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What A Surprise

What A Surprise

She wanted everything. She got it. And I got a surprise.
This will be a story hard to believe. Myself, I don't believe in coincidences. Nor fate. You will have to judge that for yourself. Just listen and come to your own conclusions. But I am not giving my name. My wife would kill me if she found out.

My wife and I were driving through the West earlier this year. When we were approaching Las Vegas, Nevada, my wife expressed the need to stop and rest for the rest of the day and night. You see, she is disabled with chronic pain, and we make it a point to stop whenever she needs to do so. It isn't a problem. The traveling is what I enjoy. I don't care where or when we stop. I just enjoy the journey.

It was only 3 in the afternoon. After stopping at an inexpensive motel on the southern edge of town we settled into the room and the two beds it contained. When my wife was comfortable I went out and got us some fast food. Finishing that, she took her medicines, got herself comfortable and went to sleep. She was dead to the world now, until the next morning when I would awaken her. I decided to take a spin down to the Strip and take in the lights and sights. We had an agreement. I could go out and check out the towns we would stop in while she rested. She trusted me. Usually that was a good idea. Perhaps she would have thought better of that decision if she had known what was going to happen later.

So I got into the car and started north on I-15 toward the downtown area, heading for the Strip. Off to the right I could see the Stratosphere shining out high in the night sky, with the Bellagio and the Luxor below. It occurred to me that I had seen the Strip before, in the old days, before they tore down all the classic casinos, and what I needed right now was just a drink and maybe a look at a few lovely ladies to make me feel young again. So I saw an exit ahead for Blue Diamond Road. I took the ramp and then left on the road until I passed the Silverton Hotel. The sign said there was a bar with the largest restaurant and lounge aquarium in town. What the hell. I thought I'd give it a try. Could be kind of cool.

Sitting there in the lounge at around 7 in the evening it was a little slow on this Wednesday. The aquarium was impressive to be sure. People were dining, but the bar was sparsely populated. I scoped out a little platinum blonde at the end of the bar. Not bad. In fact, very nice. Her hair was long and straight. Her tits were not large, but they were tempting. And her legs were great for a small woman. She sent me a smile. What would I lose just saying hello? So I did. She smiled again. Good sign.

"You know, you're the first woman I've ever approached in a bar? I've been married so long I don't remember how this is done. Do I offer to buy you a drink?"

"Babe, you're doing fine. I'm lonely and you're the best looking guy here now. Let's just chat awhile over our drinks, okay sweetie?"

"Love to. You tell me your life story and I'll tell you mine. I'd bet good money you have a better story."

"My life story. Fuck it. My life is this bar. C'mon, we're going to my room."

That was the moment of decision. I had never cheated on my wife. But my cock was already hard and it was begging for me to listen. I did. I took her hand and she drew me into the lobby to the elevators. We went up to her floor and down the hall to her room. The whole time she was giggling. I wanted to laugh out loud myself.

Using her keycard we entered a suite. This was pretty grand. I had never stayed in such a nice place. There was a sitting area with easy chairs. On one side was a king-sized bed and on the other was a small kitchenette with a bar attached. Very nice. She went to the small bar and made us some drinks. The same as we were drinking in the lounge. That worked for me. I was drinking Chivas neat and she had some mixed drink. We settled into the chairs, then she abruptly got up and came over to snuggle in my lap. My cock was getting tighter and tighter in my chinos.

"You look like you're old enough to know how to treat a lady. You know? How she really wants to be treated?"

"Well, I've been around the block many times little one, and I know a lot of things. What exactly do you mean?"

"I mean can you give me what I want? Everything that I want? I have certain likes. Some men don't seem up to the task. Are you up to the task, babe?"

"You're going to make me laugh in a minute. I can do anything you want. Anything. And I'll enjoy doing it. So take off your fucking clothes and let's get to it bitch!"

I stood up with her in my arms and tossed her on the bed. Then I started stripping my clothes off as she scrambled to do the same. Her eyes stayed locked upon mine. Her look was pleading. I would bring some tears to those eyes and they would be tears of joy and lust.

She was nude now. So was I, with my prick curving up and hard as adamantine. She was sitting on the edge of her bed. She needed some cock in her sweet, red lipped mouth. Her hands were caressing her tits as I strode over, grabbed her blond hair with both hands, and rammed my dick into her begging mouth. I thrust it deep and hit the back of her throat while she gagged. But she was squeezing my ass with both hands now and pulling hard against her fucking mouth. I was indeed fucking it. Hard and fast, as she choked, but she still held me tight against her. The tears were now coming out of her pretty hazel eyes.

I had not fucked anyone in months. My wife is unable to take the pain it causes her in her condition. She loves sucking cock, but we had just got out of the habit. Chronic pain can cause one to lose interest. In any case I was about to give this skank's mouth some come, and she was going to swallow some of it, while I sprayed the rest all over her pretty little face. I wanted to see her smiling as she drank my spunk and then took the rest on her face and body.

I knew she had came several times already. I could tell because her body would shiver and she would rake my cock with her teeth. I didn't mind that. Kind of enjoyed it, as a matter of fact. But now it was my turn for an orgasm, and I gave her no warning. It shot out, gagging her again.

"Take it all you little whore. You're getting what you wanted, right? Swallow it."

She nodded and her eyes stayed locked upon mine. I jerked my prick out and successive strings of come came out of my dick and covered her face. More dripped down onto her tits as I also shot sperm on the hard, ruby red nipples she stuck out to be covered with my jizz. Then I took a hand and rubbed the spunk into her face and mouth.

"Lick the come from my hand slut! Lick it clean. Shit, you need a shower little whore. Get your ass in the bathroom now!"

I raised her up with my hands, kissed her on the lips, tasting my own come, and walked her into the bathroom. I was going to get her in the shower and join her. This night was not over by a long shot. It was just starting.

Placing her in the shower, I turned it on and tested to make sure it was just right. She was rinsing my come from her face as I stepped into the shower with her. I forced her down on her knees again and her begging eyes stared up into mine as the water sprayed down on her back. I was soft now. I had to be to do what I wanted to do.

"You strike me as the type that would love a golden shower. Say yes cunt!"

"Yes, master."

I started pissing on her face and body. Whenever I pissed on her face she would open her mouth and swallow all she could. Some she spit out but she took most of it. I could see that she was pissing between her thighs now. I shot some piss down on her shaved pussy and she came. I could see the tremble passing through her body. When I was finished I made her lick my cock clean. She did. She wanted to suck it some more. I let her for awhile then I knelt down, turned around and presented my ass to her.

She eagerly began to lick and suck my asshole. She was even shoving her tongue into it, giving me a little ass fucking as she caressed my low hanging balls. I hoped that she was prepared for what was coming next. My cock was getting hard again from her tossing my salad. I needed to put it into another hole. And she needed it too. I knew that now, very well. This was the whore of a lifetime! And all the while the shower was washing away our sins, so to speak.

I made her wash her face, then I kissed her deeply with lots of tongue. I rubbed her cunt and got some juices all over my palm, then I pushed her, still on her knees, to the end of the tub, and I knelt behind her, lubricating her ass hole with her own pussy juices. My cock head pressed against her winking hole and she moaned loudly in anticipation. Okay, bitch. Here it comes! I got the head inside slowly and then just rammed it with all my strength as she screamed out with lust and pleasure. She was getting all that she had wanted, and more.

Fucking an ass is different from fucking a cunt. For one thing, it is tight as hell. For another, it really grips your cock as you are thrusting in and out. You have to fuck a little slower, unless the skank has been corn holed often. I found out that this bitch had been. It was like fucking butter. I could fuck her hard and fast. Even over the sound of the shower I could hear her groaning and moaning with pent up lust and need. I gave her what she wanted, for certain. And I enjoyed the hell out of it myself. I love fucking. Almost any hole will do it for me. So I fucked her faster and deeper, and she kept fucking coming over and over. That cunt must have came fifty times already this night. I wasn't ready to come again myself. I would save that for the finale.

After ten minutes of butt fucking I was tired. I pulled out and washed my cock off with soap and water. I used a cloth to help her wash herself nice and clean again. Getting rid of all the piss and cleaning her abused bung hole. She was spotless again, and so was I. We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off. My cock was getting soft again, but he was not through for the night. Not for me anyway.

"That was so fucking great. I needed it so much. Thanks, babe. You're leaving now, aren't you? They always do."

"You must be crazy you little whore. I've still got plenty left for you and you're going to get it. You wanted to know if I had what it takes to please you. We're still finding out. Get your ass into the bed, bitch!"

"Yes daddy. Yes master. Oh god, let's fuck!"

First things first. I was in charge tonight. That's what she wanted and she was going to get it. I walked over to the bed where she was sprawled out with her naked pussy starting to get wet again. I grabbed her arm and sat down. I pulled her over and laid her across my lap.

"Please daddy, don't spank me, please, please."

I could feel cunt come dripping onto my prick. The bitch was creaming just thinking of an ass whipping. I started slapping her butt and she squealed with glee. I slapped harder and made sure I also slapped the dripping cunt she displayed by spreading her legs slightly for me to see all she had to offer. Her ass was turning red with the marks of my fingers showing clearly on her ass. She kept squirming and coming on my cock and balls. My prick was getting so fucking hard. That meant I needed to fuck something. Pussy was needed badly. I gave her one last slap right on the cunt then rubbed her pussy and her ass. She was purring for me like a kitten.

"C'mon little skank. Get your ass on the bed. I want to fuck you like the bitch you are. Get on your hands and knees. Do it quick now!"

She scrambled into position. I crawled up with my prick bobbing up and down, getting ready to give her the screwing this whore really needed. I licked her pussy. I like pussy, so I took a taste. Not bad. She giggled. That meant she was getting frisky and needed some cunt fucking. I licked my lips, pressed my cock head into her slimy pussy and slowly pushed it in. She was begging for more cock, please, more cock. I took my time. She was going to get it all, but in my time, not hers. I was the fucking boss here. Inch by inch I gently fed my dick into her cunt. More cock, please daddy, more cock. She kept begging.


Into that pussy I jammed it all. I thrust so hard and deep I felt her cervix, and she screamed out that she loved it, she loved it, fuck me harder daddy!

Fucking and fucking and fucking. Faster and faster and faster. Deeper and deeper and deeper. Harder and harder and harder. This bitch was getting the fucking she had begged for, and more. Humping my ass, I fucked her for as many comes as she wanted and needed. She was grunting like a whore as I fucked her and she kept grunting and panting, not saying anything, just taking all the fucking I could give. I think she was finally getting the fucking she had needed for years. I kept humping my ass and filling her cunt with man meat.

Then I came. This was the second time tonight. But I had lots of spunk. Plenty for this bitch. I was filling her with come and she was leaking out around my prick as I kept fucking her and pumping her full of come. I thrust with a slower pace and gradually stopped. Then I pulled out slowly and the cream pie I knew would be there appeared on her cunt. She collapsed onto her face and belly. Spent.

"You rest awhile there little bitch. Then get your ass up here and lick this prick clean."

She slowly looked over her shoulder and into my eyes again. And grinned. Then she got up and crawled over to begin licking my dick clean of my come and her come. I wiped her pussy with my hand and fed her some more. She took it all. She was a total cum slut. I liked that.

I really hated to leave, but I took a shower and got dressed. She just stayed curled up on the bed with a comforter covering her nakedness. She smiled as I leaned down and gave her a kiss. I started towards the door.

"I'm Brooke, by the way."

I grinned at her. "If I gave you a name it would be fake. Just remember me as Daddy."

I left the room and the hotel. I drove east and then south on I-15 to my motel. I was late but I could still catch some winks. I entered my room quietly, got undressed, set the alarm, and went to sleep.

That was months ago. None of that was the coincidence or fate I spoke of earlier. That has to do with this. I am a member of an erotic story site. I write there. I have lots of friends. Just a few weeks ago I got a friend request. I accepted. I almost always do.

Her name is Brooke, she says.

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