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The Hitchhiker -- 1

You can pay with your ass, pussy, or mouth

My name is Erin and I know it is dangerous to hitchhike. But, when you are a vagabond with little money and need to get somewhere, it is the only way. I have no problem paying for a ride with my pussy – but only with men. Age doesn't matter, provided they're legal, of course. As long as they can get an erection and keep it hard enough to fuck me and give me an orgasm, I will take them on.

I am not a raving beauty. I am a bit on the chubby side but it gives me a more curvaceous figure with a little extra junk in the trunk. Boobs are a 38C, I stand five foot six inches, have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Worse feature is the sprinkling of freckles across my nose and on my cheeks but guys seem to like them for some reason. I am twenty-five years old and I've spent the past three years traveling cross-country and back, hitchhiking. I work when I need spending money.

I've been in the mid-west and now I'm headed back west to work for the summer, picking fruits and vegetables like those migrant workers you hear so much about. In fact, right now I'm at a truck stop in St. Louis looking for a ride. It's about seven in the morning and the sun is just peeking in the sky.

I wandered into the restaurant, checking out the male travelers when I spotted him. He may or may not be a trucker but damn he was hot looking with a well-defined chest that his shirt seemed to hug. Since he was sitting at a booth, I had no idea what the rest of him looked like or how tall he was. He had black hair tdown to his shoulders and, as I walked by, he looked up at me with smoldering green eyes flecked with gold. I gave him a sexy smile as I passed and took a seat at the counter.

I ordered toast and coffee, turning so I could watch him. Almost as if he could read my thoughts or knew I was looking at him, he turned in his seat and made a motion for me to join him. I hesitated -- then grabbed my coffee and plate of toast and joined him.

“Hi, my name is Erin. Thanks for inviting me to join you.” I said sticking out my hand.

He shook it and said, “You’re a hitchhiker, aren’t ya?“

“Ah, no,” I said, not wanting to be too obvious. “I am just a lonely traveler on the highway of life stopping for breakfast.”

He laughed and said, “My name is Dakota but everyone calls me Dak for short. However, you can cut the bullshit because I can spot a hitchhiker a mile away.”

“Congratulations, Dak. That is a unique talent you have, being able to spot hitchhikers,” I said sarcastically, forgetting that I was going to hit him up for a ride. “Once you spot a hitchhiker what do you do? Do you make much money from your unique talent?”

Leaning forward, he said softly so no-one else could hear, “I give them a ride and then I stop at a motel and fuck the shit out of them. If they are a good fuck, then they get a longer ride ,but if they are not, they get left behind.”

He went back to eating his breakfast after telling me that.

I took a couple of bites of my toast and a drink of my coffee, and then decided two could play his game. So I leaned forward and quietly said, “If I was a hitchhiker, that would sound like fun but, before I would hitch a ride with you, I would need to know your cock size. I would have to make sure it was long and thick enough to give me a mind-blowing orgasm.”

Dak held a forkful of food at his mouth when I said that and he stopped and looked at me, obviously trying to see if I was joking or really wanted to know. He ate the forkful of food, took a drink of his orange juice, and said, “I have a seven-inch-long, three-inch thick cut cock. Big enough for you?”

He continued eating.

At the revelation of his cock size, I had just taken another drink of my coffee and almost choked on it, picturing his cock in my mind. But there was always the chance he was bragging. Maybe it was really a skinny four-inch cock.

“Sure, it's big enough -- if you're telling the truth and not bragging.”

“Well, after we get done eating, come out to my truck and I will show you,” Dak said without blinking or cracking a smile.

“So, are you a long-haul trucker?” 

“No, I'm just a regular guy traveling to my new job in New Mexico,” he said. “Where are you heading?”

“To California, for work too,” I told him as I took my last bite of toast.

The waitress came, refilled our coffee cups, and cleared away our dirty dishes.

“So, are you ready to admit you're a hitchhiker, Erin?”

Trying to decide if I wanted to get a ride from him or not, I sat in silence. Then said, “Can I get a ride to New Mexico?”

“If you put out,” Dak answered, calmly adding sugar to his coffee. “It's a couple of days drive if we stop at night so you will have to put out each time we get a motel room."

Whispering, I asked, “Are you into kinky stuff?”

“Depends on what you call kinky.” Dak said softly. “I like pussy, ass, and oral. Is any of that too kinky for you?”


“So, I guess it is safe to conclude you are a hitchhiker.”

“Yes,” I admitted as I looked down at my coffee, hoping he was not really a cop and I was going to be arrested for soliciting or hitchhiking.

Looking at the backpack and small suitcase sitting beside me on the bench, Dak asked, “Where is the rest of your stuff? Or is that it?”

“That's it. I have to travel light. I hitchhike, remember?”

“Finish your coffee and we will hit the road,” Dak told me. “I noticed that you only had toast for breakfast. Do you want something else…my treat of course?”

“No thank you. I am fine.” I finished my coffee and scooted out of the booth, picking up my stuff. I grabbed my bill from the table and headed to the front to pay with Dak right behind me. As we walked out, I saw that he was a good foot taller than me and had a stocky build. He led me in the direction of a navy blue Dodge Charger with a camper shell that apparently held his belongings.

Stopping before he opened the passenger door, he eyed me up and down, and then asked, “How old are you? Are you over eighteen?”

I knew I looked younger than my actual age so I dug my ID out of my wallet and showed him. “I am twenty-five... so, how old are you? Though it doesn’t really matter, I fuck all cocks as long as they can stay hard and give me an orgasm.”

Dak cleared his throat and looked at me. “Old enough and my cock works just fine. I will bring you so hard your pussy will hurt.” He opened the door, then said, “By the way, I am forty-five years old."

I got in, putting my backpack and small suitcase on the floor beside my feet. It was a tight fit. Dak shut the door and went around to his side. For the first few miles, silence filled the truck and then he turned on the radio to a country station. I soon drifted off to sleep. Although it seemed like minutes, it had been almost six hours when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I jerked awake, ready to fight, causing Dak to laugh.

“Easy tiger,” he said. “It's lunchtime so thought we would grab something and eat it in the truck. Unless you want to eat inside.”

I had limited funds so I said, “Thanks Dak, but I'm not hungry. I could use a bathroom and something to drink.”

“Okay,” he said as he pulled into a McDonald’s Restaurant. “What do you want to drink?”

“A large tea,” I said as I pulled a dollar and a quarter out of my pocket. “And I prefer we eat in the truck.”

“I got it,” he told me, waving off the money as he got out.

I got out and stretched, pulling my backpack and suitcase out with me.

Dak said, “You can leave them in the truck. I promise I won’t leave you behind.”

I gave him a half-smile and went on to the restaurant, taking my stuff with me. To say I did not trust anyone was an understatement. I could feel Dak’s eyes on my ass as I went into the restaurant so I made sure I gave it a little more swing.

When I got back to the truck, he handed me my drink along with a couple of cheeseburgers and fries.

“Wasn't sure what you might want on them so I got them plain and some packs of ketchup.”

“Thanks,” I said. “How much do I owe you?”

“A blow job,” Dak said calmly as he took a bit of his burger. “Or some pussy or ass.”

“Okay,” I responded. “That seems a fair enough price for a meal,” I said, putting ketchup on my burger.

After we ate, Dak threw the trash away and we headed out.

“Sorry I zoned out on you earlier,” I apologized.

“That's okay,” Dak said. “Hitchhiking can be a tiresome job. I did that myself one summer.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, my cousin and I hitched across the country and back the summer before we started college. But it is more dangerous for a woman, especially one that is by herself. You know Erin, I could be a serial killer and murder you and dump your body where it will never be found. Did you ever think about that?”

“Yeah, but if it happens then that is the way it is supposed to be. Life is planned so there's nothing I can do to change it.”

“You could settle down and get a job and stop hitchhiking,” he told me sternly.

“Dak, I appreciate your concern but you are not my father -- so lay off the fatherly advice,” I told him. “If it bothers you so much, I will fucking pay for my ride to wherever tonight and then find another ride tomorrow.” With that I turned to look out of the window, indicating that the subject was done being discussed.

“Do your parents know what you're doing?"

“They're both dead,” I stated matter-of-factly. “Died in a car crash when I was fifteen and then I went into foster care for three years.”

“Well, I'm sure if your parents were alive, they would not want you to be doing this.”

“That is a moot question since they're not, alive,” I said. “Now shut the fuck up and leave me be.”

Ignoring my request for silence, Dak said, “If you were my daughter, your ass would be red.”

I looked over at him and said calmly, “So, if I was your daughter you would spank me. Well, since you want to fuck me I guess that means you would also fuck your daughter.”

If I could read minds, I would have known that I'd angered Dak and he was even tempted to pull off at the next exit and leave my ass there, all thoughts of fucking me having gone out of the window. But, apparently, Dak decided that he would leave me behind the next morning and continue alone. By the time we pulled off the interstate around five in the evening, he was calmer – and horny again.

“Do you have money for a room?” he asked when we pulled into the Motel 6 parking lot.

“Damn,” I muttered, “I've hooked up with a loser who doesn’t have enough money for a motel room.”

“I have enough for a room... but I was wondering if you do.”

“Thought we agreed on sexual favors in exchange for a ride, room, and food?”

“We did. But, as you so unkindly reminded me, I am old enough to be your father -- and I would not fuck my daughter, even if I had one."

"That's it," I said,  "one excuse is better than none."

"What do you mean by that?" Dak turned in his seat to look at me.

"What I mean is a fake excuse is better than the real one,"  I told him. “In other words, the true reason is that your cock is really just a skinny four-inch non-working member. It just hangs there as a piss instrument and occasional tool for masturbation. That's just great," I said sarcastically, "when I was expecting to be fucked until my pussy hurt.”

Dak's face started to turn an angry shade of red. "I should have listened to my brain instead of my cock," he snarled. "When you walked by my table, shaking that sexy ass of yours and giving me that 'come fuck me' smile, my cock started to twitch.  It was telling me you would be an easy fuck in exchange for a ride but my brain was telling me you were going to be nothing by trouble.  My brain was right."

"I have enough money to give you half for a room. So get one with twin beds and I will be out of your hair come morning," I told him.  

Shaking his head, he stated matter-of-factly, "I don't know whether to turn you over my knee and set your ass on fire, fuck you silly until your pussy hurts, or do both.  Guess you will find out that answer before the trip ends.  Tonight, you will find out I am not bragging about my dick size."

"Oh, so you would fuck your daughter," I taunted him, knowing that I was probably pushing my luck but he was so much fun to taunt.

"As you stated earlier, it's a moot point since I do not have a daughter.  Right now, you are a hitchhiker who promised me sex in exchange for a ride and room and board until New Mexico.  I intend to collect." With that, he got out and went to the office.

When he came back, he drove around the back to park. “Let’s go,” he ordered, “We'll put our stuff in the room and then we can walk over to the steakhouse and get supper. Before you start to protest, don’t. Your ass, and I do mean ass, will pay for it all later.”

Dak grabbed a small suitcase from the back of the truck and didn't wait to see if I followed him or not. As he went to unlock the door to our room, I appeared beside him. Stepping inside, I got a big smile on my face when I saw just the queen size bed. I knew then that I was going to get my way. I could only hope it would be the big fat cock I was promised.

“Go ahead and freshen up if you want, then I will before we eat.”

I opened my small suitcase, grabbed a clean shirt, and disappeared into the bathroom. I came out, buttoning my shirt but Dak ignored me.

After eating, we headed back to the room, my panties becoming wet at the thought of his cock. As we crossed the parking lot, I got closer and reached out my hand, rubbing it over the crotch of his jeans. Dak quickly removed my hand, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

Once in the room, I launched myself at Dak, shoving him into the closed door, planting my lips against his. My tongue darted into his mouth as he opened it to speak. I ground myself against him and kissed him hard, tongue-fucking his mouth. Moving back, I started to fumble with the zipper and the button on his jeans, anxious to open them and see the prize inside.

“Slow down, girl, we have all night.” Dak said, pushing me back. Turning me toward the bed, he gave me a smack on my ass.

Within minutes, I was naked and lying on the bed, waiting for him to undresse and join me.

“I need a shower first,” he said. “Want to join me?”

I eagerly jumped up and followed him to the bathroom. I was disappointed to see that it was not a ‘fuck in the shower’ model but just a standard one found in most motel rooms. I was sure I could get his cock hard even in the small space. I turned the shower on and got wash cloths and the small bars of soap they provided. I heard his jeans hit the tile floor and I turned around. My mouth dropped open and my eyes opened wide, as I took in his semi-erection pointing in my direction.

Oh my goodness, he was not kidding. He does have a seven-inch long, three-inch thick cock.

Dak saw the expression on my face and smiled. “Like what you see?” he asked as he hefted it in one hand and waggled it.

It was all I could do to not drop down on the bathroom floor, take him in my mouth, and make myself gag on his cock. Instead, I turned and got into the shower. Dak followed and  we hurriedly soaped each other , then rinsed off, both of us anxious to get to bed. Before Dak could climb out, I got to my knees and took him in my mouth, tonguing and licking him, making him even harder. As my mouth worked its magic on his cock, all Dak could do was stand there and moan. I'd sucked enough cock to know just how to bring him to the edge, which is what I did. As soon as I tasted the pre-cum, I tongued the little hole and then stood, got out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

Dak turned off the water and got out, grabbing the other towel. I braced one hand on the sink counter and bent over to dry my legs, making sure that Dak had a good view of my ass. I heard a groan behind me and suddenly I felt him grab my waist, his cock probing the entrance of my pussy. I dropped my towel, moved to brace myself on the counter and spread my legs, offering him my pussy. I groaned as I felt him slide deep into my warm wet pussy, stretching me to fit his thickness. He pulled me back against him, and then began to thrust, deep and hard, his balls slapping my ass.

” Fuck me hard, Dak,” I moaned. “Make my pussy yours. Show my pussy who's the owner,” I said, squeezing him tight with my pussy muscles.

“Take it all baby,” Dak growled as he pounded my pussy, pushing me against the sink counter. Reaching around me, he grabbed my nipples, pinching and pulling hard as he bit the back of my neck.

I felt my pussy begin to clench and my body twitching, a hot flush covering my body as my orgasm exploded deep in my core, flooding his cock with my juices. Dak was not far behind and he shoved deep into me, pulling my head back by my hair as he unloaded jets of cum deep into my pussy.

He collapsed against my back, pinning me to the counter as we both fought to regain our strength and get our breathing under control. As his cock deflated, it slipped out of my pussy, his cum running down my thighs. I moved over and grabbed a washcloth to clean the mess but Dak stopped me.

“Allow me,” he said and got down to lick the cum from my thighs, his tongue soon working its way into my pussy. I put my hands on his shoulders as his tongue licked my clit. He finger-probed my pussy and found my clit and he resumed licking and sucking my pussy, drinking in the combination of his cum and my juices. As his tongue and fingers worked their magic, I found myself building toward another orgasm. Just as I got to the edge, Dak stood up.

“Waiting makes it all the better,” he said, walking out of the bathroom and leaving me standing there, considering whether to finish what he'd started. “Erin, get your ass out here now. If you are fingering yourself to make you cum ,your ass is grass and I will be the lawnmower.”

“Fuck,” I mumbled as I headed for the bed, where he was lying and stroking his cock. I immediately moved his hand out of the way and took him into my mouth, sucking and licking the head as I stroked and gently scratched his shaft with my nails. I turned around so my pussy was near his face but he did not attempt to touch me. Frustrated, I took my mouth off him and flicked his cock.

“Bitch!” he yelled and smacked my ass hard. ‘Do that again and you will have an uncomfortable ride to New Mexico.”

I was so tempted to call his bluff but I was enjoying his cock too much. Grabbing my hips, Dak pulled me back toward his face, biting my ass before he stuck his tongue into my little-puckered hole while finger-fucking me. I continued to lavish attention on his cock as I wiggled around on his chest. Suddenly, I felt one, then two fingers slide into my little hole while his tongue found my clit. I began to suck faster, my lips gripping his cock hard as I pulled his cum toward the top, my hand rolling and squeezing his balls.

As he sucked and pulled on my clit with his teeth, his other hand finger fucking my pussy in time with my ass, I felt my body tense and I came hard, coating his face with my juices. Instead of stopping, he continued his attention on my pussy and ass until I came again, and then he gently rolled me off, getting up and going to his suitcase.

In his hand, he had a jar of petroleum jelly, which he was using lavishly to coat his cock with. “I want to fuck that tight ass. Get up on all fours and present me with your ass.’

“I want to get something first,” I said, scooting off the bed and digging in my backpack. When I got back to the bed, I showed him what I had in my hand.

“Surely you do not use that on your teeth, too,” Dak said, trying to keep a straight face.

“No, this one is pink for pussy," I said as I turned on my battery operated toothbrush, putting its bristle side gently against his balls, causing his cock to jerk.

I got on my knees, my hand holding the toothbrush under me. Dak generously lubed my ass and positioned his cock at the entrance. “Have you had anal sex before?”

“Yes, several times, but never one with a cock this thick,” I said, making my body relax although I knew there was going to be some pain as my anus stretched to accommodate his length and width.

Spreading my ass cheeks, Dak inserted two fingers as deep as he could go, then he inserted a third finger, widening the entrance for his cock. Slowly he pulled his fingers out, leaving a gaping hole big enough for his cock to slide in. When he reached the barrier, he firmly pushed through, earning a gasp from me. Dak stayed still for a minute let me get used to his length and width before he started to fuck me. I turned on my toothbrush moving it bristle side against my pussy until I zeroed in on my clit.

Dak slowly pulled out until he was just barely in, then slammed back into me hard, each subsequent thrust just as deep and hard as the first. I clenched my cheeks together, squeezing his cock as he fucked, his balls slapping against me. All of a sudden, Dak smacked my ass, then again as he moved in and out. He continued to smack my ass as he pulled out before driving his cock back in.

I began to breathe heavily, my pussy spasming as my orgasm burst, momentarily causing me to see a rainbow of colors and black out for a few seconds as my body was racked with the strongest orgasm I'd ever felt.

Dak grasped my ass cheeks, squeezing them as he shot his cum deep inside. I felt his body shaking from his orgasm. “Oh fuck,” he groaned. “Such a hot, tight ass.” He patted my ass as he slowly pulled out.

I turned off the toothbrush, letting it drop to the carpet, and flopped on my stomach. Dak lay beside me, a big smile on his face. “Ride and supper paid in full but I still want a blow job.”

I leaned over to kiss him, the thought of his cum going down my throat making my pussy twitch. But we soon dozed off, both too tired even to move.






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