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The Grimoire - Part 3 Marie Alexandra Victoria

Contributing Authors: ChrisM 

Following The Grimoire Part 2, John goes to Romania to meet Queen Marie

Returning home from Egypt and a long week with Cleopatra, Agnes and I did very little but sleep for two days. I had lingering dreams of the Queen of the Nile. Visions of her beautiful naked body haunted my sleep. My mind kept replaying videos of Agnes and Cleo wrapped together moaning as their tongues brought one orgasm after another.

The constant dreams kept me in an almost continuous state of arousal. Because Agnes and I never wore any clothes to bed, I was awakened several times by my sweet witch riding my hard cock.

It was then that I realized that this was going to be the story of the rest of my life. I was going to end up living inside my uncle’s book. Like my Uncle Darcy, I would live without aging while enjoying hedonistic pleasure for as long as I wanted, with any woman I wanted. If I felt lazy, I had only to command my beautiful witch to satisfy my needs. There was no sexual desire that woman couldn’t fulfill. It was a mind-blowing realization.

I rolled over on Agnes sleeping naked beside me. As my stiff cock plunged to her depths, she opened her eyes in surprise. “I thought you were too tired for more sex.”

“I got over it,” I said with a smile as I began to give her hard, deep thrusts. “We’re going to fuck like a couple of animals for a while, and then you’re going to take me to see my Uncle Darcy.”

“You can have anything you want,” she groaned as she locked her heels around my legs. “I never get tired of your beautiful cock.”

An hour later we had showered and dressed. “I’m ready to see Uncle Darcy now,” I told Agnes. “I’m anxious to see him again.”


In a flash, we were standing in a warm and comfortable room. The furniture was dark leather; it seemed to beckon you to recline. As my eyes adjusted to the sight, my uncle walked into the room.

“John!” he shouted and ran to embrace me. “You look wonderful,” he told me. “And if I see you here, I must be dead,” he said with a laugh.

"That’s entirely true, uncle, but you look very much alive to me,” I replied as I hugged him again. “I received the book at the reading of your will, and I simply can’t thank you enough. What an unbelievable gift.”

“I decided to give it to you when you were quite young,” he told me. “You were the only person in the family that I could imagine using the book properly.” He reached out his arm and pulled Agnes to his side. “I’m going to assume that you’ve also learned how to use Agnes.”

“His cock is even more beautiful than yours,” she told my uncle, "and he knows how to use it.”

“Excellent,” Darcy said with a bright smile. “I always knew you would be the man in the family. I’m so pleased to know I chose wisely.”

Taking my uncle’s hand and shaking it, I told him, “The magnitude of your gift just became clear to me this morning. Agnes and I had just returned from a trip to meet Cleopatra. I was drifting off to sleep when it dawned on me what my future would be. Now here I am with you and finding the truth of my epiphany. You look the same as you did when I last saw you. How long ago was it, uncle… thirty years?”

“Time doesn’t exist here, John. We enjoy each day and look forward to the next knowing that pleasure and fulfillment can be unending.”

“That’s what came to me this morning,” I told my uncle. “I just wanted to thank you and see if you wanted to give me any advice. After all, you’ve already been here quite a while.”

Uncle Darcy leaned back in his overstuffed chair, lit a cigar and smiled. “You don’t need any advice from me, John. Let Agnes take you around the world to learn the world's true history. And while you are learning, take the time to sample some of our planet’s most beautiful women and greatest lovers.”

“Are you still traveling, Uncle John?”

Darcy blew out a plume of smoke and laughed. “No, John. I gave that up when I met Jezebel. She isn’t a witch like Agnes. We stay here in the book and enjoy each other every day. She is a wonderful woman with an insatiable need for sex. As long as we are here alone, I receive all of her attention, and that’s the way I like it.”

Noticing that Darcy and I were alone, I asked, “Where did the women go?”

Laughing, Darcy ventured a guess that Jezebel had pulled Agnes into a bedroom for some lesbian fun. “My Jezebel has always found Agnes irresistible.”

“Perhaps you should tell me you went when you traveled back in time,” I suggested. “I wouldn’t want to cover the same ground you did.”

Walking to a desk, Darcy said, “I have a better idea.” Handing me a sheet of paper, he said, “This was a partial list of people I wanted to meet. I’ve researched them all and have noted the best time to see them. You wouldn’t want to show up in the middle of a war, after all.”

Looking down Darcy’s list, I noticed quite a mix of notable people from history. The list included King Henry and Louis XIV of France, Henry VIII of England and Caligula. “This is quite a list uncle. But I notice that the list includes a lot of men. I would think you’d want to visit some of the famous women.”

“Well now,” my uncle said. “Perhaps I can give you some advice. Some of the kings of the past were quite notorious for their sexual adventures. If you spent some time with Louis XIV, you’d probably roll in bed with many of the women of his court. You’ll also find through most history women weren’t supposed to enjoy sex or even desire to have it. If you are with the right people, the women you meet will also be different.”

Holding his fingers up with a small space between them Darcy laughed saying, “I came this close to spending some time with Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden. Now there was a man who knew how to party.”

“Why didn’t you go?” I asked.

“I met Jezebel and my traveling days were over,” he answered. “I’ll give you one more piece of advice since you’ve asked. I think someone to put high on your list would be Marie of Romania. She was married to King Ferdinand when she was about eighteen. She was a beautiful woman with a less than perfect marriage. She made up for her problems with the King by taking lovers. Marie had many lovers and six children.”

“I like that idea,” I told my uncle with some excitement in my voice. “How do I go about arranging it?”

“Very simple,” Darcy directed. “Do some research and find out when it would be best to go. Then you only need to tell Agnes when you want to make the trip. She’ll arrange the rest.”

“Don’t you think she’ll get jealous?”

“No,” Darcy insisted. “She’s a witch. You have entrapped her and vice versa, it’s her joy to do your bidding and be your partner in your adventures. I also detect that she is truly in love with you. As long as you share yourself with her and meet her needs, she’ll do as you suggest for as long as you wish.”




Back home I began planning our trip. After my discussion with Darcy, I decided that my next trip would be to Romania. I did some research on Marie, the wife of King Ferdinand. Everything I found suggested that she was an attractive woman. She had married young and almost immediately began producing children for the King.

But the records I found showed that Marie had not been happy with her husband. In Victorian times, women were not supposed to enjoy sex. In fact, they were taught to shun it as much as possible. I began to wonder if the King became displeased with his young wife because she wasn’t very proper. The more I read, the more I came to the decision that Marie enjoyed sex and wanted more. The King was unhappy with her brazen attitude and only had sex with her when he felt he needed to produce an heir to the throne.

After doing as much research as I felt necessary, I called Agnes into my study. “It’s time for another trip,” I told her.

“Are we going back to see your uncle?” she asked. “I always enjoy them. He was a kind and tender lover before he found Jezebel and he has not changed, I also like her very much.”

“And she obviously likes you too,” I said smiling. “You rarely had your clothes on while we visited them.”

“I didn’t see you complain,” Agnes came back in a huffy voice. “You were serviced by both women. Surely it wasn’t unpleasant.”

Pulling Agnes into my lap, I kissed her neck and took one of her breasts in my hand. “Sex with you is always my pleasure, my little witch. After we plan this trip, I’ll set aside several hours and take you to orgasmic heaven and back.”

Her attitude quickly changed. “I am happy to be yours, John. What is it you wish?”

“I want to go to Romania,” I told her. “I’d like to arrive there in the spring of 1905. Our destination will be the Bran Castle, just outside Brasov.”

“Are you looking for vampires?” she said with a grin. “That’s part of Transylvania.”

“I don’t need any vampires, thank you,” I said with a laugh. “I want you to set me up with Marie, wife of King Ferdinand. The records I’ve found show that she went to spend three weeks at Bran Castle, the first of April, 1905. She would buy the castle some years later, but 1905 is when I want to meet her.”

“Your wish can easily be granted,” Agnes said cheerily. “How do you plan to get an audience with her?”

“Arranging an audience is your job, Agnes. I know that Marie was fascinated with America and she had several friends from the US. In fact, it’s possible that one of her American friends was also a lover.”

“So,” Agnes said with her hands on her hips, “You plan to bed her?”

“I don’t expect her to be on a sexual level with Cleopatra, but I believe that she will want to share a bed with me if only to find out more about my country.”

“When would you like to go?” Agnes asked.

I pulled Agnes over once more giving her a smart whack on her perfectly formed butt. “I plan to spend tonight fucking you like a wild animal. Any time after we finish, and you are sated will be satisfactory.”

Agnes rubbed the spot on her bottom where I had spanked her. “I’ve never been sated and never will be of you,” she whispered before she kissed me. “We’ll go in two days. I’ll have some things to prepare.”







In the blink of an eye, we arrived in Bucharest. Agnes informed me that we would be taking the train to Brasov. We would check into a local hotel before meeting with Queen Marie. Once again I noted that my clothing was correct for the time and place. When we arrived in Egypt, I was dressed in something that resembled a kilt. Now I found myself in a proper suit for the times and with a hat on my head.

“What kind of hat is this, Agnes?”

“It’s called a ‘topper,’ John. It’s the hat that gentlemen wear at this time and in this place. In England, the hats are higher and bolder, but the Romanians are a little more practical,” she told me. “Let’s get our luggage.”

“We have luggage?”

“Of course,” she answered with a grin. “We are proper people traveling together. You will refer to me as your secretary. I will call you Mr. Wilson.”

“Why Wilson?”

Agnes gave me a look like I was a bit slow. “In Egypt, I called you a prince. Here you will be a man of industry. I’ll let it be known that you are a rich industrialist looking for business opportunities.”

“When will we see Marie?”

“After I have made the arrangements,” she answered, again acting as if I wasn’t keeping up with her. “We’ll check into the hotel. While you relax, I’ll make the arrangements with the Queen.”

After we were set up in the hotel, I found that Agnes was not staying in my room. “Why do we have separate rooms?”

“Because in 1905, proper ladies and gentlemen didn’t stay in the same room unless they were married. I am supposed to be your secretary. I’ve ordered a suite with two bedrooms.” She gave me that nymph-like look that I had come to love saying, “Don’t worry, John. I won’t let your bed get cold, and my body will be yours for the taking.”

The suite was roomy with a great view of the city. I could have been entertained for hours standing at the large window as I observed the people below. Those I saw were all well-dressed. Every man wore a hat. The women wore dresses that made me think they must be hot even in the moderate temperatures of spring. I began to chuckle wondering how the citizens below would react to someone wearing jeans, t-shirts, and sandals.

The door opened, and Agnes entered followed by a bellman pushing a cart. “I’ve brought lunch, Mr. Wilson,” she announced. “Just put the cart there,” she said, pointing to where she wanted the cart. As the bellman was leaving, Agnes quietly slipped him a tip and closed the door behind him.

“He looked startled,” I told Agnes as I went to look at the cart.

“I gave him a very generous tip,” she told me.

“Where did you get the money?” I inquired.

“John,” she said with mild disgust. “I’m a witch. Coming up with money is a simple matter.”

“Do we have a plan?” I asked as I looked at the food on the cart.

“Yes, we do,” She answered as she began to remove the heavy dress she was wearing. “First we’ll have lunch. After lunch, you’ll go to bed to get some rest. After you are naked, I’ll pay some close attention to your cock. After you’ve made some of your sweet cum for me, you’ll sleep soundly for a couple of hours. I’ll wake you at 5:00, and you’ll have a bath and dress. Marie’s coach will pick you up at the main door to the hotel at 7:00.”

“Will you be joining me?”

“No,” she answered with a grin. “You’ll not need me when you meet Marie. Besides, I think that young bellman may want to come back up and seduce me after you’re away.”

“You little slut,” I said with a laugh.

“I’m doing it all for you, John,” she told me with a wicked smile. “The things I do will go to Marie’s mind. When I pull the bellman’s face between my legs, she’ll feel what I feel. Let’s say that I’ll help get her in the mood.”

“Does she know anything about me?”

“She knows what I’ve told her,” Agnes answered as she dropped her heavy clothing and stood before me wearing very little. “Marie is a Romanian patriot. She may have been born in England, but she has completely accepted being Romanian. She wants what is best for her country. Tonight she’ll talk with you about business interests that may help her country develop trade with the United States.”

“Does she know much about the US?”

“Actually, she knows more than you might think,” Agnes told me as she made a sandwich from the bread, meats, and cheeses on the cart. “Marie is a great admirer of the States and hopes that she’ll have the opportunity to visit there someday. Since you’ve read her history, you know that she’ll get her chance to go there in a few years.”

“After the war,” I added.

“She doesn’t know about the war yet, so I advise you to say nothing about it.”

After we finished lunch, Agnes led me into the most substantial bedroom and began undressing me. “I don’t know if secretaries helped their employers dress and undress in the early 1900’s, but this is something that I do for my pleasure,” she said with a sly smile at me.

By the time she had me naked, my cock felt like a piece of steel. The little witch could always arouse me with damned little effort. She pulled back the covers of the bed, instructing me to lie on my back. Once I was flat on the sheets, Agnes curled up beside me, taking my stiff rod gently in her hand.

“You know, I love this cock,” she said in a whisper. “It is a thing of beauty. I could play with it for hours.”

“I have no plans to stop you,” I told her with a grin.

Agnes got on her knees between my legs, continued to lightly stroke my cock and began giving me instructions. “John, you need to keep in mind that we are in 1905. Things were very different then. Marie will not have a shaved pussy like mine. We are in what was called the Victorian Age. Women weren’t supposed to like sex. So you’ll need to keep that in mind and go slowly.”

“But what I’ve read says that Marie had many liaisons with men outside her marriage. She must have enjoyed sex.”

“That’s true,” she said as her lips neared the head of my cock. “But civilized people didn’t do things like we do now.” She ran her tongue around the end of my penis giving me a shiver.

“Women of breeding would never do this,” she said as she pushed half of my cock in her mouth. Once it was slippery with her saliva, Agnes began to stroke it again. “Oral sex was just not done,” she said softly. “That doesn’t mean that Marie won’t like it, but you need to understand that she may have never done it.”

“Don’t expect her to do this,” Agnes whispered as she began to fondle my balls. “Proper ladies just didn’t do such things. Such demonstrations of sexual wantonness were reserved only for whores. But then, you like me as a whore.”

“Indeed I do,” I answered with my eyes closed.

“People at this time in history also didn’t do anal,” she told me as her hand gripped my cock a little tighter. “I know how much you like your member buried in my ass, but that isn’t something that you can expect Marie to want to do.” Agnes stroked my cock in silence for a few moments before she said, “You do like my ass, don’t you, John.”

“I love your ass, Agnes,” I answered, feeling my juices beginning to boil. This witch knew what to do and say to get me orgasmic.

“You like to bury it in my ass and hear me talk dirty to you, don’t you John?”

“Yes, I do, baby. You go a little crazy when I fuck your beautiful ass.”

Agnes knew she had me right where she wanted me. She took my cock back into her mouth, squeezed my balls and hot cum shot out of me like from a cannon. Agnes moaned as she milked me until I was dry. As my cock began to soften, she covered me with the bed sheets, kissed my cheek, and said, “Get some rest now.”







At 7:00 a shiny black carriage pulled up in front of the hotel. A man in uniform climbed down from it and inquired, “Might you be Mr. Wilson from the United States?”

“I am he.”

Opening the carriage door, he bowed saying, “Her Majesty, Queen Marie is expecting you, sir.”

“Thank you,” I said as I climbed into a very luxurious cabin.

“The trip will only take about fifteen minutes, Mr. Wilson. You will find a chilled bottle of the best Romanian wine in the box between the seats as well as glasses. Please enjoy the short trip.”

As the carriage began to move, I poured myself a glass of wine and leaned back to enjoy the view. The wine was quite excellent as was the landscape. There was still sunlight available giving me a chance to see the countryside. The carriage moved smoothly upward toward Marie’s temporary residence.

By the time we reached the entrance to Bran Castle, there was hardly any sunlight remaining. There were bright torches outside the gate and three men in uniform waiting for me when I exited the carriage. One of the men stepped up and saluted saying, “Sir, Queen Marie has instructed me to lead you into the castle. She will join you shortly.”

The uniformed man led me down a short hallway and up stone stairs. Once we were on what I thought to be the primary living level of the castle, he took me to what I would have called a ‘sitting room.’ The furnishings were elegant and without doubt, expensive. The man that led the way handed me a glass of wine saying, “The Queen will be with you shortly.”

I was standing in front of the fireplace admiring an oil painting when I heard footsteps at the door. Turning, my eyes fell on Queen Marie. To my surprise and profound pleasure, Marie was much more beautiful than I had expected. She was wearing a long gown that hugged her body and fell to her feet. The dress fit her so snugly that it left no question as to her voluptuous body. The photos I had seen of her gave no inkling of her beauty or pure unadulterated sexiness.

“Mr. Wilson,” she said in a voice dripping with sex appeal. “How very nice to meet you,” she said as she walked to me, extending her hand.

Reaching out to take her hand I said, “You’ll excuse me, Queen Marie. I’m an American and don’t know if I should shake your hand or kiss it.”

She gave me a bright smile and asked, “Which would you prefer?”

Taking her soft hand in mine, I bowed and kissed the top of her hand tenderly. “Excuse me, your highness, but I’ve seen photographs of you, but none did your beauty justice. You are truly a beautiful and stunning woman.”

“Mr. Wilson,” she replied with a small laugh. “You are certainly an American. You are bold and brash.” She paused a moment before saying, “And I very much appreciate both bold and brash.”

Within seconds a man appeared at her side holding out a glass of wine. Marie took the drink, held it out toward me, and said, “Welcome to Romania. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.”

“Now that I’ve met you, how could my stay be anything but joyful?”

Turning, Marie walked to a bright red love seat. She sat and patted the space next to her. “Come sit next to me and tell me why you are in my country.”

“Besides meeting you?” I asked with a grin, “I want to look into the possibilities of an import business between your country and mine. You have quite a following in the States, and I’m looking to capitalize on it.”

“Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to import?”

“To start with,” I answered, “The wines I’ve tasted here are excellent. Is there a possibility of your exporting Romanian wines?”

“We have done some wine exports to France, Poland, and Austria, but none to your country.”

“Then we have a place to start,” I said as I gazed into her sparkling blue eyes.

Queen Marie didn’t speak for what seemed like a long time. She seemed to be sizing me up, and it was making me a little nervous. Finally, she said, “Would you like to stay and have dinner with me, Mr. Wilson?”

“I would if you would call me John.”

“And when the servants aren’t around you’ll call me Marie or Missy?” she said softly.

“It would be my pleasure,” I answered as I took her hand and gently kissed it once again.

Reaching to the table beside her, Marie took a small bell and rang it. Instantly a woman in a black dress and white apron appeared. “That’ll be two for dinner, Daniela.” Then turning back to me, she said, “Thank you for accepting my offer.”

“Only two?” I asked. “I always thought that royalty had a house full of guests.”

“I’m here on my own for a couple of weeks,” she told me. “My children are with their nanny while I get away from the demands of the throne in Bucharest.”

“I wouldn’t think that a Queen would be overly involved in the matters of state.”

“I don’t suppose that would be the case in most countries,” she told me as she sipped her wine. “But my husband, the King, is a weak man who has troubles making decisions. While he tries to keep it quiet, most of the advisors around him know that he never decides without consulting me. When I announced that I was taking this trip for some relaxation, I left him in charge. Since I’ve arrived, I’ve received several messages from him asking for advice.”

“Is that a heavy burden?” I asked.

“I love the Romanian people,” she told me. “I would do anything for them. Absolutely anything.”

Her phrase hung in the air between us, and I decided that she was giving me a message. “Anything?”

“Yes, John,” she whispered, “Anything.”

At that moment, Danila reappeared at the doorway. “Your majesty, we are ready to serve if you would like to dine now.”

Still holding me with her eyes, Marie said, “Excellent, Danila. We’ll be right in.” She rose gracefully and extended her hand. “Join me, John. I’m sure we’ll have an enjoyable dinner conversation.”

The dining room was large, and the two of us seemed to be insignificant sitting at one end of the long table. For well over an hour we talked as if we were old friends. She told me about the Golescu Mansion in Bucharest where she lived as well as her children. When I questioned her, she reminisced about growing up in England as the granddaughter of the Queen of England, Victoria.

Marie told me that one of her suitors was a brash young man named Winston Churchill. She had very much liked Winston, but her mother had already decided that the young man would amount to nothing. I gathered that she had had a happy life in England until her mother arranged her marriage to Ferdinand.

After dinner, Marie wanted to show me the upper level of Bran Castle. She told me the view from there was sensational. She ordered Danila to have wine and glasses put out for us and excused herself for a moment, saying that she needed to change her clothes to something a bit warmer for the outside air.

In twenty minutes she was back and surprised me with her appearance. She had let her hair down. It shone in the candlelight of the room. Marie was wearing a rather long robe tied with a golden cord just below her chin. It was disappointing to me because her lovely body was no longer in view. The robe covered her entirely.

Smiling brightly, Marie held out her hand to me saying, “Come along, John. Let me show you one of the secrets of Bran Castle.

We walked along hand in hand as she gave me a guided tour of the old castle. When we reached the top level, I was quite surprised to see the large space open to the bright Romanian night.

“Isn’t it lovely?” she cooed as we stood still in the middle of the space. “I love to come up here at night and gaze at the stars. Up here I feel alone and uplifted.”

“It is spectacular, Marie,” I told her, still holding her hand.

Marie pulled me toward a table at the edge of the rooftop patio and poured more wine. She touched her glass to mine and said, “Here’s to strangers in the night. May the sun find us, lifelong friends.”

We both sipped our wine before Marie stepped back and untied the cord on her robe. It dropped around her feet. You can imagine my shock when I found Queen Marie standing stark naked in front of me. Unable to open my mouth to speak, I stared at her voluptuous beauty. Her skin was fair and smooth. By no means did she look like a woman who had already given birth to four children. The moon’s rays shone on her leaving me spellbound.

Stepping close to me, Marie whispered. “I’ve been feeling this since I first saw you, John. All the while we’ve been talking I’ve had wild sexual urges. Something is telling me that you are a god of sexual fulfillment and I must find out for myself.”

“You are incredibly beautiful,” I was finally able to mumble.

“I know that I must give myself to you, John. I just know it.” She turned completely around to give me the complete view. “Does my body please you, John?” Then looking down she saw the bulge in my pants and giggled. “It would appear that you approve.”

“Something tells me that you can show me things I’ve never known,” she whispered in my ear as her hand pressed down on my erection. “I’ve had such strange emotions.” She gripped my hard cock and whispered, “I must have this, John. How do you want me?”

My brain and tongue finally reached an agreement before I asked, “What is your favorite position for sex?”

“How many are there?” she asked in surprise.

“Dozens if not hundreds,” I answered.

Marie’s hands jumped to cover her mouth but didn’t hide the smile on her face. “Dozens?”

“At least dozens,” I said as I reached out, grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her to me. “How many do you know?”

“One!” was her quick answer.

“Oh you poor thing,” I said as my fingers ran up the bare skin on her back. I leaned forward and kissed her neck feeling a shiver run down her spine. “I have so much to teach you and so little time.” Lowering my face, I sucked one of her light brown nipples into my mouth and felt her shiver again. When I moved to the other nipple, my hand slipped down between her legs where I found her dripping wet. Pushing one finger into her wetness, she groaned. When I put the second finger in she gasped.

“Does that feel good?” I asked. “It’s important to me that you enjoy what I’m doing.”

“Really?” she said pulling her face back to see mine. “You care if a woman enjoys the feeling?”

“It’s essential to me,” I whispered as I began to suckle on her breast again while my finger sought her most sensitive spot. Marie began to whimper as my fingers worked inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing to cover my hand.

“Oh dear god,” she gushed. “That’s incredible.”

I could have been mistaken, but I believe that Queen Marie had her first orgasm as my fingers worked on her in the fresh night air. Her body trembled, and her low groan sounded like something from a lioness in the heart of Africa. She began clawing at my trousers.

“I must have it,” she gasped.

“I’m going to turn you around and fuck you from behind,” I told her.

“Do what?” she asked in amazement. “Did you say fuck?”

“I did,” I said matter of factly. “What do you call it?”

“I’ve never used that word,” she said as a smile spread across her face, “But I think I like it. What do you want me to do?”

I led her to the outside wall of the terrace, turned her to face it and said, “Put your hands on the wall, spread your feet apart and lean over.”

Marie did as I said.

“You have the ass of a goddess,” I whispered as I dropped my trousers, freeing my stiff cock. “If you were mine I’d fuck you in this position every day.”

“Do it!” she commanded.

“Yes, my Queen,” I answered and pressed my cock into her steaming hot pussy in one smooth move. “Do you like the way it feels?”

“Oh yes!” she said in a loud whisper.

I put my hands on her hips and began thrusting in and out. With each sound of enjoyment, she made I pushed harder and faster. When I reached around and grabbed her breasts, Marie had her second orgasm.

Spotting a bench, I moved her to the edge of it, laid down on it with my cock sprouting up into the air. “Get on,” I told her.

Marie seemed to be mystified for a few seconds before she got the idea and straddled me, slowly dropping herself down until she had taken all of me into her wet sex.

“Now I want you to fuck me,” I commanded as I put my hands on her hips and began to push and pull her on my cock.

Suddenly a smile burst forth on her face, and she growled at me, “Oh, John. I think I like fucking.

For the next two hours, Marie and I moved through a variety of sexual positions. I couldn’t tell you how many orgasms she enjoyed, but there were many. I held off from my orgasm as long as I possibly could. When finally it became impossible to hold back any longer, I shot my semen all over her beautiful breasts.”

As I stood there holding my dripping cock in my hand, I asked, “Have you ever done that before?”

“No,” she answered, her breath coming in pants. “But I loved it.”

I ran my fingers through the cum on her chest and pushed one into her mouth. “Have you ever tasted it before?”

“No,” she gasped, “But I like it.” She smiled at me and took my cock in her hand. “Can we do it again?”

“I am your servant,” I said with a bow.

“Are there other things you can teach me?”

“You haven’t learned the joys of oral or anal sex yet,” I answered with a straight face.

“You don’t mean…” she stopped her sentence and grabbed her butt cheeks.

“Yes I do, Missy. I do not doubt that you would enjoy anal sex as much as anything else we’ve done tonight.”

Marie stood and rubbed her cum covered breasts against my bare chest. “You are a sex god. I just knew it. Soon you’ll leave me, and I’ll have no one to teach me.”

“I’m yours for as long as you want me,” I said as I pulled her to me for a long kiss.







Three days and three nights passed before I left Marie and her castle. We only dressed when it was time to eat, and her servants brought in food. When I walked out the door, I was utterly spent, and there was nothing sexual I knew that I hadn’t shown the Romanian Queen.

When I walked into the hotel room, Agnes was waiting for me. “You didn’t knock her up?” was the first thing she said to me.

“I don’t think so, Agnes,” I answered. “But the good Queen knows a lot more about sex now than she did three days ago.”

Agnes walked to me and put her arms around my middle. “And so does that young bellman you met. He may never recover.”

We stood in the middle of the room hugging and laughing. We had both had a grand time, but needed some rest.

We ordered a meal from room service. Agnes was surprised when she opened the door to find a different bellman making the delivery.

“Where is Andrei? She asked with a worried look on her face.

“I’m sorry, madam,“ The man told her as he pushed the cart into the room. “I’ve been told that Andrei is ill and will be away for several days.”

When the door closed behind the waiter, Agnes and I both broke into laughter. We had accomplished our mission and would have to return home to plan the next one.

As we stepped out of the hotel on our way to the train station, I looked up toward Bran Castle. “Sweet Marie,” I whispered. “You’ll live in my memories forever. I know what you face in the days ahead. I hope you’ll be able to look back on our time together fondly. You are one hell of a woman.”




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