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Till I Collapse

Seth has the chance to become champion, but he must also contend with two beautiful women.

Seth Vaughn had never seen anyone so beautiful. She was in the fifth or sixth or seventh…it didn’t matter for she was captivating. Clad in red, and smiling…seemingly at him.

“You here…Hello!” a familiar voice yelled jarring him from the beauty before his eyes.

Seth looked at his trainer, Pops McKensie. He used to train boxers, but as time passed, Pops saw the writing on the wall, and started dealing with martial arts. Soon he became well known for training MMA fighters. He “retired” from training for five years to run a gym, but when he saw Seth walk into his gym two years ago, Pops decided this kid was worth coming out of retirement for.

“I hear you Pops”

Pops looked at Seth skeptically. “Boy, you better be here…this guy will kill you with a look if you aren’t careful” Pops instructed. Seth listened intently, the girl out of his mind…for now. Pops was still; talking “…work his body, and keep him out of reach with your left jab. Work him, and keep it standing, he will maul you on the ground”

“Got it Pops,”

“Last round kid,” Pops said looking him in the eyes. “You are probably up in points after knocking him down the last round, but don’t get cocky. You are undefeated, keep it that fucking way,”

Pops and Mickey Khan, Pops’ second got the stool and got out of the cage. Mickey looked at him. “Say, end this shit quick,” he shouted. “I’m fucking hungry,”

Seth laughed slightly, and hopped up and down staying loose. He played with his mouthpiece a bit with his tongue; a strange habit he had. He looked across the cage. Seth’s opponent was Steve Skull Crusher Smith a ten-year MMA vet, who had a tendency to be gassed by the third round. While he lacked cardio and outweighed Seth by twenty pounds, Smith was just as quick as Seth. He looked back at Seth, and Seth saw it…something he had been waiting for…the look.

The look of defeat .

Seth smiled.

“You ready?” the ref looked at Smith who looked back, nodded, looked back at Seth before quickly dropping his eyes to the canvas. Seth appraised him, and saw his gut moving in and out. He was gassed.

“You ready?” the ref asked Seth.

“Fuck yeah,” Seth said through his mouthpiece. The ref just saw his lips move, which was enough for him. He signaled for the bell.

As usual, Seth danced around cautiously. The first two rounds, Smith came to him, however this time around, the veteran kept his distance. Seth came closer, and sent a sharp kick to Smith’s midsection causing Smith to visibly wince, and cover up. Seth smiled as he moved in for the kill.

Smith moved away, breathing heavy; his mouth open and his hands were low. However, Seth knew better than to just go in, for Pops taught him a wounded animal is dangerous.

He covered up and feigned a right cross, while shooting a left hook to the bruised area. Smith winced again, covered up, and Seth hit him with another two jab, straight right combo to the head. Smith feebly tossed a wild right cross. Seth leaned back, laughed and kicked him in the face.

Smith stumbled back, the crowd on its feet. For a second, Seth lost focus, and glanced at the chick; the hot chick in red. She was cheering for him, jumping up and down, her boobs bouncing freely. Damn she was so fucking sex-

The right hit him, and Seth’s whole head turned. He fell to the ground; the sounds around him seemed garbled and far away. Even his body as it hit the canvas seemed far away. He felt Smith hit him once, as his head hit the canvas. That hit woke him up, and Seth covered up. Smith slowly reared up again for a second blow, and Seth twisted slightly, his senses coming back to him, and hit Smith with a straight left.

Smith fell back on his feet and hands, and tried to scramble back, hoping the cage would help him get his senses back. Seth got up, and rushed him. Once he had Smith weakened, Seth tied Smith up in a chokehold.

Smith’s face went from tan, to red, to purple. He weakly tapped Seth’s arm, and the ref rang the bell. Seth immediately let go, and stood up pushing Smith’s semi conscious body off of him. Seth looked at the crowd pointed at them all, going in a circle to show his appreciation, before he bowed.

Moments later the ring announcer declared Seth the victor while the ref raised his arm in victory. He went to the cage door, and waved. Pops was looking at him, with both a smirk and a frown, how he did that Seth never knew. Seth sheepishly grinned back, before stepping into his flip-flops. He put on his gi, with Mickey Khan’s help. They moved up the aisle, the fans showing Seth love. He shook hands and gave high fives, genuinely happy folks paid money to see him. Yet his eyes danced around the crown, seeking, searching, and there she was.

She was at the last spot before the aisle began to steep downwards to the locker rooms. She was smiling. Seth smiled back. She waved and Seth reached out for her. He began to pull her to him, but security began to come close to him. “What is your name?”

“Bonita,” she said, her voice sounding like angels in his ear. “Bonita Benavidez,”

Seth smiled at her. “I will find you Bonita Benavidez!” he yelled as security began to herd him into the locker area.

“Not if I find you first Seth Vaughn!” she yelled blowing him a kiss.


“What the fuck Seth,” a statuesque blond said in the dressing room. She was smoking a thin cigar. “You tryin’ to give me a fucking heart attack?”

“Boy, if he was fresher, he would have finished you,” Pops said.

Seth looked at them both. “Relax,” he replied. “I won the fight,”

The blond looked at him. “Yeah you won, but you gotta win impressively,”

Her name was Scarlett Covington, and she was his manager. She was built like a comic book heroine; long thick natural blond hair, full pouty lips, a rack Dolly Parton would be proud of as well as a perfect ass seemingly carved lovingly and patiently out of stone. For some reason after college, Scarlett felt the need to invest her inheritance, and use her MBA. So she invested in Pops gym –initially for the sweaty male view- but became Seth’s manager once Pops convinced her he was the real deal. The fight he’d just won, Scarlett set up, and was his biggest payday to date. She was savvy, articulate, clever and sexy. Scarlett was the ultimate chick; she could outthink a college professor, cuss like a sailor if the need arised, be the ditsy blond just enough to close a deal, and according to legend, fuck a grown man to the point of tears.

Seth wouldn’t know about the last one; he did not mix money and pussy. A belief Scarlett just hated.

“That wasn’t convincing?” Seth growled. “I whooped his ass all three rounds. So he rocked me for what a few seconds, the fans got a thrill,”

“Heard you might get fight of the night,” Mickey Khan said as he unraveled the tape around Seth’s hands and wrists. “But, he still could have whopped yo’ ass,”

She looked at him through a thin veil of smoke. Seth normally hated chicks who smoked, but Scarlett made it look sexy. She was in her usual fight night uniform; blazer and pantsuit, this one colored blue, with a white camisole underneath. Her Italian shoes gleamed in the florescent light, and for the umpteenth time, Seth regretted his no money/no pussy rule. But Pops was right. She was a great manager and might be one hell of a girlfriend, but she would suck as a manager and girlfriend.

Then he remembered the chick in red. And as he was about to speak her name, Cowboy Judd Wallis walked into the locker room. “Nice fight boy,” the big man’s voice echoed off the walls of the locker room. As usual, he glanced at Scarlett with both lust and disdain.

He stood at least six five, and weighed around 300 tops. He was a solid man, hailing from Brownsville, TX. He wore a custom-made buck hide sports coat and a ten gallon black cowboy hat. His belly protruded proudly over his massive gold belt buckle of silhouette of a naked girl’s profile. “You sure did pack ‘em in,” he reached inside his jacket pocket and held out the winner’s check. Wallis smiled. “Well deserved son,” Seth took the check. “Gave you a lil’ somthin’ extra for sellin’ out and putting on one hell of a show,” he laughed. “Shit,” he said dragging out the i. “When that boy knocked you down, the crowd went nuts. Beer sells after you won went through the roof, not to mention your t-shirts,”

“Which we get 35% of,” Scarlett chimed in as she looked at the check over Seth’s’ shoulders. “Does this check reflect tonight’s income and our correct percentage,”

The cowboy licked his lips, while his face looked as if he swallowed shit. “Great night indeed; Two three more fights, and you might be ready for the big leagues boy,”

Seth looked at the check and grinned. “I am more than ready for the big time,”

Wallis looked at Pops, who was busying himself around the room. Without looking up from the table, “More than ready,”

Everyone seemed to ignore the fact Wallis’ failed to answer Scarlett’s query.

Wallis laughed. “Maybe,” Wallis bellowed. “But not with this crew of misfits,” he bowed slightly. “No offense Pops,” he said his voice with true respect, a sound unfamiliar to Seth until now. “God knows you are the best scout of talent and the best damn trainer around, but lets face it, you don’t have that fire for the road and all its bullshit,”

Pops still did not look up from what he was doing, “Maybe,” he croaked. “Maybe not,” He paused. “Will go if asked though,”

Wallis smiled, and then he looked at Seth. “Talent can only take you so far kid, I got the machine to make you huge,”

Seth smiled. “Said the spider to the fly,”

“You need top shelf management,” Wallis said talking past the slight verbal jab. “A world class training facility and training staff. Not to mention a rehab crew,”

Seth handed Scarlett the check. “I got that,” he said. “I got that in spades,”

Wallis looked at him disdainfully. “Bless your heart kid,”

“Like I’ve said a million times,” Seth said as he began to untie his shorts. “Take me as I am. By me, I mean we. We have been there when I slept in a fucking car eating beans and old ass bread. We have been there through death and taxes and blood and sweat and fucking tears. So if I aka We ain’t good enough for you, you can just kiss my ass,” Seth finished his speech as his shorts dropped to the floor, and he was now clad only in a jock strap.

Scarlett was behind him, his ass out for her to see. She licked her lips as her pussy tingled slightly.

Ok…more than slightly.

Clapping came from behind Wallis. The cowboy’s entourage consisted of two bodyguards and his accountant/lawyer/BBQ chef Chip Chester; a man who while wealthy and respected, is still traumatized by the ridicule his name earned him during junior high school.

The three men parted, with Chip’s mouth dropping slightly. The man clapping was a vision: six six, dressed impeccably in a blue cashmere jacket, black slacks and a white crew neck pull over. His muscular frame looked comfortable beneath the business attire, but his tan suggested that he would be just as at ease on a beach clad only in a snug bathing suit.

A vision Scarlett was deep in as the man known as K.D. Austin; founder, primary owner and CEO of the American Universal Fight League, stopped midway into the locker room, in between the two groups. He walked in alone. He was a third degree black belt in karate and judo. He was a former Marine as well. His long blond hair hung just a top his broad shoulders. His presence alone made women pause. “Great fucking fight,” he said. He looked at Scarlett. “Hello, Miss Covington,”

“Mr. Austin,” she said, not even trying to hide the lust in her voice.

Austin greeted everyone else, saving Seth for last, who pulled up his shorts. He was afraid if they started to talk about money, he might get wood.

“Seth,” Austin said. “You are ready for the big time,” he looked around the room. “And I respect a man who is loyal,” he looked at Seth. “I ask that you sign a three fight deal with my organization. And,” he grinned. “If you win your first fight, I will guarantee you a title fight for the light heavyweight belt. The winner’s cut, plus any bonuses you get.

“How does this help me?” Wallis chimed in. “I found this kid. I gave him his big fight,”

Austin looked at him. “You can host the championship fight,” he looked at Scarlett and smiled. “Shall me go hammer out the details,”

“No time like the present,” she grabbed her purse, and put the check inside her ample bra. “Taa, taa,” she said to Seth. He grabbed her arm gently, but strong enough to make her stop. “Hey, find a girl for me,”

“Ain’t I enough,” she hissed.

“Her name is Benita. Benita Benavidez. Sexy curvy brunette, was in the tenth row or less wearing red,”

“Ok,” she looked at Austin who was walking out of the room. “I am going to have my hands full,”

“Make sure you negotiate a fair cut, and then make him cum like a geyser,”

She grinned, “One don’t cum without the otha’” she quipped.


Austin owned a suite at the top of Farrington Center. Scarlett stood looking out a floor to ceiling window. The city skyline was in full view, with the ocean providing a tranquil background.

“Ok, well, then we are settled,” Chip said as he closed his satchel. “I will send your attorney’s the paperwork. I must say this was a swift and decisive negotiation. I wish all my meetings went this smooth.”

Austin stood up. The sports coat was off, and he only wore the crewneck shirt. His muscles straining against the fabric, as he held his right hand out. “Why fuck around,” They shook hands, and Chip walked out.

Austin closed the door, and put the latch on. “And now, my sweet-” he turned to see Scarlett standing by the window wearing only a lacy black garter belt and stockings. He swallowed.

She took a sip from her glass of merlot. “You were saying something,”

He swallowed again. He’d fucked her ten times now, with each time being more mind-blowing than the last. Yet each time he saw her nude, it was a breath-taking site. Round, full breasts, with light brown areola, a flat taut tummy with a pierced belly button and a six-pack he loved cuming on. Her ass was formed from hours on a treadmill with legs to match. And to top it all off, she had the cutest little feet he’d ever seen.

“I was saying now we can get down to business,” he managed to stammer as his cock raged to be released from the confines of his slacks.

She held out her hands as she sashayed down the short staircase. “I agree whole heartedly,” she swallowed her wine in one gulp. “And now, let us celebrate in the fruits of our labor,” she kissed him on the lips.

Austin responded back, getting lost in her essence. Her tongue danced around in his mouth, and normally, he was in charge. He was the alpha, and the omega. Yet, as he fell backwards onto the sofa, Scarlett Covington was in charge. And he was her willing bitch.

His shirt was off his body in seconds, and somehow, she managed to drop his pants and engulf his hardening cock in one smooth move. Just as her tongue danced within the confines of his mouth, it just as expertly caressed his dic as it grew to its full size. Austin groaned in pleasure.

Scarlett gagged slightly for she could no longer deep throat his girth. So, she tickled his head, outlining its contours with her tongue. She was wet and eager to fuck him. He was fully erect, standing straight up as she mounted him. They both sighed in pleasure with that initial stroke.

Scarlett loved to fuck, which was why she was with Austin. Her family was rich, and when her father died, he left her a ton of cash, which she used wisely; splurging only on her birthday and Christmas. Ok, she also went crazy on Mother’s day and her mom’s birthday…but that was it.

Scarlett loved fucking his chiseled body, and as she rode Austin’s hard cock with wild abandon, she felt herself begin to drip down his balls, as his hands took her full breasts and began to caress her protruding nipples. She began to moan. Scarlett wet three fingers on her right hand and began to titillate her own clit. The sensation hastened her pending orgasm. It had been three weeks since she fucked, and she needed to cum…bad. But moments to fuck came few and far between. The MMA fight game was a challenging one, and as a woman she had to work harder than her make peers. She worked hard for Seth…hard…Seth

Seth …her eyes closed, and her pussy got wetter. The man she made a living off of was the object of her every masturbatory moment over the last four years. She saw him naked dozens of times and one year on New Year’s Eve, they made out, with his rock hard cock pressing against her from the confines of his jeans. But that was it. They both reluctantly avoided mixing business with pleasure. But she wanted him…bad.

Her mouth fell open, and her hands moved faster.

Seth .

Soon she was riding him, and he was inside her. They were kissing passionately on a sandy beach as the ocean breeze caressed their skin. They began to move in harmony now, not caring about anyone or anything. Moving as one as ecstasy, slowly began to encompass their body.

When her orgasm hit, Scarlett screamed, making sure she did not cry out a name. Her body gyrated as her tight lips forced Austin to climax, he lifted her off of him, as is erect cock began to spurt hot cum in the air. Scarlett engulfed the volcanic erection, sucking the head as the last eruptions spurted out. He twisted, trying to escape the delightful movements of Scarlett’s hands and tongues, for his cock was so sensitive, he could not take it. Yet once again, Scarlett held him in place as she sucked his cock dry. He could do nothing but lie back in sheer pleasure.

Little did he realize, or even care that all the while she was killing his cock Scarlett was thinking of Seth Vaughn.


The heavy bag was huge today, and Seth just smiled at himself as he danced around hitting the bag with heavy combinations involving kicks and punches to the head and body. All the while Pops was yelling in his ear.

“Move, move, pick up your feet…move your fucking feet, and your head. Move your fucking feet…come on man…you can’t follow a punch with a body kick…my 5 year old granddaughter can hit harder and better than you-”

Seth tuned Pops and his twenty year old shtick out after awhile. He just heard his own breathing as he fired blow after blow to the heavy bag.

Then he saw her.

It was only a fleeting vision. Just out the corner of his eye just as he delivered two more swift kicks to the bag before Mickey Khan held up a hand and Pops walked over to the curvy beauty.

“Yes,” Pops said.

The girl had two guys with her, one held a video camera, while the other a boom mic. Seth appraised them each carefully. They looked at him without waver and nodded in unison. Seth nodded back.

Benita held out her perfectly manicured hand. Two weeks had passed, and Seth was training for his first fight in the AUFL. Scarlett did not seem to be in a hurry to find her, and Seth let the thought of fucking the brunette fall to the back of his mind. Training for this fight was his life, because a victory led him straight to the title. And Seth knew that belt would look damn good around his waist.

Yet fate threw him a curve, and right now all five foot something or other of her was talking to Pops.

“Hi, I am Benita Benevides and I am a huge fan of Seth’s”

“Huge,” said the guy with the camera. “Like...I gotta pirate all yo fights for her man,”

Benita gave him a sideways glance but continued. “I am a senior at State University and I would love to interview Seth for my final project in video production and…”

“Love too,” Seth interrupted smiling. “Anything for a fan, especially one trying top earn a degree,” He looked at Mickey Khan. “Gloves please,”

Pops looked at him. “Your training kid,”

“She’s got ten minutes,” Seth replied. “I need some protein any way,”

Pops shrugged. “Cool with me, you can use my old office,”

The gym had two parts. The gym for the public was on the first floor of the building. It was once an old clothing manufacture and distributor center. But Pops and Scarlett combined their cash and bought the place out. The gym rivaled any of the national chain gyms, but it had the addition of a true MMA and boxing training facility on the 2 nd and 3 rd floors. Seth had his own place on the fourth and final floor. It was his own personal training gym/apartment complete with a mock cage, floor mats, a heavy and a speed bag along with a weight set. He also had an elliptical by his bed, which he used for an hour at level ten three times a day. Benita did not fail to notice the bed; as well as a modern kitchen set complete with stove and sink, a 50 inch TV in a corner and a laptop on a the perfectly made bed. Finally there was a SubZero refrigerator which he now opened to retrieve a ready-made container of protein.

Benita did not know what to think…he was cheap with class.

Pops led her to an office. There was hot tub in the room with a bench, which went around the perimeter of the tub. “Your guys can set up here,” he said and walked out.

Benita was wet as hell. She had always wanted to fuck in a hot tub, and now she was about to fuck Seth Vaughn, a guy she had always wanted to fuck in a place she always wanted top fuck in. damn…she thought…this shit must be a dream.

Then her cousin Lorenzo pinched her awake when he dropped the camera.

“Shit,” he spat in Spanish. He looked at his brother Ramon. “This is your fault man…I told you; you should have held the camera,”

Ramon looked at him calmly. He had a little puff or two before they picked him up at his girlfriend’s house, so he was chillin. “Say man, why you blamin me fo yo lack of coordination?” he took a pause. “Shit, yo ass would have dropped this shit too,” he said holding the mic.

Lorenzo slapped it out of Ramon’s hands. “There asshole,”

Ramon looked at him. “Dude, why are you insisting upon fucking up my high?”

Benita got between them. “Enough,” she said. “You two assholes have just caused me at least ten grand in damage,”

Lorenzo looked at the busted equipment on the floor. “Damn cuz,” he replied. “This shit cost that much,”

“Yeeesss,” she replied. “Now how am I gonna do my interview?”

Lorenzo snorted. “Like you was gonna interview him,” he laughed. “If anything, he was gonna enter you shit before you interview anything he got,” he was proud of his quip.

“I can get you some replacement equipment,” Ramon said. “I can take this buy that guy I know who does computers,”

“You gotta guy for everything,” Lorenzo snapped. “You gotta guy to suck you dic,”

“Yeah,” Ramon said. “Your wife,”

The door opened, and Seth walked in. He looked at the equipment on the floor, then at the three people in the room. Benita in particular; she looked pissed. “Everything cool,” he said drinking some protein.

“Yeah,” Ramón replied. “We are some clumsy guys. You think you could allow my cousin to record the audio of your conversation?” he held up an I-Phone. “Siri is a very useful bitch,”

Seth grinned. “Sure, just allow us some privacy, please,”

Ramon handed Benita the phone. “You need a rubber,” he hissed.

Benita frowned at him as she took the phone. Lorenzo walked up to Seth. “Man,” he said. “I got like mad respect for you yo,” he said. Suddenly gushing like a schoolgirl. “Man, you just, you just like that dude from back in tha day…da Emperor of Institution,”

Seth grinned. “Close enough,” he held out a hand, still taped. “Preciate tha love man,”

“Yo, my cuz got mad love for you man…treat her right,”

Seth nodded back. “She is a woman…that alone gets her my respect,”

Lorenzo looked at him, head cocked to the side. “How you a bad ass and a wuss at the same time?”

Ramon grabbed him by the neck, as Seth laughed. They went out the door, and Seth turned to Benita who was smiling as well. The equipment had been gathered, and all that was between Seth and Benita was space…and

“I appreciate this opportunity to meet with you-”

“You really want to interview me?” Seth asked.

She paused. “uh…yes…”

“Is that all,”

She smiled and took a quick glance at the hot tub. “Well,”

Seth grinned. “Unfortunately…I am in training,”

Benita walked over to him. She began to unbutton the cherry red silk top she had on. She pulled it from the confines of the form fitting black skirt she was now unzipping. It fell to the floor, and she stepped from out of it smoothly. She had on a black garter belt, black stockings with those cool designs women were wearing now, and a black thong. Seth immediately got an erection. He could feel the heat from her pussy, taste its sweetness and bask within it its warm caress. Hell, the shit was calling his damn name.

He stepped back. “I am in training,” he repeated.

She had her top off and was about to unhook her matching bra. “For a fight I know you will win,”

“Yeah, and therefore, we can’t fuck,” he said. “I can’t cum,”

She looked at him quizzically. “What you got some kind of disease,”

“Nah,” he replied sheepishly. “See, I haven’t lost a fight since before I went pro and the last time I lost a fight, I fucked during training. Well, for the next fight, I didn’t fuck, and I won. So…I kept doing the same shit, and well…”

“Now it’s some crazy superstition you have, that if you fuck during a fight, you will lose,”

He shrugged, and nodded reluctantly while still hearing her pussy… Seth Seth fuck me Seth

She laughed. “Well, then I guess we are just going to interview,” she already had her skirt back on and around her shapely ass.

He had a thought. “Well, I said I couldn’t cum…never said you couldn’t” he said with a wicked smile. Benita smiled back.

Moments later, Seth was between Benita’s tan, taught and smooth legs. Her red top was unbuttoned her bra for all to see. Her skirt was around her waist and her hands were running through Seth’s sweaty hair as his mouth feasted upon her.

His tongue danced delicately along her inner thighs, before slowly licking its way to her lips. His kissed her pussy just as he kissed her succulent mouth earlier. He did not go near her clit, instead his tongue danced along the outer rim of her pussy.

On the last round of kissing, he slid the tip of his tongue into her. She sighed in pleasure. His tongue circled her pussy with the just the tip sliding in for a second before sliding out. Benita was lost in pleasure. Her eyes closed as she leaned backwards, her hair dangling just inches above the water of the hot tub.

Seth never made it his intention to make a woman cum when he feasted upon the pussy. No, his intention was to feast. Pussy tasted good, and since he could not fuck, he would have to settle for the next best thing. So he feasted. His tongue now freely explored her pussy sliding in and out effortlessly as it got wetter. She tasted good…like mango…he grinned. Then he pulled back, and saw her wet pussy. Her clit sat proudly, hard and rigid. He took her pearl within his mouth and Benita cried out with passion, “Nahhhhaaaaaa,”

Her clit was turgid within his mouth and he spelled out fight terms with his tongue as his lips held her clit mercilessly

It had been a while since she busted a nut, and Benita found herself cuming quickly. But this one was weird. It was starting in her toes, and slowly creeping up her legs


Her thighs…


Her hips…


Seth slid his tongue into her pussy…


It sat there…her orgasm…just right there…that spot between agony and ecstasy, her legs were trembling…he licked her clit…then slid his tongue in her pussy





She relaxed…shit if she hadn’t cum now…


“ahh…” she wsn’t…“ahh…ahhhhh…ohhhh…ooooooo…ahhh…I’mm…oh…” she giggled… “ahhh…ahhh…hee..hee…ahh oh…oh…my…I’m…ahh…I’m”

When her orgasm hit, it was like a wave of water washed over her body. From her head to her toes the orgasm wrapped her within its embrace and she grinded her hips against his mouth as he sucked all of her juices, sliding his tongue in and out of her as she came. He would circle her clit gently, holding her as she fell back. Her hair was fully in the water and she came for about a minute.

Then Mickey Khan banged on the door.

Seth was jarred out of the pussy paradise he just found. His left hand was holding her, and when he was startled, he loosened his grip for just a second, and Benita tipped over into the tub. He reached for her “What!” he yelled exasperated.

“Say…Lady Scarlett is here with that Austin dude,” Mickey paused. “Mothafucka smells rich…never knew rich had a smell.”

Seth pulled Benita out of the water, and she kissed him passionately. Seth kissed back as he picked her up and put her on the floor gently. “You gonna wait,” Seth said. “Got six more weeks till my fight,”

“You gonna eat me like that again,”

“Only way I know how,”

Benita smiled and kissed him. “I can wait six weeks,”

Seth walked out first alone, closing the door behind him. KD and Scarlett were with Pops, who was smiling broadly. “What about that fat fuck Wallis,” Seth heard Pop Lee ask.

“I’ll take care of him…ahh…here he is,” K.D. appraised Seth. “This man works hard, and your hard work is about to pay off,” he looked at Scarlett who gave him some fabulous head in the limo. “Show him his good fortune,”

Scarlett hit a button on her laptop and the screen turned on. The current champion was on TV. His six foot five, 250-pound frame filled the screen. Next to him was a stunning blond with short hair, styled perfectly around her face. The camera zoomed out as she began to speak.

“This is Jazee Lillard with AUFL News. It has just come out that Art “Meathook” Patterson hurt himself during training-”

“Tell these people tha’ truth Jazee with yo sexy ass,” Jeremiah The Truth Ali quipped looking into the camera. “The truth is the fool was scared of me. I have it on good authority he fell running out of the office when K.D. showed him the contract,”

“And who would your authority be,” Jazee asked, knowing Jeremiah was always audio gold.

“Meathook’s old lady,” he said in a matter of fact voice. “She told me when we were celebrating my last victory over…over…over somebody’s ass I kicked,” he shook his head laughing. “I done lost count of all the ass I kicked,” he looked seductively at Jazee. “But I remember every ass I hit, you feel me Jazee?”

She dodged the question knowing she would fuck the champ in a heartbeat. “Well who would you like to face for the belt now?”

“Who cares…they ass will get dropped, or if I’m feeling overly ambitious, I will choke them out. Regardless, this belt…this belt over my big broad shoulders will be my belt until I pass it along to my son Jeremiah Junior, who at ten, can whip more ass than half the quote unquote contenders for my belt,”

“What about undefeated Seth “The Iceman” Vaughn?”

The champ leaned forward. “Who?”

Jazee repeated his name, and the champ sill looked befuddled. “Perhaps your intoxicating beauty has effected me, but you keep saying that name, and it rings no bells to me. Have I whooped his ass?”

“No champ,” Jazee replied.

Ali nodded profoundly. “Then if the ever wise, and ever wealthy K.D. Austin says this Vaughn fellow is worthy of my foot being placed uncomfortably in his ass, then so be it,”

Scarlett paused the video. “You up for this?”

Seth looked at her and then at K.D. then Pops. “You shittin’ me? I got a chance to fight the champ?”

“In three weeks,” K.D. said. “That is the only catch,”

Seth looked at Scarlett and Pops before he spoke. “Fuck yeah,” was his reply. “Let the champ know the guy he don’t know, will be the guy he will see looking down at his punk ass on the canvas,”

Seth turned and walked back into the office, where Benita was still wringing out her blouse, only…she had a smile on her face. “Guess I don’t have to wait six weeks now,”

Seth laughed. “No…you don’t,”


Benita was watching porn, playing aimlessly with her clit when the knock came to her hotel room door. About a week had passed since she had that fateful time in by the hot tub. They were in Vegas, and Seth paid for her to come. She refused at first, but when he kissed her second set of lips in his special way, she relented; after two orgasms of course.

She wore only a black Seth Vaughn t-shirt and hit the mute button. She sighed and walked to the door. She looked at the peephole as the door was hit with three quick impatient knocks again. She sighed, took off the inner latch and snatched the door open. “What, they don’t teach reading at them fancy ass private schools yo’ ass went to?” she pointed at her doorknob. “Do…not…disturb,” she said dragging out the b .

Scarlett brushed past her into the room, sashaying by Benita leaving a vapor trail of perfume that made Benita’s pussy twitch. Damn she’s a sexy bitch .

Scarlett saw the porn on TV and sat down, “We’re not paying for this shit,”

Benita sighed and closed the door, accepting the fact Scarlett was here to stay. “That happens to be a DVD,” she said, her own delicious ass had it’s own sexy stroll, a fact which did not escape Scarlett’s eyes. “Hotel porn is overpriced and there is hardly ever a cumshot,” she hopped on her bed, taking back the same spot she had before Scarlett arrived.

“I like him,” Scarlett said. “His cock points up,”

“You come here to talk porn,”

Scarlett watched the scene; two girls and a guy, and she thought about her and Seth. She immediately got wetter than she already was. She could be the manager of the AUFL world champ. Maybe then he would break her off some dic.

“No, I came here to see why Seth is paying for your ass to stay in this hotel room,”

“Cause he ain’t payin for a suite,”

Scarlett turned to look at her, and Benita returned her gaze. “Look, I am his manager, and it is my responsibility to make sure folks do not take him for a ride, and well…it looks like you are trying to start the engine,”

Benita hit the pause button. “Look little miss muffett…I don’t want his money. I will have my own someday. Frankly…I just want to fuck him. Truth be told. He is sexy as hell, and can eat pussy like a champ. And-”

“Wait…he ate you out,”


“But you just said he could eat”

“I know what I said…I was there when I said it, but you asked if he ate me out, and I said no because what he did was not eating out. I had my pussy ate before…no what he did was…”: she smiled as her pussy tingled with the fond memory “What he did was…damn…”

Scarlett blinked “Its like that,”

Benita nodded. “Its like that ,”

“Damn, makes me wish I wasn’t his manager,” Scarlett said. “Turn this shit back on.” She said pointing at the TV.

The video played for about ten more minutes and the women sat in silence watching, each getting hotter by the second. The guy in the video had one girl sitting on his face facing and kissing the other who was riding him with pure abandon. “Say, I’m going to fire up some herb,” Benita said “Aand enjoy myself enjoying this video, so if you don’t mind…”

Scarlett scooted back and rested her head against Benita’s legs. “Light that shit,”

Benita paused. “Let me be blunt. I am gonna light this smoke, and bust a nut with or without your ass in here,”

Scarlett nodded. Her hard nipples began to protrude from beneath the confines of her bra and camisole. “Yeah, yeah…just light that weed girl and hush,”

Benita nodded. “Shit,” she said putting the lighter to the cigar. She had danced with a chick before. She loved dic, but every now and then she wanted to be caressed. “Fine by me,”

Soon the women were passing the cigar full of herb back and forth, as the scene ended and another threesome, this time two guys and a girl came on. Each woman grinned at each other when the girl was sucking both guys off at the same time. The herb began to lower the wall between the two women.

Before long, Scarlett was topless nestled between Benita’s legs. Benita was still smoking the fat cigar. She put it out, and began to run her fingers through Scarlett’s blond tresses. She could eat some pussy, but Benita was spoiled after Seth. She pulled Benita’s head up and the two began to kiss one another slowly and passionately.

While the woman in the video was being hammered by a dic in her pussy and another in her ass, Scarlett and Benita were entwined in one another’s arms, a double-headed dildo between them. Along with all the other feminine necessities, Benita always brought a dildo and a vibrator with her…just in case.

“I love Seth,” Scarlett whispered into Benita’s mouth as they kissed. “I don’t want to see him hurt,”

Benita smiled as the dildo hit her g-spot. “Me either,” they kissed again. “I just want to fuck,”

No more words passed as the video ended with each man squirting a copious amount of cum across the woman’s pretty face. Scarlett and Benita were entwined in one another’s arms and legs, their hips moving in unison, moving the pliant dildo between them.

“I’ve never been with a woman before,” Scarlett said as her orgasm neared. She cried out, and Benita covered her mouth with a kiss as her own orgasm hit. Each woman convulsed with pleasure as the video ejected itself from the machine.


The three weeks passed quickly, with Seth training almost non-stop. The girls hardly saw him, but managed to amuse themselves by getting Seth two new endorsement deals. After the second deal was closed, Scarlett smiled at Benita in the limo as they drove off. “Girl, we make one hell of a team,”

The fight was at Wallis’ Las Vegas Ambrosia casino. Scarlett got Seth a suite and she and Benita were staying there as well. Pops and Mickey Khan also had their own suites. Scarlett splurged. There was no doubt in her mind that she was about to manage the new AUFL light heavyweight champion.

That was until she met Jeremiah “The Truth” Ali.

He scared the shit out of her with a smile.

She and Benita were walking down the hall heading to the elevator. The weigh in was about to occur, and they were on their way down to the conference room. They were each in cream; a dress for Benita and a pant suit with black camisole for Scarlett. The elevator opened and the girls saw the champ.

The elevator was full of the champ’s entourage. Flanked by two curvy music video type girls, Jeremiah Ali smiled. “Catch the next elevator bitches,” he said grinning. The elevator erupted with laughter as the doors slid close.

Scarlett stood there, her legs shaking. She didn’t hear the bitch, or the laughter, which followed. All she saw was his eyes.

And they scared the shit out of her.

The weigh in was packed. Seth was already down there looking calm in a simple black robe. He walked up to the scale, dropped his robe, clothed only in a pair of gray boxer briefs. “228,”

He waved to the crowd and walked over to K.D. They shook hands. “Man this is going to be a killer fight!”

The champ walked up, and dropped his robe, only to reveal nothing. He got on the scale amidst sounds of awe. Seth started to laugh, till he saw the scowl across K. D.’s face. Then he remembered…this was on network TV. “2…uh…245…for the…ahem…champ!”

“I am the champ…” he screamed strutting over towards K.D. & Seth. He looked at K.D. seemingly paying Seth no attention. “I am the champ and the Kang…Kang Dingalang!” he finally looked at Seth. “Who are you?”

Seth was looking at the taller bigger man with some amusement. “Who am I?” he replied.

“Yeah bitch,” Ali snapped. “I know my ass don’t stutta,”

Seth’s grin grew. “I’m the next champ,”

Ali laughed scornfully. “Maybe if I die fucking your momma,” then he struck Seth with a lightning quick straight right. Seth stumbled back, surprised more than hurt. He touched his face. K.D. looked at Ali, who now with dic swinging turned to face the crowd. “Fuck this mini me bitch,” he said tossing a finger at Seth before leaping off stage and down onto the conference room floor, walking through the crowd laughing.

Seth tried to leap after Ali as soon as Ali’s feet reached the floor, but between Pops, Mickey Khan, two security officers and an off duty cop, Seth was thwarted in his attempt at revenge.

“Let me go!” he yelled. He looked at the peacock strutting Ali. The champ ignored Seth’s cries as he cut a swath through the crowd of journalists. “Yeah this big ass dic is real…come on white women…touch it…touch it…stroke it three times and a genie will make your sexual dreams come true!”

“You’re done!” Seth screamed. “You’re done!”

The champ walked out of the conference room laughing all the way, paying Seth no attention what so ever. At the door, Al gave Seth the finger one more time without turning around.


Later, K.D. Austin found himself on the wrong end of a phone call.

“I swear I did not know he was going to do that…but…I…see…I…but…that…but…come on…really…come on…they do it in Europe…come…wait…how on…that…I…hello…hello?”

Scarlett came into the office smiling. He looked at her pissed beyond belief. “A million five…”


“Ali showing his junk to the fucking world,”

“K.D., baby…you must not have seen the numbers…our pay per view buy rate just doubled. This fight as of now will go into more homes tomorrow night than the last three events combined.”

“Holy shit,” KD replied. “You are kidding,”

Scarlett shook her head “That fine…paid for!”

K.D. laughed. “Shit…if Seth wins, than I get paid and rid of Ali as champ in one move,” he turned to look at Scarlett who no longer wore her smile. “Something wrong dear,”

“I’m not sure Seth can win against that beast,”

“That arrogant beast,” K. D. said. “Have some faith, he is after all your client,”

Seth sat criss-cross applesauce on the dressing room floor. The others had long left, leaving Mickey Khan and Pops alone with Seth. He was about to walk out to a championship fight. A fight he had only three weeks to prepare for; the fight of his life.

“You ready kid,”

Seth opened his eyes. The positive energy flowed through him like an elixir from the gods themselves. “Hell yeah,” He stood up effortlessly. He put on his robe. “Let’s do this,”


Pops and Seth stood by the door. There was a knock. “Its time,” a voice said. Mickey looked at Pops expectantly.

“What Mickey,” Pops snapped.

“No speech,” Mickey said. “No motivational, heart tugging, speech to inspire young Seth to perform to the highest of heights of athleticism and overcome tremendous odds to capture an elusive dream?”

Seth looked at him. “I’m getting paid five million win or lose, what more incentive do I need,” he paused. “And I get to beat the holy hell out of a true honest to goodness asshole,”

Mickey Khan looked at him. “Fuck it then, let’s go,”

They walked down the corridor, to the familiar refrain of Eminem’s Till I Collapse . It was Seth’s mantra. As he saw the crowd the song’s chorus hit.

Till the roof, till the lights go out

He heard his name being chanted. Seth also saw signs with his name and the word, his second favorite word in the English language after pussy.


I’m a rip this shit till my bone collapse

Seth smiled. He would fight the champ…till he collapsed.

“Ok…” Mickey Khan yelled into Seth’s ear about ten minutes later. “I thought you were supposed to kick his ass,”

The first round ended with Ali kicking Seth upside the head, knocking him down. Seth got quickly got back up, only to stumble back to the canvas as he swung widely at Ali who was laughing at him.

Still woozy, Seth looked at Mickey. “Fuck you,”

“No…fuck you…wake up kid…he is whoopin your ass. Forget the rage. He did that shit yesterday to fuck with your head. No rage. Stick to the plan, get inside, avoid his reach, and work the body with open hands…open hands to his ribs,”

Seth was beginning to get his shit back together. Pops was clearly in focus, and the crowd was chanting his name. His left eye was puffy, and his jaw where the kick landed was stinging like hell. As the mouthpiece entered his mouth, he heard Pops. “Stick to the fucking plan!”

Seth stood up, and looked across at Ali. Ali was grinning. His mouthpiece read “T.W.I.M” (The World Is Mine).

The bell rung, and this time Seth still crouched down, and worked Ali’s midsection. While Seth worked Ali’s body like a heavy bag, the bigger and stronger man soon took control sending a vicious roundhouse right kick to Seth’s head, knocking Seth to the canvas.

Seth, saw the world around him spinning, and an annoying ringing in his ears as Ali was charging at him. Seth had no clue where he was, let alone who he was; all he saw was a big black guy running at him, fist cocked and ready.

Do something man his mind commanded, do something !

Seth twisted around, as the ringing was subsiding, Seth held Ali down so he could get his mind right. The bigger man was trying to outmaneuver Seth, but Seth was able to keep him grounded, and before long Seth could see straight, hear the world without a ringing in his ear and …

That was when Ali, in two quick moves was on Seth’s back, about to wrap him up in a submission move. Seth fought back, sliding his forearm between Ali’s arm and his own throat. Ali was screaming in his ear. Seth rolled to his side. He saw the clock, there was a full minute left, and Ali was a submission master. No way he could outlast him on the ground. So he began to rise.

Ali tried to tighten his grip, as Seth got to his feet…

40 seconds

With quivering feet, Seth stood fully erect, with Ali on his back.

30 seconds

Seth took a deep breath, leaned forward just as Ali’s grip forced his own forearm into his throat. Seth began to see stars.

20 seconds

He could only hear his own breath. He could only feel Ali’s own heavy breathing upon the back of his neck.

10 seconds

With all his remaining strength, Seth forced himself backwards-driving Ali’s head into the canvas, as Seth’s body weight crashed down on his sternum.

The bell rang, and Seth pushed Ali’s arm off of him. He wearily half walked, half stumbled to his corner, where Pops sat him down. The crowd was still chanting his name.

That was when he saw it.

Ali was still down.

Ali was still down . Seth felt a surge of triumph curse through his veins.

And then Ali got his ass up, looked over at Seth.

And…there it was…that look…a look Seth never thought he would ever see on the face of the man nicked named The Truth…

Seth saw fear.

Ali stood up, his legs looked a little shaky, but he still walked to his corner on his own. He even went so far as to reject sitting down in his corner.

Pops got into his face. “Kid…you split that round,” he was yelling. “Just keep it up. Watch his kicks, and try to take him down, and then get up. Wear his big ass out,”

“He can’t hang with you,” Mickey Khan said. “He’s scared. Got soft, been champ too long,”

“Yeah, and that makes him less dangerous,” Pops looked at him. “You gotta win this round,” he said earnestly. “You gotta knock him down, or take him down and finish this fool. If you let it get to the 4 th round, he’s won on points alone.”

“End it,” Mickey yelled, “Knock this fool out, I’m hungry,”

Seth put his mouthpiece in and stood up, his face showing the scars of this war. He looked across the cage at The Truth. Jeremiah Ali looked at him, battered, and bruised as well, but a fire was still there, only dimmer. Seth looked at Ali’s corner and his trainer looked concerned. Seth looked back at Ali. He pointed at him, and then drew his thumb slowly across his throat.

The crowd erupted as the bell sounded. Ali charged swinging wildly; solidifying Seth’s belief that the champ was indeed fighting scared. Seth swayed as best he could, getting clipped a coupled times by an errant right hand.

Ali was losing his swag, and it showed. He looked beaten as he tossed a feeble right to Seth’s head. Seth dodged it easily countering with a strike of his own. Ali dropped to his knees. He looked up, and Seth rushed him. Ali fell back to the canvas, as the ref stepped in and stopped the fight.

Seth looked genuinely surprised when the belt went around his waist and he, Pops and Mickey Khan stood in the center of the ring, hands held high.

In his post fight interview, he thanked Scarlett and K.D. for helping him get to this point. He thanked Cowboy Wallis for his hospitality. Mickey and Pops for their coaching. He thanked Pops again for being just that…Pops.

He also thanked the champ for a great fight. They earned the coveted Cage Could Not Contain Award. Seth said the fight would go down in history.

When he finally emerged form a shower in his suite hours later, he found Scarlett and Benita both nude on the bed.

He wore only a towel and he left eye was still swollen shut. “Girls, really, I know I look like shit,”

“True,” Benita replied smiling. “But your dic don’t,”

Seth looked at Scarlett. “I thought we said,”

She sat up and crawled over to him. He was at the edge of the bed, and she got on her knees, which thanks to the mattress brought her eye-to-eye with Seth. “Yeah, but you’re the champ now. If you can’t break the rules who can?” she smiled at him and kissed him. They each felt the electricity. Scarlett looked at him, cradling his battered face in her delicate hands. “I love you,” and she kissed him before he could reply.

Benita watched their exchange with sexual interest and began to caress them each with the tips of her well-manicured hands. She saw the chill bumps emerge as they continued to kiss.

The towel around Seth’s waist began to protrude, and Benita smiled and began to engulf his cock between her pouty lips. “I owe you some five star head,” and she began to suck him slowly and lovingly.

Scarlett and Seth continued to kiss as Benita sucked his cock. Soon the trio was entwined on the bed. Seth and Scarlett were still kissing passionately, while Benita feasted on Seth’s dic. She hit a spot and Seth cried out. Scarlett smiled. “She got you huh,” she said licking her way down his body to join Benita.

They kissed passionately; their tongues circled and entwined with his bulging head between them. Scarlett engulfed him, while Benita tickled his balls and shaft. When one would move off his head, the other would take her place. Soon after a long lay off, he was standing completely straight in the air. Scarlett sighed, and took her time as she slid onto is rigid cock. “Oh my God, he is like a fuckin stone,” she said to Benita, her eyes wide. She slid down and as she came back up, his cock was wet with her juices. Benita licked his right nipple while Scarlett rode him, looking deep into Seth’s eyes.

Seth was relaxed enjoying the view and feeling of the each woman’s soft body against his bruised frame. Scarlett was cuming quick, her head back, eyes closed. Her hips gyrated against his and her juices flowed freely. She was caught off guard by the suddenness of the orgasm. She always imagined the first time they made love they would come together. But she came quickly, the powerful orgasm flowing from her head to her toes and back again. His rigid cock was too much for her, and as her orgasm hit, she went from grinding him slowly bouncing up and down. Soon she was fucking him, still her eyes closed, head back, and now a hand rubbing her clit. Benita sat her dripping pussy on Seth’s face. When his tongue hit, she shivered, reaching for Scarlett’s clit. Benita sighed as she rode Seth’s face and rubbed Scarlett’s clit.

“I want some of that,” Benita said as Scarlett came again. This time when the hard hitting orgasm rushed through her body, Scarlett came off the still rigid cock, cum dripped from her pussy as she tried to control her trembling legs.

Benita got on his cock, and cried out with the first stroke. She was riding him reverse cowgirl, and he watched her ass bounce up and down, leaving a trail of cum down his shaft. He smiled.

Once she recovered, Scarlett crawled over and kissed Benita while she rode Seth. Benita kissed back, her pussy dripping hot cum. Seth was having a hard time containing himself. Benita’s tight pussy was getting hotter and wetter and the site of her round brown ass was making him even harder.

Scarlett got down and began to lick Benita’s clit. Benita slid off and Scarlett engulfed his dic, marveling in the juices. Licking Seth dry. Benita got back on, crying out once again. Scarlett’s tongue danced and danced against Benita’s own rigid clit. Scarlett was grinding her own clit against Seth’s shin.

Benita’s cries began to increase, as her body trembled. Her head fell back, and Seth ran his hands through her head, relaxing her. Soon her orgasm hit, causing her to scream out loud. She couldn’t take it, and slid off his dic. Scarlett took his dic in her mouth again, as Seth held and rubbed Benita as she came off her orgasm. He lightly kissed her on the cheek, as she sighed in ecstasy.

Meanwhile Scarlett was going to town on Seth. She could tell he was about to erupt. Benita kissed Seth softly on the lips and then slid down to join Benita. He tried to eat the wet pussy in front of him, but when Benita’s tongue joined Scarlett’s tongue licking his head, he too lost it.

The last time he came was six weeks ago. So when he came, six long hot streams of cum flew out of his cock. The girls were surprised at first, but soon began to take turns licking his dic, as cum just flowed and flowed and flowed.

Hours later they lied in bed, exhausted and spent. Seth was basking in the afterglow, nestled between each woman, when he heard his phone go off. He reached for it, being careful not to disturb either woman. It was a text message. He read it;

You got lucky bitch. Rematch sooner than you think. Signed the Real World Champion.

Seth smiled as he texted back;

Sure. Anytime…anyplace…bitch…signed the guy with the belt.

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