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The Pleasure Dome

A man finds himself in a strange alternate reality
David pressed the red button next to the big, silver grey double doors. There was a ‘swoosh’ sound as they opened. Dry ice pothered out, and for a few moments he could see nothing. As the mist cleared he stepped forward and was suddenly bathed in red light. A dark, sultry female voice resounded around the space where he stood.

“You are entering the Pleasure Dome. From this point, all things are possible. Every fantasy can be fulfilled.”

David waited before a screen with electric blue lights came down in front of him. The sexy voice continued.

“Please select your Mistress.”

The screen became illuminated with a series of beautiful, sensuous girls, all in extremely explicit poses.

His index finger hovered over the screen and then he pressed two girls in quick succession, they were Candy and Caprice.

“You have selected the Duo Experience. Please click YES, if you wish to continue.”

A big green YES and a red NO flashed up on the screen. David’s heart was pumping as he hit the yes option. He had five seconds to amend his selection or press quit. A few moments elapsed and the icy smoke reappeared. It was too late now. There was no going back. He had made his selection and his girls - his Mistresses would be waiting for him. To pleasure him.

David felt like he was being lifted and transported somewhere and yet he hadn’t moved from the spot where he stood. Coloured lights, kaleidoscope-like surrounded his consciousness and yet he could see nothing. Time had changed or at least his perception of it had. Then, he found himself standing in a large solarium. There was a huge swimming pool, the roof was a made of glass and formed a dome above him. Every few yards around the edge of the pool, little candles burned, filling the air with their sweet scent. He looked down, as he felt the warmth of the sun against his skin. He was naked. He hadn’t been and he hadn’t removed his clothes and yet he wasn’t wearing a stitch.

“Hello David.”

He turned round quickly, startled by a soft, feminine voice. There stood two girls, one blonde and one brunette. They, like him were completely naked. Their bodies were perfect. Their pubic hair was trimmed to a narrow strip. Their breasts were voluptuous and yet pert with lovely juicy nipples. Their stomachs and legs were smooth and toned in just the right way.

“I’m Candy,” said the blonde girl.

“I’m Caprice,” said the brunette.

“Welcome to the Pleasure Dome,”they said.

“Thank you. How did I get here?” He asked, as his cock began to telescope slowly.

“It’s magic,” said Candy.


“Don’t worry,” she said. “You’re with us now.”

The two girls took David by the hand and guided him towards the pool.

“Sit down,” said Candy.

“Yes, sit between my legs,” said Caprice. “I’ll rub oil into your skin, while Candy masturbates you.”

David sat down on the light, terracotta tiles, which were surprisingly warm.

Caprice lay her hands on him, after covering them in oil and began to glide her fingers over his shoulders. She continued, massaging the oil into his chest and arms. She paused, pouring a little oil from the little gold urn into Candy’s hands. David’s cock was hard now and he gasped as he felt Candy touch his erection. She stroked his pole with her oily fingers, drawing the foreskin down slowly. Caprice continued to work the oil into his body, nibbling his ear at the same time.

Candy’s hand work was amazing, his cock was throbbing so hard. She tugged him slowly, then increasing the speed before going slow and easy again. She wanked him in a figure of eight, her hands gliding over his cock and massaging his sack at the same time.

“Is that good David?” Caprice whispered.


Candy went a little faster. She could feel the vein throbbing. His hard-on was pumping faster. Caprice kissed his neck and then blew on his face as Candy’s hand masturbated him slowly, relentlessly.

“Oh fuck! It’s so good! I’m going come!”

“Oh you won’t come. Not until we say!” Said Caprice, gently.

“Ah, it’s so good. Oh fuck yes!”

“You must not come David. You have to hold back.”

Caprice now joined Candy, so that both girls were wanking him together.

“Oh! Ooooh! Can’t hold…it…have to come!”

“No… you must hold back!” Said the girls, in unison.


David’s face was twisted with the bursting urge to ejaculate as the girls stroked his cock.


As his cock began to prepare to release, both girls squeezed as tight as they could. David winced, then groaned, almost in agony as both girls constricted the flow.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Owwwwwwwwwwww!”

“You come when we say you come!!!,” said Candy.

David’s semen had backed up, having nowhere to go. His groin ached and Caprice mopped his brow as Candy stroked his still throbbing cock.

“There, there… have you never heard of the cock pinch?” Said Caprice.

“Yes, simple but effective,” added Candy.

David’s mind and body was whirl of pleasure and pain, of unfulfilled ecstasy. Caprice lowered his head gently onto the tiles and both girls stood up, swapping places. Candy knelt by his head as Caprice knelt between his legs. The blonde girl brushed her long golden hair over his chest and face. Caprice took his cock, holding it briefly and then enclosing the end between her lips. David’s cock was tender and yet he was still extremely aroused. Her mouth was so hot and yet had a wonderfully soothing effect on his dick. As she fellated him, Candy was stroking his face with her hands, her fingers following the contours of his jaw and along the ridge of his cheeks. As David began to relax again, he started to enjoy the renewed tenderness both girls were showing. But his comfort was short-lived. Candy, while stroking his face, pinched his nose hard, causing David to open his mouth for breath. She put two fingers in his mouth and spoke slowly but firmly.

“Before you think of biting me David, remember where you penis is.“

David began to choke, but Candy removed her fingers and released her grip on his nostrils. HE gasped for air. This wasn’t what he had expected. He thought he was going to be pampered.

Caprice rolled her tongue up and down his shaft as Candy kissed him. Her lips were soft and sweet.

“Would you like to taste me David?” Said Candy. “Would you like to taste my sweet cunt?”

“You’re not going to piss in my mouth or something?”

“Oh David. It’s only our little game. Relax and enjoy the experience.”

Caprice sucked on his smooth balls, catching one of his nuts between her teeth. She began to bite. David’s heart almost stopped for a second as the anticipation of pain flooded through his body. As a numb, yet searing sensation shot through his groin, Caprice relented.

“It’s OK David,” said Candy. “She’s only playing.”

The beautiful brunette poured a little oil over her breasts and proceeded to give him the best tit wank of his life. Candy stroked her own pussy, driving her fingers knuckle deep into her vagina. She fingered and probed her tight little pussy and smeared some of the juice over David’s mouth. She offered her fingers for him to lick, so he could taste her sweetness before he had the real thing.

His cock was aching again as Caprice sandwiched his cock between her breasts.

Candy sat astride his face. Her pussy was dripping wet. David looked up. He could see her plump pass cheeks and her puffy, pink pussy lips. They were glistening with her juices. He wanted to lick her, to taste her. Candy teased him, lowering her body, almost putting her pussy within licking distance, but not quite. He could smell her scent though. Her sweet muskiness was there for the delving, waiting to be taken by his tongue.

Caprice had returned to her slow blowjob wank. She combined her beautiful hand work with the lightest touch of her lips. They were just brushing the end of his cock. David’s nob was purple and engorged. She was building him up slowly, timing his orgasm to perfection. To give him the orgasm to end all orgasms with her friend. Candy’s pussy lips were now brushing his face. He could sense her dampness on his lips. She rubbed her pussy into his face. David pushed his tongue into her crack. The velvet interior was amazing against his tongue. Sweet and wet. Caprice sucked him faster now, holding his cock at the base.

Candy’s nectar seemed to drizzle into his mouth as he lapped up the length of her labia. This was more like it. A beautiful slow, wet blowjob at one end and a wet pussy at the other. Then Candy changed her position. Only a little, but it was enough. She was a little further forward, enough so that her bum cheeks were resting on his face and David could taste her tight ass hole. She allowed her body to relax, so her plump, cheeky bum squashed onto his face. Caprice tickled the end of his cock, flicking his banjo string. David’s face was trapped between Candy’s ass. He could breath but only just. His nose was stifled by her sweet girly scent. A combination of ass and pussy.

Caprice jerked his foreskin a little faster now, her mouth clamped around his cock. David could feel an urgent, burning sensation developing, deep in his balls and cock. He tried to take deep breaths as his heart began to race. He could only take half breaths though. Caprice sucked and jerked. Her hand moving faster. David could feel himself building up. His balls ached now, as if they were over-full. Candy relaxed more and wriggled her bottom, cushioning his face completely. David tried to lift her but he couldn’t. He tried to breath, but instead of air all he had was Candy’s warm, sweet ass.

Caprice gave him long strokes, starting at the tip and moving down to the base. She spit on the end, coating his glans as his cock twitched. He began to moan, no real sound emitting from his lips, only the tormented urge to come and the desperate need for air. Caprice wanked him with both hands and suddenly the aching became an intense burning. He was sure he was going to pass out, the imminent orgasm involving his whole body. Every cell was tingling, crying out for release and then he exploded over Caprice’s hands as Candy sat up, allowing air at the very last minute.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Gasp! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Gasp!”

David had never come so much. Spunk was flying out of his cock like a fountain, spurting all over Caprice’s hands and onto his belly. It was as if he was releasing two loads together.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! Fuck! Ooooooooh!”

“Hmmm… so much cum!” Said Candy.

She licked the spunk from his stomach as it spurted out and kissed her friend. They French kissed, sharing the cum between them. Finally, the girls sucked his cock, draining the last of his salty juice.

“Wow! That was amazing.” Said David. “Bizarre but amazing.”

“We’re pleased you enjoyed it,” said Caprice.

“OK, well, I better get a shower before I leave.”

“Leave?” Said Candy.


“This is the Pleasure Dome David. Didn’t they tell you? You never leave.”

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