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The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII a

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII a

When an ex-client throws a sexual spanner in the works, will it be the end for Mattie and Simon

Mattie stood beside Simon next to Mark’s table. Simon extended his hand, took Mark’s firmly and shook it, “So good to finally meet you,” he said with a winning smile on his face.

Mattie tightened her grip on Simon’s other hand, feeling safer for having him beside her. She discreetly, wiped her mouth clean of the saliva Mark had left when he’d slipped his tongue into her mouth as he’d kissed her and, for the first time, she noticed Mark’s companion. She looked familiar, one of those faces probably. She was a slight, mousey girl who simply sat, studying the napkin on her lap with her hands neatly folded, like a naughty schoolgirl outside the principal’s office. She glanced up and briefly caught Mattie’s eye but immediately looked away, eyes cast downwards.

“Holy shit,” thought Mattie, “She’s totally under his thumb.”

Simon and the Canadian stood about the same height and they regarded each other for a moment before Mark seemed to remember his manners and offered them a seat. Simon continued to stand for a moment longer, looking at Mark’s female companion and awaiting an introduction. Mark looked quizzically at Simon before realising what he wanted.

“Oh, my goodness! Where are my manners?” His easy grin re-appeared. “This is my... date, Amanda,” he scowled at her so fleetingly that it would have been easy to miss, but Mattie noticed.

Amanda jumped to her feet, smiling and extending her own small hand, blushing, “Hello, very pleased to meet you.”

Simon, ever the gentleman, leaned over, smiling, kissed her left and then her right cheek, European style, “Oh it’s my pleasure, dear. You look delightful in that gorgeous gown!”

Amanda blushed furiously and sat back down in her seat. In truth, her dress was very simple and whilst it certainly suited her, it was by no means outstanding, the neutral, fleshy tones served only to make her even less noticeable, like urban camouflage.

“Let’s sit,” invited Mark, clicking his fingers to catch the attention of a passing waiter. “Champagne,” he commanded.

The small, square table was discreetly located in one of the darker corners of the room, Mattie looked to see how she could best distance herself from Mark, but realised that she had no choice but to sit either adjacent to him or facing him. Neither seemed appealing but her decision was made for her when Simon pulled back a chair and put an arm around her waist, oblivious to her internal struggle and entirely unaware that she and Mark had recognised each other in the first place. She took her seat, opposite Mark and adjacent to Amanda, who stole a glance at Mattie and smiled coyly.

“I’m just going to nip to the restroom,” Simon announced. “Mattie, darling, could you order me a Scotch, please?”

Mattie looked up at him and opened her mouth to speak, but Mark butted in, “No problem, a Scotch it is.”

Simon smiled politely as he hung his light jacket over his chair then left the table.

“Well, Mattie, it has been a while, hasn’t it?” said Mark seizing the opportunity.

She wasn’t sure how best to play this. Simon had stressed that this meeting was important, that it was a potentially huge deal and that Mark was possibly willing to invest a great deal of cash into his project. Still, she felt like she ought to tell him about her previous dealings with Mark, give him a little insight into the sort of person he was dealing with, but if she did, well, it would be both awkward and possibly embarrassing for all concerned.

“Erm, yes it has,” she replied, glancing in the direction of the bathroom, willing Simon to return.

“Ah, so I assume that Simon has hired your services then?” Mark leered.

“No!” Mattie replied, rather too sharply. “I’m here as his friend. This isn’t a work thing.”

She looked at Mark, trying to gauge what he was thinking.

“So, does he know what you do for a living, Mattie?”

Amanda coughed and Mark snapped, without even looking at her, “Be quiet, girl! Grownups are talking.”

Mattie opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again, this was a fight she did not want to start. There was no point, all it could do was potentially embarrass Simon and she was damned sure that she wasn’t about to do that, so she let it slide.

The man repulsed her. When he’d booked her services, way back when, through her madam, Olivia, they’d both gotten a bad feeling about him. Not for any particular reason, they simply felt in their guts that this guy was a wrong ‘un and how right they had been.


The first time they had met, she had ‘escorted’ him to a business event. The fact that was based in Canada meant that he didn’t have anyone suitable to be his ‘plus one’ and Mattie had obviously appealed to him when he’d viewed her profile on Olivia’s site. His initial request had been for a well-presented, well-mannered and obedient girl, though and Mattie had not been his first choice. The fact that Olivia had also had a hunch about him meant that there was no way she was going to send a younger, less experienced girl, not when she knew that Mattie was smart, diplomatic enough and above all, able to handle herself in just about any situation. Of course, his detailed requests had raised her hackles immediately too, he sounded like a dominant control freak and although she was not averse to a little role play, she liked it to be all in good humor and it just didn’t feel that way with Mark, not one bit. Olivia had briefed her fully beforehand, made sure that Mattie was completely comfortable, well as comfortable as one could be going into a situation like this and she had put safety measures in place, a friend hanging out nearby, keeping an eye on what was going on there, just in case Mattie needed assistance.

On reflection, she wished she’d listened to her intuition and simply refused the job. However, being the professional gal that she was, she took it, just the same as any other.

She had turned up at the restaurant, wearing the requested attire, Mark had been very, very specific as to what she should wear; the style of underwear, including the fact that she was supposed to be as hair free as possible, including her genital and anal areas. Now, whilst being very good at her job, Mattie did not really like to have a bare pussy, so she had compromised by trimming her pubic hair into a landing strip, rather than go completely bald, she just didn’t like the way it made women look almost prepubescent. In truth, it gave her the creeps, almost as much as the punters who craved it.

He had specified that he might wish to partake in some light bondage, the use of sex toys and a few other things, possibly anal sex. This really wasn’t Mattie’s scene but she knew that she was ‘taking one for the team’ and saving someone else from doing it, plus Olivia had said that she would be well recompensed, earning almost twice her regular fee for one night’s work. So, very much against her better judgment, she did it.

The ‘date’ was fine. He handed her a roll of notes in the car, she didn’t even count the money, she could see that it was much more than had been agreed. She stuffed them into the lining of her purse, pleased that she would be able to take some time off after such a lucrative job.

Really, all she had to do was sit there, look pretty and say little. She was his arm candy and that was a role she could easily play, well, if she could keep her mouth shut, which she did. He made sure that her champagne glass was always full, In the taxi back to his hotel suite, he commended her on her behavior, like she actually cared what he thought, told her what a good girl she had been and how ‘daddy’ was very pleased with her. Mark pulled her hand onto his crotch and pressed it against his erection.

“God, he feels massive!” Mattie had kept her demure smile plastered on her face, although her stomach was lurching as she began to squeeze and stroke. It was second nature to her and despite her fuzzy head, she could already feel the moisture dampening his trousers. Why was her stomach lurching? Well, that became clear soon enough...

Mark unzipped his fly and unceremoniously pulled Mattie’s head down to his crotch, “Suck me! Suck daddy’s big hard cock.”

She hated that word, it made her think of gold diggers going after older men, or worse... She shuddered, took a deep breath and opened her mouth, just as Mark pulled her roughly onto his erect penis. Being very skilled at what she did, he was quickly deep in her throat and she was breathing noisily through her nose as he began to fuck her mouth. She felt him grab the hem of her dress and roughly pull it up around her waist before spanking her hard on the ass. She yelped, but the muffled noise came from her nostrils and Mark didn’t notice which, even in her inebriated state, Mattie instinctively knew was a good thing.

“Look at me!” He demanded. “Look at daddy as you suck his big thick cock. What a bad fucking dirty little bitch you are!”

Mark sucked two of his fingers into his mouth, coating them with drool which stretched between them and his thick rubbery lips as he pulled them out.

“Daddy wants to fuck your pretty little mouth and cum down your throat,” he moaned as Mattie sucked for all she was worth, twirling her tongue over his tip as she lifted her head. She slid the hand which wasn’t wanking him inside his trousers and began to fondle his firm balls.

He arched his back, forcing his cock even deeper down her gullet, “Oh yes! You dirty fucking slut!”

He spat on his two fingers now and roughly pulled down her panties, she heard them tear as he did before smacking her bare ass cheek very hard. “Bad girl, bad fucking girl!!” He smacked and thrust at the same time, punctuating his words with his movements.

Suddenly, his big fat fingers were invading her pussy, she knew she wasn’t very wet but he forced them inside her anyway, pulling them out and spreading her sparse fluids along her lips. As he pushed towards her clit, he paused.

“What the fuck is this?” He rubbed his fingertips along her landing strip. “I asked for bare, fucking BARE!” He roared and pinched her clit between finger and thumb, hard.

The pain shot through Mattie’s body and she raised her head as she cried out.

“Who the fuck told you you could stop?” He growled, pushing and holding her head against his crotch and beginning to thrust hard into her mouth, gripping her hair as he fucked her face.

She heard him spit onto his fingers and felt them push roughly inside her cunt once more, feeling his thumb against her arsehole as he pushed it inside. It hurt, but there was nothing she could do except suck for all she was worth. His thrusts got faster and harder and suddenly he pulled her face hard onto his cock and came down her throat. It felt like pints of his spunk were squirting and she could feel it rise into her nasal cavity and run out of her nose. He held her in place, one hand still in her pussy and ass, the other holding down her head, cock still stiff in her throat as a final trickle of cum dribbled out.

His breathing was ragged as he began to relax, relinquishing his grip on both ends of her. It was fair to say that she had not enjoyed the experience.

His fingers and thumb still inside her, he let go of her hair and almost rubbed his finger and thumb together through her rectum and pussy. It felt uncomfortable, but she knew better than to say anything.

“Good girl,” he cooed, pulling his hand from her holes and sucking his fingers and thumb into his mouth. Sit up, tidy yourself, we’re almost at the hotel.

Mattie sat up and banged her head against the window of the cab, everything was swimming as she tried to get her small compact from her bag. She passed out.


Mark leaned over and took Mattie’s hand and it was all that she could do not to slap his smug fucking face but then Simon appeared back at the table, pulled out his chair and Mark let go of Mattie’s hand as though it were poison ivy.

“Well, it looks like you’re all getting to know each other?” He beamed as he sat down. “So, shall we get straight to business?”

The rest of the meal was a bit of a blur. Simon and Mark seemed to have plenty of common ground, much to Mattie’s chagrin and she tried to chat with Amanda, but as they sat across from each other, it was difficult to sustain a conversation. Plus, every time they managed to get talking, Mark seemed to interject and Amanda simply closed up for a few minutes. It was very frustrating and even Simon’s hand stroking her thigh under the table wasn’t enough to lift Mattie’s mood.

Dessert arrived and Simon and Mark’s duologue had become quite heated, although it seemed to be in a relatively good way and from what Mattie could glean, they had pretty much come to a satisfactory agreement which was going to benefit all concerned. As uncomfortable as she felt, she knew that to say anything to Simon about her past encounters with Mark could jeopardize their whole deal. She bit her tongue.

As she continued to try and communicate with Amanda, she got a very strong feeling that she was trying to tell her something and when she suggested that the two of them take a trip to the ladies’ room, Amanda practically jumped out of her seat to accompany her. Mark eyed them suspiciously and pulled Amanda close, told her not to be too long. To Mattie, it felt like a veiled threat but the mousey girl just smiled demurely, obviously used to his dictatorial nature.

They entered the ladies’ rest room and Amanda slammed the door shut and stood with her back against it, as if to stop anyone else entering.

“Oh my god!” She sighed, “I thought that I’d never get the chance to talk to you alone.” She looked around nervously and Mattie simply arched an eyebrow, not understanding what she was talking about.

Amanda took both of Mattie’s hands and stared intently into her eyes. “Do you remember me, Mattie? Do you?”

Mattie’s brow creased. She did recognise Amanda, she was pretty certain that she knew her face, but couldn’t place it.

“Mattie?” Amanda’s gaze was earnest. “Do you remember the night you spent with Mark? In Glasgow?”

Mattie suddenly began to feel weak on her feet, as though her legs might give way.

“Yes, well, parts of it,” she felt ill. “How do you know about it, Amanda?”

“I was there, Mattie. I didn’t think you remembered me. I’m so sorry, if only I’d been braver, acted faster, then maybe you’d not have been hurt. Mattie, please forgive me, please.”

Suddenly, images began to fill Mattie’s mind. How Mark had handcuffed her to a bed frame, whipped her, sodomized her, abused her. She began to lose her balance and Amanda took hold of her and helped her to a stall where she could sit down.

“Amanda, I ended up in hospital after that night. I had a fractured wrist, bruising. I couldn’t work for almost a month. Are you telling me that you were there that night?”

The mousey girl nodded, “Listen, we don’t have much time, Mark will get suspicious if we’re gone too long. Mattie, I got you out of there that night. I paid for it too. Unzip me” She turned and presented her back to Mattie, who tugged at her zipper.

As she revealed more of Amanda’s flesh, she had to bring her hand to her mouth to keep from crying out. There were deep, dark welds which cut diagonally across her back.

“Holy fuck!” Mattie gasped. “Amanda! What the fuck happened? Jesus!” She pulled the zip back up again.

“Mark, drugged you, Mattie and he didn’t like me taking initiative, but I knew that he was going to hurt you, badly. I had to get you out of there. There have been, well... casualties before, I just couldn’t...”

Amanda began to cry and Mattie pulled her into a hug, “It’s okay, shh it’s okay.”

“We need to get back in there, Mark will notice.” Suddenly Amanda gripped Mattie’s hands tightly. “Listen to me! You must stop Simon from getting involved with Mark - He’s out to take him for everything he can get and Simon will lose everything, money, reputation, you...”

The two women hugged briefly before returning to the table.

Both men looked up and watched them as they sat down.

“My my, don’t you girls look a picture!” Simon said, standing to pull Mattie’s chair out and helping her into her seat.

Mark leered at Mattie, “I think that Simon and I have ironed out the details on our contract. So... Shall we move this party on?”

Amanda’s eyes grew wide and she almost imperceptibly shook her head and mouthed, “Nooo!”

Mattie opened her mouth to speak but Simon cut in, “Sure! That sounds like fun! Let’s get our coats and go!”

She couldn’t think of an excuse as Simon helped her into her jacket...

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