Truth Or Dare - No Mercy

By Poppet

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How Far Can We Take A No Mercy Game?
“Piper, I’m telling you, they’ll be down for it. They've even agreed that they’ll play by the rules.”

My friend is on the other end of the phone line. She’s trying to convince me that the slumber party I’m having tonight should be a small get together. That she knows a few guys who’ll come. She promises it’ll stay small, and that we should play games, maybe drink if anyone can get any alcohol, and just have fun.

My parents out of town for the weekend, and I’m left alone, after promising not to have any parties. My parents agreed I could have two friends over, that’s it. Now my friend Angela wants to invite three guys over too. The idea sounds fun; she even mentions playing truth or dare. I've never had guys over before like this, and I want to see what the fuss is all about.

After a long debate with myself, with Angela pressuring me, I figure what sixteen year old girl would say no to this? I let out a sigh, listening to Angela go on and on about how fun it can be.

“What does Leah think about this?”

I ask, knowing that Angela hasn't even brought this up to Leah. Leah is the shyest of the three of us, and hasn't even dated a guy. She’ll probably back out knowing guys will be here tonight.

“She’s fine with it, it was her idea really.”

“Oh really? You expect me to believe that?”

“Okay, it wasn't but she’s cool with it. Piper, lighten up!”

“Fine! But they’re not spending the night, and if they trash the place, you’re cleaning up.”

“Deal!” Angela squeals, giggling like a typical teen girl.

I fall back onto my bed and thank whoever needs to be thanked that the house is clean enough for company. I roll off my bed to find something to wear. Angela said she’s going to invite Chris, Emmet, and Jackson. She knows I've had a thing for Jackson, but I've never done anything about it.

After I get dressed, and wait for Angela and Leah to show up I pace the living-room wondering what will happen tonight. Mum left me enough money to order food, and told me to behave. It’s not long before the girls show up. Angela is all giggles, and looking over the top for a little party. Leah looks shy as ever, and tells me she’s really okay with it all, just nervous about getting caught.

Within a half hour one of the guys calls Angela telling her they are able to get some alcohol. Maybe then Leah can relax a little. I guess me too, because my nerves start to kick in. Not even an hour later the guys show up. They all look great, and are all smiles.

It becomes a little awkward no one knowing really what to say, or even do. Leah is the first one to break out the alcohol, and we all start drinking. I turn on the radio, and throw in a mix CD I made a few days ago. It seems to help, because once the drinks get flowing we’re all talking, mostly making fun of our teachers, and other students at school.

Angela starts talking about a time she went to a sleep over and they played truth or dare. Apparently it was crap because everyone kept chickening out. Emmet announces that we should play, as long as no one chickens out on any dares or truths.

“It should be Truth or Dare – No Mercy.” Emmet says. He explains that we can’t back down on any dare, unless for some reason we are for a good reason not okay with the dare.

Everyone is down for it, even Leah.

We set up in the middle of the floor, clearing the coffee table out of the way. We agree that Emmet should start since he suggested the game. He shrugs, and starts.

“Angela, truth or dare?”

“Um, I’ll start with a truth.”

“Did you really fuck that teacher? You know the rumor is you have.”

“Uh, no! Gross! I like having sex, but not with some creepy old guy!”

We all can’t help but laughing. The teacher that she is rumored to have had sex with is actually only twenty three, but I guess when you’re sixteen that’s old. A few more rounds go, each of getting a turn. The truths get bolder, the dares riskier. Of course it slowly becomes sexual, but nothing beyond kissing or flashing until it lands on Chris.

Chris looks at Leah; you can almost see that he knows what he has in mind.

“Truth or dare, Leah?”

“Dare. I did truth last time.”

“I dare you to suck my cock.”


All our eyes turn towards Chris, and back towards Leah, unsure if we want to take it that far. Leah blushes deeply. I know the poor girl hasn't even been kissed, and now someone is daring her to suck his cock. The thought kind of excites me though, I don’t know why. We all wait with baited breath for her answer.

“Well?” Chris asks her, the way he says it daring her even more.

“Oh what the hell! No mercy, right? Take your pants off.”

Angela is the first to drop her jaw; she’s shocked she said yes. I can’t help but feel the warm sensation of watching this happen. Emmet and Jackson both look at Chris almost in envy. Leah crawls over to Chris on her knees, as he undoes his jeans.

“I've never done this before, so if it’s bad. I've warned you.”

“Trust me, you’ll do fine,” he tells her, his cock clearly rock hard already.

He strokes it lightly for a minute, before offering it to Leah almost like it’s a gift. She lowers herself, and licks gently on the head of his cock. Chris tenses a little, gasping at her simple touch. The four of us are all watching, to see how well she does. I can’t help but notice Jackson glancing at me, but I pretend not to see it.

Leah begins to suck on him softly. I know she has watched porn, so I know she’s not completely clueless. Her hand glides over his shaft, her mouth working over him quickly. I’m quite surprised at how bold she is. Poor Chris looks like he’s already ready to come, but doesn't want to look like a fool. He holds back though. His moans, and Leah’s slurping is all you can hear. I’m pretty sure we all forgot how to breath when Chris suddenly moans out he’s coming, and fills Leah’s throat with his hot seed. She swallows, which surprises us all. When he’s done she sits up, and smiles.

“Your first time? I call horse shit,” Chris laughs, putting his cock away.

“It really was,” Leah pouts a little, licking her lips. “No mercy and such. We agreed.”

Leah dares Emmet, and the ball gets rolling again. Over the next half hour we’re daring each other again simple dares, but still with a twist of sex involved. When it lands on Jackson he dares me to pick one of the most sexual songs I know, and sing it us as I give them a strip tease.

Everyone knows I can sing, I have been for years. I've never had to sing anything sexual unless alone of course. I however know the perfect song, and I get up to pop the song on. The beat of the song starts, and I start slowly stripping.

“All you ladies pop your pussy like this. Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t miss - All you ladies pop your pussy like this. Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t miss.”

I begin to sing the song of Khia’s My Neck, My Back. Angela laughs knowing this is one of her favorite songs. She can’t help but sing with me, I begin to get into it more with her singing with me. I don’t even mind stripping in front of them; I’m not ashamed of my body. I slip off my shirt, and toss it at Angela. Next I slip off my panties, hiding myself still under my skirt. I fling my panties at Jackson who takes them, and inhales deeply.

“So, lick it now, lick it good. Lick this pussy just like you should. Right now, lick it good. Lick this pussy just like you should.”

I turn to face away from them, my hips swaying back and forth. I put my arms up behind my back and slide my bra off. I let it drop to the floor, and spin back around.

“My neck, my back. Lick my pussy and my crack. My neck, my back. Lick my pussy and my crack.”

With the last word out of my mouth, I let my skirt fall down around my ankles. I step out of it, and push it aside. I stand there fully naked and sing the rest of the song, my eyes focused on Jackson. It’s clear that he is trying to hide that he is hard. As if they all aren't . Not to be cocky, but come on now.

When the song ends, I slip my shirt and skirt back on but leave my panties and bra off. All of them are cheering me on. I can’t help but blush. It’s my turn, and I dare Angela to make out with Emmet for as long as it takes him to make her come just by fingering her.

She climbs up onto his lap after she removes her panties, and begins to make out with him. She wiggles in his lap, teasing his cock. We all know he is hard just at the thought of this. His fingers roam between her thighs and find her sweet spot, when she lets out a moan she almost breaks the kiss but remembers the rules.

He’s rough and deep with her, and she loves it. Their kiss is just as raunchy, and rough. They are all for it. It takes him about six minutes, almost seven to get her to orgasm with just his fingers. When she does come she cries out, he has to hold her head to his not to break the kiss. His other is hand still pumping into her. She trembles, aching for more.

Emmet takes his turn, and dares Leah to eat Angela out. He loves the idea knowing that Angela’s pussy is full of her come after such a big orgasm. None of us girls are lesbian, or even bi-sexual but we've don’t want to chicken out. Both girls shrug, and Angela lies down in the middle of the circle, Leah crawls between her legs. She lifts up her skirt, seeing how wet Angela already is. Leah goes for it just as boldly as she did with Chris’s cock.

Angela’s legs lock around Leah’s head, and moans out. She throws her head back, and begins to grind her hips into Leah. Chris climbs up behind Leah and smacks her ass, making her moan deep on Angela’s pussy. Angela tells him to do it again, and he does, harder this time. He can’t help it anymore and flips Leah’s skirt up exposing her ass. He spanks her hard, the sound of his hand making contact with her ass cracks through the room. Her moan is incredible.

He slides her thong to the side, undoes his pants again and slams himself full force inside her. He tells us the game is over, and wants to fuck. Angela and Leah don’t object as they keep going. Angela grinds her hips faster onto Leah, as Chris fucks her tight virgin pussy. He pounds her with incredible speed and no care if he hurts her. He wants to fuck her so hard it feels as though all of him is inside her.

“And what about you, Piper? What do you want?”

Jackson looks at me, asking with the most serious voice he can muster up, giving what’s going on. Emmet looks at me also, waiting for my answer.

“I’m not about to leave you boys fucking hanging, that’s for fucking sure! What kind of host would I be if I did that?”

“Good answer.”

Jackson and Emmet both answer at once. I can’t help but laugh. I strip off my clothes, watching them do the same. They’re both on the track team, and have sexy bodies. I look over just as Leah gives Angela an orgasm, but doesn't even slow down. No mercy it seems.

The boys come over to me, and Jackson lies down and I climb on top of him. I kiss him softly, before sucking his tongue hard into my mouth. I grind myself onto him, as Emmet comes up behind me, groping me from behind. I shift enough to lower myself down onto Jackson’s cock, filling my tight virgin pussy with his thick cock. I wince, and take him deeper.

“Virgin, aren't you?”

“I’m not now.”

I grind down onto him as I take his full length down to the hilt. I lean forward, offering my ass to Emmet who looks hard as steel. He leans down, licking my crack, tonguing me deeply, getting me nice and wet. I grind a little on Jackson feeling my whole body respond. When he thinks I’m wet enough he straddles me, and begins to slide his cock in.

The thickness of his cock is overwhelming, but I try to focus on Jackson. He sucks hard on my nipples, thrusting slightly up inside me. I glance over at Angela, Leah and Chris who have changed positions. Chris is now on his back, with Angela riding his cock and Leah on his face. Emmet pushes the rest of himself inside me hard. I cry out, swearing at him.

“Just take it like a good slut, Piper. You know you want it.”

I know he’s right, I do. I want to be fucked like a whore. A little virgin whore that I am, or was, but no more. Now, I’m just their whore, or maybe they are my whores. I laugh to myself as I begin to move with both of them. Jackson lifts his hips and begins to thrust up, as Emmet thrusts into me from behind. The moans and slapping noise mixed in the room is erotic, and intoxicating.

I hear the cries of Angela, Leah and myself as we orgasm multiple times for the boys as they fuck us. I’m shocked they all can hold their own so well fucking us like this. I feel like a wild animal being fucked so hard by both Jackson and Emmet. I bounce on both of them, feeling them get closer but it’s Chris who explodes first. Chris fills Leah with his seed, at some point they had changed positions again, and he was deep inside Leah.

After he finishes, Angela quickly moves down to lick Leah clean. Leah comes hard for her, as Chris brings Angela to her own orgasm eating her out from behind. Emmet grabs a fistful of my hair, and demands that I come for him and Jackson. I love how rough they are, and begin to erupt with an orgasm. I come hard for them, squeezing around them as I do.

Jackson and Emmet both come inside me at the same time. I can feel their seed jet inside me, pulsing hard as they hold me tight. I feel so full of their seed. I grind into them, milking them both until I know there is nothing left to spill.

We all lay there, our hearts beating, our bodies sweating, the room smelling of extreme sex. Angela is the first to break the silent moment.

“I’m fucking hungry, dude. We need food!”

“Fuck yeah!”

Both Chris and Emmet chime in. We decide on what we want, and we order more food then we truly need, but not giving a damn. When the pizza delivery guy shows up, no one really makes a move to get dressed. I throw a robe on, and pay for the food. The delivery guy can’t help but stare into the living-room. Angela gives a small wave, and a light giggle. It’s her ex, and she is amused it’s him who got our call.

We throw in the newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and pig out on the food. The one thing about us three girls, we’re not the typical girls. We love food, and don’t care if guys see us eat. We all do. We’re all curled up with one of the guys. I’m of course with Jackson, Chris is with Leah and Emmet has Angela.

After the film is done, and the food is gone I agree, after not too much of a fight, that the guys can stay the night. Angela and Emmet stay down in the living-room. Leah and Chris go to the spare room, and I take Jackson to my room. I know without a doubt what is on everyone’s mind. None of us are going straight to sleep.

And we don’t…

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