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You Were

Something new...

You were so hot...

Sweet, and wet and nervous. Hungry. In the delirious heat of that moment you were driven toward one goal. You had a thirst to quench. A thirst that pulled you forward, toward the only thing that could save you. Not even sure whether you were bound for oasis or mirage, you went all the same. You were drawn to the possibility.

It was cold outside. Very cold. The snow was coming down in flakes the size of half dollars, but inside the house, protected from the frozen air and icy night, the world was radiant and warm. Everything was perfect that night. It was carefully prepared for, every second planned but still, you were not sure if you were ready. That doubt was a part of the appeal, though – and a not insignificant part of it.

You were aching…

Badly. Intensely. You wanted it, and you were wanted. Desired by all the eyes in the room. It was impossible to not want you. Licked by the playful light of the flames behind you, your body and thoughts were flooded with pleasing warmth. The lines and curves and shape of your body were shining with particular beauty. The pale snow and black ice which dressed the world beyond your walls offered a sharp contrast to the heat inside.

The quiet burning within you had turned to roaring flame, a bonfire of passion. The moment was surrounded by a million versions of you looking on, so surprised, and so impressed. You wanted it. It was obvious. Gasping, choking, panting, then suddenly breathless, you were quiet and frantic all at once; and all at once, you felt everything – absolutely everything, and it was like nothing in your life had ever been.

You were impatient.

You didn’t want to wait any longer. You need to feel it. Not just anything, not just something. It had to be new, exciting… maybe even a little bit frightening. It had to be this. Everything was perfect. The scene was set, the doors were open. It was happening.

Gracefully, your hands fluttered and flitted across your body in the playful light, and your delicate fingertips danced across your skin, arriving at your nipples and circling them twice in an erotic pirouette. Suddenly, your fingers had plunged deep inside you. You moaned loudly, and stared with piercing, longing eyes. Elegant black lashes swept back and forth across those blue jewels as you bit your lip and closed them. You performed beautifully. You were so incredible. Spectacular.

You were desperate...

And your need was boundless. Everything rested on that moment. Every inch of you ached with anticipation. It was wonderful, but you were going to need more. The tease was beginning to become tiresome, and just as it did, quite suddenly, there was a hand on your throat. It came from above you, and from behind you. The hand was large, and strong. It covered your whole throat, thumb and fingers coiled around your neck, holding you tight. A light pressure slowly restricted your breath... And it felt wonderful.

As you waited, you attempted to prepare yourself. You were tingling, sparkling, electrified. Then, it happened. You made a sound as you felt the impact. As it passed through you, your voice conveyed surprise, pleasure, and pain all at once. You were so turned on after just one. In the moments between held breaths you gasped in what air you could. You were overwhelmed by the experience, and you began to lose track of everyone and everything around you.

Again. Another. Each time you felt its strings slap against you, a quieter version of that same sound escaped your lips, until you simply started to bite one to stifle yourself. You were struck repeatedly that night. You loved every second of it. You gritted your teeth and pretended to not to smile as you received your lashes. A grandiose spanking dealt with elegant black suede.

You were resilient…

Your knees didn’t buckle… But you're elbows gave out. First one, then the other. Ten, eleven. You landed on one shoulder after the other. Your face fell to the floor as it continued. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen... Fifteen, sixteen! The aggregate impact of many tails continued. Over and over, each more painful than the last.

Blood rushed to the surface. Your ass was bright red. Really. It was a deep scarlet, striated by a slight purple. The tingling of electrified pins scurried over your skin. Twenty-four. You were shaking. Your thighs were quivering with the powerful sensations pulsing through your whole body. Lightning shot from your heart to your diaphragm, then deeper. Below your tingling, throbbing clit your pussy was quivering, almost spasming in anticipation of what was to come.

You were fire…

Whose fuel was desire. You thrived on the lusting eyes which surrounded you, burning in the curious furnace of confusing enjoyment. You did incredible things that night. Extraordinary, unexpected, filthy things. It wasn't like you, and yet it definitely is like you. You were so beautiful as you defied the pain, and yelled back. You took everything that was given to you, and clamored frantically for more. After a while, it became impossible to fully overwhelm you.

You had been begging. You were undergoing a metamorphosis. You were beautiful and lickable and fuckable, and you showed how much you liked it. You were so wet from the attention. Aromatic and delicious. The lashes resumed, and once again your delight and desire became a performance.

Thirty. The biting sting of the square strings shoots through your body like a web of knives. Each of dozens of tails acted in unison. Parallel strips slapped against your bare skin. Thirty-six. The tails danced gently on your skin for a moment. At first, they moved gently, tickling you. Lowered a little, they began to caress your firm ass. You sighed in a sort of relief, even though the sensation continued. In another moment, the suede strips had travelled to the small of your back.

You were surprised.

In your wildest dreams, you had never imagined it would be like it was. In the moments before, you felt a warmth spread throughout you, as though you had come inside after a long journey through the cold. The power behind it was immense. In vain, you attempted to prepare yourself, but even as you did, you felt the futility. In the end, you surrendered to it.

You came...

Hard. When it took hold, your body froze up. Unable to move, trapped by the sensation, your muscles began to quiver. You were almost vibrating. It was almost painful. You were clenching and spasming inside. Your calves were turning to knots as your toes curled up, and your diaphragm convulsed with the rhythm of your orgasm. It twisted around inside you with escalating tension. With eyes rolling back, you allowed a moaning, guttural growl to escape you.

You were loud.

Ecstatically, you expressed yourself passionately. “Fuck!! Fuck yes… This is amazing...” When you were done, you started moaning again. Responding to the beautiful tones of your voice and the quivering of your perfect musculature, the stinging black straps resumed their work. Right to left, then left to right. Over, and over again they pressed their attack, back and forth. Your skin was so sensitive to its stinging kiss. The small of your back was turning as red as your ass.

The shrill, nasal snarl of your erratic breathing continued, interrupted only by breathless, throaty gasps. Each note of the symphony displayed your feelings differently. You were aroused, happy, embarrassed, ecstatic and in pain all at once. Without warning, five fingers sank into your hair and coiled tightly. As a fist, they pulled it together, and drew it tight to one side of your head. Roughly, you were pulled backward.

You did not expect what came next.

Without any warning, a pair of pointed fingers slid smoothly into you. “Oh…” You were wet, but you weren’t prepared, “Fuck!” you called out. In fact you were very, very tight at that moment, and just before you finished adjusting, they started fucking you.

“Yes! Do not stop doing that,” you forced the words out with a certain difficulty. You were desperate for air. Gasping. In another moment you started to regain yourself. Another deep breath and you were okay.

“Do not stop. Yes... Fuck. Keep going! Fuck me...”

You didn’t know who the fingers belonged to, but they were doing as you asked. As you gradually continued to adapt, so did they. Each began moving independently. Swirling, spinning pleasure was overwhelming as they curled up in the depths of you, moving in harmony again. They touched you in the perfect spot, and you held your breath. A teasing massage made you squirm against them, and wriggled involuntarily as your body tried to push them where you wanted them.

A third finger joined those already inside you, as the others began to play with your clit with extraordinary skill. Your eyes locked shut as tightly as your mouth. You moaned past your bitten lip as they gently pinched you, teased you, rolled around you.

You were lost...

You were so unaware of the world around you, you might as well have been blindfolded. Unsure of what was happening to you, you didn’t even know who was doing it. The sensation was pleasingly painful. Deeply pleasurable, and equally torturous.

Tingling heat flowed through you again. Another was building. The tension inside you was reaching its peak. Fast deep breaths were the only thing that cooled you, but you could still feel your face flushing and your skin heating. Suddenly the fingers were gone. In one smooth motion, they were replaced in a single stroke.

Rigid and slightly curved, the cold shaft was aggressively forced inside. All the way inside. Your diaphragm quivered and spasmed in response, dancing beneath your heart like someone was shooting at its feet. For a moment, the cooling sensation inside you slowed the progress of your impending orgasm. It didn’t last long though.

You were wet...

So fucking wet. It was amazing. There are words that adequately describe how drenched your pussy was, but it didn’t seem you’d find any of them very appealing. They would have been, though. You certainly were. Every sound you made. Every movement, no matter how small.

Still fucking you, and without changing rhythm, the device that fucked you was switched on. A powerful vibration steadily increased over at least half a minute. You were being fucked so hard that you started crying. Slick silicone plowed into you harder with each thrust, forcing your clenched muscles out of its path and disregarding their efforts of resistance.

You were approaching another orgasm. You hadn’t really come down from the last one, but you could tell that this one was going to be more intense – and a different sort of intensity. The kind that makes your eyes roll back and your whole body convulse. Maybe the kind that makes you pass out. You couldn’t be sure, and you wondered.

You were almost ready to cum...

Again… and again and again. Your body thrashed hard when it began, and harder as it continued. Convulsions pulsed from within you, throughout you. Ripples of the power inside you could be felt from your diaphragm to your limbs. There would be bruises.

The tingling of electricity turned to the stinging pricks of needles. It was as your vision began to fade that you knew it would happen. Everything had been building to that moment. Just as the world went completely dark you felt yourself tighten so intensely that the machine was shoved violently out of you. Hearing it clatter across the floor was equally satisfying and embarrassing. A smile curled across your face and you choked on an involuntarily giggle. For a drawn out moment you coughed and sputtered on it.

Before you were able to recover yourself, a previously unknown sort of energy flowed to and from every nerve ending in your body. The purity of electric tingling had turned to consistent, furied heat. It felt almost as though you were rolling in the fire, kissed by the flame over and over. Every bit of you burned and sparkled as you reclined onto the soft carpet.

You were a fountain.

Forgive the phrasing, but you were. It was fucking beautiful. Like you, and your face. All scrunched up and involuntarily twisted because of what you felt. So fucking hot. Strong, heavy breaths pulsed through your nose. Oxygen filled your lungs, flowed into your blood – prepared your body for what was coming.

Quite suddenly, it began. You were thrashing, muscles flexing, contracting, stretching, extending. For a moment it was random. If you had been more aware, you would have been embarrassed by how you looked. A half moment later, you felt a rush of heat, a dose of adrenaline, and you screamed as the first stream of liquid erupted from within you. It was hot, and clear, and smelled like you.

Your sight had not yet returned, and it wouldn’t for a while. As far as you were concerned, you were boiling inside – as was the liquid which pulsed from you. The toy pushed back inside you with force, then removed. A second stream shot out of you, and a third. The rigid shaft fucked you hard and fast for a few seconds at a time, and each of those times you squirted again as it pulled out. Everything was getting wet. Each splash was such a turn on. Your cum ran out of you in a slow trickle as you cried between each implosive spasm in your core and each explosive rush of fluid.

You were overpowered...

Overwhelmed, and overstimulated. Breathless, bewildered, betrayed by your own body, you did almost lose consciousness in the end. You felt yourself walking the edge between passing out and not, nearly falling with each step, but you prevailed. Despite your desire for more – so much more – you needed a break. It took you a moment to say so. When you finally called out “Stop!” though, everything ceased.

The object was pulled from you roughly, and quite abruptly. You moaned loudly at the sensation, and softly as you started to miss it. It was still buzzing at high power when it was cast aside. Crystalline liquid continued to stream slowly out of you as you were taken by aftershocks. A few more small splashes darkened the carpet beneath you.

In defiance of sensation, you rose bravely to your knees, not certain if you would be able to stand on them. For several seconds, you remained unsure, but you achieved your goal and ultimately remained upright. Taking it in deep lungfuls, you finally breathed fresher air than the floor was able to offer.



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