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Who is She, Part 2

He turns her out for use only to find that he is more surprised and curious.
I quickly exited the car. Taking long strides, I glanced back to see her, almost in a run, trying to catch me. I slowed my pace to let her catch up. I knew exactly where we were going. “Ed and Becky's Hair Salon”.

Ed was an old school gangster who turned his life around. Becky was a gang mama and notorious bisexual. Their shop was really a barbershop known to run gambling tickets and give cheap haircuts. It was a hang out for old men to swap lies with the up and coming wanna bee's.

I held the door for her. She walked in with her hair matted down with sweat. Sweat lines soaked her clothes. Becky took her hand and led her into a back room. I had a chat with Ed, set the next game in action and went to the back room.

She was standing as Becky ran a soaked rag down each arm. She then replaced the rag and continued to wipe her face and shoulders. She sprayed something on her hair, then wrapped a large towel around her head. Becky dropped to her knees and proceeded to wash her legs. Inching up, she washed her ass.

Becky got up to get a small wash basin. Returning, she raised the front of her skirt and hissed, “Oh good gracious!”

She got back up, went out of the room, and returned with a small douche kit.

“Baby, she said, you must have a quart in there!”

Becky douched her thoroughly, wiped her clean and had her sit in an old barbers chair. She pumped it twice to raise the seat and dropped again between her legs.

Becky stuck a finger inside her and rolled out her inner labia. She sucked one flap in her mouth and pulled it. It stretched nearly 6 inches. She laid her tongue in her cleft, lapped up to her clitoris, then sucked her remaining flap outward. Gathering both flaps in her mouth, she made a gentle chewing motion. She then pushed her face forward while she pulled her hips, to meet her.

The movement in her cheeks told me she was lapping her inner walls. Minutes passed until Becky stepped way and said, “She's ready!”.

Becky left the room, and I stared in her eyes, which she seemed to be questioning me with, whats next?

Old Ed his self, walked in. Taking a quick look, he walked over to the chair, laid it back and readjusted it. He threw a leg of hers over each arm, unzipped and fast stroked her. In about two minutes, he was done. His old cock slid out leaving a thick trail of cum on the seat. I threw a hand towel to her. She wiped her cunt and continued to lay.

Before the door could shut, in walked a college boy. He fumbled around trying to put on a condom and shot off. He sprayed her hairy mound, remained hard and slid in her bare. He pumped six times before he shot again. He looked at me as if to question could he go again.

“You have two minutes left," I said.

He machine gun fucked her. His ass was flailing so fast he appeared to be stopped. He grunted and shot inside her. Pulling out, he left her filled with thick, foamy cum. She wiped again as he left.

A father and son team came in. The son fucked her, while the father face fucked her. The son came first and the father took over. The father grabbed her thighs and bent her over. He then slam fucked her, very hard. In a few minutes he pulled his cock out and sprayed her cunt hair.

The door closed until Becky returned. Refilling her wash basin, she washed her cum filled cunt again.

Becky walked to her head and asked, “How is my baby doing?”

She just nodded OK.

Becky said, “Ten minute break”.

Since she was washed up clean, I thought I'd just ride her for the next ten minutes. I crawled on her and she actually smiled up at me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as if she wanted me. I pulled myself forward on her to let my cock slide down directly on her clitoris. I pumped her for five minutes and told her to cum. She did, squirming her cunt, trying to have me join her. I pulled out without cumming, and returned to my seat.

Three young street boys burst through the door. Their hands roamed her body. They each got down to peer into her cunt. One leaned forward and tasted her. Not to be out done, the other two licked her also. The leader got between her legs, stroked a few times before another took his place. Each took their turn until all of them shot their loads. Her cunt was a gooey mess, and she gave out a chuckle.

The door opened again. A massive shadow darkened the room. He walked through the door lowering his head to clear the door frame. He was one big fucker. He walked over and stopped a foot away from her. He unzipped and what fell out was as thick as my arm. He actually had to dig low in his pants to pull the rest of it out. It dropped to the seat with a thud. For once, I was actually afraid for her. He didn't push inside of her, he started walking forward. She looked around his massive frame, caught my eye and winked. When he had fully buried his cock in her, she raised her legs to her chest as if to ask for more. Mr Big and I both were amazed!

He grunted to me, “Block that door. This bitch has a hole on her, and I want a good fuck!”

Thirty minutes later, he was still fucking her. His black cock was covered in a thick, milky foam. He soon picked her up and out of the chair. Bending his knees, he rammed her up and down on his cock. Walking her over to the wall, he pressed her against it. The room shook as he pounded her. Soon he raised himself on the tips of his toes and poured his cum in her. Even with his cock planted deep inside her, it poured out and flowed to the floor. It sounded like pissing in a metal pail. When he was spent, she crawled down and off of him. Walking over to me, she smiled. She bent over right in my face. I could see her wide open hole, full of cum still flowing. She chuckled, and got back in her chair.

Becky came running in. She made a thorough check of her cunt, washed her and checked it again. This time, she lubricated her arm up to the elbow, and pushed in her whole hand. The hand went deeper, until her elbow disappeared. Her arm moved around as she slowly withdrew it.

Becky said, “She's OK. I was worried because I know what that man has between his legs.”

She spoke to both of us saying, “I won't be good to anyone for at least an hour. I'm too stretched out for fucking.” Becky left us.

She called for me to get between her legs. I was told to start jacking off and when it was hard to push it and my hand inside. I did. I jacked myself until I came inside her. It was hard to believe what had just happened.

The door continued opening, eight more times. The cunt had taken all of them and appeared ready for more. Becky came in for the last time. She stripped her. Gently but thoroughly washed her head to toe. She took her time, and ate her stretched cunt. I went out to talk with Ed while this was happening. Ed had a million questions, and I had not one answer for him. He did show me a small wad of cash that he made selling her cunt today. He offered me a part of it. I turned him down.

She walked out with Becky following. She even had a sexy sway in her stride. Her eyes were locked with mine again, until she stood beside as if waiting orders. They popped a thousand questions at her, and she never said a word.

I opened the door and as she started to leave Ed asked, “Who are you?”

She stopped and without looking back she replied, “His." Together we walked away.

When we arrived at her place again, I grasp her hand and a said, “ By agreement we don't talk. I've tried to meet your expectations in every way. Please excuse me, but I must ask, who are you”?

She turned to look me directly in the eyes again and said, “yours”. She continued with an assurance that tomorrow I would know everything about her.

I made the trip back home and had a sleepless night. Tomorrow was hours away. I churned my mind for hints and only one thing stood out. I remembered a small gold bracelet with I.C.E. on it. What the hell is I.C.E.? Nothing at all came to mind.

To be continued in Part 3, The Reveal..

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