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The Curse

Meet Sarafina, the only survivor of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha.

She sat across the table from me with her hands folded on it. Her eyes followed a cockroach that was crawling up the wall, and her young face was drawn and pale. When I had found her, she was on the brink of death, lying in an alley off the strip in Las Vegas. I had gone in to take a piss before going to my car after work.


It wasn’t until I almost tripped over her that I saw her, a small figure lying on her side barely breathing. My first thought was to call an ambulance, but when I knelt down next to her, she reached out with her small hand. At first, I wasn’t sure what she was doing, maybe she wanted to hold my hand in death, but as I reached for it, she moved it away and put it on my crotch.

“Give me your seed,” she whispered through dry lips.
“I don’t understand,” I said while fumbling with my phone.
“Your cock, take it out.”
I dropped the phone and looked into her eyes. They were unfocused, and the pupil so dilated I couldn’t see the colour of her eyes. They were just black holes.

“I don’t understand,” I said.

With her final strength, she dug her nails into my jeans, and I heard how they cut through the fabric. She grabbed hold of my cock and using it as leverage she pulled herself closer so she could put my flaccid dick in her mouth.

What happened next is hard to explain. There was no real pleasure just a tickling feeling as she emptied my nut-sack from its content like a child drinks from a straw.

When I was empty, she burped and then slowly got up. I moved away a bit watching her. Standing she was no more than five-five or maybe five six. A small girl but her boobs were those of a bigger woman. She wore a short black dress that was smudged with dirty rain water. Her white top was no longer white but gray from the filth in the alleyway. Her eyes slowly became normal, and I noted they were deep green like that of moss. Her black long straight hair hung around her shoulders, and her lush lips were slightly open.

“Who are you?" I asked while trying to stuff my cock back into my ripped jeans.

“Sarafina, I wish to thank you, you have saved my life.”
I looked around to make sure this wasn’t a prank. I expected someone with a camera to come jumping out from the shadows.

She smiled at my concern and then helped me up. Despite being so small, she was quite strong, and when I was standing, she reached up to my chest.

“Do you need a hospital?” I asked.

“No, but a place to stay, to rest and recover my strength, do you live alone?”

Her voice had an accent, not pronounced but clearly there. I couldn’t place it, but it was quite nice and sounded kind of sexy.

“Sure, yeah, I do. My car is parked over there,” I said and put my arm around her so I could support her.


“Sarafina, who are you?” I asked gently.

She brought her gaze from the cockroach to me, and a small smile grew on her lips. It was morning, and the sun shone through my dirty windows and dust particles danced in the air. I had an empty coffee mug in front of me and Sarafina a half full glass of water. 

My body was exhausted which wasn’t strange considering Sarafina had been lying between my legs with my cock in her mouth sucking out my cum. She only took an hour break so my balls could fill up again. After the tenth time the sun had come up, and she went into the bathroom. 

When she came out a little while later, she was showered and looked quite normal. There were still dark rings under her eyes but her beautiful lush mouth was reddish and her green eyes clear.

“I am very, very, old and as you know, my name is Sarafina,” her voice was kind.

“Old? Shit, you can’t be more than sixteen or seventeen at the most.”

She laughed a deep sound that made my heart warm. “My dear, Jake, I am close to five thousand years old.”

My jaw dropped. “C’mon, are you high?”

She got up and went over to my bookshelf that was crumbling under all the pocketbooks that were crammed into it. I collect more books than I read, I guess. She ran her right index finger along the spines, and on the bottom shelf, she found what she was looking for. A King James Bible, she flicked through it and when she found what she was looking for she placed the open Bible in front of me and said, “Read.”

It was open to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the two cities destroyed by God since the people there lived in sin.

“Yeah, I know the story, what about it?”

She sat back down again and took my hands in hers before pulling me closer. I had to stand, and when I tried to get away from her, she pulled me harder, so I ended up lying on the table, my face just inched from her heaving boobs.

She spoke over my head. “Do you remember the man named Lot, nephew of Abraham?”

“Yeah, kind of, wasn’t his wife turned to salt when she looked back at the cities. Hey, let go of me.”

She did, and I sat back down again, rubbing my wrists. “You are kind of mean, you know. I helped you back to life, and you treat me like shit.”

Her eyes bore into me. “Do you want to know who I am, or whine like a child?”

Her voice was harder than before and had gone an octave deeper.

“Sure, okay, Lot’s wife turned to salt, so what?”

“He and his wife had two daughters, I am the older, my sister Laka died thousands of years ago, but I live on, cursed by the angels who got my family and me out of Sodom that fateful day.”

“Cursed, c’mon, you are just having a bad trip from drugs you took last night. Do you remember where you live, I can take you there.”

Instead of answering my questions she said, “Don’t you find it strange that I spent all night sucking on your cock and drinking your seed?”

I shrugged my shoulders, yeah, I guess I do, but who am I to complain. It’s not every day I meet a hot horny girl like you.” I grinned at her, but it faded since her gaze was not very friendly.

“That is my curse. Since I sinned, I was cursed to drink men’s seed at least three times a day, until the end of time. I have wandered the earth for thousands of years, fucking, sucking cock and drinking cum just so I can survive.”

There was a long silence, I looked away, sure I was dealing with a crackpot teenager. I was about to tell her we should go to the hospital when she said, “I’ll prove it to you.”

I turned back to her and said, “How?”

Her face softened, and she smiled at me. “I have a gift, I am forever a virgin. You can fuck me now, and after I will be a virgin again.”


Instead of answering she got up, still naked after her shower. She didn’t have a bush but just a tuft of hair above her slit. When she reached me, she opened my pants and helped me out of them. With a few kisses, licks and caresses she had me rock hard. When she straddled me, she put her hands on my thighs and began to lower herself. My cock touched her burning hot pussy lips, and when I entered her, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, and I had fucked more than a few women during my life.

“Oh, wow, you are so fucking tight,” I whispered in her ear.

Then I felt it, the hymen was there, and my cock was poking at it. Without further do, she let go of my thighs and my cock thrust through her hymen, and she yelped.

“Oh fuck, shit, you are a virgin!” I gasped.

She kissed my lips and then slid off me. I thought it was over, but she went down on all fours on the floor and looked back at me over her shoulder. “C’mon, fuck me.”

I didn’t need any persuasion so I got behind her and she guided my cock inside her and again, there was the hymen.

“Holy shit, you are a virgin again,” I almost screamed.

“Yes, I told you, do you believe me now?”

Her pussy felt so good, and even though I was utterly confused, I continued to fuck her. Only when my gasps signaled I was close to coming did she pull away and turn around. She took my shaft in her mouth, and while looking into my eyes, she emptied me without spilling a drop.


Two days went by. I would go to work in the morning and come back at night. Sarafina cleaned up my place, and it looked terrific. The roaches were gone, the windows clean and I could actually see the floor which before had been covered in dirty clothes. I am not the cleanest person as you might understand; I guess I am just too fucking lazy.

In the mornings while I had my coffee Sarafina would crawl under the table and suck my cock until I came. Then she would have a glass of water. I asked her if she ever ate, and she said she could but didn’t need too. She did it so she would appear normal.

She had fully recovered on the second day, and her face was glowing like any other teenager. Her lips, even redder now looked so good I kissed her as often as I could. She never put on makeup but her eyes were lined with eyeliner naturally, and she looked so fucking hot in anything she wore. Most of the time she was naked though, which I loved. There was something special about coming home after a long day at work and being met by a naked gorgeous woman who falls to her knees and gives you a blowjob before you even have time to take off your shoes.

On the third day, we were lying in bed after fucking. A thin film of sweat covered us, and Sarafina had cuddled up close to me. I played with her nipple and pinched it which released a purr from deep inside her.

“Are you always horny?” I asked.

She lifted her head and kissed my cheek. “That’s the state I am in, yes, does it bother you?”

I laughed. “No, of course not, I was just wondering. Can you tell me about life in Sodom and Gomorrah, or have you forgotten it?"

She lay down her head and closed her eyes. After a moment she said, “I remember it as if it all happened yesterday. Would you like to hear about it?”

“Yes, I would.”

She opened her eyes. “There is one thing I need to clarify first. In the bible, it says my sister and I fucked our father so the family line could continue.”

“Oh, shit, I am sorry about that,” I said not being able to wrap my mind about what she had just said.

“It’s all a lie. We did get him drunk, but only so we could sneak out at night and fuck a couple of goat herders we'd seen.”

I lifted my head from the pillow and stared at her. “Are you saying the origin of mankind as its told in the Bible is not true, that you and your sister got pregnant by some goat herders?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I began to laugh. “That is so fucked up.”

“I am happy you can laugh about it because my sister and I did not. The men smelled horrible and weren't even good lovers. Anyway, let me tell you my story.


We arrived in Sodom the summer I turned sixteen. We had celebrated my birthday on the plain just my father, mother, and sister. We had goat milk, dry bread, and goat meat. It was a simple celebration because we still had a long way to walk.
When we reached the city we asked our way to the house we were looking for. It belonged to my father’s uncle, Abraham, and his wife, Sarah.

They were good people and took us in for a few months until my father found work, and we moved out.
I spent most of the day on the city streets; my parents didn’t like it and wanted me to be like my younger sister who was an angel. She always helped at home and wanted to learn about the women’s role in society.

One day while walking the streets I heard a commotion and when I found the reason for it my eyes almost popped out of my head. There was a square, and in the middle, six men stood behind six other who were on all fours. The men standing were fucking the other men in the ass while the onlookers cheered and placed bets.

I asked a woman standing next to me what was going on.

“They are betting on who can last the longest.”

I walked up closer and began to hear the moans and groans of those fucking and the yelps of those being fucked. Some of the men had large cocks that they rammed into the other men’s asses so hard their bodies jerked forward.

One by one the men began to come and then pull out of their partner who usually fell forward onto the sandy ground lying still and moaning.

Finally, there was only one man left, an older man, with a white beard and a small cock. He looked around and when he noted all the others had stopped he pulled out and with a few strokes of his hand he sent several globs of cum onto the back of the man before him.

“Yes, again I am the winner,” he exclaimed while doing a small victory dance. His cock bouncing up and down and making me laugh. He saw me and came forward.

“You, girl, who are you?”

“Sarafina, from the house of Lot.”

He walked around me, and when he was back in front, he tilted his head. “You are a beauty, but I don’t remember the name Lot.”

“We come from far away, but have family in Sodom.”

A younger man handed the older his clothes which he put on.

“So, Sarafina, did you enjoy what you saw?”

I looked at the men who had been fucked. Some of them limped away others had begun to wash their asses with cold water.

“It was interesting.”

The old man laughed. “It’s our way of welcoming strangers, and I make a bit of money at the same time. Tell me, have you been fucked in the ass?”

I blushed. “No, I certainly have not, I am a maiden still.”

He peered into my eyes and with the speed of a cobra he had his hand under my tunic and a finger in my pussy.

“Ah, yes, you are. Such a good little girl you are.”

The surprise left me speechless. I expected him to take his hand away, but instead, he used a finger on a spot that made my knees go weak and made my breath come out in gasps.

“Yes, yes, there it is, the little button which makes women scream. One day someone will fuck you well, and you will then enjoy the pleasure of sex. Until then, have a good afternoon.”

He pulled his hand out, licked the finger that had been in me and then left. I stood frozen, slowly looking around me. Even though many people had seen what he had done and heard what he had said they didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Walking back to my house I saw men and women fucking in corners, on rooftops, and inside houses. The air was filled with the sound of sex, and it was making me horny. At the time I didn’t know what horny was of course, but the sensation in my body and most of all in my pussy made me giggle, I was still giggling when I walked into the house and saw my father sitting on a stool waiting for me.

“Sarafina! Where have you been?”

Before I had a chance to answer he got up and slapped my face. “God is watching you all the time, be sure of that, and when the day comes all your acts will be remembered, and if you have not lived a God-fearing life, you will go to hell.”

He turned and walked away, leaving me crying in the hall.

I tried hard, I made up chores to do around the house, but the need to watch sexual acts as too strong. At night when the house was quiet, and everyone was sleeping, I would sneak out through the window in my sister’s and my room. I would land on soft feet and then scurry along the houses until I reached the city center. There I would go to the bars and taverns where people openly fucked on the floor or on chairs. 

Many a time I was invited to houses to watch group sex, both women on women, which I found very exciting but also men on men. I would sit with a cup of wine in my hand, and my eyes closed just listening to the sounds of flesh against flesh, the moans, the smacking of balls against ass cheeks, the licking of pussies, and the swallowing of cum. All these sounds became like a drug for me. 

Little by little I realized that I wanted to try also, to be part of the orgy, having my pussy licked or fucked by a large cock that would stretch it as far as it went and beyond, savouring the pain and pleasure of sex.

My body has changed during the many years we had walked across the plain, and I now had rounded hips and full breasts. The men and women around me noted it too, and it was during an orgy in a rich man’s house when his daughter came up to me. She was a year or two older than I, a beauty with blond hair and blue eyes. The family was from a northern tribe and had moved to Sodom a few years earlier to trade.

Her name was Asha, and when she sat down next to me, I became nervous. I had seen her being with men, women, boys, and girls. She had a voracious appetite for pussy and would lick and suck on one while a man fucked her pussy or her ass.

“Hi, you are Sarafina, right?”

She smelt good, a soft perfume and the lingering taste of pussy came from her breath.

“Yes, I am, and you are Asha.”

She giggled. “So you know of me.”

I lowered my gaze and said, “Yes.”

She took my hand, “Come, there is something I want you to try.”

My hands were clammy with sweat, I was so nervous. What was she going to do with me? Fear and excitement flashed through my mind as she led me through the house where people fucked either in pairs or in groups.

The smell of cum and pussy hung in the air like a wet fog, and as we moved deeper into the house, the smell became stronger. I realized that at the back was where the gay men hung out. Everywhere I looked men were fucking or sucking cock.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We are soon there, just up these stairs.”

When we reached the second floor, the air was cleaner, and I took a deep breath. Asha opened a door and walked in, and I followed. There on the bed sat a young man, about her age.
“This is Joseph, he is my favourite fuck friend. We have been watching you for a while now and wanted to know if you are ready?”

Joseph was a handsome man with short curly hair. He was naked and under his skin muscles rippled when he moved, and his large cock was semi erect. While he watched me, it grew harder and a smile formed on his lips when he saw my eyes drawn to it.

“I’m not sure if I am ready,” I said in a whisper.

Asha stood in front of me and then she put a hand under my tunic. When her fingers played over my pussy, my knees went weak, and a small sigh escaped my half open mouth.
She turned to Joseph, “She is ready, her sex is wet and ready for your cock.”

Asha took my hand and led me over to where Joseph was sitting. He had spread his legs a little, and after Asha had helped me off with my tunic, she turned me, so I was facing away from him. Then she helped me to sit on his legs. I felt his hard cock against my ass. It was hot and hard and so soft it made me shiver.

“C’mon, I’ll help you,” said Asha.

I scooted up a bit and lifted myself, and that’s when I felt Asha’s hand with Josephs cock under me.

“Go on, lower yourself slowly,” she said.

“When I did she let go of the cock, and I felt it press against my pussy lips, Slowly I lowered myself a bit more, and when he began to spread my pussy lips, I moaned. Suddenly he pushed down on my shoulders, and his cock was all the way inside me. I gasped and then yelped in pain.

“Good girl, the pain will soon be gone,” whispered Asha in my ear.

She was standing in front of me and massaged my boobs. Without knowing why I put out my hand and caressed her swollen pussy lips that were also wet. Suddenly my mind forgot about the pain and I wanted to kiss Asha. I pulled her closer and when our lips met Joseph began to fuck me.

The emotions that flowed through me were entirely new to me. A bit of pain, but so much pleasure. I started to giggle. Asha moved a bit closer so I could finger fuck her and while I did, we kissed deeply and hungrily. She tasted of honey and wine, and it was intoxicating. Suddenly Joseph began to moan louder and then gasped.

“Quick, get off him,” said Asha.

I did, and she knelt before him taking his cock which was wet from my fluids into her mouth and as I watched she took his seed in her mouth. When he was empty, she got up and turned to me. Kissing me, she let me drink his seed from her mouth, and it was so good I wanted more after swallowing.

“Please, can we do it again?” I begged.

Joseph held up his hand. “Wait, bring us some wine and then you can have your fill straight from the source.
I giggled and ran off in search for wine.

At this point, Sarafina reached for her glass and drank until it was empty. I was dying to hear what happened next but I wanted her to tell her story in her own time.

When she had put down the glass, she licked her lips and said, “I need my fill now.”

She scooted down so her head rested on my belly and then she took my by now hard cock in her little hand. Gently she teased it with her tongue until the first drop of pre-cum came out and then she went down on me. Like I mentioned before she didn’t actually move up or down with her mouth or stroke my shaft. She held it and then sucked the cum right out of my balls. It was a very strange feeling since I did come but without the orgasm.

When she was done, she lay down and put her head on my chest and looked up at me. “Do you think I am a horrible creature?”

I looked into her eyes, and they were the kindest I had ever seen. Caressing her cheek, I shook my head slowly. “No, you are a fantastic woman.”

She giggled, and I smelt my seed on her breath. If it had been any other woman, I wouldn’t have liked it, but for reasons unknown to me, it was okay.

“Can I ask you something, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to?” I said.


“You said that the bible was wrong about you and your sister having sex with your father. I guess my question is, what else is not true in the bible?”

A smile grew on her lips, and she rolled her eyes. “If I told you that, you would see no reason for living, so I will keep it to myself. All I can say is, if you believe it, then continue to do so.”

It was frustrating that she hadn’t given me a straight answer, but I guess she had a point; did I really want to know? I guess not.

Sarafina rolled off me and lay on her back next to me and then continued her tale.


I would sneak out as often as I could and go to the houses where men and women met for sex. I often ended up with Asha and Joseph but as time went by I adventured into seeing other people. 

One of my favourites was a man much older than I. He had a long cock which wasn’t very thick. I was introduced to him by a woman I had had sex with on a previous night.

“Sarafina, this is Jaffar, he is known as the long man, because of his cock.”

I looked down, and it was the longest dick I had ever seen, and by then I had seen a few. Its cock head touched the floor where he sat on a bench with a cup of wine in one hand while the other kept feeding his mouth with grapes. He had a long great white beard and clear blue eyes.

He looked me up and down and then turned to the woman. “Is she ready?”

“I would think so.”

He turned to me. “Sarafina is it? I only do one thing, and that is I fuck girls asses. Since my cock is slim, it doesn’t hurt.”

A shiver went through my body. Anal sex, was I indeed ready for that?”

“Okay, and are you sure it doesn’t hurt?”

Some of the men had wiggled in a finger in my anus previously and although the experience was pleasant I couldn’t imagine having a full-size cock in there, even less this man’s long shaft which was well over twelve inches long.

He giggled, which sounded more like hacking cough. My dear, you won’t feel any pain at all, I promise. Just get down on the floor and show me that pretty ass of yours.

Since I was already naked, I simply turned and went down on my knees and elbows.

When I looked over my shoulder, I noted that he was already hard and his cock was completely out of proportion with his short body.

On the table was a small bowl and he put his hand into it and then began to stroke his cock. “Lubricant, simple animal fat,” he said.

Then he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing my anus. The next thing I knew was him sliding in, inch by inch and he was right, there was no pain, just glory, and excitement.

When he reached as far as he could, he scoffed. “Hmm, you are not very deep, girl.”

By then I was gasping, he filled me up, and I was on the verge of begging him to pull out, it wasn’t the pain since there were none, but the sensation was very different and a bit uncomfortable.

He began to fuck me with long slow thrust and little by little my body adjusted to the new sensation, and before I knew it, I was moaning like a bitch in heat. He would gently slap my ass cheeks, left, right and then left again, while fucking me harder and harder.

“Ah, Jaffar, Jaffar, give it to me.”

He laughed and said to the woman watching us. “See, no one can be fucked by me without wanting more.”

It lasted maybe five minutes, and then I felt his shaft begin to throb, and when he shot his load inside me, it ran out and down along my inner thighs. I loved the feeling of his cum inside my ass, so warm and wonderful.

As a last token of appreciation, he licked my ass hole clean and then went back to his grapes and wine.

That night I lay in bed, wondering what other delights I would learn the following night, but it would never come to be. When I came home, my father had invited to men to our house, and early the next morning I woke to screams outside.

I looked out the window and saw a group of men standing in the front yard. They were demanding my father turned the two men over to them so they could fuck them, but my father refused. There were a few pushes and hard words then one of the strangers walked out and held up his hand.

“May the hand of the Lord make you see no more,” he called out.
The men feel to their knees grasping at their eyes and while I watched all their eyeballs fell out of their sockets making them blind.

What happened next is just a blur. My parents, my sister and I were told by the stranger to leave and not turn back to look at Sodom because God would destroy it for being a wicked place full of sinners.

As we ran out into the plain, my mother turned, and as she did, she became a pillar os salt. My sister and I cried as we kept on running. When we were a safe distance away one of the strangers walked up to me.

“You, Sarafina, the sinner of the family Lot, I hereby curse you, you will have to drink the seed of men three times a day for eternity and you will lose your virginity again, and again every time you bed a man, be gone, or I will kill you.”

As I turned to run I saw fire and brimstone rain down on Sodom, my father and sister crying and the two strangers turned to the sky while wings grew out of their back. With a whoosh, they were gone.


A tear ran down her cheek, and I kissed it away. “I’m sorry for you,” I said.

She turned to me and smiled a little. “I’m a sinner, a fornicator, and have done horrible sexual acts. I deserve what I got.”

“Maybe, but I’m glad I have met you and just, so you know, I want you to stay with me.”

She caressed my cheek and whispered. “No, I can’t, part of the curse is I need seed from a new man every five days, or I will die.”

She got out of the bed and began to dress. I just stared at her, she was my dream girl, thousands of years old or not, I wanted her, I was in love with her.

“Please, Sarafina, stay.”

She was by the door, and looking back at me she said, “Thank you, thank you for saving my life, but I must be on my way.”


The door closed and she was gone.










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