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Teasing a Tease

Emily had promised to send me a picture but she was a bad girl and did not.
Emily has lied to me for the last time. She must be punished, but how do you punish someone that loves to be punished? I told her that she would be naked and bound by the knowledge that she had been bad, no restraints because she was a bad girl who liked restraints.

She could not touch herself and must remain in whatever position I put her in. For now she was to be on her hands and knees in the middle of a thick duvet on the living room floor. She was stunningly beautiful. Her short brown hair hung delicately around her face, hiding her 'girl next door' beauty. Her apologetic, green eyes had no effect on me.

Her heavy breasts were hanging down beneath her gently swaying. I so wanted to spank them but she would like that and she was a bad girl. Her round, ripe ass, so full and toned, was creamy white and asking for the paddle but alas, no that was not to be. I ran a hand down her soft body from her neck, down her back and stopped at the curve of her ass. I lifted my hand and she caught her breath expecting a hard slap, but none came.

Her smooth hairless pussy was on full display from my vantage point. I could see the glisten of her own moisture shining beneath her. She anticipated her punishment and she was trembling with anxiety of what she expected to occur. I let my hand cup her mound softly, because I knew she wanted rough.

I brought out her own vibrator and let her see it before I turned it on and slid it up and down her moist nether lips. She moaned softly as I slid it up and down, until her vibe glistened with her sweet nectar. I slid it up to her clit and she gasped at the intensity of her toy on her throbbing clitty. I slipped two fingers inside her hot wet pussy and started pumping them in and out of her slowly.

She rocked back and forth but remained in place. Her breathing was quickening and she was thrusting her hips fucking my hand with her pussy. I knew from experience she was close so I stepped back and left her dangling on the edge. I moved where she could see me as I stripped out of my clothes. My erection was standing out proudly.

“Not yet girl, you were bad and you did not follow my instructions yet again,” I said sternly. “Normally a spanking would be called for but you enjoy the spanking. How do you punish a bad girl who enjoys the rod?” I asked.

“I will be good I promise. Please can I have the spanking?” Emily begged.

“No baby, you cannot,” I said as I softly kissed her.

I moved my raging erection towards her pouting lips and she licked the drop of precum from the tip before claiming the purple head in her bright red lips. My balls tightened at the sensation. I pushed forward and she quickly had me all the way inside her warm inviting mouth. Her tongue swirled around my dick as she bobbed up and down.

I pulled out and left the room. I returned with our goody box. I moved behind her, kneeled down and started applying lube to my saliva-slickened pole. She has always loved anal, and would quite often climax from anal sex, but this was punishment. I eased a lubed finger into her tight pink hole. I wiggled and pumped that finger in her tight ass for a minute before adding a second finger. I worked those in her as she moaned and she squirmed her alabaster ass form side to side.

I moved up and aimed my rock hard cock at the entrance to her tight, lubed anus. I eased the head inside her and stopped allowing her to get accustomed to the size. She pushed back against me, so I pushed forward and my well lubed cock sank into her ass, until I bottomed out. I was in heaven. I loved the feeling my cock had as I slowly withdrew it form her tight asshole. She moaned and squirmed as I increased my pace, but again just before she climaxed, I stopped and withdrew from her now gaping ass.

“No ma’am. You do not get to cum yet but I do,” I said with a snarl.

I pulled my throbbing cock out of her tight ass and started stroking myself while getting up and moving in front of her. I lifted her upright but still on her knees as I started cumming. I shot a huge stream of cum all over her tits. I kept pumping my cock and shot four more blasts of cum on to Emily from her face to her hot wet pussy. She moved a hand to gather some of my cum and I grabbed it roughly and stopped her.

I brought Emily to the brink of orgasm three more times before I cruelly stopped and denied her the release she was now quite desperate for.

“The next time I tell you to send me a picture of your dripping wet pussy after I made you cum, I bet you fucking send it to me,” I said angrily.

Emily sobbed and begged me for a release so I decided enough was enough. I had her lie on the duvet face up with her legs up in the air. I slowly slid my hard dick in her ass again and started pumping into her slowly. I picked up her vibrator and put it in her shaking hands. She slammed it onto her clit. I reached down and twisted both of her bullet shaped nipples roughly. I let go and slapped her across both ripe full breasts.

Emily was crying and moaning and shivering uncontrollably. I started pumping faster into her tight ass. I slid three fingers into her sloppy wet pussy, roughly as I leaned down and bit a nipple. She started shaking as she started erupting. Her orgasm was so intense she peed all over the duvet.

She rocked and moaned and came. Her anus tightened so hard I had to quit pumping into her. When she finally started coming down from her orgasm, I poured cum into her hot ass. I leaned down and sucked her heavy breasts alternately and shot more jizz into the depths of her ass. Each stroke forced cum out of her ass. I scooped up a bunch and tasted it before kissing her long and hard.

“That was amazing. I have never climaxed so hard before,” Emily said breathlessly.

“I still want you to send me a picture. I could take my own but it just is not the same thing. I want you to want me to have it,” I said softly.

“I promise I will but I need a nap,” she cooed just before she drifted off to sleep.

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