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The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous

He makes a surprise visit to her home...
I parked in her driveway and walked up to the front door. She didn’t know I was coming and I wanted it that way. She had neglected to follow My directions and I wanted to find out why. I rang the doorbell then stepped back while I waited for her to answer. I saw the look of total surprise on her face when she opened the door and saw me standing there. She glanced over my shoulder to see if the neighbors were out, but the cold winter weather was keeping everyone indoors.

”Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

”Oh, yes, Master! Sorry! Please come in. Quickly! I am shocked to find you standing at my door.”

”You have not written to me as you should have, so I am here to take care of the problem.”

Stepping back and to one side, she made way for me to enter. I strode past her and waited for her to close the door. As she turned towards me, I grabbed her by the throat, forcing her backwards against the door and slapped her face.

”What do you mean by not responding to my emails? Have you no respect for common courtesy? What is wrong with you?” And then I slapped her again, harder this time.

”Down on your knees! Now! And now I want to hear you apologize. “

”Forgive me, Master!” she pleaded. “I got busy with work and I have not been feeling well, and the time just slipped away.” I noted the redness on her cheek and the outline of my fingers on her tender flesh.

”You think that is an adequate excuse for not writing to me? You couldn’t find two minutes in your busy schedule to even shoot me an email saying you were busy? I doubt that. Maybe you should have taken one less coffee or bathroom break and thought of Me instead. Obviously you need to be trained to show respect. Get your coat, we are going out.”

”I can’t, Master. I have so much to do around here and I still have grocery shopping to do. Can’t we do this anoth…”

SLAP! “Shut up and get your coat. And for being so rude, you will undress completely before putting it on. NOW!”

”But Master, it’s cold outside. And what if we run into someone I know?”

”If we run into someone you know, then you will be naked under your coat. Got it? Now get moving.”

I followed her to the bedroom to make sure she did as I said, and I watched her undress. This was the first time I had visited her at her house and I think my presence in her home made her uncomfortable - like I had broken some sort of etiquette guideline. But she undressed without hesitation nonetheless. Perhaps she just wanted to get me out of the house as soon as possible - thinking that once in public, I couldn’t punish or berate her, or maybe she just liked the feeling of my watching her as she got naked in front of me. Whatever the reason, I liked what I saw, and seeing her naked form conjured up wicked mental images of what was to come!

About fifteen minutes later, we were in my car and heading out of her driveway. She seemed to relax a bit as we drove further from her home and the fear of being caught. Or maybe it was the fact that I was driving and couldn’t really do anything to her while I was doing so. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her looking at me as I focused on driving on the snow-covered streets. I turned my head towards her, and our eyes met. I saw a mischievous little sparkle there, a clue that she was looking forward to what I had in mind for her. But there is also a hint of uncertainty, because she didn’t know if she should be.

”I have to stop by the hardware store to pick up a couple of things,” I said as I pulled into the parking lot.

”Yes Master,” she said.

”Come on,” I said, after getting out of the car and coming around to open the door for her.

”You want me to come in with you?”

”Yes. Now get out of the car and follow me.”

She got out of the car and followed me into the store. I led her to the bathrooms first and as I headed to the men’s room, she started making the turn to the ladie's room.

”Come with me,” I said.

”In there?! I can’t go in there, Master!”

”When I say come, you come, slut - no argument or discussion, you hear me?” I grabbed her arm roughly and dragged her into the men’s room with me.

I chose this hardware store because I had been in there earlier and noted that one of the stalls in the men’s room had a missing door due to vandalism. I chose that stall and took off the Do Not Use sign and tape.

”Unbutton your coat and let me see your nakedness,” I told her. She looked at me with shock and panic. Knowing that I was not kidding, she glanced around, and then unbuttoned her coat and opened it, but left the coat on. “Give me your coat,” I said, reaching out and snatching it off her, exposing her fully. I slapped her right tit, the sound echoing loudly in the empty bathroom.

”I want your naked, disrespectful body exposed fully to anyone who comes in here. Do you understand?”

I slapped her tit again, and her nipples hardened as a result. “Now sit down on the toilet. I am off to find some things I need. While I am gone, I want you to touch your pussy, make yourself wet, make yourself cum - you got that?”

”Y… yes… Master,” she said, looking scared and worried.

”You can close your eyes and imagine that you are home in your own bed, or you can keep your eyes open and realize where you are and what you are doing. It does not matter to me. But whatever you do, do not move from this seat and do not make any effort to cover your nakedness. If someone walks in, you keep stroking your pussy. If that person decides to watch, you are to invite them to play with you. You are to invite them to touch you and feel you up. They aren’t allowed to have sex with you or penetrate you in any manner, but if they want to touch you or suck on your tits you are to let them. Do you understand?”

”Master, please!” she said, with visible distress in her voice. Her face had already turned three shades of red in her embarrassment.

”Get to it,” I said, “And you had better do exactly as I have said, or it will be a hundred times worse for you!”

I watched for a moment as her hand slid down her stomach and found her pussy. Her finger glided between her moist lips and then slipped up toward her clit where it lingered for a moment before beginning a slow, rotating caress. She closed her eyes, and I wandered off to find the items I needed.

By the time I found what I had come in the store for, I could hear low moans coming from the cubicle where she was sitting. As I walked back into the men’s room, I saw what she had been doing. She had slid down on the toilet a bit, and her legs were spread wide apart. Her body was thrusting forward to press against her teasing fingers which were now plunging deep into her shaved pussy. She had her eyes closed and her lips were parted as she moaned aloud. She was moving inevitably towards her orgasm. She sensed my presence and opened her eyes and smiled at me as she played with her exposed pussy. She made no effort to cover herself, which at that point would have been futile and only would have gotten her in deeper trouble anyway. Her eyes locked onto mine as her fingers flew across her swollen, sensitive clit and drew her ever closer to orgasm.

As her movements became more frenzied and her orgasm approached, I firmly pinched her left nipple hard between my fingers, and I used my right hand to repeatedly slap her right tit. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The harder I pinched and the more I slapped, the more agitated the thrusting of her hips became. Her eyes closed as her legs began to quiver. I listened to the squishing of her pussy as her fingers worked inside, drawing her farther and farther along the path to release. I glanced around, hoping that we were being watched, but we were alone.

She came, letting out a loud squeal that echoed around the room. Her legs snapped together, trapping her hand with her fingers still buried deep inside her spasming pussy. Her ragged breathing became labored as the tremors raced through her body, and a look of ecstasy came over her facial features. I stopped my manipulation of her tits as her entire body got caught up in the throes of the orgasm. For a brief moment, I wondered what it was she had been thinking about as she touched herself, but I decided to save that question for later.

”Get up and let’s go,” I said. I reached down and took hold of her nipples to “help her up”. She moaned as I pulled her to her feet. Looking around, she wondered if anyone had been watching her. I think that she was a little disappointed to find that no one had, but we both knew that there would be other opportunities when there would be eager eyes watching.

I took her over to the urinal and made her stand, nude and with her head down and eyes lowered, as I used the bathroom, watching her closely to see if she peeked. She knew better and didn’t.

I handed her coat to her, having kept it with me while I shopped. With her coat fully buttoned, she stood by my side as I went through the checkstand and paid for the items I had selected. There was a slight breeze blowing as we walked towards the car, making the temps feel colder than they actually were. I smiled as I imagined the chill this brought to her damp, exposed pussy. I was tempted to lick the dampness from her once we were in the car, but I decided to save that until later. I knew that pussy would be dripping and ready for my tongue whenever I wanted it over the next couple of hours.

When we reached the car, I unlocked the trunk and instructed her to get the bag that was stored there. Once she was seated beside me, I leaned over and gave her a deep passionate kiss of promise. She responded with gusto, and I knew that she was ready for whatever was to come.

”Open the bag and look inside,” I said. She complied instantly with my command, and I saw her eyes open wide as she examined the contents. “Tell me what you see.”

”Oh my, Master! I see whips and vibrators and butt plugs and lubricants and ropes and hand cuffs and gags and all sorts of other things!” I heard a tremor of eager anticipation in her voice as she considered how each of these implements might come into play in the coming hours.

”Now we are going to my hotel room so we can get on with your punishment for not writing.”

After a short drive, we arrived at my hotel. I carried the satchel of toys as she followed me through the lobby, glancing around as we went to make sure there is no one there that she knew. Once we were in my room, I told her to put the satchel on the bed.

”Take off your coat,” I said. Without hesitation, she followed my command, shedding her coat and exposing her trim body once more to my gaze.

”So how did you like being exposed in the bathroom?”

”At first I did not like it at all, Master! I am not used to being naked in public, but once I closed my eyes and imagined that I was alone in my bed, I began to relax. And then I began to imagine what it might be like to have a stranger watching me. In the end, that got me really hot.”

”Were you disappointed when you found that there was no one there but you and me?”

”Yes, I suppose I was.”

”Well next time we will make sure you have an audience. What do you think about that?” She didn’t answer, but bit her lower lip as she nodded her head.

”Yes, Master. Master, may I be excused - I have to pee,” she asked.

”Yes, but keep the door open.”

”But Master, can’t I have little privacy?”

”Privacy you can have when you are home. Here when you pee I want to see and hear. Do you understand?”

”Yes, Master.”

I followed her into the bathroom and watched as she sat down. Before she began to piss, I moved toward her, grabbing her right tit with my hand, squeezing hard and digging My fingers deep into her soft flesh. I leaned close and forced my tongue past her clenched lips. When she did not respond, I pinched her nipple hard until she cried out, and then her tongue began to play with mine.

As we kissed, I released her nipple and ran my hand down across her stomach and between her legs. I felt her pull back away from my hand, which pissed me off… not a real good thing to do when she was already in trouble!

”What the fuck do you think you are doing, pulling away from my hand?”

”I told you I am a little shy about my body, Master.”

”Well it’s about fucking time you got over that!” SLAP! I struck her tit hard with my open palm. SLAP! SLAP! I saw tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

”Now pee,” I said, as I pressed the palm of my warmed hand against her pussy.

Moments later, I felt the warmth of her piss trickle, then stream, against my hand. I rubbed my wrist firmly against her clit as she emptied her bladder. I kept my hand in place as her stream dwindled, then stopped. I leaned down to resume kissing her as I stroked her wet pussy. This time she responded quickly and sucked my tongue deep into her warm mouth. We kissed deeply as my fingers toyed with her clit and then probed deep inside her wet, warm hole.

”Okay, that’s enough of that. Get your ass on the bed. NOW!”

She hurried to the bed and sat down. I reached for the satchel and began rummaging through it, pulling out several items and placing them on the bed beside her. The last thing I pulled out were a few bundles of rope.

”First we need to tie you up so that you will not be able to resist. Stand up and lace your fingers together on top of your head!”

She immediately did as I said, smiling as her body trembled with excited anticipation.

I chose a rough textured manila rope for My first job - binding her ample tits. I wrapped the coarse rope around her chest, first over her tits and then under them, alternating four or five times. Then I threw a half-hitch around the rope in back of her and brought the end up over her shoulder and between her tits wrapping it around all the ropes crossing over and under her tits several times, drawing them together and squeezing her tits in the rough rope. Once I had five or six wraps of the rope crossing her tits, I ran the remainder back over her other shoulder and tied it off in back. Next, I took a couple shorter pieces of rope and on the sides of each tit, I wrapped the smaller piece of rope around the chest coils drawing them all together and effectively squeezing her tits together from the outside as well. This made for a very tight (and slightly uncomfortable) rope bra and made her generous tits stick out as if asking to be played with. Which I was more than willing to do shortly! I stood back, and admired my handiwork for a moment. Satisfied at the results, I moved on.

”Comfy?” I laughed, “Stretch out on the bed on your back.”

She moved into position, the ropes already beginning to do their dirty work as she moved with some difficulty due to the tightness of her tit captivity. Once she got in position, I tied her to the bed’s footposts with her legs spread wide apart. Then I moved to the head of the bed and tied each wrist to the corners of the headboard. She did not look very comfortable, but that was not my concern. As a final touch, I covered her eyes with a blindfold.

She looked so gorgeous laying there. At twenty-eight, her body was firm and trim. I made sure she kept in top condition, paying for her monthly gym membership and checking to make sure she actually used it. I had worked with a personal trainer friend to develop a workout plan that kept her in shape and able to perform, and I made sure she kept to it. Her work had paid off too, she was a beautiful girl and as physically fit as any twenty year old hardbody. Her large tits strained against the ropes holding them, and I could see the glint of moisture between her legs telling me she was enjoying this as much as I.

Her body shifted a bit under my gaze as she tried to find a comfortable position. Stirred from my daydreaming by her movement, I turned my attention back to the satchel and its contents. I lifted out a small flogger consisting of a wooden handle attached to many strands of soft, twisted cord. This was just the implement to bring her pain/pleasure without leaving marks.

I stood beside the bed and slowly dragged the soft cords across her face. As I did, a tremor of anticipation rippled through her body. SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! I struck her breasts with three quick stokes. She moaned loudly. I struck her breasts several more times in rapid succession, and on the final stroke she screamed louder than was permissible as the pain grew worse.

”Quiet,” I said. “Do you want the neighbors pounding on the walls?”

”No, Master, I am sorry. It just feels so incredible!”

”Any more noise from you and I will gag you!”

And with that, I turned my attention to the inner surfaces of her thighs. SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! She strained at the ropes and tried to turn her body away, but there was no escaping the bonds that held her firmly. I changed positions and the next stroke, a firm one, cut into her pussy lips. She screamed in surprise. I struck her again and again, and her pussy lips became engorged and streaked, though the skin was not broken. Her moans and screams got louder as her pussy took more and more abuse. Finally it got to the point I was afraid someone from the hotel staff would come by.

”Okay, I warned you. Now I am going to have to gag you!” I said. I thought I heard a soft moan come from her just then. I reached into the satchel and brought out a rubber ball gag.

”I’m sorry I am so loud Master,” she said.

”Well this will take care of your enthusiastic caterwauling!” I said, smiling. “Now open that mouth.” She opened her mouth and after setting the ball gag in place and buckling the strap behind her head, I was satisfied we wouldn’t have hotel security coming down on us.

She looked so lovely laying there on the bed, legs spread wide apart, eyes covered by a blindfold, and mouth gagged. As I took in her beauty, I slowly undressed, carefully folding my clothes and placing them on the other bed. I intentionally did not speak to her. I wanted her to wonder what was coming next, what I might choose to do to abuse her body.

I searched through the satchel, and pulled out a long, black riding crop. I moved to the foot of the bed and looked up at her between her splayed legs. Juices still dripped from her slick, shaved pussy, and the bed was already soaked with her cum. I was fortunate to have brought along a small digital camera, and looking at her laying there bound helpless and so obviously turned on was a picture I needed to have. Besides, I thought that I might send her a copy of the photo just to remind her of the time we spent together. So I grabbed my camera and took several pictures including several close-ups of her wetness.

Setting the camera aside, I stepped back to the foot of the bed. I raised the crop, and without warning, struck her firmly on her clit. CRACK! Her body convulsed in pain. A muffled scream escaped around the gag. Her soft skin immediately turned crimson at the site of the impact.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I hit her hard enough to cause pain to shoot through her body but not hard enough to leave anything other than short-term redness. After all, she was my sweet submissive and I couldn’t bear to cause any real damage to her. I reached forward and caressed her clit roughly. She tried to pull away, but the restraints held her fast.

CRACK! “Don’t try to pull away from me again, or you will regret it. Do you understand?”

”Umurggh,” she responded. I took that to be a yes.

I pinched her reddened clit between my fingers, softly at first and then harder and harder. She moved her ass from side to side but did not pull away. Cum flowed easily from her sodden pussy. I moved my hand down and slipped a couple fingers between her engorged lips. It glided easily inside. I pumped my fingers deep inside her, imagining how her pussy would feel wrapped around my erect cock. Those thoughts aroused my body and my curiosity, and I decided to see for myself.

”Enough with the fun and games. I am going to fuck you now,” I growled deeply. “But I want to hear you. I want to hear you moan… hear you beg. I want to hear you cum,” I said, and I removed the ball gag from her mouth.

”Ohhh… please…” her moan told me she was more than ready. But I wanted to tease her a bit more.

”Want to feel My cock in that wet pussy? Want Me to split that sweet pussy with My hard cock, slut?”

”Please, Master!”

”Tell Me. Tell Me what you want.”

”Please, Master! Ohh please fuck me! Fuck your slut and take what’s yours! Ohhhh fuck me pleeease!”

I smiled and climbed over her. I pointed My aching cock at her hungry hole and teased her pussy lips with the head, running it up and down her wet slippery slit and smacking it against her clit. Each time I hit her hypersensitive clit, she gasped and arched her back a bit.

”Ohhhh, fuck! Master, please don’t tease… I can’t stand it!” she whimpered.

I saw the desperation in her face. She was Mine - her whole body her mind, her soul was Mine. It’s time to take what is Mine.

I placed My cock at her entrance. Slowly I eased into her… I watched as My cockhead parted her sweet petals and disappeared slowly into her wet heat.

”OHHHHGODDD!” She cried out as I pushed Myself into her. I pushed until My mushroom cockhead popped past her opening. I paused there for a moment before continuing.

”Do you want more, slut? Do you want more cock?”

”Yessss… ohhh please! I want it! I want it alllll…” she whined trying to push her hips up to get Me deeper in her.

With one savage, brutal, thrust I obliged her, burying My hard cock balls deep in her pussy.

The suddenness of My attack and the feeling of My cock buried deep inside her was too much for her.


I felt her warm wet juices as she exploded around My cock. I kept pumping in and out of her roughly, tearing her pussy up even as she came over and over. She tossed her head back and forth violently as her mind exploded in synch with her pussy. She arched her back and held it in a erotic seizure of unbridled pleasure and lust. Still I thrust into her pounding her pussy like a machine, until she collapsed again onto the bed.

I slowed My pumping in and out to a very slow and teasing pace as I let her catch her breath. I smiled at her soft mewling as I pulled slowly out until just the head remained inside before pushing back in. She was moaning something incomprehensible as she lay there panting for breath.

Despite her restraints, she tried to spread her legs farther apart as if asking for more. I pushed harder and increased the tempo of My thrusts again. I enjoyed the sight and feel of her pussy lips squeezing my cock. I pushed harder, and her moans told me that she was beginning to climb again towards another orgasm. I pushed harder, stretching her wide, forcing my cock deeper inside her.

She arched again trying to better accommodate my stabbing cock. Her pussy became squishy with her wetness, and the sounds of her pussy and her aroma permeated the room.

I could tell that she was coursing towards orgasm. Thrusting hard, I gauged her movements and the moans escaping her parted lips. Just as I felt that she was about to climax, I reached up and took her nipple in between my fingers and pinched the bud hard.

Her body arched again with pain and pleasure. Her ass lifted off the bed time after time as her orgasm swept through her, and I wondered for a moment if the restraints would hold. She came hard and squirted her nectar onto the foot of the bed. She squirted again and again, and soon the entire end of the bed was saturated with her juices. And still her body jerked in ecstasy. The restraints held firm, and after a bit her trembling body settled back onto the bed, her chest heaving as she panted for breath to cool her searing lungs.

Her naked body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat, little rivulets running across her tummy and down her sides. I watched her there, blindfolded and spread-eagled, on the bed and could only imagine the pleasure that I had just brought her. I shoved two fingers into her oozing pussy scooping out a bit of her own cum and had her lick her cum off of my fingers.

”Taste yourself. Taste what you have become. A slut. A cum-oozing slut.” I growled.

She seemed to enjoy the task, so I allowed her to lick until every droplet has been removed. Once she was finished, I pulled away from her. Now it was My turn and I sat on the bed quietly for several minutes to give her time to think about what might come next. She, of course, had no clue, but her active mind worked to conjure up many painful and pleasurable scenarios, I am certain. One thing I have learned over the years as a Master, is that a slave’s mind is a potent weapon and properly focused, it can serve to make her experiences so much more powerful. She turned her head towards me as she heard me rummaging through the satchel again. I found what I was searching for, but again I sat quietly. The silence of the room enveloped us and all I could hear was her shallow breathing as she tried to anticipate my next move.

I pressed open the clip I held between my fingers, and silently moved my hand so that it hovered inches over her erect bud. Without warning, I snapped the strong clip onto her nipple. The sudden, unexpected pain of the clamp caused her body to jerk against the restraints, but they held firm.

She screamed as the pain shot through her, but I clamped My hand over her mouth quickly.

”Silence! You want everyone to hear your screams of pleasure?”


I checked to make sure that the clip was firmly seated, then I clipped the second one to her other nipple and pinched it hard so that it dug into her delicate flesh. She began whimpering, but I knew that she was enjoying the pain, so I paid no attention to the pitiful sounds.

”Open wide,” I said, slapping her face moderately hard as I knelt beside her head. She obeyed instantly, and I thrust my hard cock between her soft lips and down her throat. She gagged a bit, and I pulled back. After giving her a moment to recover, I thrust in again, deeper and harder this time, and quickly withdrew. Thrust hard! Pull back! Deep and hard! Deeper! Harder! I was fucking her mouth, plunging as far as I could without making her gag. Her mouth suctioned my cock like a vacuum as her tongue swirled around its hardness. Her teeth lightly scraped my flesh on every stroke, but she was careful to keep from causing me pain. Such a good girl. The pain was for her. I was the pain giver and she was the pain receiver.

With that thought in mind, I reached for the nearby riding crop. Raising the crop high, I brought it down across her tits just as I thrust my cock down her throat. Surprised by the pain, she involuntarily nipped me with her teeth.

”Bitch,” I murmur. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

As punishment for her indiscretion, I struck her clit again and again with the crop - CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. She twisted and writhed in a combination of pain/pleasure and sucked hard on my cock. I considered this a signal that she wanted more, so I began fucking her mouth more aggressively. I leaned over her with my hand on the bed’s headboard so that I could thrust my cock more directly into her mouth. I pumped hard and soon my cock was sliding into her throat. The tightness felt like warm pussy clasping my erect cock.

Before long she began to relax enough that I was able to fuck her mouth hard without causing her to gag, but I still knew there were limits on how deep I could go. I paused to give her time to catch a breath, then I plunged in again and again. I felt my body building toward climax, and I prepared to fill her mouth with cum. As I thrust hard, I shot my load down her throat just as she reached the crest of another powerful orgasm. Her body convulsed wildly as she came, squirting once again onto the saturated bed sheets. Her stream of cum was interrupted by each spasm of her pussy, but then it squirted once again as her muscles relaxed again. Over and over again she squirted, though with diminishing force, until her well finally went dry.

I pulled away from her. Her mouth remained open as she sucked in each ragged breath, and for a moment it seemed that she was having trouble catching her breath, but soon her breathing evened out again. As I watched, occasional tremors coursed through her body. I stood and stepped to the foot of the bed and watched her pussy as it went through its final convulsions. Such a lovely sight!

”How was that?” I asked.

”That was unreal! Can we do it again?”

Her response made me grin. No, I thought to myself, we can’t do it again. I sat beside her as I waited for her breathing to return to normal. After several minutes, I stood up next to her bed. I looked directly down on her bound body. Her breasts were still red from being slapped earlier. Her nipples were purple and distended from the pressure of the clips. There were traces of my cum around her mouth, and her lips were bruised and slightly swollen from my assault. Her clit and the area around her pussy were fiery red from the stokes delivered with the riding crop. Much of the lower end of the bed was soaked with her juices. My, my, my, I thought. She was indeed a lovely sight!

I untied her restraints and unwrapped the rope from around her body. She stretched her legs and rubbed her hands together to restore circulation. I was pleased to note that the padded restraints left only slightly reddened bands around her ankles.

As I stood beside the bed, I gave her the next command. “Up on your hands and knees with your ass toward me. And move quickly!”

My obedient slut complied with my order, and soon her luscious pussy with its full lips was directly in front of me. I adjusted her position so that she was right where I wanted her to be. I reached down and felt her steamy wetness, noting the fact that she pulled away slightly due to the tenderness of her whipped flesh. I thought for a moment about what I wanted to do to her next. She was mine to treat as I will, at least for another hour or two. How much pain did I want to inflict? How many times did I want to make her cum? Or should I even let her cum? That’s it. I had answered my own question. Without warning, I used the flat of my hand to smack her on the ass. SMACK! I hit her again and again, and she cried out softly with each stoke. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! After several strokes, I stopped.

”What are you?”

”A slut, Master.”

”Whose slut?”

”Your slut, Master.”

”Are you sure? I don’t think I believe you.”

”Yes, Master! I am yours, only yours! I am your slut, your whore. I belong to only you!”

”That’s what I wanted to hear. But now you have to get dressed so I can take you home.”

”Can’t I shower first? I smell of sweat and sex.”

”No. No shower. If your husband notices, you will just have to think quickly and come up with an acceptable explanation. But you need to be sure not to undress in front of him, or he will see my handprints on your ass and the crimson scars around your clit. Now get dressed without another word.”

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