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Waking Up To Pleasure

Waking Up To Pleasure

Pain was my pleasure.
Based on true events.

I looked down and saw my long brown hair falling over my naked breasts, my body completely bare of clothing. Feelings of euphoria coursed through me.

I was walking and with each step, a crushing orgasm built up in my body. Tremors shook through me, my stomach burned, my juices dripped down my leg. I could feel the orgasm beginning and waves crushed through my body.

Then I woke up.

Moans were escaping my lips. I could feel fingers working inside of me. I opened my eyes and saw my lovely boyfriend in between my legs, eyes glued on my perfect pussy. His blue eyes wandered up past my naval, up my breasts, paused on my hard nipples, then he met my gaze. I moaned loudly and he slipped a second finger in my tight, wet hole.

"You like that?" He grunted.

"Mmm, yes. Don't stop." I bit my bottom lip and he slipped a third finger inside of me. His finger made a 'come here' motion in my soaking pussy, playing with my g-spot. "I'm going to cum, baby! Don't stop!" I felt tremors going through my body. He lowered his head and placed his warm tongue on my sensitivity, rubbing it in circles. He entered a fourth finger at the same time. "GOD YES."

My hands grazed over my C-cup breasts and soon found his head. I grabbed his short hair and pushed it down towards my slit, causing his tongue to slip down and inside of my hole. "Oh yeah, right there. Don't stop." Tremors shook my figure. My eyes rolled back and I felt my release. His tongue roamed, tasting my sweetness. "YES." My body bucked. I felt my boyfriends tongue still inside of me. "Oh yes, Bryce." I moaned lightly.

My body went limp, my eyes regained focus, and my breathing slowed down.

"You," I heard him coming closer towards my face, "are amazing, Mylynda." I felt his lips graze over my cheek and I turned and kissed him.

"Bryce, fuck me. I want to feel your big, hard cock pounding into my tight, wet pussy." He started to protest and I crushed my mouth onto his, rolling over on top of him. My pussy was still dripping wet, and I felt his 10-inches hardening. "No?" I teased, gyrating my hips, still on top of him, causing the opening of my pussy to graze in circles on the tip of his dick. I looked at him with a smirk on my face and a smirk in my eyes.

"Absolutely, baby." He smiled and I started to lower myself onto him.

I felt my pussy stretching, welcoming him in. "The best pussy." I heard Bryce whisper.

My walls stretched around his dick as I slipped lower onto him. He closed his eyes and opened them, meeting my lust-filled gaze.

My first moan filled the room, a long sigh. I then began riding him, slowly up, down, up, down and I gradually sped up.

His hands squeezed my thighs and slid up to my hips. He lifted me up effortlessly and let me fall down hard on his dick.

He then began fucking me wildly. Thrusting with all of his strength, the bedpost crashing against the wall. I would have flew up into the air if he didn't have a tight grip on my love handles. He lifted me and within a second I was laying on my back, his hands holding tightly to my ankles, spreading my legs. He looked at me hungrily. His lips pulled up, showing his perfect white teeth, into a snarl.

I loved when he fucked me like this. Ruthlessly. This pain was my pleasure. I could feel him penetrating every inch of my pussy, pounding furiously.

"Yes. Bryce. Fuck me Bryce." With every thrust I encouraged him. My heart pounded in my chest. I didn't want it to end yet. I yearned for the release that was soon to come. Tremors shook through my body. My walls tightened around his dick. He kept on fucking me. Pounding into me. My body shook uncontrollably. Electricity coursed through my body. My mouth gaped open in ecstasy.

My pussy was soaking wet, making sloshing noises every time he entered me. My body writhed, bucked, and I cane all over my boyfriends dick. He slowed down while I came and my body went numb. Wave after wave of juices flowed out of me. When I was done my boyfriend gave a few thrusts and his seed shot into my pussy, the wonderful feeling of his warmth entering me, then sliding out. I moaned again.

"You are such a slut." He mumbled.

"Only for you, baby." I purred.

It is my first story, please be critical and comment any suggestions!

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