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Trip To New Orleans

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I hid under the table, spread her legs and feasted upon her pussy.
Kitty and I were sent to a seminar in New Orleans. We had adjoining rooms and planned to sit together during the class. We arranged a time to meet downstairs in the lecture hall and said our good nights. I got up early and gathered my briefcase and travel coffee cup and secured a table near the back of the room.

I got some of the free coffee and a banana and sat at our table. I had a deviant urge and when no one was looking, I slid under the tablecloth and hid under the table. I left my briefcase and cup in plain view for Kitty to spot. She did and sat in the seat adjoining mine. She was muttering to herself about me and where I could possibly be.

Kitty sat down and slid her chair under the table. I was so happy she wore a skirt, which would make it much easier to actually implement my plan. I reached out and grabbed Kitty’s knees and pushed them gently apart as I whispered her name. Kitty gasped and slammed her legs closed.

I whispered her name again and slid my hand between her legs again and this time Kitty opened her legs wide. I kissed my way from her knees towards her sweet panty clad mound. I shoved her skirt up and under her thighs as I grasped her panties and tugged. Kitty understood and lifted her ass off of her seat, and I slid the panties off, and I scooted her forward on her chair. This would give me better access to her smooth waxed puss.

I was so hard under the table. I took off her shoe and placed her foot on my cock. She slid her foot around getting acquainted with my erection. I split her legs wide and moved in for my feast. I clamped my mouth over her smooth nether lips and darted my tongue in and out a few times. She was getting aroused pretty quickly.

The room went dark as the presentation started. I was working by feel in the total blackout conditions under the table. I tenderly raked my teeth down her soft labia and was rewarded with a moan. I didn’t know it, but Kitty had attracted the attention of a young lady seated nearby.

I slid a hand under Kitty’s soft round ass and squeezed as I kissed her and sucked the leaking juices from her sweet tunnel. I reached up with my other hand and slid a finger inside her. Feeling her extreme wetness, I added another finger. Kitty moaned again. I shushed her.

I started fingering my co-worker slowly as I gently sucked on her nub of a clit. Kitty shuddered and came. She started flowing fast, and I lapped up her cum as quickly as I could, trying to keep her skirt clean.

Kitty clamped her thighs closed on my head tight as she came. I thought she might crack my skull. She was grabbing my hair and pulling me into her groin too which with her legs clamped around my ears meant she was yanking my hair out by the roots.

I bit her hard and she yelped but she did release her death grip on me so I could breathe again. Her companion snickered drawing a glare from Kitty. Kitty whispered that she was sorry.

I removed my raging hard on and started stroking my dick in Kitty’s silky panties. I didn’t last long before I came in her panties. In my sex crazed state I decided slipping her panties back on her filled with my cum was appropriate. I slid them up her creamy thighs, and she lifted her ass again as I slid them over her ass. She felt the stickiness, and I heard her laugh out loud drawing attention from all nearby.

I got myself back in order and crawled out from under the table. The girl at the nearby table winked at me. I was so busted. I smiled and winked back. When the meeting broke for lunch, the young redhead approached Kitty and me.

“That was an amazing way to spend a boring morning. I am Samantha. People call me Sam or Red,” this young beauty said with outstretched hand.

Kitty introduced herself and me. I figured nothing ventured nothing gained.

“We were going up to our room for lunch. Care to join us?” I asked skeptically.

“I would really like that,” Red replied.

Kitty looked nervous, but went along for the ride. We quickly boarded the elevator and selected the proper floor on the keypad. I slid a hand up the back of Red’s skirt and quickly learned she was either not wearing panties or a very tiny thong. I cupped an ass cheek as she turned and kissed me hard. I took Kitty’s hand and guided it to Red’s other freckled ass cheek.

Red moaned before she turned and kissed Kitty just as deeply as she had me. My cock was already growing again. Red slid her hand into Kitty’s panties and found my cum. She brought out a finger full and placed it in her mouth.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Red said with a giggle.

This little vixen was hot to trot. We made it to my room before we were mauling each other too much. We were all kissing and groping and stripping our clothes off like we had always been lovers. Red was twenty eight, 5’6”, one hundred and twenty pounds of freckles and pent up sexuality. She was also smooth shaved, 34B cup and a nice bubble butt.

Kitty was ten years her senior, more curves, 36DD cup, also smooth as a baby butt, and her ass was a work of art. Kitty’s husband was an asshole who didn’t know just how open sexually Kitty was. Kitty wanted to learn how to eat pussy, and I had found us a willing volunteer.

“Ever had a woman lap that sweet smooth pussy before Red?” I queried.

“Not yet, but I sure hope Kitty is willing to be my first,” Red said spreading her pink lips and showing us how wet she already was.

Kitty didn’t even try answering Red; she just crawled between the younger woman’s smooth legs and slid her tongue between Red’s fingers. Red moaned softly as Kitty tongue lapped Red. Red uncovered her clit and pinched it. Kitty pounced on her clit and scraped her teeth along it. Red shuddered as she grabbed Kitty’s head and bucked her hips up to meet Kitty’s mouth.

I was so mesmerized by these two hot women making love with another woman for the first time I was drooling just watching the show. I moved onto the bed and claimed one of Red’s freckled tits in my mouth. Red started humping Kitty’s mouth faster.

“Please use your fingers too,” Red begged Kitty.

Kitty slid two fingers effortlessly into Red’s dripping slit. Red answered with a long low moan that crescendo into a loud orgasm. Kitty was flowing so much juice that Kitty leaned forward and slurped loudly. I got up and moved behind Kitty and slipped my raging erection into her very wet tunnel. I grabbed her full hips and started pumping into her hard and fast. Red was panting heavily but as she saw me start fucking Kitty she switched position and crawled under Kitty’s heavy swinging breasts.

Red squeezed both fat tits and sucked a huge nipple into her mouth. Kitty started pushing back against my thrusts. Red bit Kitty hard and Kitty screamed a loud resounding yes as she too reached a climax. Red dug her nails into Kitty’s soft creamy flesh as she sucked the larger woman’s breasts so hard she left love marks on Kitty.

I needed release. I licked a finger and inserted it into Kitty’s tight ass. Kitty moaned again still cumming on my cock and now probing finger. I spanked her round rump hard and exploded inside her wet squishy pussy. I shot string after string of hot sticky cum in Kitty’s soaked box. I pulled my shrinking dick out of her sloppy puss and Red immediately clamped her mouth over Kitty’s leaky passage. Red delved inside Kitty in search of cum. Kitty’s and mine. She found some and swallowed greedily. She looked for more to share with Kitty. She located another isolated glob and kept this one in her mouth.

Red climbed out from under Kitty and kissed Kitty open mouthed showing me them sharing my sticky cum. These women were so fucking hot I couldn’t believe my luck. My cock was already growing again. I hadn’t had sex three times in one session in years. I was today.

Red climbed off the bed and retrieved her purse. She opened it and removed a huge double headed dildo. It was purple, easily a foot long, two inches in girth, and a head on each end. She inserted one end into her slippery pussy and shoved it in and out several times. She removed it and headed towards Kitty. Kitty smiled as Red slipped the monster cock into Kitty’s dripping vagina before she climbed on top and sank herself on the other head.

It was so erotic watching them, but I wanted to play too. I moved behind Red and spread her ass cheeks and licked up and down her crack. I stopped at her tiny rosebud and kissed and licked her asshole. She was so tight it took a while to force my tongue inside her humping ass. I stood up and slid a finger into her bobbing ass and started fingering her brown eye. Red moaned loudly.

I wiggled and stretched her opening until I could insert a second finger into her nether hole. I kept fingering her ass until I thought my raging erection might fit inside Red’s bubble butt. I lubed my cock and aimed at her moving ass. I grabbed her hips and stopped her long enough to insert the tip of my dick into her expanding orifice.

Red screamed and shoved back onto my cock. She jammed three inches into her tight asshole in one shove. I waited until I felt her relax before I pushed again. It took a while, but when I was fully inside her ass I was ecstatic. We all started the slow rhythmic pumping we all needed to climax again.

Me, my rock hard cock was deep inside Red’s young tight ass. She and Kitty were sharing a purple snake in their own wet pussies. I wanted this feeling to last forever, but I knew her ass was just too tight and felt way too incredible for me to last long. I started cumming for the third time in a couple of hours. It was the most intense of the three.

I started spanking Red’s soft ass hard as I poured cum inside her bowels. Red picked up her pace and she came squirting cum all over Kitty’s belly. This chain reaction shoved Kitty over the brink of her own orgasm. When we all came down from our orgasmic bliss, we collapsed in a pile of sweating, heavy breathing nudity. Finally satiated and exhausted.

Thank god this was a three day seminar.

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