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The Longing for Leslie

The affair continues as Steve and Leslie steal away some time together
As fate would have it, after hours of travel, they arrived at their secret location within minutes of each other. All of the planning, all of the waiting, was worth the two seeing each other again. Just knowing that they would be free of the eyes and ears that the world seemed to place around them was exhilarating.

The sight of her in tight jeans and a scoop white tee hugging her lovely frame clearly struck him. He too was dressed with a casual flair that she enjoyed before. The grin on their faces was unabashed and attractive on them. The next few days should prove to be filled with fun and adventure. As they discarded their bags into the room, the door clicked shut. Sounding like a starting gun, they embraced and lock lips. Tongues clashing, hands roaming, the scent of two fragrances, the feel of bodies against each other, the diminutive moans coming deep from within them - That alone was worth the wait.

No sense in rushing things but the intensity of that look spoke volumes. Leslie excused herself to go to the bathroom and a few minutes Steve hear her call out. “This place has a sauna! I haven’t had a sauna for ages, that’s it I’m having one.”

A moment later, “Care to come and join me?”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He threw his clothes into the drawer and almost ran to the bathroom. Just as he entered he briefly saw her nakedness from behind as she wrapped a fluffy white towel around herself, opening the door to the sauna and slipping in.

He quickly stripped down and pulled a towel off the shelf for himself. His manhood already beginning to stiffen, and he had to concentrate hard to stop it rising to its playful extension and poke out the endge of his towel.

He entered the sauna and there she sat, beads of sweat beginning to form on her golden brown shoulders. The towel she was wearing was not very big and Steve could see the her smooth and shapely legs. She was lying back against the wall with her eyes closed basking in the hot, moist air. Steve sat opposite her and stared at her. He couldn’t take his eyes of the beautiful woman in front of him. She opened her eyes and saw him taking in her body and smiled. Leslie liked what she saw too. Steve had an excellent body for a man his age, a product of many tennis matches and volleyball sets. He had strong shoulders; his stomach was flat without having the an overly pronounced ‘six pack’ and well defined legs. She looked lower and could see him desperately trying to hide the bulge beneath his towel.

“That looks nice,” said Leslie, the glint in her eye.

Before he could reply Leslie stood up. “I’m going for a shower,” and let her towel slip to the floor.

Steve got a full view of her exquisite body. Her pert breasts and the mocha coloured nipples stood before him. They were firm and pointed upwards a little at the end, Steve licked his lips seductively. He also noted her flat smooth stomach and her perfectly trimmed “V” pointed downward as if an invitation was being given. She turned and walked from the sauna and back into the bathroom.

Ditching his towel, he freed his stiff member, he got up and left the sauna also.

There she was, underneath the hot jets of the shower. There was something very erotic as the cascaded down onto her glistening outline and Steve enjoyed the view. She was facing away from him now, and he could see the water running down her back and down her beautiful backside. The sight of such her magnificent derriere was almost too much for him. Leslie turned around and grinned when she saw Steve’s big hard member before her. She beckoned him forward and he went to her. Their mouths locked together as they kissed deeply and passionately under the water jets, their tongues thrusting deeply inside each other’s mouths.

Leslie could feel his cock pressing against her abdomen and could sense herself aching to feel it inside of her. As they kissed, Leslie ran her fingers across Steve’s back. He ran his down her spine until he had a hand on each ass cheek feeling how firm she was, but how wonderfully fleshy at the same time. Leslie’s right hand finally dropped down to his strong butt and moved around to the front. She pulled away from him a little so that she could reach his balls and hold them in her hand. Her hand moved upwards feeling the full length and girth of his shaft. She let out a moan. She loved the feel of the baby soft skin beneath her hand as she began to pull up and down.

Steve reached upwards with his left hand and found the nipple of Leslie’s right breast. He took it between thumb and first finger and felt it stiffen as he squeezed. He began to tease her hard nipples with his fingers rubbing around and around and then pinching them tight. He could tell she was enjoying his attention as she shuddered and gasped beneath his lips.

Leslie was pulling harder and harder on his cock, feeling the weight of it against her wrist as her hand slipped up and down. She felt Steve’s hand slip down between her legs and involuntarily opened them a little further so that his fingers could explore her pussy more freely. She could feel his middle finger sliding up and down her smooth shaven slit. He applied a little more pressure and his finger slipped between the lips. He ran his finger upwards until he found her “button” and then held it there tight. She stiffened as she felt the shocks begin to fire from her pussy throughout her body.

Steve slid his finger down again feeling the hot juices against it. When he reached the bottom he introduced his index finger too and slowly pushed them inside her. She let out a moan as she felt his fingers slide deep inside. He drew them out again and slowly began to stroke her with them, feeling the intense heat of her body against his touch.

She could bear it no more and took his cock firmly in her hand and pulled him out of the shower and back to the bedroom. He lay, on his side, alongside her. He could see her gloriously toned body in full. He leaned down and took her right breast into his mouth, closing his lips around the nipple and sucking hard. He felt her gasp and arch her back a little. His tongue teased her nipple circling it and flicking it. Whilst doing this, his right hand, once again, reached between her legs. This time he took his two fingers and began to gently rub at her clit. First up and down and then round and round as she taught him.

Steve could feel Leslie stiffening and twitching as she felt an orgasm coming on. He pressed his penis hard against her side as he rubbed her sweet little jewel harder and harder, faster and faster. She was panting for breath and letting out louder and louder gasps as she felt the full force of her orgasm coming. As she finally reached climax she let out a long cry as Steve slid his fingers deep inside her. He could feel her muff gripping on to them hard until she slowly began to relax.

Steve flopped down alongside her, touching his lips to her soft, warm cheek.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Suddenly Leslie rolled over Steve and held herself above him on hands and knees. He looked straight into her eyes and could immediately see that she was just warming up. He could feel himself pinned beneath her strong thighs. She sat upright and he took in the sight of her upper body, naked before him. Tiny drops of sweat dotted her chest. Occasionally the droplets would merge and trickle downwards between her breasts and disappear into her naval. He wanted to taste her sweat, to run his tongue around her belly button and up to her tits. But he knew right now she was in charge.

Leslie reached across him and took an ice cube from the glass of water nearby and placed it between her lips. She could feel his stiff cock pressing hard against her ass cheeks where she sat on him. She longed to feel him deep inside her, but knew she would have to wait, as there was a job to perform beforehand. As the ice cube melted between her hot lips, a trickle of cold water dripped off her chin on to Steve’s chest. He reflexively tensed feeling himself press tighter against her butt.

Leslie leaned down and held her lips against Steve’s. He could feel the cold, wet sensation of her lips before she suddenly slipped her hot tongue deep within his mouth. The contrast between the cold of her lips and the incredible heat of her tongue was exquisite.

She pulled away.

“I hope you liked that,” she said, “now let’s see how your friend enjoys it.”

Steve felt his penis ready to burst at the prospect of Leslie taking it deep between her full soft lips.

She took another ice cube and teasingly played with it between her lips. He reached over and took one too and gently rubbed it around the dark areola of her nipples. She gasped arching her back and he felt first one nipple and then the other stiffen.

Now is the time, she thought.

She loosened the grip of her thighs and cat like slid down his body. He opened his legs for her and she lay between them, her mouth an inch away from his penis.

He felt her warm breath against his swollen head. Suddenly, she took the head of his organ into her mouth and closed her lips around it. The cold of her chilled lips caused Steve a spasm and Leslie felt his dick forced deeper into her mouth. Immediately she countered the cold by holding her warm tongue against the shaft. She drew upwards stroking the tongue across his soft skin.

If Steve thought this sensation was something incredible in his mouth, it was nothing compared to the feeling around his cock. He lay backwards giving in to the pleasures of Leslie’s mouth.

She cupped Steve’s balls gently in her left hand and held the base of his dick in her right. She could feel his balls tighten in her grip as she ever so gently squeezed. Again she took his shaft into her mouth and began to draw her lips up and down his length. She could taste his salty pre-cum on her tongue, which made her want to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth. As she sucked harder and harder against the head, she began to rub her right hand up and down his cock feeling the soft skin gliding up and down with her.

This was getting to be too much for Steve to bear, the feel of Leslie’s soft, damp hair between his legs, her mouth gently sucking at his cock and her smooth hand working it up and down. He could feel himself dangerously close to coming. He could feel his ass tightening, sending a shiver all the way up the length of his cock.

Leslie could feel it too and all of sudden stopped. The shock of surprise sitting on Steve’s face. Leslie was only playing with him and the look of a mischievous teasing was met with a cute and lusty laugh. Steve tossed her playfully down on the bed knowing how close he was.

She deserved to be taken right there but she pulled her hair backwards and looked up at him with lust in her eyes and allowed him to see Lola staring back. He laughed as she lay down alongside him and snuggled into him. They felt the heat of their bodies, wet with sweat against one another. Leslie held on to Steve’s prick, wanting to feel it relax beneath her grip.

Some minutes passed as they enjoyed the comfort of each other’s bodies, relaxing in warmth of the room, neither speaking as words had nothing to add.

Steve’s cock had not quite softened beneath Leslie’s hand, and as she squeezed it she could feel that there was life stirring once again. She grinned greedily at him as she felt his cock begin to grow, but let go of it chuckling and climbing to her feet.

She stood over him legs slightly apart and he could see the full beauty of her flower. She had very smooth, cleanly shaven skin, with a short trimmed patch of pubic hair pointing downward. “Lovely” thought Steve. He could see the moisture of her slit glistening before him and realized he had to slide his cock inside her.

Leslie smiled down at him and asked if he saw anything he would like, before turning and heading, once again, to the shower.

A moment later he followed her in to the bathroom and stood before her taking in her stunning body. His cock was now as hard as before and proudly stood out before her. She watched as he began to stroke his cock, taking in the sight of her soaping herself all over. This got her very excited indeed, and she allowed her hand to drop between her legs where she began to tease herself. Steve knew he could watch Leslie masturbate all night, but he was yearning to feel her body once again, for himself.

He stepped into the shower next to her and kissed her deeply on the lips. She turned away from him and offered him the soap and asked if he would wash her back. He gently rubbed the soap into her back, feeling her tight muscles beneath his hands. He pushed his thumbs deep into her flesh and drew them downwards on either side of her spine. She moaned with the pleasure of his touch. Leslie moved backwards into him and felt his rock hard pole against her soapy ass cheeks. She gently moved from side to side feeling it pressing hard against the slit between her cheeks. Steve’s hands moved down to her ass, one on either side. He caressed the smooth warm skin of her peach-like butt. He allowed his right hand to slip lower between her legs and feel her pussy from behind. She was soaking wet and his finger glided effortlessly inside her as she let out a slow moan.

After fingering her for a minute or two, it was Steve’ turn to move away. Leslie had her hands against the shower wall and was standing on tiptoe with her legs slightly apart so that Steve had full access to her private regions. He wanted to look at this magnificent creature from behind and take in the full pleasure of seeing her perfect ass and her firm little pussy beneath it as the water dripped down her back. He then grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand and pulled them apart. Leslie groaned as she felt herself being opened before him. He could see her perfect starburst above her swollen lips and touched his finger to it, feeling it tighten beneath his finger. Leslie shivered with pleasure as that nether region was explored.

It felt incredibly exhilarating for Leslie to be in this position, thoroughly vulnerable to this man – fully exposed, the arm waters flowing down her and cascading over both her anus and vagina. A shiver ran up her spine as she stuck her hips open and towards him. Steve sensed the reaction and pressed harder – just slipping and being caught by her sphincter. Her reaction was immediate as she moaned loudly.

Encouraged, Steve crouched down behind her and gently ran his hands across her ass. He drew a finger up and down her wet slit and watched her lips open up to his touch like a flower. Once again, he bent into her and ran his tongue up her pussy. Leslie moaned with pleasure. Her love button was tight and swollen and begging for his tongue to play with it some more. Steve licked away, allowing his tongue to slide deep inside her from time to time. His tongue found her clit and began to work away at it, flicking it from left to right and sliding up and down. Leslie was groaning with pleasure. He was licking his tongue upwards along her slit and when he got to the end and he kept on going. Leslie could feel his tongue gliding upwards until his tongue found her other “spot”. Having recently discovered how sensitive this area was, she was lost to this man’s touch and the feel of his tongue teasing her tight little hole was something incredible.

As he licked her he used the fingers of one hand and entered through the folds of her lush flower sliding deep inside her and rubbing her swollen clit with his thumb. The combination made Leslie head jerk back as she pressed against the multitude of sensations. Assaulting her as waves her body shuddered as Steve began to increase the stroking motion on all three parts – his tongue darting into her anus, his finger in her vagina and amazingly his thumb on her clit. Leslie was no longer conscious of her surrounding as the explosion of the orgasm may her scream out in ecstasy. How many fingers, how deep was his tongue, she did not know, she did not care. He was doing something she never thought could happen then the unbelievable in the midst of her climax.

Steve repositioned himself deftly and spreading Leslie’s ass cheeks wide, he pressed his cock against her anus and slowly worked the gatekeeper. His hands steering her hips against him in a slow clockwise fashion, she relented and her sphincter slid over his swollen head and clamped tightly underneath his ridge. Leslie was not breathing at this point and in some part of her mind could not believe that it was possible and yet the sensations were unimaginable. She was in a state of rapture, his thick shaft very slowly entering further in her to place no one including herself had gone. With a gasp, the air rushed back into her lungs and the orgasm pounded against her.

Steve could feel the vibrations and held his ground moving every so slowly as to not cause any pain. The grip on his shaft was so tight that he could not cum if he tried, so he tried not and relaxed in her. As the waves subsided, Steve held her so that she could continue in her pleasure. Sensing her legs and arms going into fatigue Steve slowly moved his prick out and the motion of departing alone caused another wave to assault Leslie. Amazingly she did not collapse until Steve grabbed her and sat on the floor of the shower with her in his lap. The warmth of the water as a blanket. Leslie was limp and the two just sat and allowed the last vestige of Leslie orgasm to work their way through her.

Thankfully, the water began to cool and provide some energy back to both as they kissd and touched each other. Standing now Leslie took Steve’s hand and guided him back to the bedroom. She dried him off and he returned the favour. Very little words being said

Steve and Leslie scooted under the blankets and began the soft kisses once again each enjoying the feel of the other. Tender touches sending shivers down their bodies.

“I want you to make love to me Steve. I want to feel you inside me”

He was happy to oblige and reached for the astrogel and place a healthy amount on his rigid pole. He also applied some of the smooth substance against Leslie’s labia and the touch caused Leslie to arch towards Steve as she spread herself open to his advance.

Steve knelt in front of her and took his erection and guided it towards Leslie’s moist hole. She gasped as she felt the swollen head touch her pussy lips. Steve could feel her pushing backwards into him, willing him to slide deep inside her, but rather naughtily, he held back. He slid his cock up and down between her outer lips savoring the moment for all it was worth. Finally, he could feel when his head was right by her entrance and felt her opening for him. He placed one hand on each ass cheek and opening her wide, slid his cock deep inside of her.

They both moaned with the ecstasy of the moment. Leslie felt Steve’s thick cock pulsing deep inside her, stretching her just enough without being painful. Steve could feel Leslie’s incredible heat, could feel her orchid greedily sucking his shaft. Momentarily they stayed like that, completely still, feeling each other’s presence and then Steve slowly drew backwards. He let his penis slide all the way out so that he could experience the moment when her pussy lips would finally yield to him again and again. With every entry Leslie would let out a moan feeling herself opened wide.

Steadily Steve increased the pace and they found each found their rhythm, Leslie pushing back into him as he thrust deep inside her. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass, and he took pleasure in the sight of his big cock sliding in and out of this perfect woman.

As they thrust against each other harder and harder Steve would reach down to take one of her breasts in his hand as he pumped against her. He squeezed her nipples tight and heard her whimper beneath his touch.

Steve’s primal instinct w inaction as he was giving her all he was worth when he heard her breathing begin to change and sensed her reaching her yet another climax. The thought alone driving Steve further. Harder and harder he thrust as Leslie began to cum, moaning loudly with every stroke. Finally, she held still and allowed Steve to do all the work when a huge orgasm ripped from the centre of her world throughout her body. She cried out with pleasure, her body gripping onto his cock for all it was worth.

It was one of those orgasms that almost made her cry as colors swam before her eyes. Steve could move control himself any longer and EXPLODED deep within Leslie and matched her cries of ecstasy with his own guttural screams. The two were locked into each other and feeding off of the other’s pulsating rhythm. Eventually the pace slowed until Steve collapsed into and beside Leslie. He was still, just allowing his cock to twitch on its own deep inside of her.

A minute passed before she looked around to him looking exhausted, but sexy beyond belief.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed.

Now it was Steve’s turn to grin with pride. He slid his cock out of her, and stroking his hands across her back gently caressingly, mindlessly. The last thing he heard as exhaustion took them

“That was unbelievable awesome. I think I will definitely be hurting in the morning”.

He kissed her lips softly and both fell into a trance-like sleep; both with a small grin on their faces.

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