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The Ranch - Chapter 7

I accept my punishment
I have to confess that everything seemed far less fun as I was being led across the lawns, naked and shackled, seeing Bob in the same condition ahead of me. I didn’t know what would happen to us but I knew that I would do everything I could to make amends and stay.

Bob was led around the back of Miss Jane’s house, but I was walked straight up the steps by Nancy and into the lobby. James was standing at the side with a door open and ready. Nancy pushed me through with just two words for me, “Stupid cunt.”

I heard the door slam behind me and almost all the light went with that sound. There was dim light coming from high in the ceiling but I really couldn’t make anything out. I tried to get up but as soon as I made it to my feet I walked into something hard and metallic and fell right back down again. The floor was tile and way too hard to want to fall onto often, so I decided to stay there.

After some time I heard a door open and close. Not the one that I had come through but on the opposite side of what was obviously quite a large room.

I saw shadows coming towards me and then I heard loud clicks as really bright lights popped on. I squinted after being in the dark so long and I made out Nancy, James and a naked man in the flare from the lights. I quickly realized trhat the man was Bob.

Nancy came over to me and pulled me to my feet by the leash. She dragged me over until I was next to bob and then she and James faced us.

“Miss Jane has no interest in seeing either of you in person”, said James. “She has decided what will happen to you from here and Nancy and I will supervise your punishment. Is that clear?”

Both Bob and I nodded.

“You were both very lucky since neither of you will be banished”, James continued. “But you must willingly accept the lessons that Miss Jane has deemed necessary. Will you both accept?”

We both nodded meekly.

“Very well”, said Nancy. “Daisy, you will be punished here and now. You are being spared banishment because you are new here, but you must learn what it means to disobey.”

With that James led Bob to the side and Nancy picked up a coil of rope and came towards me. She looked as if she was very much enjoying whatever was to be inflicted on me.

“Daisy, I meant what I said. You really are a stupid cunt to risk what you have here for a quick fuck”, Nancy said. “Now you are going to learn what you know you should have done, but in a far more painful way.”

With that she took the rope and starting with my left breast wound it tighter and tighter around my boob next to my chest. When she was satisfied with that she lopped the rope over to my right breast and bound that one just as tightly. I could see the color of my boobs darkening andigojng towards red and my nipples extended and hardened all with the trapped bloodflow.

Nancy stepped back and took a rod from her belt. It looked as though it had metal contacts on the tip.

“I’m going to give you an anatomy lesson, Daisy,” Nancy said, “just because we want you to be absolutely clear about how you can play unless you are being bred.”

My boobs were pulsing and my nipples were almost blue when I looked at them as Nancy brought the tip of the rod to my left nipple.

“This is your left nipple,” she said, “you and anyone else may play with that”.

When she finished the sentence she pressed the rod hard against my nipple and briefly pressed a button on the handle. It felt as though my boob would explode. The jolt of electricity would have hurt like hell regardless, but with my boobs bound and incredibly sensitive it was unbelievably painful. I screamed as the pain shot through me.

Nancy slapped my face. “No more of that”, she said, “Not another sound until this is over. If you make a sound then we will cover that portion of your anatomy again and again until you learn to be quite. Is that clear?”

I nodded through the tears running down my face.

“Good.” Nancy said and brought the rod back to my left nipple to prove her point. This time I was ready for the shock and I was able to stand it better and keep quiet.

“That’s better you stupid cunt.” She said. “Now we can move on.”

With that she immediately pressed the electrodes hard against my right nipple and pushed the button for a much longer time. I thought I could take it but I had to shriek after about 10 seconds of the charge running through me.

Nancy slapped me again. “You really have to learn, Daisy.” She said and pressed the rod to my throbbing breast again. This time I took it.

I didn’t know how much more of this I could take, but there were no safe words here. This is what I had contracted for. I agreed to do as I was told or be punished. I would get through this.

“Good.” Nancy said. “Now we can move on to the rest of the items that you need to learn about.”

She walked over to a pillar and took a remote control that was on a shelf there. She pressed a button and I heard movement in the ceiling similar to the sounds I had heard in the auditorium.

I glanced at Bob and he looked torn between abject fear and enjoying the show.

The chains that came from the ceiling were attached to me by James. There were two hooks was attached to a cuff on each of my ankles in place of the walking shackles. Two more that attached to my wrists and one more hook that he put through the loop of rope between my distended and discolored breasts.

“OK”, said Nancy, as she came back toward me. “Now let’s make sure that you understand what your boobs are”.

She pushed a button and only one of the chains started to retract into the ceiling. It was the one that was hooked to the rope around my breasts.

As it slowly lifted up into the ceiling I could feel it pull my breasts up with it. For a moment I thought that it would just pull the rope right off, but then I realized that Nancy was a real expert and that I wouldn’t be that lucky.

The chain pulled upward and I could feel myself being lifted with it taking my entire body weight on my boobs. I stood on tiptoes as long as I could and then when they had just lifted off the ground Nancy stopped the upward movement of the chain. I couldn’t put any weight on the ground but my feet brushed the tiles.

The pain was, once again, incredible. I wasn’t sure whether to scream or try to orgasm. The intensity was amazing. My nipples felt as though they were being brushed by a thousand fingers.

Nancy stood in front of me again. “So do you know where your breasts are now, cunt?” she said. “You know. Those things that you are allowed to play with?”

I nodded as best I could.

“Good girl, Daisy, she said, “there may still be hope for a dumb cunt like you after all.”

With that she started the other chains going up. My legs were lifted high up and pulled apart and my wrists the same. The cuffs took a lot of the weight but Nancy kept it adjusted so that a lot of my weight was forcing my breasts high into the air.

“Now”, said Nancy, “Bob is going to help you figure out the other places that you can put a cock when you aren’t being bred.”

My head was hanging backwards and I could see Bob and James upside down. It was a bit like a seriously messed up wet dream. Bob’s giant cock was filling my vision.

“Open your mouth, cunt”, Nancy said. “Bob is going to put his cock where it should have gone”.

James pushed Bob forward and I could see Bob’s huge erect cock. I couldn’t get it into my mouth earlier, how was I going to do that now.

“Open up and take it, Daisy”. Nancy said. “I will be doing this until you get it all into your throat.”

With that she applied the rod to my right nipple which was nearest her and gave me a huge jolt. I opened my mouth really quickly after that.

Bob pushed his cock into my open mouth. I though he would take my teeth out but after a few more reminders from Nancy I was able to relax my throat enough to take most of it in.

Bob was obviously getting off on this and he fucked my throat for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure whether I would gag before he came, but Nancy stopped him before either event actually happened and told him to pull out.

She pushed him away and stood in front of me. “Get it, cunt?” she said. “This is your mouth, any man can fuck it any time.”

With that she pressed the electrodes against my tongue and pressed the stud. I really thought my head would come off. That was really painful. The problem is that I was getting used to it and starting to enjoy it. I could feel my pussy getting wet and ready again. Bad timing.

I nodded that I had the message and I saw upside down Nancy order upside down Bob to the other end of me. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming now and I was also pretty sure that it was going to hurt a whole lot more than anything else so far.

Nancy looked right into my eyes. “Bob is now going to fuck you exactly where he was trying to fuck you earlier, but you messed it up.” She said. “Yes, it’s obvious from the clips that you got him to fuck you in your pussy, but that also makes you responsible for what will happen to him later. He’s not happy about it. So think about that.”

Immediately she nodded to Bob and I felt some gel squirted onto my ass. My very sore ass that was fucked by a whole group yesterday and was now about to be fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen.

Then Bob pushed at my ass with his hugely erect cock. He pushed and pushed and a little slid in. It hurt like hell and then it stopped going in. I thought for a second that he was giving up but then he pulled back and I felt more lubricant being pushed right into my ass. Then his cock rammed at my ass. It felt like I was going to split in half as he slid in. I’m betting it hurt him too, but he was determined it would fit. I could feel him pulling back a little and thrusting and bit by bit I opened up to take him in.

His pounding got harder and faster and he went deeper and deeper.

I could see James and Nancy sitting at the side and watching the show. He was playing with his cock and I could see that Nancy was squirming in her chair. They were really getting off on my punishment.

Bob’s thrusts got harder and faster. I can’t even describe the pain it caused but it felt so good as well. Then he rammed himself fully in and came in the deepest part of my ass.

I could feel his cum pulsing into me and his cock throbbing deep in my ass. I almost came myself but there was simply too much pain for that right now.

Slowly he pulled out and for the second time that day I could feel his cum running out of me.

Nancy came over. “OK, “ she said. “To wrap up the lesson. This is your ass.” With that she touched the electrodes to the inside of my ass and shocked me. Now it was all feeling good to me. “Any man can fuck you there any time”.

Then she said the words I don’t think I was ready for, “This is your cunt, you stupid cunt”.

I felt the electrodes touch my clit just a fraction of a second before the shock went through me. It was amazing. That one did make me cum and it was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. I shook against the chains and that put even more weight on my tied up tits and that made everything even more intense.

“The lesson is that your cunt is untouchable by any man except at Miss Jane’s instructions.” Nancy said in my ear. “Do you get it now?”

I nodded.

“Good”, she said. The she gently kissed my lips. “Let’s get you down and cleaned up again. You know, Daisy, you’re the only girl who has ever had an orgasm during one of Miss Jane’s punishments. I think you’re going to get on really well here.”

I noticed that she kept my boobs taking the weight while she lowered me down. James and Bob stood one each side and got my feet on the ground.

Once I was standing James got a chair for me and then he and Bob left Nancy to get me unlocked and untied. The pain as my boobs were untied was really intense. But Nancy was really gentle.

I got up enough courage to ask a question as she was taking the cuffs off my ankles. “What is Bob’s punishment?” I asked her.

“It’s actually going to be quite bad for him”, Nancy said. “Did you know that he is the only straight guy here? Everyone else is Bi. It’s part of Miss Jane’s rules. But we made an exception for Bob because we needed his nursing skills.”

I guess I looked puzzled.

“He is being rigged up in the auditorium where you were last night. He is going to have oral and anal penetration from every guy on The Ranch. That’s about 50 men I think. I believe that Miss Jane wanted to make the punishment appropriate and remind him of the privileges that he has and that can immediately be taken away.”

To be continued …………..

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