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Wild Night Out

A girls trip to the bar turns takes a turn when she is seduced by the female bartender.
I decide to go out on my own one night because none of my friends are in the mood to drink, and I'm hoping that being there without them will give me the chance to try things I would not normally do. I'm not old enough to order myself a drink yet (I'm 18), but I can't dance without a little alcohol, so I have a seat at the bar. I'm 5'9, with long brown hair and C cup tits, which would be showing in my tiny dress. The dress also emphasizes my longs legs. After only a minute, you notice me.

You're the bartender, adorable, blonde, and with an ass that all the men are staring at. You smile at me, which makes me blush. I can't help but notice how attractive you are, even though I've only experimented with my friends before. Sensing my interest and hesitation, you offer me a drink, on the house, which I accept. I'm attracting the attention of a few handsome men, as well, but for some reason I don't really care for them, other than to graciously accept the drinks they were buying me. Each time you pour me a drink, you touch my arm seductively. I try to ignore it and talk to the men, but it's not easy. I can't stop staring at you and you're staring back, looking over every inch of my body. The alcohol is starting to take affect and you can tell.

Interrupting my attempt at a conversation with James, you tell me that I look like I need another shot, but you, "aren't going to let me use a glass this time." I look up at you, confused, but you just take a swig of rum, right from the bottle, and pull me against you. You're lips are so soft. It doesn't even occur to me to pull away, as the cold rum rushes into my mouth from yours. Everyone turns to stare as you pull me up onto the bar. I'm really starting to feel the alcohol now, but I don't want it to stop.

You tell me that it's your turn for a shot, but you don't want it from my mouth. Your hand is on my leg, and before I can even protest, you yank up my dress. I feel the rush of cold as the fabric goes above my hips, chest, and then over my head. Everything is happening really fast, but I'm actually loving it. A group of guys has gathered around us to watch, but you want it to be clear that I'm your little toy, for now. You climb onto the bar with me, pushing me down onto my back, straddling me, and pouring rum between my breasts, which you greedily lick up.

That's when I realize that I'm moaning. It's so good that I don't even care that I'm in my bra and panties on a bar, with a girl straddling me. All I can think about is how wet I'm getting.

Apparently, you are thinking along the same lines, because you lean down and whisper, "now, you're gonna take a shot from my pussy." I should protest, but just the thought of what I'm doing makes me so hot. I'm sure that I'm soaked through my panties at this point.

You pull off your dress to reveal absolutely nothing underneath. I cant help myself and start kissing you, massaging your chest with my hands. You laugh, and push my back onto my back. I'm disappointed until you move up, straddling my face.

Before pouring rum down between your tits, you tell me, "you're going to wait til this reaches my pussy, and then you're going to lick it up and you better not spill a single drop." Then the cold liquid is running down your body and your nipples are hardening from the chill. I start to lick up as much of it as I can, running my tongue across your pussy lips over and over. Once the rum is no longer flowing, I know I should stop, but I decide that I should make sure I really get you all cleaned up. I suck your clit gently for a few moments, and then slide my tongue deep inside your pussy.

You clamp your legs around my head, moaning. After I slip my tongue inside you a few more times, I go back to your clit, sucking it harder this time. The rum was long gone, but I wasn't done.

I had completely forgotten that anyone else existed, even with all the cheering and hooting, until I felt my bra and panties being pulled off. Someone else was on the bar with us. I try to look, but I couldn't see anything around your body. You seem thrilled that someone else is joining us. I'm terrified, but you aren't letting me stop eating you out. You clamp your legs tightly around my head, and I start fucking your pussy with my tongue again, faster this time.

Someone is pushing my legs open, and suddenly, I can feel something at the entrance to my tight pussy. The next thing I know, a cock is buried deep inside me. I scream in pain; it's like I'm being split in half. You moan and press your pussy harder against my mouth.

"Make me cum and he'll stop, slut," you order me. I start fucking your pussy with my tongue as fast as I can. At the same time, the unknown person starts sliding his huge cock in and out of me. My muscles stretch to fit his size and it starts to feel amazing. I'm moaning now too; I can't stop. I ravish your pussy with my tongue and I can feel you're body tensing. I'm sucking your clit again when I feel your orgasm start; your juices fill my mouth, and I lap them up eagerly. By the time you climb off my face, I'm screaming in pleasure.

You sit next to my head at first, kissing me, tasting your juices. It's too much for me to handle, my muscles are tensing, and then I'm cumming all over the strangers cock. You laugh, and tell me that he wasn't gonna stop; if I got to cum, he should too. Then you scoot over so you're behind me, and pull my head into your lap, so I can see who's fucking me for the first time. He's gorgeous, amazing abs, muscular arms, and great hair. Just knowing how good looking he was makes me scream louder.

You whisper to me, "I hope you know what you're doing right now. You're laying on a bar, naked, being fucked by a total stranger, with my cum all over your face, and the best part is..... you fucking love it, you little slut." It's too much for me. I love being talked to like that, and I can't help it. My muscles tense again, my eyes close, my entire body tightens, my pussy clenches around the strangers cock. Feeling my orgasm building, he starts to fuck me harder, faster. My orgasm washes over me in a wave of pleasure. At the height of my orgasm, I feel jet after jet of the strangers hot cum being shot deep into my pussy. As my I start to recover from my orgasm, the stranger kisses me softly before climbing off the bar. You go back to behind the bar, to get drinks for people.

I'm laying on the bar, naked, with cum leaking from my sore pussy. You walk back over to me, help me pull my dress back on, and whisper, "that's a good little slut, I'm could have lots of fun with you. call me if you ever want to play again." You hand me a card with your number on it, and went back behind the bar.

I go home that night and collapse into my bed, exhausted, weak and sore, but knowing that despite all of that........... I would call.

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