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Welcome To The Neighborhood Chapter 1

Jason and I are now retired from our jobs, so we thought why not move somewhere warm to enjoy the rest of our lives? We do have the money to move to wherever we want, so we decided to move to a warm state, Florida. It is a beautiful state and the weather never gets to freezing which is a huge plus. Jason didn't have to convince me at all to move here from a state that gets blue cold in the winter months.

We are just about finished moving our furniture in the house. I'm relieved our house has plenty of room for all of our furniture. We finally get the furniture in the house and now comes the big fun of putting all of the beds together. This will be an all-day task getting the beds together.

Jason walks in the kitchen with a big smile on his face. I smile back at him wondering why is he smiling known we have all of this hard work to do.

"Hi honey, why are you smiling?" I ask and see a young man and a young lady walking behind Jason.

"Hello,” I say.

"Hello, Mrs. Turner, I'm Nathan Reece and this is my wife, Kara."

"Willow, they are our neighbors, look, they brought us an apple pie, Isn't that nice of them?"

I smile and shake their hands. The husband slightly tightens his grip on my hand and grins at me.

I can't help but notice how young they both look. I'm guessing they can't be any older than maybe, twenty-two. Jason and I are both in our mid-forties, but I shouldn't worry about their age, it’s not like we plan on doing anything we shouldn't.

"That is very kind of you, thank you. Please, have a seat at the table. Would you two like something cold to drink?" I ask and Nathan watches me walk over to the fridge.

Jason sits down beside Kara and I try not to read anything into it.

"Thank you Mrs. Turner, do you have any beer?" Nathan asks and I hesitate answering him thinking what if he isn't old enough to drink?

"Don't worry Mrs.Turner, we both are at the legal drinking age. Kara is twenty-two and I just turned twenty-three," Nathan says and I sigh in relief.

I grab four millers and turn around to see Kara whispering in my husband’s ear. She looks over at me and grins. I glare at Jason and he gulps down his beer.

"So, Mrs. Turner, Jason tells us you two just retired. You seem young to be retiring at your age," Nathan says.

"Oh, yes, Jason and I just retired a few months ago. That's one great thing about owning your own family business and having five kids to run it for you."

"What? Mrs. Turner, you couldn't have possibly given birth to five kids, your body is in great shape," he says and winks at me.

I look over at Jason to see if he is going to throw them out, but he is too busy chatting with Nathan's wife. His wife that seems to be flirting with my husband and he seems to be enjoying it.

"Mrs. Turner," Nathan says and places his hand on mine.

I look over at Nathan and I now see what appears to be a lustful look in his eyes.

"Well, will you look at the time? Jason, we have a ton of work to get done," I growl.

"Oh yes, we do. Sorry to cut this visit short, but as my wife just said, we have a ton of work to get done. Maybe after we're all settled in we can have you two over for dinner and maybe play some games," Jason cheerfully says.

We all stand up. Kara and Jason walk into the living room and Nathan walks over to me.

"I know I'd love to have you for dinner and play some games with you Mrs. Turner."

I have no idea how to respond. I'm trying to figure out what the hell does he mean by that? He takes a step towards me and whispers, "I love whipped cream and melted chocolate for dessert. I also love sharing my big beef steak."

I step back and my mouth drops open.

"Have a great day Mrs. Turner. Let me know if you need help with anything," he says and walks into the living room.

"Willow, aren't our new neighbors really nice? Nathan said he would come over and help me get the beds put together, and Kara said she would be over later to help you." Jason says with a smile.

"Jason, don't our neighbors seem a little, off to you?"

"What do you mean a little off, Willow?"

"What do I mean, Jason? I mean Kara was openly flirting with you and her husband was coming onto me. Why didn't you say or do something?"

"Well, because Willow, you lost the bet."

I look at him confused and annoyed.

"What bet, Jason?"

"Oh, you remember, about three months ago we made a bet. I bet you we would find our dream house in one moth and you said, no way Jason, it’s going to take us at least six months, that's if we're lucky. Guess what baby, I won the bet that means I get to decide how I want you to pay for the bet you lost."

I freeze and look at him in disbelief. He can't possibly be thinking what I think he is thinking.

"Come on Willow, we talked about spicing things up even before you lost that bet. You know there is a part of you that was turned on seeing a younger guy flirting with you," he grins and grabs my hips.

"Really Jason? What if we just thought those two young married people were flirting with us? No offense, but we're old," I pout and he laughs.

"Well, from the way Nathan was coming onto you and the way his wife was coming onto me, I think it’s a safe bet, they are wanting some fun with us," he says and kisses my neck.

"Jason, you really think we should, you know, consider this?" I whisper.

He leans me up against the wall and roughly kisses me.

"If you're really against us being with them, I won’t force you to do something you just don't want to do, but if there is a curious, willing part of you that wants to do this, then I really think it might be a lot of fun," he says with begging eyes.

"Well, they are of legal age. I have to admit, Nathan is one very good-looking young man, so how about give me a few days to think about it?"

"Of course baby, but I think I already know, you're just dying to feel Nathan's hands all over this beautiful body. I'm also thinking, you're dying to feel his cock pounding deep inside of you."

"What? okay, maybe I'm thinking about a young man's hands and cock touching me, but I already know you're also dying to make his wife beg for mercy," I whisper in his hear.

"Willow, maybe we should practice what we plan on doing to Nathan and Kara?"

"Screw the beds, let’s go out in the garage in your cherry red mustang, Jason."

"Oh, just like the old days. I'll have you on top of the hood, baby."

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