusting. You’ll be thanking me for getting rid of it. Bridget?”

I had my upper body propped up on my elbows and watched Bridget’s hand descend on my pubes with trepidation, quite aware that this was going to be uncomfortable, if my experiences with plucking my eyebrows were anything to go by. I wasn’t wrong.

It wasn’t real torture, but when she picked a hair at the top of my bush between the tongues of the tweezers and pulled, it stung. Then it was Mrs. Somerset’s turn, and she plucked with equal skill. This was going to be a long, long evening.

They started talking between themselves, and I felt like a commodity, a piece of entertainment. Strangely, that thought did nothing to quell my arousal, and every little prick their plucking gave me could be felt deep inside my pussy.

My stomach started to tremble, and I leaned back, resigning myself into my fate while they slowly worked their way downward.

I tilted my head over the edge of the desk, and my mouth formed into a silent ring of wondrousness. I gasped.

Erin was kneeling between Joanne’s spread legs, who had pulled up her dress to expose strong, alabaster thighs. It was these thighs that Erin’s tongue and lips were caressing with slow, reverent licks and nibbles. Elaine stood to their side, and I could see the shapes of her fingers clearly through the tight fabric of her leggings, where they stroked up and down between her legs while she watched Erin worship her friend’s thighs.

Surreal. There it was again, but there was no other word to describe it. And then Joanne softly pushed Erin’s eager head away and grinned at her.

“I’ve brought a special gift for you today, Erin.”

I couldn’t see my roommate’s face, but I noticed the small shiver that travelled down her back. It was easy to imagine the glint in her eyes. A particularly painful pull on my pubic hair made me gasp. They were nearing my pussy, and the closer they got, the more intense I felt it.

“A gift?” Erin’s voice trembled in excitement.

Her hands loosened a clasp at her shoulder and she pulled the fabric of her dress to the sides. Her skin there was the same alabaster white as her thighs and her breasts, full and large and probably artificially made so, stood like two proud orbs, their small, dark pink nipples hard with excitement.

My eyes travelled downward, and my gasp was in tune with Erin’s when they encountered the monster that protruded between Joanne’s legs, candy apple red and shiny, at least ten inches long and so thick that I wasn’t sure if Erin could reach around it with both of her hands. Small ridges were spread out along it and made it look equally menacing and intriguing. Joanne’s pussy lips, red and swollen, encircled its base tightly, like a mouth sucking on an ice cream cone.

“Oh my god!” Erin’s voice shook, but I could hear the same fascination that made my own heart pick up a faster pace.

“My first thought when I saw this was of you,” Joanne whispered to Erin, but I was close enough to hear, “and I just had to buy it. Now be a good girl and show me how you play with your gift. Step onto the chair with your back to me and put your feet outside my thighs.”

I saw Erin tremble, but she didn’t hesitate a second. She climbed up onto Joanne’s chair and turned around, carefully settling her feet next to the armrests. I held my breath.

Joanne’s strong hands held her sides, and she lowered her body to the shiny toy. It looked huge, far too huge for her fragile body. The moment the bulbous head pressed against her pussy, she froze.

“Oh god. I don’t know if I can do it!”

It was the first time that I heard hesitancy in Erin’s voice where sex was concerned.

I whimpered. So close to my aroused pussy, every plucked hair was now a sharp pinprick. A chuckle from the two older women answered my pathetic effort to pull away.

But my whimper had caught Erin’s attention and our eyes met; hers were wide with lust, their pupils dilated, mine filled with a mixture of exquisite pain and fascination. She would do it, I knew it right then, and it was as if she needed to prove a point. Her sleek fingers spread her pussy lips and she rubbed her slick folds against the rubber monster, her gaze locked with mine, daring me to look away. The surface quickly became moist and started glisten in the light.

I moaned.

“I want it all inside you!” Joanne told Erin, a dark, possessive vibrato in her voice.

My roommate’s legs started to shake and I saw Joanna’s nails dig into her skin when she gripped her harder to steady her. And then the toy’s head slowly pushed into Erin’s pussy. Her lips spread wide and she tilted back her head, filling the air with a whimpering groan that made me shiver all over. God, this was the sexiest thing I had ever seen!

Her pussy spread wider and wider, I really thought for a moment it would tear her apart, but suddenly the whole thickness of the rubber shaft was inside her entrance and she let out a triumphant moan. I watched her thighs tighten rhythmically. She was pushing herself up and letting her weight press down on the dildo again, slowly working its length inside herself, accompanied by throaty moans and high pitched whimpers.

I was sure it was hurting. But her face, now that her head was once more bent forward and her eyes were locked onto mine, circled through emotions faster than I could grasp them. There was pleasure, pure and uninhibited lust, what I thought twinges of pain, but most of all, incredible arousal.

My own pussy burned and twinged, sharper and hotter every second, but the painful stings were swallowed by the excitement that watching Erin brought me.

“Oh god,” I couldn’t hold the words any longer, “god, Erin, you slut!”

I didn’t know what drove me to speak that random thought aloud, but the effect it had on my roommate was incredible to watch. Her whole body shook, her lips parted and allowed a trickle of drool to drip down her chin, and the huge dildo slid another inch inside her.

“God, you’re such a dirty whore!” I was spurred on by the instant reaction and lost myself in a wave of blissful depravity. “My roommate is a little pervert! Go on, stuff that monster up your snatch, I want to watch her fuck your body until you scream!”

I was breathless. My pussy pulsed and I felt my moisture run down into my ass crack like a river. My skin seemed to burn. The tweezers were now busy on my pussy lips and drawing pained whimpers from me. It was a rush, a crazy, depraved rush, like a wave that carried me on its top and enfolded me in swirling, boiling froth.

“Fuck you!” Erin suddenly shouted back at me and impaled her body another inch, groaning like an animal. “Fuck you, bitch!”

My own arousal spiked like crazy and I started to moan and wiggle in my bound position. Strong, ruthless hands quickly pushed down on my thighs and held me in place, but my upper body trembled and my nipples tightened painfully.

I realized what we were doing; we were projecting our twinges of pain into sexual aggression. But god, it felt good.

“What’s taking you so long?” I accused her. “Show us how a real slut does it!”

Her eyes seemed to freeze. I only had meant to rile her up some more, but she bit her lip, and then my breathing stopped. Her feet lifted a hands breadth from the chair, and in a slow motion, almost agonizing to watch, she slid the remaining three inches down on the massive rubber pole. I swore I could see her tummy bulge, but the look of absolute incredulity in her eyes drew my look to her face. Her lips trembled and a tear trickled down her cheek, but her lips were still parted in ecstasy.

Joanne’s head became fully visible above Erin’s shoulder, eyes half closed in sensual bliss. “Good girl,” she whispered, guided my roommate’s face to the side and kissed her hungrily. She started to rock her hips, and Erin’s body shook with every little motion.

I want to see her get fucked, really fucked, by that monster. It looked so delicious in its wet, shiny glory, stretching my roommate’s tender pussy to its limits.

A swat to my pussy lips made me shriek and my upper body snapped upright. “Ow!” I complained.

“That’s what you get for ignoring us! We’re finished.”

Thank god they were. My pussy was burning like hell, and when I looked down, I gasped at the red, swollen triangle of skin.

“It’s time to thank Mrs. Somerset for her work, don’t you think, Paisy?”

“Uhm, oh,” it was hard to think straight. My whole body was a mess of arousal. “Thank you, Mrs. Somerset!” I finally managed to stammer, but she didn’t look pleased at all.

“I don’t think that is adequate, do you, Bridget?” She stood up from the couch.

“Not at all,” my landlady responded, “feel free to have her show her thankfulness in any way you deem fitting.”

She grinned. “I had hoped you would say that.” Her fingers pulled down the zipper of her skirt, and the garment slid down her legs, exposing a grey bush of hair above a glistening pussy, her inner lips protruding more than an inch, rosy and moist. Her legs were covered by black self-supporting stockings that ended only an inch below her bum. I spotted a few wrinkles on the exposed, slightly tanned skin, but my eyes glued themselves to the dripping, dangling inner lips that promised another depraved encounter.

She stepped around the table and pulled me backwards. For a moment, I could look up at her face and study the eager, gleeful expression that played over her lips, but then she stepped forward and the world got dark when her thighs encased my head. Her musky, heady aroma quickly filled my nose. She laid her body down on mine, and the weight that pushed me down made me feel, for the first time this evening, really helpless. Why did I love that feeling so much, though?

“Now you can show me your appreciation, Paisy,” Mrs. Somerset commanded, “get your dirty little mouth to work with some vigor!”

I did. I didn’t even hesitate for a moment. My tongue darted out like on a spring and her moisture coated it, strong and thick, and dripped down into my throat like bitter honey. Her thighs parted a bit, making it easier for me to delve between her folds and suck greedily on her soft flesh.

Her hands started to stroke my thighs, delicious touches that stopped inches from my boiling snatch and filled me with pleasure and desperation in equal measure.

I circled her opening with the tip of my tongue, and when a shivering breath rewarded my effort, I plunged my whole tongue inside her, wiggled it around and stroked the walls of her pussy. Her whole body shook, and mine with it.

Behind me, I could hear Erin’s shaky moans, accompanied by the slurping noise of the rubber monster thrusting in and out of her pussy and Joanne’s breathless whispers of endearment. My landlady’s own expressions of pleasure could also be heard, though I had no idea what she was doing with the strange Elaine. I was in the middle of a veritable hotbed of sin, and I was enjoying every second of it.

Mrs. Somerset’s thighs started to tremble and the juices started to flow faster. My mouth, nose and chin were covered by her secretion.

“Fuck!” She suddenly gasped rather unladylike. Her weight shifted a bit and her body wiggled a little lower, positioning her clit right in front of my lips. “Suck!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I latched onto her almost purple, swollen pearl and suckled for all I was worth, drawing a moan from her that quickly rose in pitch, until I could feel her body shake all over. I sucked harder, but a sharp pain in my thigh almost made me lose concentration. She was biting me, right at the soft spot between thighs and pussy. And I found I loved it! Hot sparks danced through my lower body.

I squeezed her clit as hard as I could with my lips, felt the blood throbbing with every beat of her heart. Her thighs clamped around my head and I almost came with her when a splatter of her juices gushed onto my nose.

Her climax was hard, but thankfully also short, and she released my head and let go of my thighs only moments later. Her weight left me and I took a few deep breaths.

“That was adequate,” she told me, the flush of her climax still on her cheeks.

“Thank you, Mrs. Somerset!” I answered brightly, finally catching on to the playful vibe that went underneath all the depravities that went on here. “Mrs. Somerset?”

She righted her glasses and sent me a stern look. “Yes, Paisy?”

“Please, may I come? I beg you! I haven’t been allowed to for days!”

“That’s for your landlady to decide.”

The small hope of relief I had built up floated away like dust in the wind. Her barely concealed grin didn’t make it easier to swallow the desperation that gripped me once again.

Loud shrieks suddenly filled the air. I looked back again. Joanne had folded Erin’s legs to her chest and was viciously plowing the red monster into my roommate’s pussy. Erin herself was shaking madly with every thrust, her face contorted with pure pleasure and her fingers frantically rubbing her clit. I watched her stiffened and start to tremble, and she came with hard convulsions, so hard that Joanne had to wrap her arms around her to keep her from toppling off of the chair.

Seconds later, a suppressed wail filled the air, and I looked up to see my landlady on the couch, Elisa’s head buried between her thighs and held in place by her hands.

I slumped back onto the table.


I took Erin and me ages to get ready for bed once the ladies had left. We were both sore like hell down there, even if it was for quite different reasons. But we finally got cleaned up and our pussies covered with moisturizing cream.

“Do I need to tie you up?” Erin inquired, already on the bed.

“No,” I yawned, “I’m tired and sore and exhausted. I won’t be able to do anything.”

“Good,” she patted the spot next to her, “then get your lovely butt in the bed so we can sleep.”

“Erin?” I asked softly once the light was out.


“That dildo… that was incredible to watch. But didn’t that hurt?”

She giggled. “You can bet that it did. But that was a huge turn-on.”


“It’s just like Bridget’s spankings.” She snuggled up to me. “But don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough. I’ve asked Joanne if I can watch her stick it up your bum. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Up,” I swallowed, “my bum?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll fit. Perhaps she’ll do it tomorrow, when they come back for round two.”

“Tomorrow?” The capability to form full sentences left me at the thought. “Round two?”

She giggled again and pinched my nipple. “You loved every minute of it today, admit it!”

I stayed silent for a minute, and she pinched me once more.

“Okay, I did enjoy it.” I admitted. “But I’m terrified by the idea of that monster ripping my bum apart.”

“There will be no ripping, silly.” She turned over until her body rested on mine. Moisture and warmth suddenly engulfed my nipple. “It’s going to be brilliant, now sleep.”

It took a minute, but I drifted away, lulled into sleep by my roommate’s soothing suckling on my nipple. “Oh lord,” I whispered before darkness claimed me fully. “Could I have known all this crazy shit was going to happen to me?” Perhaps, if I hadn’t been that naive and taken a closer look at Erin after meeting her online, if I had asked a few more questions, I might have had an inkling. I’d probably have come here anyway. I fell asleep, dreaming of enormous red cocks.

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