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Teen Diaries 7: An Off-Road Adventure

Cindy goes off-roading with Josh for some rough fun
My name is Cynthia, but I go by Cindy. I'm sixteen, blonde, and have never been much of a country girl, even though I live in Tennessee. But my girlfriends all love country music and go to a lot of parties with guys who think they're "cowboys" and call themselves "rednecks" on purpose. It took them a while to convince me to come hang out with them, but I finally agreed last Saturday when I had nothing else to do.

Amy picked me up and had Taylor Swift blasting on the long drive to the farm where their friends were hanging out. We arrived and the driveway was completely full with trucks, some big and lifted so high with monster truck sized tires. Some were smallish but covered in so much mud I couldn't tell what color it was.

Amy parked her red Honda Civic on the street and we walked up the crowded gravel driveway to the house. We went straight to the backyard were there were a lot of guys, at least twenty. The three of us were the only girls. One guy yelled out, "Yee haw, Amy! Come give me some sugar!"

Amy ran to him with excitement and jumped up on him, wrapping her legs around him and giving him a kiss. He was average height and overweight with a thick goatee on his chin. I leaned in to Andrea to ask if he was her boyfriend. "Nope," she said, "but that's mine." She pointed to a tall guy with dark tanned skin and black hair as he held his hands at his hip and made shooting gun motions towards her. She started to walk towards him and I followed, feeling really outcast and like a third wheel.

Andrea's boyfriend reached out to shake my hand. "Hi, I'm Luke. Welcome to the backwoods," he said with a wink and a smile.

Some of the other guys introduced themselves and I quickly forgot all of their names. I was so overwhelmed. They handed out beers and while I think beer is disgusting, I took one and sipped it because I wanted to fit in. After a while, everyone started heading to trucks to go off road driving, or "mudding" as some called it.

I followed Andrea to Luke's truck, but some guys crowded in and there wasn't a seat for me. They offered to let me sit on their lap, but that didn't seem safe. I started roaming around the driveway feeling a little lost. Trucks were completely full and started driving off into the field when finally Amy's voice called to me. I saw her in the passenger seat of the big guy's truck and I ran to her.

My heart sank when I saw that his truck was full, too. "You didn't meet a driving buddy?" Amy asked. I shook my head. She leaned out the window and yelled, "Hey, fellas! Who's got a spare seat in their car?" A lifted black F-250 drove up fast and slammed on the brakes. The driver stuck his head out the window. He had a camouflage baseball hat on with brown eyes, kind of a big nose, and a short red beard. He was handsome-ish.

"I'm driving solo. You wanna ride?" he said. I walked around to the side of his truck and reached up to open the door. I didn't really know what to expect, and wore a pleated skirt and heels. I tried to get up, but was having a hard time. He got out and ran around to me. He was about six feet tall and was wearing a flannel shirt rolled up to his elbows, tight jeans, and Carhart boots. He picked me up by the waist and lifted me into his truck. He wasn't super muscular, but was strong and stocky. He ran back to the drivers seat and looked at me.

"I'm Josh. You ever been mudding?"


"I can tell. Most girls don't wear a tank top, skirt and heels to mud in." I felt like a fool. He sped up as we left the driveway and started flying through the yard towards a forest.

As we got closer I could tell they had cut a path through the trees and the terrain got very rough and hilly. I was hanging on to the handle as the car shook and bounced me around. Several times I noticed Josh's eyes fixed to my legs or bouncing boobs. The path led to a clearing where al the other trucks had gone. They were doing donuts and had torn up the place to a muddy field. Mud started flying everywhere and Josh rolled his window down.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You have to roll the window down or you won't be able to see." He started bouncing the truck through the mud and it started flying all over the truck. He turned his wipers on which just smeared it more as he stuck his head out the window. I never really knew mud had a smell, but it smelled weird.

After a while he drove out of the mud patch and jumped out of his truck to admire his work. He came to my door and opened it. There was mud all around and there was no way I would get out without getting dirty.

"Come out and see! The whole thing is brown now."

"No thanks... I don't want to get dirty."

He started to laugh and put his back against my seat. "Jump on my back. I'll carry you." I did and he turned me around to see the truck covered in mud. Even the wheels were brown and there was mud caked in the wheel wells. That's when I noticed that even though Josh smelled like mud, there was also a really good smell coming out of his shirt that really excited me. It had to be a cologne. No guy could smell this good. He put me back in the truck and got back in.

"Let's ditch the crowd. I want to show you my own private trail that I found."

He started to drive us away from the group and I turned around. I couldn't see any sign of Amy or Andrea. We entered through some trees and the ground became really rough, bouncing me practically out of my seat several times. I got kind of scared and was hanging on so tight that I didn't notice one of my breasts had popped out. All of a sudden, Josh's right hand left the wheel and cupped it. "These are nice," he said as I looked down and saw what happened. His dirty hand was full of dried mud which made it feel really rough on my breast.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, you let it fall out. I have a rule in my truck. Whatever falls out is finder's keepers. This is my boob now." It was so corny and stupid that I started to laugh. He put his hand back on the wheel and I put it back in my bra and tank top. The road got rough again and my skirt flew up. His hand reached between my legs and started rubbing my panties.

"That definitely didn't fall out!" I yelled.

"Yes it did. I saw it. Your skirt flew up and it was out. Now it's mine." He turned and winked at me as he aroused my clit. It felt so good. He then put the car in park and turned to me. He put his left hand between my crotch and put his right hand on the side of my face as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips were so nice and his kisses were great, although I could taste beer on his breath. He lifted my tank top off and started trying to take off my white bra.

"Oh, you're getting brown fingers all over it!" I said as I reached back to unhook it for him.

"You have amazing boobies," he said. Guys always loved how perky my 34D breasts were. He started sucking them and pinching them with his fingers. As he alternated, his spit mixed with the dirt and I had a bit of mud on my tits. He leaned in to kiss me as he squeezed them.

Then he got into the back seat and took off his boots, jeans, and brown boxer briefs. His dick was normal length, a little over 6 inches, but his girth was incredible. The widest I'd ever seen. I got back with him and got on my knees between his legs and started kissing the head. Then sucking softly on the top half of his dick, taking it deeper each time until it touched my throat. It still had a little more to go and I pushed down to take it in my throat as he moaned. I fought back my gag reflex and enjoyed the feeling of his big balls on my chin. I kept sucking and he quickly came, screaming "fuck" and begging me to swallow it, which I did.

Then he put me on the seat and got on his knees and pulled my panties off and went to town eating me out vigorously. It felt great and his beard tickled my thigh and all around my shaved pussy. It was a little too rough to get me off, but it felt good. He took off his shirt and he had some dark chest hair. He was completely naked except for his hat and socks. His dick was still rock hard, sticking straight up in the air.

He grabbed my hips and lead me to sit in his lap as he angled his dick against my hole and spread me open wide as he slid it all the way in my wet pussy. It was so fat it took my breath away and I grabbed his shoulders hard as I fought the urge to cry. It hurt a lot at first as he forced me up by pinning his back on the seat and legs on the floor, thrusting it all in me. "You're fucking tight!" he said. "How old are you?"

"Sixteen. How old are you?" I had assumed he was close to our age for my friends to be hanging out with him.

"Twenty-eight," he said as his fucking turned rougher. "It's hot that you're so young." He got back into a sitting position and reached under my arms and wrapped his hands on the back of my shoulders, pushing me down hard on his dick. My pussy had adjusted to his size and it wasn't as painful anymore. I started to enjoy it as he started kissing me rough, biting my bottom lip.

He pushed me off him and got me on my back on his bench seat. He mounted me missionary style with my legs on his shoulders as he started plowing me hard. I could feel his balls slap my ass with each hard thrust and my body uncontrollably let out a moan with each one. He pushed my legs to his side as he got in close and wrapped his muddy hands around my throat and applied a little pressure. My head started to become light and dizzy as I started to cum so hard, and his face turned vengeful as he got off on it. His brown eyes almost looked red at that moment. Through my clenched throat I muttered, "Don't cum in me."

He didn't respond and kept pounding me hard and started grunting as his hands left my throat and started pinching my nipples really hard. It hurt but I was on the verge of cumming. He sensed this and grabbed my shoulders and gave it to me so hard and fast that I couldn't fight it. I came so hard on his dick and he pulled out and stuck his dick in my mouth as he came hard, filling my mouth as he started exclaiming, "Swallow it, swallow it, swallow it, bitch!"

I swallowed it and we put out clothes back on as he drove me back to the farm. We were the last to get back. Amy and Andrea asked me what took us so long, but I didn't tell them what happened. It was so hot and I knew I'd be dreaming about it for a long time.

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