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The Barter System

I traded cleaning services for sexual services from my friend's wife.
My buddy, Andrew, was complaining about how he and his wife Amy, never had any time for anything fun. He griped about the cooking and cleaning taking up every weekend minute for them. I am retired and have way more time than the average person, but what I lacked was sex.

Amy was one of the sexiest women I knew. I had secretly wanted her for years. Amy was 5’ 2” tall, 38DD breasts, green eyes, a sexy full figured hourglass shape and an ass to die for. She had short brown hair and full red lips. I saw an opportunity that could either turn out great, or cost me a friend.

“Drew buddy, I have an idea that you will either love, or hate. Do you want to hear it?” I asked cautiously.

“Well I guess so,” Drew answered, just as cautiously.

“I have plenty of time to do all of the things you and Amy hates doing. I am a damn good cook, I clean house like a pro and I am pretty good at laundry too,” I volunteered.

“I like the sound of this so far,” Drew said excitedly.

“What I never get at home is sex. If, and only if, Amy agrees, I can work out a barter system for cleaning your house, cooking meals and even doing the laundry,” I said quickly.

“What kind of barter?” Drew asked skeptically.

“Well I am thinking on the fly here, but how about something like this?” I asked.

1. Light straightening of the entire house in exchange for a hand job from Amy.

2. Heavy cleaning including vacuuming in exchange for a blow job from Amy.

3. Clean the three bathrooms for fucking Amy.

4. Wash, dry and put away the laundry in exchange for fulfilling a fantasy of mine, anal sex with Amy.

5. Cook dinner for the entire family in exchange for fulfilling Amy’s darkest fantasy.

“These are rough ideas and Amy will have to be variously dressed and, or, nude too,” I concluded.

“Wow my friend. You come up with some wild ideas. I will talk this over with Amy. I have secretly wanted to watch her get fucked raw by another man,” Drew said lewdly.

“Well why not get some chores done and have your fantasies come true?” I asked happily.

I didn’t see Drew again for a couple of weeks. He called and we arranged a coffee shop outing for later in the week. I admit my cock stirred in anticipation of Drew and Amy’s decision. Drew arrived and we selected our favorite brews before settling in for a nice visit.

“Amy was shocked by the offer. I thought there was no way in hell she would ever agree after her initial reaction,” Drew said, rather dead pan.

“I feel a but coming.” I replied.

“But after hearing all of your ideas, especially fulfilling her darkest fantasy, she came around after all,” Drew said, with a smile.

My dick started growing just thinking about the possibilities. I shifted nervously. I sneaked a peek at Drew’s crotch and noticed he had a tent too. I had a feeling we were all going to get our fantasies fulfilled soon.

Drew told me that Amy chose the light cleaning first to see how she handled her end of the bargain afterwards. I was okay with whatever she was willing to do for me and too me. We set up a date I would clean their house and Drew would take the kids out for burgers allowing Amy and me some privacy.

I arrived at their home right on time and started straightening as soon as I got there. They were all at work, or school. I had estimated how long the cleaning would take and had just finished as I heard the garage door opening.

“Wow this place looks and smells great,” Amy exclaimed.

“Thanks, I thought you would be pleased,” I said, with a smile.

“I usually take a quick shower before Drew and the kids get home. Do you want to watch?” Amy said sexily.

“Of course I do,” I said, following her to her master bathroom.

Amy peeled off her business suit and tossed it on the bed. Her creamy white skin was accented by her matching red thong panties and red bra. Her swollen tits sagged a bit as she released them from the confines of her heavy laden bra. I wanted to suck them so badly. My cock was straining at my jeans already.

“I was going to ask if you like what you see, but your erection is telling me you clearly do,” Amy said, staring at my bulging crotch.

“I love what I am seeing Amy. I have wanted to see what you were hiding beneath your clothes from the first time I saw you,” I answered truthfully.

Amy turned around and peeled her thong off giving me a fantastic view of her ass, as she bent to step out of her panties.

“It may be smarter to give you your payment before I shower, just in case we have any accidents,” Amy said, motioning me towards her.

Amy sat on her bed totally nude. My cock hurt from being so hard inside my blue jeans. Amy took pity on me and unbuckled my pants and shoved them and my briefs down to my knees.

“I wasn’t sure about this at first. I realized I haven’t seen another man’s dick in eighteen years. I haven’t touched another man’s rock hard cock in even longer,” Amy said, as she slid her fingers around my throbbing cock.

Amy slid a finger up and over the tip of my cock and a long thin strand of precum stretched out as she did. Amy leaned forward and snaked her tongue out and licked it up. She moved closer to my cock, as she stroked the full length before darting her tongue out and flicking it across my sensitive head.

I moaned, as she slid her hand up and down my shaft. Each time a drop of glistening precum appeared she snaked her tongue out and claimed it. Amy slid her other hand down between her own legs and started rubbing her pussy slowly.

“You didn’t specify if you were going to pleasure me while I stroke you, so I decided to do it myself,” Amy said lecherously.

“I would be happy to assist you,” I said with a grin.

“It’s too late for this time. Maybe next time we should spell out who does what to whom,” Amy said, as she licked another drop from the tip of my dick.

She was driving me wild. Her soft hand sliding up and down my cock felt amazing. It had been so long since I had a woman touching me. I knew I wouldn’t last too long.

“Amy, I am getting so close now,” I said, closing my eyes and savoring her magic fingers.

“Good, I am close too,” Amy said, increased her stroking on my cock.

My balls tightened and I shot a huge blast of cum directly on her huge tits. Amy started slapping her clit fast and hard, as my second blast erupted. Amy leaned down and started sucking my dick as the third shot hit the back of her throat. Amy was shaking all over.

Amy looked up at me and opened her mouth showing me my cum in her mouth. She swallowed it down, as her orgasm washed over her in a flood. She used both of her hands to finish her orgasm. One on her clit and two fingers from her other hand in her wet pussy.

I saw her fish out a thick glob of her cum and lick it up. I leaned down and kissed her. I shoved my tongue into her mouth searching for her juice. She got another two fingers worth and brought them to our mouths. We licked her fingers clean, as we kissed long and hard.

“I had better go shower before the gang gets home,” Amy said, as she got up. “Care to join me?” she added.

I followed her to her roomy shower and after the water was nice and hot we climbed in. I started lathering up Amy’s soft body from her waist to her shoulders from behind first. I lathered my chest then rubbed our bodies together. I used more of her body wash on her round ass delving between her cheeks.

I lathered my again hard dick and slid it between her soft ass cheeks. I slid it up and down grinding her as I did. I poured lotion all over her full ripe breasts then squeezed them and rubbed until I had soapy lather frothing on her huge DD breasts. Amy was pushing back against my erection then she leaned forward while reaching behind her. Amy clamped her hand on my soapy dick and guided it between her legs. She slid my dick in her wet pussy before saying; “Now fuck me deep and hard. If I cum first, you can slide that thing into my ass,”

I did everything I could to not cum first. I squeezed her full tits, as I pounded her deep and hard from behind. Amy put her hands against the shower wall to hold herself up against my assault. I slid a hand down and started slapping her clit softly, but quickly.

“Harder please spank my clit harder,” Amy said, moaning loudly.

I was doing math in my head trying to concentrate on anything but her fine ass and full tits. I was pumping her so hard I was lifting her off of her feet. I started sucking on her neck too. I spanked her clit hard enough to make slapping sounds reverberate in the shower.

“God yes, even harder baby, spank my pussy hard,” Amy begged grunting.

I pinched her clit then spanked it hard, as I fucked her deep and hard. I pinched a nipple and bit her ear as she started her second orgasm. I lifted her by her waist and fucked her in the air making my belly slap her ass hard with each thrust. Amy was almost hysterical, as her orgasm intensified.

I dropped to my knees and clamped my mouth on her quivering pussy, as she filled my mouth with her cum. I slid a finger into her ass and wiggled it around roughly, as she had several more spasms. Amy’s knees buckled from the intensity of her orgasm and we ended up in a pile on the shower floor kissing and fingering and winding down.

“I promised you my ass if I came first,” Amy said panting.

“I didn’t earn that yet. After I earn it I will enjoy it much more,” I said, with a sly grin.

“Good because I am exhausted,” Amy replied.

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