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One funny day in college

One funny day in college

This day in college, was a funny, yet erotic
My name is Jim, and I'm twenty-two. I'm in college, and I have this roommate, named Ed. He is twenty-three, and always seems to have bad luck when it comes to the ladies. There was one time, when we were at a club, that he was trying to pick up a couple chicks. There were two ladies, and he actually thought he was gonna get us both lucky.

"You know ladies, those beer bottles aren't the only hard objects around you," he said.

They both just laughed, and walked away.

"Dude, what the hell was that?" I asked him.

He was a little buzzed by then, so he couldn't completely be blamed for the words that came out of his mouth.

"I don't know, I guess it sounded a lot better in my head," he said as he laughed.

That night went on for hours, with no success. When he was spitting out lines like that one all night long. I was the good best friend, and made sure he got home in one piece. Believe it or not, he actually did land a nice, and hot woman. It was about a year after that night. I mention that night because, that was when he just really went into a slump. He'd just gotten dumped, and he needed to get back out there.

Anyway, when he had been dating his girlfriend, Delilah, for a few months, he wanted to try something special. He was gonna take her out for a special dinner, with dancing, and some other stuff too. I should mention, Delilah is my sister's roommate. I go over to their dorm every now, and then to hang out. The night of their date, I was over at their dorm, and their phone rang.

"Your phone is ringing," I said.

"Hello, you are in college now, even your dumb ass should be able to answer a phone," My sister, Jessica replied.

"Just remember, I can open my vault, and tell Delilah endless stories that you don't want her to hear. So, be nice," I warned her.

"Oh, yeah, like what?" Jessica wondered, as she walked into the living room with me.

I had an evil grin, and cracked open the vault.

"You know, Delilah, at Jessica's seventeenth birthday party, she..." I said before I got cut off.

"Okay, you win," Jessica pleaded.

I just gave her that same grin, and she walked away. The phone just kept ringing that whole time, and then I answered it. Before I could even say 'Hello,' Ed started talking.

"Tonight after dinner, I'm gonna bring you back to your dorm, and I'm gonna rip off your clothes. I'm gonna have my way with you, and make you feel like a whole new woman. Any sex you had before, won't even be classified as sex. By the time I'm done with you, your pussy will be one great work of art. You are gonna have to charge a hundred bucks a pop to let people see it. What do you say to that?" Ed asked.

I just laughed.

"Well, you are really going to put out for that happen. I also think things between us will never be same, especially since I'm not a woman, and don't have a pussy either," I told him, as I laughed.

"Oh, fuck, Jim. What are you doing over there?" Ed asked.

"My sister lives here too, man, what if she answered? You are my best friend, but Jessica would have kicked your ass up, and down this dorm. I'd be careful from now on, if I were you," I replied.

"I know, and that reminds me. She told me, after that incident on her seventeenth birthday, she kicked your ass so hard, you almost had to go to the hospital. Is that true?" Ed pondered.

Let's just say, I stopped laughing.

"Jessica?!" I yelled out.

She came in laughing, so she knew exactly what was going on.

"Did you not want your best friend to know that your little sister can kick your ass?" Jessica pondered.

I ran after her, but ran into an ottoman that they had in their living room. My knee hurt like hell, and she just laughed, because that wasn't the first time that happened.

"You run right into that every time," Jessica said, as she laughed.

I had to get revenge, so I dropped the phone, and ran to her. I took her down, and she was in for it. She was incredibly ticklish, and it was actually a little ridiculous how ticklish she was. I got her armpits, and had her laughing up a big storm. Only if I didn't stop, she would suffer some other consequences.

"Come on, Jim, you know I always pee my pants, when you tickle me there," she said, as she was laughing uncontrollably.

"That's kind of the point, so you better say you are sorry," I warned her.

She wasn't about to just apologize like that, she held out for over a minute, but then she gave up.

"Fine, you win, I'm sorry," she pleaded.

I laughed a bit, and got off her. When it comes to your sister giving you shit, you gotta set them straight. It's always good to know their weakness, in this case, she was really ticklish. Ed heard that whole thing, and then Delilah came to get the phone.

"You better not tickle me tonight, or I might squeeze your nipples in return," Delilah warned him.

Well, he was in for something that night. For me, I was gonna have some night too. It was date night with my girlfriend too, and she had some surprise waiting for me back at my dorm at eight at night. I heard some sounds, and as I got close, I realized they were some slurping sounds, like when she blew me.

"What the hell?" I asked.

I walked right in there, and found her sucking on a dildo. There was a radio on making those sounds, and I looked right at her with an odd look.

"What, you know I love sucking cock," Mindy, my girlfriend said.

Then both of laughed for a minute. I got right on the bed with her, and we began making out. After about a minute, she said she had a surprise. She got up, and went to the closet. We had a big closet, so she could go in, and shut the door. I had no idea what she had in there, but I was in for a treat. She was in there for about three minutes, but when she came out, I couldn't believe what she had on. She was dressed as Princess Peach from the Mario Brothers franchise. Then she had the same crown, and accent that Princess Peach too.

"Oh, Mario, I'm so thankful. You rescued me, and Toad Stool from King Bowser, and you kicked his ass. How can I ever repay you?" Mindy asked.

"Well, you let me thank you for fulfilling my fantasy," I replied.

She came towards me, and reached under the bed.

"Well, thank me in clothes that Mario wears," Mindy told me.

She pulled out a Mario costume, and it even came with a mustache. I put it on, and it was time for me to fuck the sexiest fictional character I could think of. She knew I was a big fan of that video game series, so this was gonna be fun. I loved it so much, that a few times before, I did work on a Mario accent.

"I'm the best," I said in a Mario accent.

I got the costume, stripped, and put it on in less than a minute. There was a hole for my cock, so I was more than ready to fuck her. She even bought some Mario condoms, and it had some turtle shells on the end.

"Oh, come on, Mario, my pussy is waiting for your cock," Mindy said.

She lifted up the dress, and I found out she didn't have any panties on. I got right on top of her, and stuck my cock right into her. She immediately began moaning with that accent, and let me know how much she loved me.

"Oh, Mario, I love you, and that cock," Mindy let me know.

I tried going fast with my thrusts, just as you would think Mario would when he's kicking the shit out of something. She did have something else in that stereo though. She put on the theme music, and even had that dinging when Mario hit his head on those big brown boxes. I had to laugh a bit, and then I began thrust my cock with the dings.

"Yes, yes, yes," Mindy moaned.

In the costume, it was getting pretty hot. It was still a very kinky idea, that I was enjoying very much. I kept my head up, and concentrated on fucking her as hard as I could. A minute later, I saw her reach over to her magic wand. I began moaning out loud for a few seconds, and I couldn't hold it anymore.

"Cum turtle shells in my pussy, because you wouldn't want me to put a spell on you," Mindy warned me.

I followed her command, I guess because the condoms had turtle shells on them. I came so hard, I was sure it broke, and cum got into her. We weren't trying to get pregnant, since we were in college, but we weren't too worried risking it every now and then. You've got to live a little, right?

"I'm the best," I said.

She just laughed, and brought me down with her.

"At shooting your turtle shell of a load," Mindy replied.

She had me get off her, and I laid down on my back. She ripped off the condom, and watched a lot of cum ooze out of the condom.

"Oh, Mario, were you trying to get little Marios into me?" Mindy pondered.

I took off the hat, and had an embarrassed face. I couldn't make my face as red as his, but it was still pretty red. She had me put the pants back on, and sat down next to me. Then all of the sudden, the bedroom door just opened, and there was some big roars.

"Oh no, Mario, it's Bowser. Quick, throw a turtle shell at him," Mindy said, as she gave me a turtle shell pillow.

I saw someone in a Bowser costume, and had a little confetti at the mouth. So it looked like he was breathing fire. I threw the pillow at Bowser, and he went down.

"Oh, thank you again, Mario. You've saved me from Bowser again," Mindy said.

I had to see who he actually was. So, I got up, and went towards them. To my surprise, it wasn't a guy.

"Hello, Mario. You got lucky this time, but next time, I'll make you pay," Jessica said with her best Bowser impression.

"My sister, really?" I asked.

"What, I thought it would be funny, and she can't see your junk," Mindy told me.

"Until next time, Mario, beware," Jessica said, right after she pulled the mask back on.

She ran away, and I just had to laugh. That was one funny experience, and the next day, Ed told me what role play experience he did with Delilah. He got dressed in a fat suit, that made him look like Peter Griffin, and Delilah was dressed as Lois Griffin. If I could have seen that, I'd never stop laughing.
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