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The Water Girl Part 2

Adeline is back in a new adventure pleasing her Domina and having fun with her friends.

Chapter 1

The villa was teaming with excitement when I woke up. I turned over and gave Laxia a kiss on her soft cheek and she stirred. Hearing the footfall and voices of the other slaves, she turned to me and with a sleepy voice asked, “What’s happening?”

“I have no idea, but I will find out.”

I got up, quickly put on my tunic, and then went in search for Paulus. He was always up early preparing breakfast for the slaves and for Domina and Dominus.

I found him in the kitchen cutting fruits.

“What’s going on?” I asked and robbed a slice of peach.

“Good morning my flower, how did you sleep? Did you dream of my cock in you?”

I giggled and kissed his cheek quickly. “No, I was too busy giving Laxia mouth to pussy and then I slept deeply.”

He used the knife in his hand to indicate the other slaves. “Dominus and Domina came home early after their trip. It looks like they have acquired a villa on the island of Capri, and we are going.”

“Who is we?”

“You, Laxia, me and a few more. They are having a great feast in two days, get Laxia, pack what you need, and meet me outside the villa.”

“I have to attend to my duties first.”

He shook his head, “No, you are no longer the water girl. You have been promoted to Domina’s body slave.”

When I went back to my sleeping quarters I found Laxia washing her face.

“I am now Domina’s body slave,” I said proudly.

“I’m glad for you. What news do you bring?”

After I told her, her face went white and her eyes filled up with tears.

“What is wrong?”

“I...I...I don’t like the sea.”

“Don’t worry, I will be with you, and I am sure we will be safe.”

I rushed out and went to see my Domina. I found her in her bedchambers together with Dominus.

“Ah, there you are, girl. I have been waiting for you.”

“I am so sorry, Domina.”

“I am tired after the travel and I need a bath.”

That meant that she wanted me to put mouth to pussy, which I looked forward too. Domina had the most fantastic flower with meaty petals and she tasted heavenly.

“Yes, Domina.”

At the bath, I helped her off with her clothes and then my own. Together we stepped into the water and after reaching for a washcloth I helped her sit down at the furthest end. A small statue of a naked boy spurted out the warm water.

“Paulus told me about your purchase and that we are all going there,” I said while cleaning her.

“Ah, that cock sucker, are you two still together?”

I blushed, “sometimes, Domina.”

“I see and who is your new lover?”

“Laixa, Domina.”

She turned to me and caressed my cheek, her fingers soft as a butterfly’s wing. Her green eyes were heavy from sleep. When she spoke her lush lips parted showing white teeth.

“So, you have gone from cock to wildflower? She is quite easy on the eyes.”

“Yes, Domina, she is, and no, I still enjoy cock sometimes.”

“Good girl, one should never stay with one joy when two is so much better. Stay with me, I need to rest.”

I sat with her for an hour while she slept in the water, her head tilted back and resting on a towel. I knew she liked being touched so I gently caressed her legs, hips, arms and stomach. I wasn’t allowed to touch her flower or her breasts since the excitement would wake her up.

While I did it I wondered what we would do on Capri, apart from attending her and Dominus. Would we be allowed to go and play on the beach or swim in the pool that would obviously be at the villa?

When she woke she blinked a few times and then smiled at me. I helped her up so that she sat on the ledge and then I moved in between her long legs.

She spread her thighs and laid down on the stone floor giving me full access to her soft sex.

I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit as slowly as I could until I reached her button. There I lingered, licking and nibbling it. She began to moan and her breath turned short. As I slid in two fingers and began to move them back and forth she tried to close her legs but couldn’t due to my head. Instead, she lifted her legs out of the water and placed one foot next to me ears. Her back came off the floor and her hips pushed against my face as I pleasured her faster and faster with my fingers.

I had them slightly hooked because I had learned that inside there was a spot that if rubbed correctly would create a much stronger feeling of pleasure than just the button. This was something Laixa had taught me and when I did it to Domina the first time, she was so excited and pleased that she gave me a small melon to share with Laixa.

“Oh, girl, you are better every time, so good, so, so, good,” and with those words, her flower closed in throbs as she exploded with pleasure.

After I gave her a final lick and a kiss on the button she pushed me away and slid back into the water.

“Go, get ready and I will see you in the atrium,” she said.

Chapter 2

The trip to the coast was hot and long. We stopped several times so we could drink and relieve ourselves behind a bush. Domina and Dominus were in high spirits and had fruit served to everyone. I hadn’t seen them so happy before, they acted like children.

Laixa, Paulus, and I rode in the second wagon just behind Domina and Dominus. Behind us followed two more. One had house slaves and the last, household items that were needed and couldn’t be found on the island.

“How was the bath?” said Paulus with a grin.

“Good, I gave Domina pleasure until her toes curled and she made sounds like a bitch in heat.

Laixa laughed and reached for my left boob. She sat next to me and when she gently squeezed it she said, “Oh, but you my flower were not pleasured, right?”

I sighed. “No, and my pussy yearns for attention, it is like an abyss and I need that void filled.”

“Come here and sit on my stick,” said Paulus and moved his tunic to the side exposing his hard shaft. I gave Laixa a look, as if asking for permission and she nodded. I quickly straddled Paulus facing away from him so if someone would look in it would appear I was sitting against the wall.

I grabbed his cock and gently lowered myself until he was deep inside me. His shaft stretched my flower petals as I began to ride him.

“Mm, you are so big inside me,” I moaned.

He grabbed my hips and began to thrust into me as I moved up and down.

“You two look like animals,” giggled Laixa.

The heat made me sweat and soon my hair was plastered to my face, and sweat drops ran down dripping off my chin.

“I’m almost there,” panted Paulus and I felt his shaft throb.

I got off him and took him in my mouth. I kept eye contact with Laixa who smiled as he began pumping his seed into my mouth. Hot, sticky, and tasting heavenly, I swallowed as much as I could while a few drops escaped and Laixa leaned in and licked them off my skin.


When we reached the port we all got out and began loading our belongings and those of Domina and Dominus onto the ship waiting for us. It wasn’t very big and Laixa looked at it in fear. I pointed at the flat surface of the water and said, “Look, it’s calm, we’ll be fine.”

“I’m not so sure, I have heard of giant monsters sleeping under the water and they will rise and drag any vessel below the surface.”

I laughed. “Your imagination is too big, there are no such monsters.”

When we were all aboard the ship, it left the quay and we moved out to sea. The oarsmen worked hard and together with the square sail we moved fast over the calm surface.

Domina and Dominus stood by the railing holding hands and looking at the island of Capri, which was fast approaching.

The fresh air of the sea and the sun made me feel better than I had ever felt. I took deep breaths and turned my face to the orange disc in the sky. I had heard Domina and Dominus talk about a people far away who prayed to their sun god Ra and for a moment I thought I knew why.

The villa was enormous. There was an open yard where the three wagons and horses had plenty of space to manoeuvre. It was surrounded by flower beds and fruit trees where fruit hung low.

When Laixa and I followed Domina and Dominus inside we first arrived in an atrium with a large pond where a statue of a fish spurted water.

 “The slave quarters are through the house to the left. Have Paulus and the other kitchen slaves prepare food,” said Domina and then left with Dominus.

Laixa and I helped the others taking the things from the wagon inside and then Paulus went off with two more slaves.

“This is nice,” said Laixa when we stood in the slave quarters. Each room had space for two people and there were pillows and blankets on the floor. I saw chains hanging from the walls but knew that none of us would be chained up for the night. Domina and Dominus were not that kind of people.

While we waited for the food to be ready we went to explore the villa. Apart from our rooms, there were three more rooms for slaves. We found six other bed chambers apart from the master bed chamber where Domina and Dominus were talking softly. To the left of the atrium was another large room that we guessed was used for lavish dinner parties because it had a long table that easily fit up to twenty guests. Further on we walked out onto a large terrace with a view over the open sea. We stood there, holding hands and taking in the breath-taking sight.

“This is amazing,” said Laixa and then kissed my cheek.

“It is, I wonder what is at the end of the sea?”

“Monsters, I told you. If a ship falls over the edge it will be devoured by them.”

“Don’t be stupid, there are no monsters,” I said and nudged her with my elbow.

“That’s what you think, but I swear there are.”

“Let’s go and see how Paulus is doing.”


Laixa and I ate a light lunch of bread dipped in olive oil, and fruit. While we did we watched Paulus and the other slaves finish with the food for Domina and Dominus. They feasted on roasted chicken and boar with plates full of cheeses and hams.

While our masters ate and drank, Laixa and I stood behind them. We didn’t speak if not spoken to but we listened, and what we heard made our bodies hot with excitement.

Domina slowly chewed on a grape and then said, “Have you spoken to Romolus?”

“Yes, my dear. The Nubian will be here as promised.”

“Is it true what they say?”

Domino chuckled and kissed his wife’s cheek. “If you mean that he has a giant cock, yes it is. They say few women can take him and those who can have a problem walking afterwards.”

“Dear Jupiter, that must be some cock on him.” She turned to me and said, “Adelina, would you take such a cock in your young flower?”

“I...I... don’t know, Domina.”

“What about you Laixa, do you think you could take him?”

“I would do anything that pleases you and Dominus.”

She giggled. “We’ll see who gets the pleasure of trying his size.”

When they retired to their afternoon rest, Laixa and I went down to the sand beach below the villa. We had to walk past a lower terrace that held a pool and then we were on the hot sand. I had never felt anything like it.

“What do you think, about the Nubian?” said Laixa as we walked hand in hand down to the water.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t want my flower damaged by a black monster cock.”

She giggled. “I’ll tell you a story. A few months before you arrived there was a Gladiator in the villa that Domina had hired to please her. His cock looked like a baby holding an apple in its fist. I often heard Domina scream as he plunged his shaft into her.”

“What happened to him?”

“Well, apparently he preferred younger women so when he laid his eyes on me he decided it was a good idea to seduce me, and you know how I am, I just love a good cock.”

We had reached the water and I carefully dipped my big toe into the calm water. It was warm so I put down my foot.

“Then what happened?” I asked,

“One night he came into my room and took me. No foreplay, no kissing, he simply rubbed his giant cock along my slit until I was wet and then pushed himself inside me. I screamed with pain and pleasure while he fucked me savagely until he came and his seed flowed over my face and down my neck.”

I pulled up my tunic and walked into the water. I could see small fish with beautiful colors and little black balls with spikes. They looked like hedgehogs but lived in the water.

Laixa continued. “In the morning the Gladiator was flogged in front of all of us and the Domina proceeded to cut his throat with a knife.”

“She had woken up from my screams and knew from her own experience what had happened. She had me flogged also, but since she considered me too young to be responsible she let me live. I will never forget how he filled me up, it felt like my body was skewered on his shaft and it was an amazing feeling, so yes, if I have the opportunity I want the Nubian inside me.”

We walked along the water in silence and when we reached the other end of the beach we turned back. The sun glittered on the surface and hurt our eyes with its reflection.

“Laixa, do you ever dream about being free?”

“Shush, never say that aloud, it could mean your death.”

“I know, but do you?”

She was quiet for a while and then almost whispered. “Yes, I do. I want to see my parents, my village again before I die.”

“My parents are dead, but I want to go home to my people and die in my own land.”


The Romans were a funny people when it came to oral sex. They called it ‘Os Imporum’ meaning dirty mouth. Domina and Dominus would never give oral pleasure to each other only slaves could do that and that’s why I found myself watching Laxia sucking and licking Dominus’ cock later that afternoon.

We were by the pool under a tent the house slaves had raised and a couple of slave boys stood to one side moving large fans to give us a bit of cool air.

Domina and Dominus wanted to fuck, but they didn’t like to do it in their bedchamber since they would have to sleep in their own liquids.

Domina loved watching Dominus being sucked by either Laixa or myself. While we watched I gently massaged her breasts and her soft flower until it was wet and ready. Laixa was careful not to make Domino reach his peak, which would mean he couldn’t perform with his wife.

“I’m ready, my dear,” she said in a sultry voice.

“Me too, shall we?”

Laixa and I got up and Dominus moved over to his wife where he proceeded to lay between her legs. She grabbed his shaft and guided him to her flower. As he entered her she gasped and said, “Girls, do your thing.”

Laixa and I giggled as we moved into the position Domina liked to see us in. I would be on top with my face between Laixa’s legs and she under me where she could lick my pussy.

Domina had walked in on us one afternoon and the sight of us together had made her steaming like a hot bowl of soup.

“My dear, you are so hard inside me,” she said while digging her nails into her husband’s back.

I saw this from the corner of my eye while licking Laixa who was dripping wet by now. Her own tongue penetrated deep inside me between soft kisses to my button. Her legs began to press against the sides of my head and her gasping and moaning increased.

“You two are so beautiful,” moaned Domina, meaning us. Dominus huffed and puffed as he drove his cock in and out of her flower and suddenly he stopped, and with a deep growl emptied himself inside her.

“Quickly, Adeline, come and help me,” said Domina when Dominus had moved away.

Her legs were spread wide and a drop of Dominus seed could be seen glittering in the sun. I did what she asked and knelt between her legs. Gently I began to lick her soft petals and spread them with my fingers. As Dominus seed began to trickle out I lapped it up and ended with sucking the last drops from her flower.

“Ah, you are so good at that,” she moaned when I moved away from her and took up position at her feet with Laixa next to me.

“It is my pleasure,” I said and licked a drop of seed from my lip.

She turned to Dominus. “Dear, don’t you think Laixa and Adeline are the best girls we have ever had?”

“I do, and they deserve a small gesture of our gratitude. Girls, feel free to use the pool.”

We looked at each other and without a word tore at out tunics until we were naked. Then we proceeded to jump into the cool water where we played with each other’s boobs to Domina’s and Dominus great pleasure until the sun went down into the sea and to my surprise, it made no hissing sound.

Chapter 3

The following morning a small army of slaves were brought to the villa to prepare for the night’s festivities. We had been told by Domina to expect around a hundred men and women from the most influential families on the island and from the towns nearby on the mainland.

The pond was covered with thick planks and pillows in bright colours lay on top. This was where the Nubian would perform with the sex slaves that would arrive with him later in the afternoon. Laixa and I were in charge of setting up the surrounding area for the guests. We had pillows and low table set around the atrium making sure the guests would have a good view wherever they sat. Oil lamps were placed on shelves on the walls together with incense.

In the kitchen, Paulus and his slaves worked hard preparing all the food and drink that would be served. I smiled when I saw the water girls and remembered my time as one of them.


Domina and Dominus stood in the front yard when the first guests arrived. Laixa and I stood a couple of feet behind them ready to help with anything that might be needed.

The first to arrive was the magistrate of the island, a man in his fifties with white hair and a long lean body. His wife who stepped down after him was a short round woman a few years younger. Both were dressed in white togas with a red sash around their waists. Domina and Dominus saluted them and then ushered them inside for refreshments while they themselves stayed outside waiting for the next wagon.

About two hours later all the guests had arrived but not the Nubian and his sex slaves. I was dying to see him so when Laixa and I were told to go and check on Paulus in the kitchen I pulled her aside.

“Where is he?”

She giggled. “Is your flower so eager to take him in its folds that you can’t wait?”

“Oh, stop it. I know your petals are moist like a flower in the early morning dew.”

“You are right, they are, but I can’t help you. He will arrive when he arrives. I’m sure he will make a spectacular entrance.”

We found Paulus in the kitchen where he was screaming at the other slaves, water, and wine girls and there was chaos with pots, pans everywhere.

“Can we help?” I asked.

“On Jupiter’s cock, I swear Domina and Dominus have the stupidest slaves in the country.” He turned to a young man standing by the wild boar being roasted. “Add more wine and nuts, you idiot, and keep turning, or he will burn.”

I gave Paulus a kiss and fondled his cock a little. “Calm down, or you will explode.”

His cock grew hard in my hand and he sighed. “You are right as always my little flower.” His hand found my petals and he slid a finger inside me.

“You are wet, what have you and Laixa been up too?”

We both laughed and Laixa said, “Not I, rather our young friend is like a bitch in heat and the Nubian is what is making her so.”

Paulus took his hand away and his face was that of concern. “You are not thinking of him mounting you?”

I blushed, “Yes I am.”

“No, no, please don’t. He can damage you forever and make your flower so loose a baby would fall right out of you.”

I laughed. “Don’t worry, I can handle him.”

He looked at Laixa who put a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll take care and help her.”

“Okay, now, both of you, get out of here, I have work to do.”

Chapter 4

When we entered the atrium we split up and walked among the guests making sure that their cups were full and that they were comfortable. Some sat and others lay on the pillows and groups had formed along the walls. The anticipation of the coming spectacle was high and I heard both women and men speak in low whispers of what to expect.

I had almost arrived at the far end where I would meet Laixa when there was a commotion in the front yard. I headed that way and as I arrived Laixa came up behind me.

“Is it him?” she said.

We watched as a large wagon drawn by four white stallions arrive and stop. It was dark now and in the flames from the torches held by slaves and in holders on the wall, I saw a small man get out of the wagon.

He dusted off his tunic and while he did a group of people had formed behind us.

“Noblemen and women, I am Romulus, the owner of the Nubian, famous for his large cock. No normal woman can take him, therefore I bring to you four of the most exotic and beautiful women in all lands so you can, with your own eyes, watch as the Nubian ravishes them.”

A silence fell and the air stood still. Romulus opened the wagon door and I held my breath. Out stepped the largest man I had ever seen. He towered over Romulus who looked like a child next to him. He was black as night and his teeth and the whites of his eyes glowed in the night. His skin was oiled and I could see every muscle in his perfect body.

“I am the Nubian, and here is my cock you have all been waiting for.” His voice was deep and rolled like thunder.

He flipped up his loincloth and a gasp went through the crowd. My knees went weak and I put a hand on Laixa’s shoulder for support.

“That is not of this earth,” I mumbled.

“I think you are right,” she whispered back.

The cock in front of us was thick as child’s arm and hung almost halfway down the Nubian’s thigh. The bulbous cock head was gleaming in the night as the flames reflected on the soft skin.

When he stepped to the side the shaft swung like a pendulum. It was hard to take my eyes off it but I forced myself to do it because his sex slaves were coming out.

The first was a blond girl who could have been my sister. Her golden locks bounced on her shoulder and down her back. She only wore a loincloth and her boobs were ripe with small pink nipples.

“I am Halex, from the Germanic tribes.” Her voice was soft and childlike.

Next was a black woman, tall, slender with a fine nose and black eyes. “I am Talex, from Carthage.”

An older girl who reminded me of Laixa followed her. Raven black hair hung down her back and her olive skin shone in the light. Her face was angular with deep-set black eyes that had been sooted.

“I’m Kalexa, from Syria.”

The last girl to step out was a redhead. Taller than the others, her body was chiselled with muscles and she almost looked manly. Her heavy boobs sat high on her chest and her gaze was that of someone who was not afraid. What caught my attention was that her pale skin was full of little red dots, her face arms, chest and most of her tummy was full of them.

“I’m Jenax, from Britannica.”

I leaned in closer to Laixa. “What’s wrong with her skin?”

“Nothing, those are called freckles and are common in people from the far north. In the sun it seems that they become multiply. She could put her mouth on my flower any day,” whispered Laixa in my ear and giggled.

Dominus and Domina made their way through the crowd and saluted Romulus first and then walked along the line starting with the Nubian. Domina’s hand reached out and when she grabbed his shaft she shrieked. “By Jupiter, I need both hands to reach around his shaft.”

The people applauded while she and her husband went from sex slave to sex slave inspecting their bodies. They both touched and squeezed boobs and asses, nodding and cooing.

When Domina went past Laixa and I she said, “Girls, are you pleased?”

“Yes, Domina,” we said in unison.

“Good, go and get yourselves ready. I will speak with Romulus so he can introduce you at the right moment.”

Chapter 5

The scent from the oil filled my nose as Laixa’s hands spread it over my skin. When she cupped my boobs from behind a shiver went through my body and my nipples became hard. She giggled and gently pulled at them before moving down over my tummy down to my shaven flower where she let a finger slide in between the petals making my knees weak.

Her hands continued around my waist to my buttocks and a finger found my tight hole and gently pressed inside.

“By Jupiter, you don’t think he will fuck my exit hole, do you?” I moaned under Laixa’s attention.

“I doubt it, but one of the other women might play with it so it’s better to be safe.”

She withdrew her finger and finished my oiling with my thighs and the rest of my legs. When she was done, she stood back and her own oily body shimmered from the oil lamps in our room. We both had put on makeup before starting with the oil and our eyes now had soot in a fine line around them and colour on our lips.

She passed me a loincloth and then picked up one for herself. The tiny fabric barely covered our flowers and left our asses bare to the world to see.

“Are you ready?” she said.

“Yes, I think so.”

“Okay, let’s do it.”


When we walked into the atrium the show had already started. The black woman and the one from Germania were lying down; each had their face between the legs of the other, kissing and licking the petals and button. The room was quiet and the only thing that could be heard was the moans of the actors.

The Nubian stood in the center of the platform, by his sides knelt the redhead and the Syrian. Their slender fingers caressed his long thick shaft and massaged his heavy balls. To my surprise, his cock wasn’t fully erect.

Romulus saw us and waved us over.

“Are you Laixa and Adeline?”

“Yes,” I said.

He looked me up and down and slowly shook his head. “You are a small girl, I don’t think you will be able to take the Nubian.”

I smiled back at him and said, “Will you at least let me try?”

“You may, but don’t come crying if it hurts.”

We watched for a few minutes and the Nubian’s cock was still not fully erect so I turned to Romulus. “What is wrong with him?”

“Nothing, it has to be done slowly. If the blood rushes to his shaft too fast he might faint. In the beginning, it happened a lot.”

“Oh, I see.”

The Syrian was now licking and sucking on the Nubian’s cockhead, and the redhead had moved around so she was kneeling behind the man. I saw her spread his ass cheeks and figured she was inserting a finger. When she did, he moaned and his cock grew a bit harder.

The Syrian opened her mouth as much as she could and the cock head slid in. The Nubian then took her head in his hands and gently pushed down until her eyes were wide and her lips threatened to crack in the corners and yet, she was only one quarter down.

“They practise daily to be able to do that,” said Romulus with pride in his voice.

My eyes turned to the two women and their moans and groans had increased in volume. The Germanic woman, who was on top, ground her flower on the face of the black woman who slurped and sucked on her button.

A collective gasp filled the room and my eyes were drawn back to the Nubian.

“By all the cocks in the world, will you look at that,” said Laixa.

She was right, the Nubian’s cock was now fully erect, it was so long that the Syrian had to stand up to be able to continue sucking him. I noticed tears running down her cheeks but she kept on going, up and down up and down with her hands on his balls. The redhead had now knelt before him, facing the public and with her perfectly round and freckled ass towards him.

With a last slurp, the Syrian let go of the cock and the Nubian lined it up with the redhead’s pussy.

We stood right in front of her and I will never forget the look in her eyes when he penetrated her. Her eyes flew wide open, her mouth formed an O and then she grabbed the pillows so hard her knuckles turned white.

“She is actually the only one of the four who can take him. Her body is so much larger and stronger than the others,” said Romulus.

“A cheer went up from the crowd when the Nubian began to fuck her. He did it slowly but deeply and for each thrust, the redhead moaned louder and louder until she screamed. She kept on doing it while the Nubian fucked her faster and faster. When he finally pulled out, she turned around and showed us her flower.

“Adeline, I am sorry my friend, I am not doing this,” whispered Laixa.

My jaw had dropped at the sight of the wide-open flower. The petals were stretched so far that one could have thrown in a small apple and it would have disappeared from view.

The Nubian turned slowly in a circle while the people applauded. Raising his hands above his head he said, “Are there any volunteers amongst you noble women who would like to try my cock?”

No one raised a hand. Then I heard Romulus speak.

“Here is one, she is not a noble woman but a simple body slave. Her name is Adeline and she has told me she wishes to try the mighty cock of the Nubian.”

A roar and applause from the crowd followed and across the atrium, I saw the proud smile in my Domina’s eyes.

“May the gods be with you, my dear friend,” said Laixa and kissed my lips.

When I stood next to the Nubian my nose was below his massive chest and I turned to face the crowd. As I did they cheered and applauded. I saw Paulus who had come out from the kitchen. He was leaning against a pillar, a worried look on his face. He smiled at me and I nodded in his direction.

When the cheering and applauding had ended, I spoke.

“Dear Domina and Dominus, people of Capri. I have a demand.”

The crowd began to mumble and whisper. Domina stepped forward with a frown on her face.

“I demand that, if I can take the Nubian’s cock all the way until he shoots out his nectar, I and my two friends, the wine girl Laixa and the cook Paulus be set free.”

A collective gasp rose from the crowd. I looked over at Laixa who shook her head, and a tear appeared in her eye.

“How dare you demand such a thing?” said Domina from across the room.

“We have been good slaves, taken from our homes to serve you. I think it is only fair if we let the good people of Capri decide. Like the Gladiators, we have the right to freedom, if we perform well.”

The crowd began nodding their heads and Domina raised her voice.

“So be it, if you do this to the satisfaction of the crowd, I guarantee the freedom of you and your friends, but if not, you will all be sent to the mines where you will surely die.”

“So be it,” I said and went down on my knees and elbows.

The Nubian knelt behind me but before he penetrated me he leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“You are brave, girl, and I will be sad to know that you died for nothing.”

I turned my head and looked at him over my shoulder. “Be quiet, and stick that cock into my flower so I can get away from this place.”

He grabbed my hips and I took a deep breath which I slowly exhaled as his cock head touched my petals.

The oil that Laixa had applied helped and little by little he entered me. I kept on breathing slowly and deeply as my petals stretched far beyond what was natural. Suddenly there was a shot of pain as his cock head entered me. But I knew now that the worst was behind me. His shaft was thinner than his cock head and from now on it was only about being able to take his length.

Suddenly he grabbed me around my waist and in one swift movement lifted me up. I was skewed on his cock and hung a few feet above the floor. The crowd went crazy as he began to thread me on his shaft.

It was incredibly uncomfortable hanging as I did, but I kept on breathing and trying to relax my aching flower. Slowly I slid down his shaft, the oil making the journey barely manageable.

The crown had now stood up and as I looked out upon them I saw awe in their faces. The applause began again as the Nubian started to move me up and down his shaft.

Suddenly my buttocks touched his tummy and I knew I had made it. The sound of my ass cheeks being slapped against his skin made the crowd move in closer applauding, cheering and screaming for the Nubian to shoot his load.

When he did I thought I was going to fly off his shaft. The force the cum had when it shot out from his shaft was so strong I actually yelped like a little dog. He shot two big loads and as he slowly lowered me and I began to slide off his cock another smaller load shot out.

He released me onto the floor and then stepped back and his cock slid out of me. I lay on the floor, gasping, with my flower so wide open I could feel the cool breeze enter it.

When I slowly got to my feet and faced the crowd they went quiet. The entire atrium was vibrating from the tension in the air. The Noble men and women looked at each other and whispered among them.

“Good people of Capri, what do you say? Did I perform as promised?”

No one said a word at first, then at the back a hand was lifted above the crowd, the thumb sticking out horizontally; I closed my eyes and prayed to all the gods. When I opened them again more hands were in the air, one by one the people raised their arms.

“What do you say?” I roared from where I stood.

“Freedom!” the crowd roared back.

And that’s when I fainted.

Chapter 6

Paulus, Laxia and I stood in the front yard of the villa holding our small bags containing our meager possessions. We all had a letter from Domina and Dominus that stated we were now free people and could move around the Empire at will.

Domina and Dominus came out and walked over to us.

She looked at me and then said, “Adeline, you are the most fearless woman I have ever met. Even though I will sorely miss you and your friends, you have earned your freedom with that feat yesterday.”

My flower and my entire lower region was still aching from the Nubians cock but I put up a brave face.

“Thank you, Domina, Dominus.”

“I wish you well on your travels.”

With those words, she and Dominus turned and went back into the villa. The guard opened the gate and we walked out into our freedom.

While we waited for the ship to take us to the mainland, Paulus sat down next to Laixa and me on the bench in the shade.

“Tell me, how did you do it?”

I looked up at the glaring sun and then turned to him.


“What?” said Laixa.

“First a cucumber, then a bigger cucumber, then an eggplant, for days I fucked myself with them until my flower was used to the girth.”

Laixa’s jaw dropped. “But when?”

“At night, when you were asleep I would get up and sneak off to a quiet area in the slave quarters where I would practise. I came up with the idea when we were still in the city and Domina told us about the feast and the Nubian coming.”

Paulus kissed my cheek. “You are amazing.”

“Well, thank you. Oh, look there is the ship.”


When we reached the mainland we split up. After a tearful goodbye, I turned north heading back home to my village; Paulus went south and Laixa east.

I will never forget them, the trials and the suffering we went through together. The laughs and the tears, the fear and the happiness that we shared for those years will always be with me.


“Mommy, is it clean enough?”

I looked down at my daughter sitting next to me outside our little house in the dense Germanic forest. She was blond and had blue eyes, just like me but her skin was dark brown and she was very big for her age. The Nubian had given me a gift, and I loved her with all my heart.

I picked up the mushroom she was showing me. “Yes, it is perfect.”

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