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THE PET: Adventures 1 2

The chronicles of a devoted pet and her master.
THE PET: Adventures 1 & 2
“The chronicles of a devoted pet and her master”
By Virgil Knighting

Copyright 2012 by Virgil Knighting


This book contains a collection of explicitly erotic adventures, between a pet, and her master; their identities forever shrouded in mystery. Readers are highly encouraged to place themselves into the adventure, using their personal backstory and circumstances.



Lying on her back, naked, pristine, she seductively smiles in her master’s direction. She knew what she wanted, and she was going to get it. Since becoming her master’s pet she had developed an intoxicating fondness for sexual secretions, or as she referred to it, “Loves Essence”. She often thought of how amazingly wonderful it would be to be covered from head to toe in her master’s essence. The mere consideration of using tissues made her forlorn and heartbroken. She vowed, then and there, never again. Never again would she share what was rightfully hers with a soulless tissue. She couldn't help but laugh; listen to her, jealous of a tissue. Regardless, it was irrelevant now. She had made up her mind. Everything her master gave to her would belong to her and her alone.

Slowly she propelled her tongue in a seductive licking gesture, alerting her master of her burning desire, a desire to have him inside her warm, wanton, mouth. Benevolently, her master obliges. As her master begins to straddle her chest she signals her ulterior intentions, first by pressing her magnificent large breasts together, then subtle eye glances between his manhood and her voluptuous breasts. She yearned for her master to rub his manhood through her breasts, enthralling him to release all over her body.

Her master, taking note of the hint, continued to approach her mouth. As the tip of his manhood nears her succulent lips she intuitively pushes out her tongue, and keeps her mouth wide open. Her master thrusts deep into her moist mouth, causing her to gag. After the initial shock she recomposes herself, and closes her mouth around her master’s shaft. Could she really be this lucky, was her master now planning to repeatedly invade her mouth with the same ferocity and intensity as he used with her other orifices? Her excitement now grew inexorably with the mere notion. She eagerly placed her hands upon her master’s hips, and in earnest, began to help him violate her warm, moist, mouth.

Almost as soon as it started she felt her master vacate her mouth, taking position between her breasts. She knew this was what she wanted when she began, but now part of her felt unsatisfied, displeased to no longer have him thrusting vigorously into her willing mouth. She smiled at her master, tacitly thanking him for invading her mouth so forcibly. A smile she hoped would encourage him to resume his previous campaign. However, her master simply smiled back with love in his eyes, the length of his manhood beginning to oscillating between her breasts. Soon the reemerging notion of having her master’s seed, spread across her breasts, began to placate her oral desires, and excite her more tactile ones.

She lied there, excited and completely satisfied, holding her breasts together as her master continued to undulate between them. Licking and lightly sucking upon the tip as it bobbed in and out of her cleavage. Occasionally she was rewarded, and her master would lift up and allow her to envelop him, sliding deep into her mouth before returning to her beautiful breasts. It was heaven on earth for her.

The longer her master brushed between her breasts, the grander her excitement became, until finally reaching its climax, her master ejaculating upon her chest. Eager to employ her new method of savoring everything, and by proxy deny those soulless tissues, she begins to use her hands, sensually massaging every last drop of her sticky surprise into her breasts, lips and body. Her pleasurable moans dutifully expressing her exhilaration.

Finished with her massage she looks up into her master’s eyes. She smiles. "Thank you so, so much my master," she coos. Then she motions with her mouth and tongue, again pleading with him to place his manhood in her still warm and wanton mouth. Her master gently approaches her lips, allowing her to imbibe him, to suckle every last delicious drop. With her master’s manhood embraced in her mouth, her own loins begin to burn with desire. She begins to rub her clitoris, whilst mirroring the action by massaging her master’s still enveloped manhood with her tongue. Her plan, bring her master to his full virility once again.

With her master’s newly hardened member hovering deep in her mouth, and her hand vigorously rubbing upon her clitoris, she lets out a muffled moan of lustful desire. Knowing of her need, her master plunges deep into her mouth a final time. Then preparing to relocate to a more suitable position, her master withdraws from between her lips. Once her master is no longer straddling her chest, she seizes her opportunity. She spreads her legs wide, and brings her knees up to the sides of her abdomen. Enamored with the view, and needing no explanation, her master assumes position over her, his delicious muscle pointed directly toward her womanhood.

A moan escapes from between her lips. Her master had just buried himself deep inside her, his manhood utterly filling her, making them one. Lust had a hold of her now, passion and pleasure seizing her every thought. Her master, in a rhythmic pattern, begins withdrawing and plunging deep down inside her. In, out, in out. She can barely control herself. Her moans grow louder and shorter. "Faster," she commands. "Harder," she commands, her master obeying. The sensations throughout her body becoming even more overwhelming, yet her lust demands she continues.

Another cry of pleasure escapes her mouth. "Yes, fuck me master! Fuck me," she screams. Exhilarated by her screams of passion, her master again obliges. Soon a familiar feeling begins stirring within her loins. It won't be much longer now. In, out, in, out, her master zealously plunging deep, deep inside her. Then, as if the gates of haven opened, she releases into a maelstrom of pure, unadulterated, pleasure. She grabs her master and pulls him tightly to her body, holding him close. The effects of her climax continuing to dominate her body.

Once she’s able, she thanks her master, managing only to whisper an exuberant "incredible" into his ear. Then, feeling her master begin to withdraw, she becomes eager yet again to savor everything. She glides her hands down to her womanhood, ready to catch the substance she desires so excitedly, so compellingly. As her master collapses beside her she begins the process of scooping up their combined juices. Scooping them from her womanhood and massaging them into her breast, her lips and her body, lightly moaning with every caress. Words alone would never express the satisfaction she got from rubbing their essence all over her body. It was pure, unimaginable, bliss.

Completely satisfied and content only one thing remained, her master’s manhood. Saving the best for last, she got on all fours, and without the use of her hands engulfed her master’s member, sucking him clean. Then with a self-satisfied smile she would give her master a light kiss and scuttle off to the bathroom, making her now routine post-intercourse tinkle, being sure to only wash her lower orifices. She insisted that the rest of her body was to remain covered with her master’s essence, which was just the way she liked it. Jubilant and satisfied she returned to her master, eagerly awaiting mention of their next adventure together.



Gazing across the bed she notices a pleasant sight: her master, the only person she has come to love more than life itself. She smiles to herself, a simple loving smile, with just a hint of desire. He turns toward her, staring into her beautiful, sultry eyes. With her arousal building, she now becomes enamored with a lustful desire, the desire to take her master into her mouth. Unable to endure any longer, she positions herself on all fours over her master, placing his manhood mere inches from her lips, her own womanhood just above his. Then in a single quick motion, without hands, she envelops her master’s manhood deep into her mouth. She begins sucking; then she gradually maneuvers her head back up the length his shaft, only to plunge back down, repeating the motion relentlessly.

She notices her saliva and other juices beginning to accumulate in her month. The mere thought of that saliva, and what she was going to do with it, excited her beyond anything she believed possible. While being her master’s pet had its many benefits, none of them delighted her as profusely as what she was about to do. Overcome with her desire, an insatiable, unavoidable, and unyielding desire, she cleverly supports master’s manhood using her left-hand, enabling her to lift her head momentarily, and subtly expel her excess saliva into her right-hand. She then resumes her oral assault, with one very important difference; she now had two free hands, and one of them contained her saliva. She tingled with anticipation.

Powerless to wait another second, she meticulously maneuvers her saliva soaked hand around the outside of her body, resting just above rear and the entrance to her glorious backdoor. Her excitement is unbearable. With a seductive, muffled moan, she then proceeds to massage the delicate region. Using the saliva as her lube, she is able to gradually slide her fingertip into her rear passage, removing and inserting it in concert with her oral activities. Using her saliva as needed, she is able to slowly work her finger completely into her rear tunnel. Moans of pleasure soon resonate within her occupied month, her finger buried deep inside her. Incapable of stopping, she continues her euphoric act, incessantly sucking upon her master while fingering her rear entrance.

It was complete, unmitigated, bliss; her master fully enveloped in her mouth, her fingers playfully plunging in and out of her backdoor. If only this could last for hours, she thought to herself, again plunging her month down upon her master’s muscle, her finger matching the motion by plunging deep into her ass. It was because of this exact feeling that, whenever, her mouth is enveloped around her master, her hand was continually, and seductively, pleasuring her rear. It was never an option for her; she was compelled by desire to do so. Heads and tails, she smiled, heads and tails.

Lost in exquisite pleasure she continued to suck and plunge, to work her fingers in and all the way out of her rear opening; her only pauses being to discreetly remove her excess saliva for additional lubrication. She continued her assault upon her orifices, her mouth craving more, her rear demanding deeper. The room reverberated with the cacophony of sucking and muffled moans of ecstasy, each battling for auditory domination.

She would continue this until her master finally released in her month, leaving her with a difficult decision. She could either indulge her desire to swallow her master’s seed, or as a final seduction, she could quietly release it into her hand, and massage it into her rear passage. Both desires excited her.

It wasn’t until her master began to release into her mouth that she made her decision. Knowing that in their current situation her master would have an intimate view, she opens her mouth and subtly liberates his recent gift into her hand. Then, after carefully maneuvering her hand to the top of her back, she begins the slow, seductive, process of working his essence into her rear passageway, moaning intensely at each penetration, her fingers sliding deep into her opening.

Soon the sensations emanating from her rear passageway become ecstasy. Lost in the moment, her moans become louder; her fingers plunge deeper, harder, and faster, her imminent climax building. In, out, in, out, her fingers plunge, now having to use two of them to accommodate the expanding opening. Harder, faster, deeper her body demands, her fingers bravely trying to keep up. Then as if on demand, her fingers thrust deep into her recesses; she screams out, her body now exploding into a tumultuous fury of spasms, pleasure pulsating throughout her very core. It was sheer unadulterated euphoria.

Regaining control of her body, she let out a smile; she knew how her master always encouraged her to bring herself to climax, especially if in such an improvised fashion. Normally she would have stopped before her pleasure turned to ecstasy, but occasionally, like today, she would become victim to her own desires. Oh how she enjoyed being a victim of desire.

Still hovering above her master on all fours, only one thing remained; she encircled her master’s manhood into her mouth once more, sucking him clean, then proceeding to lick up any essence that may have dappled down upon his body. She then looks deeply into his eyes, smiles, and in her most sincere and loving voice says, "Thank you my master. That was amazing!” She would then kiss him, excited for their next adventure. Though in secret, this would always be her favorite ; one she hoped to do many times over.



To Be Continued...

If you enjoyed this preview, please comment. I may write/publish additional adventures depending on the feedback received.

Thanks for reading. – Virgil Knighting
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