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Summer Football Practice

Sexy volunteer trainer owes it to the team to give them what they want
I'm the bad girl who loves the ballers. I love sports, I love hip-hop, and I love the boys that do both. When I got to college last year, the first thing I did was find out how to get student tickets to the football and basketball games. I had to support my team, and if I could meet the boys, even better. Ours is a big school and I never did meet any that first year, but just as final exams were ending, I saw a flyer in the student union that grabbed my attention and didn't let go: the football team needed volunteer trainers for summer workouts.

College football teams aren't really supposed to practice during the middle of the summer, but they do anyway. The only difference is that the coaches can't be there. The team captains run the practice, and everyone that wants any playing time is sure to show up every day. Just like a regular practice, the guys need water, bandages, and help carrying stuff around before and after the workouts. During the school year, it's usually snobby physical therapy majors who want the experience for their resume. But most of those bitches go home for the summer, and so they put the word out. This sounded right up my alley, and after a convincing visit with the head trainer, I was officially an unofficial volunteer trainer with hopes of joining the training staff for football season in the fall.

You have to be a sports fan to enjoy being a volunteer trainer, otherwise it's just boring work in terrible heat, and by the end of the practice you have as much of the players' sweat on you as your own. Mostly I stayed out of the way as a trainer should, but I am who I am, I have to flirt and show off a little bit, even if it pissed off the other volunteers to no end. In doing so, I got a few of the guys to joke around and flirt back on water breaks and before and after practice. I love the look in a man's eye when he allows himself to be attracted to me, and I know I have his full attention. Distracting for the team, maybe, but a girl's got to get what she wants and have her fun. I certainly didn't expect to get what I wanted, and then some, on that scorching afternoon. In fact, it's safe to say I didn't even set out to get it, but I only look back and smile now.

It was me and two other trainers that day, and it was my task to make sure showers were stocked with soap, and that the towels were washed and available to the guys after their showers, then gather them and get them washed again. The only problem was that I'd forgotten about both on that day, and the other two left when practice ended, their practice chores completed. I hauled the rest of the water bottles into the storage room and plugged into my ipod as I started to leave. Just then I heard a shout, whipped around, and saw Charles, the defensive captain, standing naked facing me, and he did not look happy. I ripped the headphones off quickly to find out the reason for his scowl.

"Xuan, where's all the soap at?", he barked. "And go get the towels, we ain't even got one in here!" I felt the blood drain from my face, remembering that Katie had left me with those tasks after the last practice. His body was breathtaking, and I found myself absently staring at him even as I panicked inside.

"Oh fuck," I said in response, mostly to myself, gazing at his lower half, suddenly afraid to make eye contact.

"Oh fuck what? Don't tell me we ain't got no soap, at least get us some fuckin' soap!", he said. His words hung out there in silence for a few seconds.

"Umm, I think I messed up, Charles. I'm sorry!" I said, smiling nervously, hoping to charm my way out of a serious tongue-lashing. If there was anyone on the team that wasn't playing along with my flirt routine, it was Charles. It was like he just didn't have time to tolerate me, and so I tried my best to stay out of his way. Right then, I found myself squarely in his way.

"I'll be goddamned, thirty motherfuckers showering with no soap and no towels. Ain't that a bitch! Can't you do anything right other than shakin' your little Asian ass around here all the time? God-DAMN!", he said, almost yelling, before turning around and re-entering the locker room. I heard him shout the bad news to the others as the door closed behind him and I my face went flush and the tears started to well up. I liked having a good time but always meant to do my job, I'd just not paid attention and made a mistake. All it would take is a phone call from Charles or another team leader to the head trainer and I'd surely be told not to bother coming back again. I could hear a chorus of groans and cursing at the news. Looking back it should've been no big deal, but it doesn't take much to irritate a group of men who just spent 3 hours beating each other to a pulp in 100-degree heat, and guys that big and strong are more intimidating than the average man, by far.

Jamal stuck his head out the door, looking pissed off.

"Seriously? No soap? Can't even get clean, and then what are we supposed to do, all air dry? It's wet and nasty as fuck in here, and I got a date right after this!"

Another two players came out to witness the exchange, then returned to the locker room with Jamal, having confirmed the problem.

"Dumbass fuckin' bitch," I heard one of them say, accompanied by some grumbling but mostly awkward silence. I thought back to all the times my dad chewed me out for not being responsible, telling me that one day it would affect more people than just my dumb ass. I realized that time was now; I'd let them down, and I had to take responsibility. I walked to the door of the locker room, took a deep breath, then walked in, feeling the stifling, steamy air hit my face, then lungs as I left the cooler hallway behind.

"What the fuck are you doing in here?", I heard a voice say through the thick steam. A group of five players stood naked, with another few milling about and still more in the showers behind the far wall.

"Guys?", I said, meekly at first, then getting louder to be heard. "I'm really sorry about the soap and the towels, that's completely my bad! I'm sorry!"

I heard sarcastic comments, then another voice, whose owner walked toward me.

" 'Sorry' don't give us any damn soap, girl," he said, a smirk on his face. "But I guess that's okay by you, right? You're not the one caked in dirt and sweat."

"Look," I said, trying hard not to gawk at what dangled heavily between his legs. "I want to make it up to you guys, it was a total fluke thing! I want to stick around here for the season and I want to make it right", I babbled, tears again forming in my eyes again.

All eyes were on me, but somehow it felt strange. They weren't feeling sorry for me, or even mad at me. No, it was something else.

"Make it right?", said a voice behind me, just before two big hands lowered onto my shoulders. "I can think of at least one way to make it right", he chuckled. I turned my head and saw a tall white man- when they are that tall and that muscular, they are men, not boys.

"Yeah", said another naked black man, emerging from the steam as he approached. "For all the flirtin', teasin', ass-shakin' you do, maybe there's a natural way for you to make this even." The grin on his face and the look in his eyes were pure evil arousal. The hands on my shoulders started to slide down, and my body shuddered as he gently pressed my ribcage, the tips of his fingers grazing the sides of my breast through my gray staff t-shirt as they ran over my sides and approached my hips.

"This I want to see!", another excitedly added, his uncut cock bouncing as he walked toward me. "I see the way you give me that 'fuck me' look, then turn away. Haha, didn't think I'd want to do anything about it, huh shorty?" Another approached from the side and touched my face.

"Little china doll, haha. So sexy, why don't you show us a little something, give us a taste," he said, flipping my hair behind my ear as he hungrily scanned my body. Another two naked guys emerged from the shower, and before I knew it a dozen guys surrounded me, some wet from the shower, others still wet with grime and sweat, but all naked. I could've turned around, or even walked backwards, and run away from there, but I did not. All these guys, hungry for me, wanting a little piece, it took my breath away. I couldn't speak a word. I was scared; over 2,000 pounds of pure man was closing in on me, but I was helpless to do anything about it. The big white hands on my hips moved up to cup my breasts, and I instinctively pushed my hips back into his body, sending another more powerful shudder through my body. My decision had been made for me.

I wasn't in a locker room full of men, I was in a lair of wild animals. He tugged at my shirt, and my arms went up to let him pull it off of me. Another set of hands yanked my shorts down, exposing my panties. Hands and bodies moved closer and closer, my bra came off and was tossed away, a hand slid down the front of my panties and pressed against my mound, sending a wave through me that I had to let out, but my mouth was soon covered by another mouth, our tongues slipping past each other. He smelled so dirty, tasted so tangy, but it drove me wild.

I was getting so fucking wet, so fast. The big hand in my panties pushed between my pussy lips, and a finger slipped inside. I tried to break the kiss.

"Shut up bitch, kiss me!", he said through a growl. I moaned into his mouth, unable to come up for the gasp of air that I so desperately wanted.

The white man lifted me up from behind and my shoes and socks were quickly removed, then I felt my panties being pulled through my legs. I didn't know where they all went, I didn't care, I was surrounded and drunk with arousal. A hot mouth took one set of toes inside, raking his tongue across them. Another man's tongue traced my inner thigh from the knee on up, scruffy stubble scratching my sensitive skin until I felt his hot breath closing in on my pussy. My legs were forced open and his tongue invaded me like a tentacle, probing the inside. I kicked my one free leg but it met only air, I was being held up by four men, the last one had a nipple in his mouth and another set of hands was roughly squeezing the other breast.

The musk of the men was so thick you could choke on it. I opened my eyes to a blur of muscular black and Caucasian flesh moving all around me, beasts readying the bitch for breeding. I was flooding the mouth that was clamped to my pussy, his tongue splashing in my juices as I spasmed, nearing orgasm, trembling as I was being held up.

"Fuck, this bitch is good to go! Let's take her in here!" I heard the white man say and the butterflies took flight in my belly as my legs were lifted up and I was carried horizontally into the showers, the steam so thick I could barely see right in front of me.

"Put her down on her knees, Benny", I heard one of them say, and I was flipped upright and dropped onto the rubber mat, knees first, collapsing.

"Okay, baby, time to taste it", said Jamal, his thick cock hanging in front of me, half-erect. I didn't have to suck it, and with nobody holding me in place I could have walked out, or at least tried to, but I didn't even consider that option. I grabbed his thick stem, my pussy heating up further as I squeezed it, and pulled it to my mouth. So dirty, that cock, all grime and salt, but I licked it like it would keep me alive. I took the big mushroom head into my mouth, flicking my tongue across the sensitive side and then all around. I felt that cock fill with blood, bigger and bigger in my hands and in my mouth. Another man slid in behind me, his big cock rested against the small of my back while he held onto my hips like he was getting himself in place.

"Oh shit!" I thought to myself, feeling him slip that thick stick under my ass and then poking at the sopping pink entry between my legs. "I'm not on the motherfucking pill, here I am in a locker room full of horny football players, no condoms!" Every panic button went off in my brain, but I separated my legs and poked my ass out. I pulled off of the black dick in my mouth and gasped as I felt the bulbous head slip into my tight pussy, hold, then nudge forward, forcing me onto my elbows, which gave him better access to push more into me. I cried out as he buried yet more, then pulled completely out. I gasped to catch my breath, only to lose it again when he invaded me again.

A man to each side of me lifted each arm, raising me up to suck Jamal's cock again, in the meantime some fool I had never even seen yet was fucking me from behind, stretching my pussy a little more with each thrust. I tried to give Jamal head again but the harder I tried, the harder this guy was fucking me. His skin started to slap against my ass and I could feel my pussy getting used to him, getting wetter still, and I could feel his cock sawing deep into me over and over. I rubbed my little button, feeling his dick sawing against my fingers, faster and faster. Our panting, in time with the slapping of skin, echoed in the showers, was muted only by the nearby running water. The men held me up, I moaned out hanging from their arms while I took my fucking. Finally I felt him pull out, and heard him groan just as a hot stream of thick liquid shot up to the middle of my back, then kept pouring out, pooling there before the two men lifted me up against the wall, the cum allowing my back to slip against the cold wet tile.

"Now you ready for this, Xuan," said Jamal, stroking his hard thick cock. My legs were shaking, I could hardly stand. "Pick this bitch up and spread them legs out." he ordered, and the two men lifted me up by my legs and pulled them in opposite directions, putting me in a splits position and pinned to the wall. I was immobile, and the hot steamy air still felt cool somehow against my exposed pussy, puffy and slick, hungry for more.

He walked up and pressed his thick cock into my body, splitting my pussy apart as I breathed in his musky scent. I love a dirty, greasy man, I do. Jamal hummed low as he fucked me, slow at first, pressing me against the wall each time he pushed up and into me, then faster and faster. He had my ass in a death grip, holding me up from below, a cheek in each huge hand. I felt all of him sliding in and out, my pussy tried to clamp down on him but he just had too much mass and power to make any difference. I was a fucking rag doll and couldn't help moaning, not even making words. We looked into each others' eyes and I knew he wouldn't last much longer- showing his teeth straining, his dick pumping me even faster, then he pulled out and gripped it, pointing at my body.

"nnnnggghhhh" he groaned, a long stream of cum splattering against my belly, rising and falling as I tried to catch my breath. I watched his black penis jerk again, shooting another long steam of cum across my mocha skin. Jamal held his dick as it streamed out some more, pouring onto my mound and dripping off.

"Fuck...", he moaned, then walked away without saying a word. Another man, shorter this time, took his place and jabbed himself into me without eye contact or anything. He bit my neck and growled while he fucked me, my slick juices letting his smaller dick slide easily in and out of me. Poor fool had a hard time staying in though, feet slipping and not knowing where to put his hands.

"Stand up straight and fuck me!" I snapped at him, getting his attention real quick, but I was impatient. If this was going down this way, I wanted to get fucked not to have to mess around with guys not knowing what they are doing. It only embarrassed him so he started slamming into me as hard as he could, making my body jump every time he bottomed out, his balls were crashing against my vulva. He wasn't as big but fuck, he felt good. He reached his arms around and clasped my shoulders from behind, then pumped his hips up into me with all his might, keeping himself inside me the whole time. I could feel my orgasm get close again, I put my hand between us, rubbing my clit until it stood all the way out like, swollen and red, on fire and about to explode.

"Ohhh fuck...." I moaned, voice hiccuping from his hard strokes. And oooh, that skin slap. Here I came! I shrieked out loud, echoing through the shower room, my cunt spasming against his dick. This was too much for my man, he pulled out and shot it all over me, nothing but a low moan as he painted my body white with it's second load of cum.

I looked up and saw four other naked men with big hard dicks in their hands, not believing their luck, and looking at me like the piece of meat that I was.

"Let her down, it's Benny's turn", said the tall white man from before, holding me up and the others released my legs. I don't think I could've stood right then on my own anyway. "We're going to get right down on this floor" he said, leading me down into his lap. His big pink cock was long and almost hard, so I reached down and took him in my mouth, feeling the spongy head against my inner cheeks, sucking his tube further in, feeling his head resting against the back of my throat, then out, then back in again.

"Mmmm, she's a keeper, boys" I heard the white man say while I sucked him hard and deep in my mouth, relaxing my throat each time I pulled him deep into my mouth. I felt somebody push my legs apart, then a mouth on my pussy, sucking my juices and munching on my tight little pussy lips. I shivered at the sensation and sucked Benny with even more intensity. Benny grabbed my hair and pulled me with it, fucking my mouth. The mouth was gone and was replaced with another cock, rubbing up against my ass before parting my pussy lips and sliding all the way in, snug against my cervix. I moaned, sending Benny over the edge, and I got his cock exploding in my mouth, hitting the back of it with his salty nut while another was going balls deep in my punani. Two hands in my hair and two hands on my hips, the two pulled me back and forth until Benny finally shuddered and pulled his shaft out of me, dribbling cum down my chin as he exited.

I could see three other fools standing there with their dick in their hands, stroking it, watching my little ass shake with each impact of my fucker's groin. I looked back- he was a fine looking boy, all grimace as he fucked me. My pussy started to spasm, starting to pull, and do nature's thing. I started to talk dirty, telling him to fuck me, asking him if he ever had Asian pussy before this. I was too much, and soon another big strong football player was whimpering like a junior high boy, pinning his dick against my asscheeks and spewing his load up into the air and onto my back. The air hit my pussy again, and I could feel it pulsate and move. It had never had this kind of action before and now my it was craving more. More dick, bigger dick- I wanted both, and soon got it.

"Time to pay for some soap, Xuan", said Charles in that low baritone that just made my pussy melt even further. His body was beautiful, his cock was a work of art. Veiny, smooth, long, and thick- and ready for me. "Get our ass down on the floor, on your back", he ordered, and I didn't even think twice before resting my back against the cool plastic mats. He loomed over me, his giant, sculpted body casting a shadow before kneeling down and climbing between my legs.

My pussy was wet and sloppy from the fucking, and the humid air made all our bodies slick elsewhere too. I looked down at his penis, looking humongous there bobbing between his legs. I reached out a hand for it, grabbing his manhood and pulling him toward me.

"Oh you want this now, huh? Well guess what, today you just gonna get what you want, little china doll", he said sarcastically, taking his shaft away from me and rubbing it up and down the lips of my entrance. I think I was hyperventilating, so excited I was to have this monster inside of me. I was so fucking turned on; there was not way I would've walked away from him in that moment, no matter what.

Charles pushed forward as several guys stood around watching us, forcing open my lips to open and swallow his big rod- at first a little, and soon he was trying to feed the whole thing to me but my pussy was clamping down on him. I moaned as he pushed almost all of himself into my slutty pussy, stretching me so wide and so deep, pushing the back of my vagina with each thrust.

Oh fuck, how I loved this dick! That thought, plus the rearrangement he was giving to my insides, gave me early signs of another orgasm. I heard myself moaning above the white noise of the showers while Charles was long-stroking me. I looked down and saw his thick stem pushing my lips inward with each thrust and pulling some pink back out with him each time he withdrew. I could feel every inch and every vein of him, my pussy convulsed against his mass.

"Fuuuck!" then a scream- I was coming so hard, and with that Charles lowered his weight over me, completely smothering my body under his chocolate mass of muscle. He grunted in rhythm with his strokes, pushing my body forward each time. I was no match, I was along for the ride and everyone else was along for the show, stroking their cocks while the defensive captain of the team fucked the shit out of the volunteer trainer on the shower room floor.

"Oh shit, Xuan...fuck! You want a baby? You want a little football player baby, shorty?" he said through his grunts, holding his massive weight just off of me while he fed me his cock in quick, deep strokes.

"unnhhhh pill..." was all I could say. Deep inside, locked away, was a college student who feared getting derailed by a baby from a stupid fling, but the only person present now was a wanton bitch who was willing to take all the dick she could get. My objections not me nowhere.

"Ooooh fuck! Here it comes! Unnggghhh....." Charles stopped on a deep inward stroke. I felt his cock spasm inside of me, spurting a thick stream deep into my unprotected womb. Throb. Throb. I could feel him fill my pussy while he moaned, hovering above me, my legs wrapped around him naturally, then dropping to the floor.

He got up, but another took his place, rutting me on the floor, holding my arms above my head, both of us panting in time until I heard him moan and felt his cock jerk inside of me, coating my pussy with it's second load. Then it got out of control, the room whipped into a frenzy again. One man held me in his lap and sucked on my neck until my pussy squeezed every drop of spunk he had into me. Another fucked me missionary style, then picked me up and just started bouncing me on his dick while he stood, my legs wrapped around him. Faster and faster I bounced until he exhaled, and I could feel him explode within me. His softening tube slipped out and a stream of semen dripped from my gaping hole.

One fine-ass fool had me ride him while another dangled his dick in front of me- I sucked it like a good china doll while I bounced my little ass on his throbbing cock. It throbbed harder still, until finally it swelled and burst it's semen up into me. The cock in my mouth exploded right after that, and I gagged trying to swallow it. While I tried to spit it out, another black snake appeared and hit me in the face with hot cum. One tried doggie on me but was too big; I sucked his donkey cock while another fucked me from behind, so hard I could barely hang onto that big cock at all. Two took turns, in a tag team, until both had cum in my pussy. While I was pulling the last load into my womb, two others shot all over my tits, moaning as their throbbing dicks gave it all in sacrifice to me.

When it was over, they drug me to where the showers were still running and laid me under the spray, letting the water cleanse me. There I stayed for a half an hour at least, and when I finally opened my eyes again, all the guys were gone. The lingering musk of sweat was the only evidence that they'd ever been there. That, and the continuous drip of semen from my sore, reddened pussy. I let the water hit my forehead and smiled.

"Sure would be nice to actually get clean here" I thought to myself. "But I don't see any soap or towels anywhere."

*I want to thank a very cool member here for the spelling and grammar help, even though she does not want it. It would not even be okay to post without you.
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