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The Highwayman. Chapter two

The Highwayman. Chapter two

Jane get her first taste of adventure

Davey sat astride his horse in the trees, fifty paces from the rendezvous spot he had agreed to meet Lady Jane, and slowly shook his head at what he saw. Silhouetted in the moonlight, his new accomplice sat astride her mount. Not the white mare she had been riding on their first encounter, but a black stallion.

“My lady has much to learn; if she intends to survive long. Silhouetted as you are, a fine target you make for the revenue man's musket. A ball from a hundred paces would render you a corpse in the blinking of an eye. Never leave the trees until you have your mark in your sights,” Davey said without leaving the cover of the trees.

Jane wheeled her horse about and trotted to his side. “Sorry, my handsome rogue, are we expecting the revenue men this night?”

“Not to expect trouble is a quick route to the graveyard my lady,” Davey retorted.

As Jane sat alongside him, he studied both rider and horse. Unlike the last time they met, she was now dressed in black male attire, thigh length riding boots, black cloak, and her raven hair curled up under a tricorn hat.

“That is a magnificent beast you are astride,” Davey said as he leaned over and stroked its mane. Like his own mount, it was jet black and a good seventeen hands high.

“His names Shadow, he can gallop like the wind, with the grace of a gazelle,” said Jane, with pride in her voice. “And I have news of a pigeon for us to pluck. Two days hence at cockcrow, my husband will be sending a purse of golden guineas to his bankers. The money he has stolen from the pockets of poor tenants whose rent he has doubled.”

“Then we have a duty to relieve him of his ill-gotten gains,” Davey said with a laugh. “But first I am minded to plunder a sweeter treasure, which I believe, I may find between my lady's legs!”

“Then I have a proposal to make, my handsome rouge if you are brave enough,” Jane said looking into his dark eyes. “My husband's estate is but a league from here, I have a mind for a romp in the stables. Shadow here has earned some nice sweet hay, and my lover, you too may have some, as your bed for the sport you have in mind.”

But first is my attire to your liking as your accomplice, your partner in crime,” Jane said.

Davey cast his eye over her; he liked what he saw until he spied the small double-barrelled pistol in her saddle holster.

“My lady carries a bird scarcer as a weapon, you would be hard put to hit an elephant at twenty paces with that toy,” he said laughing.

“And, with these?” Jane said, sweeping back her coat to reveal a pair of beautiful flintlock pistols.

Davey let out a low whistle. “Handsome pieces, can their owner handle them?”

“I could blow off your balls at fifty paces. You cheeky dog.” Jane chuckled. “Now are we going to fuck, or are you not man enough?”

With that Jane tapped Shadows rump with her crop and galloped towards her home.

Taken by surprise it took Davey a few seconds to react, then, with a laugh spurred his own mount in pursuit.

Davey's mount that he had named Phantom, was as fast, if not faster than Shadow, but such was the skill of his rider, it took Davey a fair time to draw alongside.

Davey was the one to notice the other rider. He was on a parallel path to theirs, but fifty feet further down the hillside. He raised a hand to signal Jane to stop and placed a finger to his mouth to indicate for her to be silent.

As she looked at him quizzically, he leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Revenue man, he will have little money, but we can relieve him of his powder and shot, and it will be good practice for you.”

“Me, you want me to take him?” Jane said in a small voice. Then, more firmly, “Why not.” And before Davey could utter a word, urged Shadow down across the hill to fall in twenty yards behind the man.

The first indication the revenue officer had that he wasn't alone, was when the other horse drew alongside him, and he saw he was looking into the barrel of a flintlock.

“Please, I am a poor man, I have no money,” he cried out and raised his hands above his head.

“Then I will relieve you of your firearm, hand it over,” Jane's voice was firm but was that of a woman's.

Meekly he handed over his service issue pistol. Which Jane studied for a brief moment before hurling it into the bushes.

“I wouldn't threaten a sheep with that piece of shit,” she spat at the man. “But I will accept your powder and shot.

It was then the officer made his mistake. Thinking that no mere woman could be a real threat, pulled his dagger from his belt.

Davey sat on his horse on the path above, pistol drawn and ready to fell the man if he thought Jane was in danger. He had no need to worry. With the speed of a striking cobra, Jane brought the barrel of her pistol crashing into the man's face, shattering his teeth.

“Not a good idea my friend, now your powder and shot if you please, unless you want Betsie here to speak to you,” Jane said pointing her pistol at his blood covered face.

Two minutes later she was back at Davey's side. “Now, sir, we have important business to attend to.”

They both laughed as Davey pushed their stolen booty into his saddlebags. “Come, my vixen, let us away to your lair and celebrate the debt you now owe to the hangman's noose!”

Together the two riders spurred their horses forward at breakneck speed across field and valley until Jane suddenly pulled Shadow to a halt, and pointed to a break in the hedge.

“The entrance to the estate would be better to leave your horse here,” she whispered.

Davey dismounted and fastened Phantom rein to a branch. “Hush boy stay quiet. He had only lightly tied the horse's tether and knew if any bad fortune befell him, Phantom could break free and make his way back home.

Jane slipped a booted foot clear of the stirrup, “up you come to my fine friend, you may ride behind me.”

Davey smiled, he had ridden two-up before, but never behind such a beauty as the fair Jane. Placing his own booted foot in the stirrup, he swung himself easily onto Shadows back.

“Sir, may I trouble you for my stirrup back, you may hang on as you can.” There was humour in her voice as she slid her foot back into its place, and gently urged her mount forward through the small gap and across the meadow towards the darkened house.

Davey smiled and reaching around placed a hand over each of Janes’ breasts. “This will do nicely, now I won't fall.”

“Why not just jam your cock under the saddle as well. Just to be sure,” Jane called back as she trotted Shadow onwards.

“We will walk from here,” Jane whispered when they were half a furlong from the house. Silently they both slid from the horse and made their way on foot.

Even a sharp-eyed watch keeper would have been hard put to see the black-clad figures and black horse silently approach the stables.

Once inside Jane led Shadow to his stall, and with a skill born of long experience removed his saddle and bridle.

“Now our turn to divest my lover, follow me,” and so saying Jane climbed the ladder into the hayloft.

Davey smiled and, picking up a horse blanket from a peg followed Jane into the hay-filled loft, that was to become their love nest.

He laid the blanket on a thick layer of straw and stood to look at Jane. Their first furtive lovemaking had taken but a few minutes, this time they would be, for the first time, naked and able to explore each other to the fullest.

Not a word passed between them as they remove their clothes and stood to study each other's bodies. Davey stepped forward, took his lady by the hand, and lowered her to the blanket.

Still not a word was spoken as their lips met, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, their hands caressing, and their legs folding around each other in a synchronised ballet of sexual exploration.

Jane stretched herself back on the blanket and closed her eyes. Normally a dominant woman, she now gave herself wholeheartedly to the man beside her.

Looking at the naked beauty at his side Davey reached over and kissed each breast in turn, he was pleased to see her nipples swell and harden under his ministrations.

For ten minutes he continued to caress and fondle the firm young tits and their pointed nipples until Janes breath came in ragged gasps.

Taking his cue from her, Davey slid down to lay between her open legs, and lightly parted the pink lips of her moist cunt.

“Oh God yes, my cunny, my cunny is begging for you, my roguish lover,” Jane gasped.

Davey touched the tip of her clit with his tongue tip, and then with a fast flicking movement brought a moan of delight from her mouth, and an involuntary bucking of her hips.

Ten minutes of sucking, licking, and fingering had Jane screaming for release. Davey knew that so great was her lust that she would recover quickly for him to fuck her, so had no hesitation in using his mouth to bring her to her first orgasm.

As he rolled away from her heaving body, his face glistening with her cunt juice, he smiled up at her face. Eyes closed, gasping for breath, her tits heaving and fists opening and closing. He knew he had a wildcat on his hands.

“My God, how I have missed a real man, now my lover, it's my turn to arouse.” And pushing Davey onto his back, she grasped his hard cock in her hand and guided it to her waiting mouth.

Now Davey was no stranger to having some tavern Doxie suck his cock, and many a young wench had screamed out her orgasm impaled on his pounding fuck meat. But this was the first lady of breeding to take it into her mouth.

Jane, for her part, had often taken her obese husband's tiny member into hers. Usually gagging as his spunk ran down her throat. This man was different, there was a cock she would willingly suck, and to drink his issue would be nectar to her, so strong was her lust for the handsome, dangerous man whose cock, even now was swelling and twitching towards its climax.

As if the feeling of Janes warm mouth and flicking tongue was not enough to bring the spunk from his balls. Her next action was the final straw. As she tasted the first drops of his precum she slid a slim finger deep into his arsehole. The effect was instantaneous; jets of hot spunk flew from his cock into her mouth. Jane eagerly gulped down as much as she could while the rest ran from her mouth and dripped from her chin.

As Davey opened his eyes, he saw a smiling Jane looking at him as she used a finger to collect the drips of cum from her chin, and after inspecting it lifted it to her mouth and sucked it clean.

“I hope that cock of yours will be presenting itself for inspection again soon,” Jane laughed. “If not I will have to look elsewhere.”

“And where do you think you are going to find a man who will risk his neck being stretched for a romp in the hay with a highwayman's Doxie!”

Jane leapt to her feet, and balanced herself above his hardening cock and using both hands, held open her hairy sex slit. Then, without a word impaled herself on it.

“Fuck me, you scoundrel, drill your Doxie, make me your whore, my fine cocked lover.” Jane groaned as she pumped his fuck meat.

Davey looked up at the woman astride him, her pert tits bouncing, and her fingers twisting the hard nipples, as she rode to her orgasm. Then his fingers found her clit, as he strummed the little hard nub her eyes rolled into her head, and her mouth hung open in desperate lust as her second orgasm crashed through her body. This, coupled with her cunt muscles milking his cock pulled a second load of spunk from Davey's balls.

Jane smiled down at the man under her with his shrinking cock still buried in her juice covered cunt and smiling, said.” That's better my fine rouge, so you can roger a maiden after all. Far better than your first attempt, but I am sure you will get even better.”

“We will have to see my lady after we have relieved your husband of his tiresome purse come Wednesdays cock crow. But now 'tis best I remove myself from your company afore we are discovered, and our plans come to nought."

Jane lay for some minutes after he had slipped away into the night. Her body satisfied more than she could ever remember, and her mind full of excitement of both her robbery of the revenue man and the prospect of their next adventure.


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