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As Advertised

Tags: spanking, ad, m/f
Naughty Girl responds to a Spanking Advertisement.

“You and I both know you’ve been a naughty girl. Drop me a line and I’ll soon turn you “bottom up” and bare-bottom spank you to tears.”

I close my computer then open it again for the hundredth time. Over and over I’m drawn back words in the ad. Then, quickly, before I can change my mind I send an email.

"Hi, I am a fifty-five year old woman that requires regular discipline.”

I jump, as almost as quickly as I hit send, the email notification signal rang indicating a response. Opening the email, I gasp.

"A woman your age knows what you need and rest assured you will get what you deserve. I’ve attached a picture. Meet me at the coffee shop in thirty minutes. Don’t be late.”

Touching up my lipstick and running a brush through my hair I rush out the door and into the car. I pull into the coffee shop parking lot and take a deep breath, exiting the car and entering the shop.

“Good morning.”

I stare up at the waiter, recognizing him from the picture, and gasping, “Hello.”

“Maggie,” he calls to a woman behind the counter. “This is my old college friend SherryKay. SherryKay this is my shop manager Maggie.” Then, smiling, he grabs my hand pulls me from the booth. “Maggie I’m leaving the shop in your capable hands and we’re going to go upstairs to my place and get caught up. I’ll be back in a couple hours call if you guys need anything.”

“Oh Shoo,” Maggie smiled. “John you worry too much. We will be fine have fun catching up.”

I stumble a bit as I’m ushered out the back door of the shop and through a doorway with stairs leading up to the second story. Closing the door, John turns me slightly and firmly presses me against the wall.  

“You won’t be needing these,” he growls, grabbing the waist band of both my yoga pants and panties and pulling them straight down to my ankles. “Step out of them and hang them on the banister.”

Gasping, I nervously fold the pants and panties over the banister, nearly tripping as he starts up the stairs. Once at the top he opens the door to an apartment then closes it firmly behind us.

“Now naughty girls get their bare bottoms spanked so get your ass in the bedroom,” he orders pointing to a doorway.

I walk into the room and he follows right on my heels, pushing me down until I’m bent over the corner of the bed. “Spread those legs on either side of the corner of the bed,” he orders, pushing my thighs well apart. “Now we’re going to have a talk.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I can’t believe you met a stranger in a coffeshop, came back to my apartment, bared your bottom and are bent over in my apartment with your…,” He shoves my legs further apart and runs his fingers along my labia, “naughty wet pussy on display. You are a filthy naughty girl,” he growls slamming his open palm upward, smacking both thigh and cheek.

“Uuuunggggh,” I cry out as numerous additional spanks are applied all to the same area until I’m writhing in pain while lewdly bucking up and down on the corner of the bed.

Switching his attention to harsh smacks to the other cheek and thigh he says, “Keep that up and I’m gonna whip your naughty puss.”

“Oh please,” I sob as the slaps focus so his hand curls around my thighs and smacks my wet pussy.

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