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Vacation Road Trip

During a trip to Yellowstone I met a youngster who needed a ride.
I was on a thirteen day vacation with my better half when I met a beautiful redhead that would change my life. We were traveling in our 31’ motorhome visiting South Dakota and Wyoming. We were staying in an RV park outside Yellowstone National Park in a small town. The wife decided to shop in this small town for souvenirs. We had been through four or five stores when we entered a really big store. A young store clerk asked us how we were doing and f she could help us find anything.

“Life is great but the air is way too thin up here. I come from a city in Texas at 11’ elevation and you can cut the air down there,” was my boisterous reply.

“My mom lives in Texas. Where are you from?” she queried.

“DFW area now but Houston area for most of my life,” was my honest answer.

“Hi I’m Danny,” she said reaching out to shake my hand.

My wife was busy shopping as I stopped near Danny.

“How long are you going to be up here anyway?” Danny asked.

“Another day or two before we head back,” I said keeping my wife’s progress in my peripheral vision.

“I just got notified my last day is today the store is closing for winter,” Danny blurted out.

“Is there room for anyone else in that big old motorhome of yours? I sure could use a ride down towards my momma’s house,” Danny expectantly asked.

“Room isn’t the issue kiddo. You are?” I sadly stated. “Come over here and look in this mirror,” I said ushering Danny towards a full length mirror. We gazed at her reflection together. She was 5’4” tall, red haired, freckled and built like a brick shit house. Her ample cleavage was exploding out of her low cut blouse and her jeans were so tight you could see Abe’s picture on the penny in her pocket.

“Mrs. B. is never traveling with you for 1400 miles,” I offered.

Danny snagged a huge sweatshirt off a rack and pulled it over her head. She not only hid her huge knockers but the sweatshirt came down to her thighs hiding the tight jeans.

“Go ahead and plead your case,” I said pointing towards my wife.

Danny laid out a huge sob story about her job ending, being nearly broke with no way out unless she could get to Texas where her momma had a waitress job ready for her. My wife looked at me and I threw up my hands wanting no part of this decision.

“Be out front tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. we will pick you up on our way to the park. If we get along okay tomorrow you can come with us the next day. You realize it is a long slow trip in a motor home don’t you?” my wife asked.

“No problem at all ma’am. I won’t be a burden. I can help drive, cook, clean whatever you need,” Danny gushed.

We met up the next morning and spent a great day seeing the elks and buffaloes the mud pots and geysers too. Everywhere we went Danny ran in front and pointed out everything for us before we got there. Danny also dressed in her loosest most concealing clothes. Very smart for a ninteen year old kid. We ate lunch at a restaurant Danny suggested. The food was amazing local cosine at a reasonable rate. Everything worked out great. My wife told Danny to pack and meet us at the RV in the campground we were staying in. Danny bounced off to get her things.

“Are we doing the right thing?” I asked the missus.

“I sure hope so,” my wife sighed.

Danny came back with a bundle and an old suitcase. We showed her where to store clothes for the trip and I put the rest in my tow car. We played board games and ate grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and turned in early. I had to get up at 6:00 am and get ready for a long driving day.

We folded down the couch for Danny’s bed. Set her up with sheets and a blanket. I even gave her my extra pillow. We closed off the bedroom we sleep in and turned in for the night. I slept fitfully as I often do on travel nights. I decided a bathroom break would help. I opened the privacy door and since it was dark in the RV didn’t notice Danny wasn’t in her bed. I snatched open the bathroom door and there sat Danny with two fingers shoved into her very wet pussy. I stammered and tried to shut the door but Danny shushed me by placing a finger over her lips.

“I have been trying to cum for twenty minutes in here and just can’t finish,” Danny whispered.

She stood up grabbing my hand and guided it between her legs as she said, “Please help me.”

I let my fingers wander through her bright red pubes. They were soft tufts covering her mound. Danny guided my fingers to her lips and as wet as they were I easily slipped two of my fingers into her. She gasped as my fingers started their rhythmic dance. She raised her top showing me her lovely freckled breasts. I leaned over and clamped my lips onto a nipple that sprang to attention. I fingered her faster.

Danny clutched my head to her breast as she softly moaned. Her breaths were quickening so I pumped faster my hand a blur. She staggered as she came. I changed breasts and sucked harder than I meant too causing a soft cry to escape Danny’s lips. Her pussy squeezed my fingers for what seemed an eternity. After her orgasm waned Danny sat back down.

Soft snores were emanating from the bedroom so we knew we still had time. My rock hard dick was tenting my pajama bottoms and Danny grinned as she pulled down my pajamas revealing my erection for her hungry lips. She leaned over and as her soft lips claimed my dick I almost came immediately. Her mouth was so wet, warm and inviting. She looked up at me as she slid up and down my shaft. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I whispered to her that I was close already. Danny just increased her pace and suction. She reached up and fondled my balls. I could feel the climax building inside me. The eruption flowed from me like Old Faithful. I came like I was seventeen again. This sweet young thing milked every drop from me. She swallowed blast after blast of my cum. After she drank all of my cum, she smiled at me and licked her lips. I wanted to fuck her so bad I could taste it.

My dick remained hard so I pulled her up and spun her around. I slid my dick into that hot wet hole from behind. I went slowly so we wouldn’t rock the RV too much. I grabbed both of her tits and massaged them while I slowly pumped my dick into her soft tight pussy. I pinched her nipples as I bit her neck. She slipped a finger down and started rubbing her clit. I kissed her neck, ears and shoulders. I was in heaven. Soft squishing sounds were escaping her pussy.

“I am going to cum again,” Danny mouthed at me.

I let go of her tits and grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my hardness as I felt her pussy start grabbing my dick again. She rocked back and forth squeezing her eyes closed and holding her breath. She was oozing creamy cum down her thighs. I scooped some up and sucked my fingers clean.

“You taste yummy,” I whispered.

“Let me taste it too,” Danny replied.

I scooped up another generous glob and fed it to her. She sucked it down gleaming at me the whole time.

“I do taste good don’t I?” Danny purred.

“Clean up and go to bed kiddo. We have a long three day trip home starting early tomorrow morning,” I said as softly as I could.

“Thanks for the ride,” she said as she reached down for another creamy finger full.

I slept like a rock that night.

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