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A Woman's Touch

Sue finally satisfies her curiousity
I had come here for comfort, for consoling; to talk. In the past year, I had lost three people who were very close to me; the last one, just recently. I had withdrawn, rarely leaving my home. I recognized the symptoms of depression. No motivation, no appetite. I knew I needed to talk, reconnect with people, but was not ready to do that in person. I went online and found somewhere to chat.

I had always considered myself straight and loved the feel of a man inside me, but found myself drawn to the beauty of the women. Drawn to their sexuality. I read the stories about love between women and began to wonder, what would it be like, feel like? One day I saw your avatar and knew I wanted to get to know you.

We began to correspond. Just a few emails at first, then some private chats. We discussed many things and you began telling me how it was to be with a woman. After several weeks and numerous chats, we talked for the first time on the phone. It was electrifying! My body tingled. Feelings swelled up inside me. Feelings I had only felt for a man. We talked about meeting.

I was afraid, nervous, self conscious. I was not a young girl. My life was established. How could I consider such a ludicrous idea? You were patient, understanding. You said you wanted to meet me; that we could just talk. There would be no pressure. You knew; remembering your first time. I was hesitant, putting you off.

After one conversation we had, I had gone to bed. I dreamed of you. Of us. Of being together. Of sharing our bodies with each other. And the fear dissipated. The nervousness was gone. No longer self conscious. I called you the next day. I said I was ready. Ready to meet. Ready to explore. Ready to take the leap. We set up a date to meet.

The day arrives. I wait. Then I hear the knock on the door. My heart skips a beat; my breath catches. Can I really do this? I open the door and you are there. I take your hand and pull you to me. As the door closes, you lean into me and press your lips to mine. My heart begins to pound. Without speaking a word, I lead you down the hall to my bedroom.

I slowly begin to unbutton your blouse. Then slide it off your shoulders, dropping it to the floor. I reach around behind you and undo the clasp on your bra. As I remove it, your magnificent breasts spring loose. I take them in my hands and caress them. I lower my head and begin kissing them lightly. Running my tongue around them. Tasting them. Feeling their softness. Experiencing a woman’s breast for the first time.

I move my tongue down, running it through the valley between them. Moving down, licking as I go. I reach the waistband of your slacks and undo the button. Slowly, I lower the zipper, kissing your belly as the zipper opens. I take them in my hands and lower them to the floor, licking you through you lace panties. You step out of them. Then I remove your panties. You stand there in front of me. naked and beautiful. Your mound clean and smooth.

I move you to the bed and sit you down. I quickly remove my own clothing. I see you watching as I do. I can see the lust in your eyes. Your desire for me. I am certain you see the same in mine. I move toward you, pushing you down, moving your legs onto the bed. I move next to you, kissing your eyes, your cheeks. Moving to your lips. Ever so softly at first. Barely brushing your lips with mine. Then pressing harder until my lips are crushing yours.

My tongue pushes against you, parting your lips. You eagerly open your mouth accepting tongue deep within. Your tongue pushing into mine. My first sexual kiss with another woman. My first taste of your lips, your mouth. Emotions and feeling rising from deep within me. Feelings I would never have imagined.

I take your breasts into my hands again. I feel you reaching for mine. As you touch them, I shudder. Waves of pleasure ripple through me. how could I have known it would be like this? I move my mouth to your breast. Kissing and licking all around. Massaging and squeezing. Teasing you as I work toward your nipple. Licking, then gently blowing your aureola. Coming tauntingly close, but not yet touching the nipple.

I feel your body tense, sensing what you want, what you need. I do not know why I know this. I just do. I move to your other breast and do the same thing. I have still not touched your nipples, yet they are already swollen and hard. Your hands have been massaging my breasts and you have been pulling and pinching my nipples. They are erect and you continue teasing them.

Finally, I place my mouth on one nipple and use my fingers to squeeze the other. I take the nipple in my teeth and bite until I hear you moan. You increase the pressure on mine until I hear myself moaning as well. Pain. Yet pleasure as well. This is a feeling I am familiar with. A feeling I have experienced before with a man. Yet this is different somehow. But I can not explain what it is that makes it different.

I move my hand slowly down your stomach. Down to your legs. I want to touch you. To feel your heat. To feel your wetness, which I somehow know is there. I feel myself getting wet, getting hot. But I don’t. I want this to last. I move my hand down your thigh. You part your legs for me. I move my hand slowly down, rubbing and caressing every inch. Soflty. Gently. My mouth is moving back and forth from breast to breast. Licking. Running soft circles around the nipple with my tongue.

Then taking it into my mouth and sucking hard. Pulling it deep into my mouth. You moan. “Please don’t stop.” I don’t. Your hands are still on mine. Squeezing them until I can barely stand it. Somehow you know just when to stop. To rub them softly. Then pinch and pull the nipples once again.

I pull away at last. Moving my head down slowly. Licking you as I move down. Closer and closer. My hand moving up and down the inside of your thighs. Each time coming closer to your womanhood. So close, I can feel the heat. The spreading wetness. But, still I do not touch you. My own pussy is aching. I long for you to touch it. But not yet.

My mouth is at your mound. Smooth. Soft. I lick, moving closer. Ever closer. I feel you squirm. Trying to move so my tongue is on your clit. My fingers on your lips. But I do not let you. You are moaning louder now. Begging me. “Please?” my body wants the same. I want to feel your tongue on my clit. Your fingers on my lips. Pushing inside me. Fucking me. Making me cum. But first I want to taste you, feel you. My first taste of pussy. Savor it before I surrender myself to you.

I move my mouth to your lips. Use my tongue to part them. Lick them. Taste your nectar. So sweet! I find your clit and taunt it with my tongue. I feel your body quiver. My fingers find your opening. I slowly insert one finger and feel your muscles grasp it. Hold it tight. As I tease your clit, I push a second finger into you. moving them around. In and out. Slowly.

My mouth pulls your clit in. I suck hard. I feel your body tremble. I stop. For what seems an hour, I just stay there. Motionless. Taking in your taste. Your smell. Your feel. It is really just seconds. You just lay there too. Your body vibrating. Soft moans emanating from your mouth. Neither of us wanting to move.

At last, I break the spell. I turn my body. My head between your legs. Yours between mine. You do not wait. Your hands are moving. One hand caressing my thighs. Squeezing my cheeks. Your other hand quickly pushing my lips open and inserting two fingers inside me. Your tongue already working on my clit.

I also quickly return to what I had been doing. My body was ready, but I did not want to end this so soon. I concentrate on you. Licking and sucking. Fingers probing. Moving in and out. Tasting you. Enjoying this new experience. Never imagining feeling this way. I can no longer stop the feelings. Your knowledge, your experience, are too much.

I feel the pressure building. My body is tensing. The wave of ecstasy begins. My body is in spasm. Jerking. Tremors rack me. You do not stop what you are doing. The orgasm is more intense then any I have ever had before. Though like other orgasms, somehow different. It seems to go on forever. I feel you begin to let up and realize I have stopped what I had been doing to you.

I begin to lick your clit. I find your g-spot and press against it. I feel your body tensing now. Ready. I lick faster. Harder. Move my fingers in and out. Fucking your pussy with them as you had done to mine. You let out a loud moan. Your body stiffens. Shakes. You cum. I can taste your juices. Licking them up as they flow. Slowly your quaking subsides. My body is also beginning to relax.

We turn and hold each other. Exchange a deep passionate kiss. Feel each others hearts. Still pounding. We lay there until our breathing returns to normal. Our heartbeats slow. And finally we are able to move our limbs again. I look at you and say "Hello." You smile at me and tell me "It's nice to meet you at last." We look at each other and laugh.

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