A Run in With The Law

By Banes1

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Two college students want to get in touch with nature and get in touch with the law, instead.
Randy and I have been dating for several months. Nearing the end of our college semester, Randy's parents took an impromptu trip out of town. With the house, and the weekend, free, we wasted no time getting together. Passion rises, as do other things, but then the lights from a car in the driveway streak through the Venetian blinds. With only a minute to spare, Randy and I gather our clothing and other things and run to his room. Just as his bedroom door shuts, the front door opens.

Randy's mother comes into the room to see that he’s in bed. Randy and I take refuge in the closet. Instead of finding Randy asleep, his mother finds a hastily written note that tells her he’s gone to his friend’s house for the weekend. As soon as the house quiets, the two of us sneak out into the hallway and slip through the back door. With my car in neutral, we roll down the hill, intent on finishing our night together at Make Out Point.

The drive to Make Out Point is long. I can’t keep my hands off of Randy, and he struggles to concentrate while I continually try to unzip his pants. Finally, unscathed and accident free, we arrive at Make Out Point and waste no time climbing, while we kiss, into the back seat. Soon Randy's shirt is off, followed by mine then Randy's pants, followed by my skirt, and then my bra. Just as Randy takes my nipple into his mouth, there’s a knock on the steamy window. It’s a police officer instructing us to put our clothes on. We do so, frantic and afraid, our libido doused and replaced with irritation.

Randy, free of his pants, takes longer than me to get dressed. Before he can hoist himself from the back seat I am already out of the car and arguing with the officer. Stumbling, attempting to assert himself, Randy finds his way from the vehicle. He confronts me just as I was about to cross the line by telling the officer exactly where she could stick her badge. Randy's calm demeanor, his skill at handling stressed out women (because of having a mother and two sisters) he diffuses the situation. Lying smoothly, he explains why I have no purse, and equates our youthful passions to natural passions and ‘ah youth’.

The officer, after realizing that Randy's a successful alumni at her former Alma Mater, takes pity. She, too, remembers being young and frisky once upon a time. She Scolds me, then let's us go. Relieved, we journey to my house which we find gloriously empty. My parents have gone out on a date - letting Randy and myself to finally resolve our sexual tension.

I lead Randy upstairs to my bedroom. Sanding at the side of the bed, Randy kisses me, our tongues entwined in a sensual dance of lust. He unbuttons my shirt and slips it from my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor in a puddle at my feet. Randy kisses his way down my long neck to my full bosom and purses his lips on my erect nipple. His tongue swirls over and around as he sucks, making it grow even erect. He is pinching my other nipple with his fingers as I unbutton his shirt. I pull the shirt from his broad shoulders as he kisses his way to my other nipple.

I throw Randy's shirt across the room and it lands on the lamp on my dresser. My fingers flicking his nipples to hardness as Randy unzips my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He takes a step back and drinks in my body starting at my feet, moving up my long legs and stopping briefly at my bare mound. His eyes continue up to my breasts as he moves to me, placing his strong hands on my hips.

Randy turns me, backing me up to the bed. I sit as he kneels before me, parting my knees exposing my swollen labia. I lay back as he places my legs on his shoulders. When his tongue touches the base of my slit, I let out a soft gasp. In one stroke, Randy licks up to my clit and then back down. His tongue pushes past my swollen lips as his fingers rub my clit in a circular motion.

"Mmmm Randy, that feel so good."

His tongue pushes deeper into my wetness, as I moan out. Reaching down, I pull his head tighter against me as my sweet nectar begins to trickle from my honey pot. Randy moans out as the first trickle touches his lips. His tongue finds my G-spot, swirling around it as I move one hand to my breast. I pinch and pull my nipple as Randy tongues my slit and rubs my clit. My back arches as I reach my climax.

"Oh God Randy, I'm cuming!"

His tongue pushes deeper into my honey pot, licking up my nectar. There is so much that it flows onto the bed sheet and Randy's chin. He presses his tongue against my clit as I recover from my orgasm. His hands gently move up along my sides, then follow the curves of my breasts. My hands join his in caressing my breasts as his tongue presses against my throbbing clit. When I have recovered, I tell Randy to stand up as I sit up.

"Mmmm Joyce, your nectar tastes so sweet." He says, wiping my nectar with his fingers from his chin.

Randy traces his fingers over my lips and I grasp his hand, holding it still. I swirl my tongue around his fingers, licking the sweetness from them as Randy watches me unbuckle his belt. I pull down the zipper and there in front of me, I see a small wet spot on his boxers and lick my lips. I pull his trousers and boxers down together and his long hard cock pops out, hitting my cheek. Randy kicks the clothes to the side and I remove his socks, tossing them to the side.

I drink in the sight of his shaved cock as I fondle his large ball sac. With my other hand, I stroke the veiny shaft. My hand moves to Randy's cock head and I feel precum. Looking into Randy's eyes, I bring my hand to my mouth. As I lick and suck my fingers clean, I softly moan. Lowering my head, I kiss my way down Randy's stomach to his cock head. As I continued fondling his ball sac, my lips parted and my tongue swirled around the large mushroom circumcised head.

"Oooooohhhh Joyce, suck me!"

My mouth takes inch by inch of his hard shaft, as my tongue swirls around the shaft. Randy moans out loudly as I suck the throbbing shaft. Moving up slowly to the head, my hand gently squeezes Randy's ball sac. I let the head pop from my mouth, smile up at him as my hands work his cock. I slip off the edge of the bed, go to my knees and release his cock.

"Randy I need my pussy fucked, now."

I turn and lay my torso on the bed, as he puts the tip of his cock at my swollen labia. With one thrust, Randy's cock goes balls deep in my honey pot.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhh Randy, fuck me now!"

He slams his hardness into me which pushes me against the bed. The bed springs squeak louder with each thrust, echoing throughout the bedroom. My screams of pleasure could be heard over the squeaking and I am sure, out the open window. I reach back and rub my clit as I feel his swollen balls slap against me. Not long after I screamed out.

"God Randy, I'm cuming!"

The nectar flows out my honey pot, down my inner thighs. Randy has marvelous staying power and pulls himself from me. Suddenly, I feel him licking the nectar from my thighs and up to my slit. His tongue fucks me as if it were a cock and I cum again. I have a fistful of bed sheet in each hand as I scream out with my face buried in the sheet. His tongue moves up my slit to my anus, I gasp out as Randy rims me. He tell me to climb on the bed, I do so and he places two pillows under me.

Randy lubes his cock and my anal opening with my nectar. I feel his cock press against me, slipping slowly in. I love anal sex and Randy knows it as he pauses briefly, then pushing in slowly. I push against him, taking in his entire length.

"Damn Randy, fuck my ass hard and fast!"

Randy slams in me as hard as he can as I rub my clit. He slaps my cheeks as his hard cock slides back and forth in my arse. I groan out with every thrust and slap. Randy has my nectar flowing freely onto my inner thighs and pillows as his hardness fucks my arse. Clutching the sheets, I scream out that I'm cuming. Randy releases his thick cream, filling me as I feel each load spray against the walls of my arse.

Randy slowly pulls out, then removes the pillows from beneath me. He collapses next to me and we hold each other. Randy and I cuddled until we had recovered and then got out of bed. Hand in hand the two of us walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

This was the start of a wonderful weekend.

I want to thank Metilda, for her guidance in doing this story. It was a pleasure working with you. 

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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