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Wild Girls Go Crazy

Wild Girls Go Crazy

Let's go to a party
Did you ever have a best friend? My best friend is Lucy and my name is Linda. We've been best friends since kindergarten. We went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together. We just graduated high school. We're now on summer vacation, until we both start college in the fall. We’re going to the same college. We’re so close.

We both are good looking. I’m a brown haired girl and Lucy has blond hair. I have brown eyes and Lucy has blue eyes. We both are five foot five inches tall. We both weigh around one hundred and twenty pounds. Lucy and I both have 38 B cup breasts. I'll tell you a story, about when we shaved our pussies together. At the time, we were sixteen. We both were virgins and we figured we would experiment with each other.

I was staying at Lucy’s house for the weekend. Her parents had gone to dinner and were going to a party afterwards. They told us, they would be home very late. Lucy said she had a surprise for me. She told me to wait in the living room downstairs, while she prepared everything.

When she was ready, she brought me into the bedroom. Lucy had lit candles in her bedroom and she sprayed a lavender scent in the room. She then ran a bubble bath in her parent’s Jacuzzi tub. She filled it with her favorite vanilla scent bubble bath. She put bath pillows up against each side of the tub. Lucy can be very romantic.

We removed each other’s clothes and then we shared a deep and passionate kiss on each other’s mouth. We both had never kissed anybody, so it was so exciting to feel that passion with Lucy. Our pussies were very bushy, but after this lovely bath, we’re planning to shave each other.

We both got into the bathtub, and we just sat there against the jets, and enjoyed the lovely feeling of the water hitting our bodies. Lucy sat on top of me and we kissed deep and passionately. Our breasts were rubbing up against each other’s. Lucy then got a sponge and washed my body. When she was done, I washed her body. We kissed a few more times and then we got out of the tub.

We wrapped towels over each other and then went back to Lucy's room. Lucy had put a towel over the bed.

“Lay down Linda! I’m going to shave you.”

She then got a wash cloth, razor, and the shaving cream. She pumped some of the cream into her hand, and applied it to my bushy pussy. Lucy then started to shave me very carefully. She removed all the hair.

Once she was done, we switched positions and I put the shaving cream on her pussy, and carefully shaved all her hair off. I was so careful not to cut her. When we were done, we looked at each other’s work in the mirrors. We now each had beautiful bald pussies.

We then cuddled and kissed each other. We both were on the bed. We kissed deep and passionately and we caressed and rubbed each other’s breasts. Our nipples were stiff and erect. I sucked on her nipples and then she sucked on my nipples. We both put our heads on the pillows and we fingered each other’s bald pussies. We played and got each other very wet. It was time to finally taste each other.

We got in the sixty nine position and we both licked each other pussies. Our tongues explored each other’s flimsy pussy lips. We licked each other’s hidden pink clits. We parted each other’s pussy lips and began to tongue fuck each other. I've never felt something so amazing in my life. Lucy’s tongue was so deep in my pussy and my tongue was deep in her pussy. We were both so horny and aroused. We even licked each other’s assholes. That felt really nice too. We both had orgasms in each other’s mouth. It was a lovely memory that we both shared.

Even though we shared this intimate time, we’re basically sluts. We love to have sex. A group of us in high school were in a clique and we all basically had sex together. It was a friends with benefits kind of thing. Usually the girls would give all the guys blow jobs and the guys would lick our pussies. Sometimes, we would have sex in pairs and then everybody would change. I would say, that Lucy and I have had sex, with at least ten boys in high school.

Over the summer, we were invited to a party. Our friend Katie is dating a much older man. He’s like some promoter for night clubs. Katie is eighteen, but she looks about twenty five. She must have used her fake id to get into a club one night. That must have been when she met Stan.

Stan told Katie that he was having some bash at his house, and that she should invite all her girlfriends to go. She of course, asked Lucy and me to go. We were so excited and we both wore short black cocktail dresses, black stockings, and black strap heels. We did each other’s hair and makeup. We both looked really hot. Lucy and I were so excited to go. Stan even had a limo pick us all up and take us to the party.

Stan lived in something like a mansion. There was valet parking. There were lots of expensive cars. I guess there were some important people there. The limo let us off in front of his house. We walked into the party. Stan gave Katie a kiss and she introduced us to Stan. Stan said there was a bar and lots of food. He said to just mingle and have a great time. Stan and Katie then walked away. So Lucy and myself, got some drinks. We danced, ate, and had a fabulous time.

Lucy and I started to look around Stan’s house. We noticed this room and there was like a wall and then all of a sudden, there were all these penises in the holes. We just looked at each other and started to laugh. With that a very nice looking man came into the room.

“I see you found the glory hole room.”

“We were just walking around. I guess we’re in the wrong room.”

“You girls should give it a try. Think of it as a night of first things that you will try. Just so you know all the players have been checked for aids and everybody is cleared. So you really have nothing to worry about. Go on you girls look like a pair of very wild girls.”

“I’m not sure if we should try this.”

“How about, I will make it worth your while. I will give you girls one hundred dollars each, if you go down the line and give blow jobs to the six penises, that are in the glory holes.”

The guy took out two hundred dollars and put it on the table. Lucy and I looked at each other and say why not.

I got on my knees and went to the first glory hole. I wrapped my mouth around the first cock and started to suck it. Lucy went to the second glory hole and she did the same thing.

“Hey girls, if you make them come, I will give you five hundred dollars each.”

The man then put one thousand dollars on the table.

"You’re going to give us five hundred dollars, if we make each guy come in our mouths?”

“Yes, if you girls suck off each man and make them come, I will give you five hundred dollars each. The money is right there."

“You’re on mister.”

I bobbed my mouth up and down the first prick. I took his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. About ten minutes later, the guy shot his spunk down my throat. Lucy was sucking and slurping on the next dick. Then that guy came in her mouth. I went to glory hole number three and Lucy went to glory hole number four. We worked our hot, wet mouths up the next few dicks. Bobbing, sucking and slurping on them. Each of the men came into our mouths.

The guy who bet us was smoking a cigar and having a brandy, while watching Lucy and I suck off all these cocks. I then went to glory hole number five and Lucy went to glory hole number six. We again worked our mouths up and down over these hard cocks. We sucked, gagged, and slurped on each one. This time, these two men were never coming. We kept sucking and slurping and bobbing and then maybe after twenty minutes they came in our mouths. Hot, salty come filling our mouths.

“You girls did a great job. Your money is on the table. How would you girls like to make another two grand each?”

“Well, what would we need to do?”

“There happens to be another room, where there is a gang bang going on. You girls would need to strip and get into the action. I will give you each another two thousand each, if you do this.”

The guy took out the money and put it on the table.

“My friend and I need to talk this over before we give you an answer. Give us a few minutes and we will give you our answer.”

Lucy and I went into the bathroom next door.

“Holy fuck! Lucy he is going to give us two thousand each. He already gave us five hundred. I mean we both like sex. Do you think we should? I mean we could take a nice vacation, before we go to college.”

“Let’s do it Linda, I mean two thousand dollars each. Holy hell!”

We walked out and went back into the room to talk to the guy.

“We’ll do it.”

“Okay, follow me girls.”

We followed the guy down a long corridor into another room. We got there and there were six men.

“Okay ladies, again I will put the money on the table. You’ll each get two thousand dollars each. You just need to have sex with these men. Three men will be with Lucy and the other three men will be with Linda. At the end of this gang bang, they will all jerk off on your bodies.”

“Okay! We’ll do it!"

Lucy and I took our dresses off and then our bras and panties. We then took off our stockings and shoes.

“Girls, leave your heels on.”

We put our heels back on. Lucy and I went to the middle of the room.

“Okay girls, we want you on your knees.”

Every man stuck their cocks in our mouths. We sucked, slurped and gagged on each one. Then we both got on our hands and knees. Each man spread our buttocks and licked our pussies. Lucy and I moaned and groaned. All six men had a turn. Each one of them, licked our pussies and our asses.

Lucy and I were moaning and groaning. It was heavenly to have all these men giving us this attention. Then the gangbang was going to start. Two men got on their backs. Lucy and I straddled each one and put their cocks into our pussies. Then two other men spat on their hands and put the spit on our asses. One put his cock in Lucy’s ass and the other one put their cock in my ass. We never had double penetration before. Both men were fucking the two of us.

Then the two other guys approached us both and they put their cocks into our mouths. We’re blowing the two guys and one guy has his cock in my pussy, and the other guy has his cock in Lucy's pussy. The two other guys have their cocks in our asses. We're getting fucked hard. We also noticed that the guy that was giving us the money was taping this scene.

We were getting fucked hard by these men. Lucy and I were moaning and groaning. Then each of the men shot their loads into our pussies and asses.

“Wow, you girls are hot pieces of ass. Get on your knees whores! Jerk us off! Then will come on your bodies!”

Lucy and I started to give hand jobs to all these guys. We were each able to jerk two guys each and the other two guys just stroked their own rods. We got them nice and hard again. We must have stroked them all for about thirty minutes.

“Lay down girls!

“All the men squirted their junk all over Lucy and me. We were covered in come.

“If you girls lick it all up, I will give you another thousand each.”

Lucy and I nodded our heads and we licked all the come off of each other. We were definitely acting like whores that night. But it didn't matter, we each made three thousand five hundred dollars.

“Hey girls, you all did a great job. You know Stan is a promoter for “Wild Girls Go Crazy.” If you want, you could be in our new movie. We'll give you the contract to look over and let us know if you want to be in the movie. Of course the movie will be about you both sucking all those cocks in the glory holes and this lovely gang bang you both attended.

“If you both sign on the “X” I will give you each another fifteen hundred and you will both walk out of here with five thousand each. Lucy and I just looked at each other and smiled.

“Fuck yes! Where do we sign?”

“Right here girls!

Lucy and I signed the contract and the guy gave use each five thousand dollars. We got cleaned up and the guy said a limo would take us home. We never saw Katie until the next day. We didn't mention what we did.

That evening my best friend and I were major whores in an upcoming movie of “Wild Girls Go Crazy.” We just laughed and said we would use the money to go on a nice vacation, before starting college. It was definitely a night we never would forget. In fact, now it’s all documented for anybody to see. We made five thousand dollars and we just did what we like to do, having wild and slutty sex.

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