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Our First Time

A truthful account of our first swingers meet, names have been changed to protect the guilty

We are used to reading the stories on here about couples first times at clubs or meeting others and they always seem to have been the perfect meet.

Here is our story of our first meet.

We had discussed for many years, our fantasies about swinging and having sex with other people, but had never felt ready to make the next step.

On a lovely Sunday morning in August we decided to take a walk along the beach. The sand was clean, soft and the waves gently rolled up the beach. We walked hand in hand and talk just naturally progressed to the night before and the way whilst having sex the dirty talk had been about seeing each other with somebody else and what we would do.

“Shall we do it? If we are going to do it for real I want to do it before I get too old and flabby” was all she said.

I readily agreed but then came the difficult problem of how do we start? How actually do you get into swinging? What is the etiquette, just how do you go about meeting other people for no strings attached sex?

The answer in this modern world is you Google it. We got home, browsed the internet and over the next couple of days went about setting up our first profile on a professional website that charged £20 a month. We uploaded a couple of our private photos with the heads cut off obviously and then started to browse. We expected the offers to flood in but they did not and we realised that it was going to require more effort.

We had talked about perhaps trying a club and thought that might be the best option for meeting other couples. Again google came to the rescue and it was whilst looking at various club websites around the UK that we noticed that a lot had a link to a site called Fabswingers. Whilst looking at the website for our local club, we click on the link provided and visited this new site.

Fabswingers had a lot going for it, for starters, it was a lot more active than the one we were on and secondly, and most importantly being tight Yorkshire people it was free. We cancelled our monthly subscription to the other site and quickly made ourselves members of the new site. It was full of handy tips on the do’s and dont's for setting up the perfect profile and we followed them to the letter. Within no time, we had a decent profile which has got better over time and as we like to take photos, we paid the tiny site supporter fee which allowed us to upload more photos.

Within a few days we had received a number of private emails, mostly from single men’s, (They clearly never read profiles, especially the bit about not wishing to meet single men), but there were one or two emails from couples.

Soon we were exchanging emails with one particular couple whose profile seemed to suggest that they were similar to us and looking for the same sort of thing. They were also new to swinging having been only been on the site for two months longer than we had.

The handy hints section suggested that when looking to meet then a good starting point is to arrange to meet for a social drink that would allow like-minded people to get to know one another and, more importantly, it was a good way of ensuring that people were genuine. Over time we were to learn that there were and still are a lot of fake couples’ profiles set up by we assume men who we can only assume are looking for some sort of cheap thrill.

Clearly, we were both following the handy hints and tips page as having exchanged a number of emails and discussed meeting they suggested that before things went any further there should be a phone call between the females.

We readily agreed and chose a Sunday afternoon as the best time to chat as both of our teenage kids would be out of the house so there was no danger of being overheard. Even though it was only a phone call both of us were anxious, nervous and fidgety all day and these feelings only got worse as the time drew nearer. With the allotted hour almost upon us, we started to get cold feet and very nearly did not make the call, but we steeled ourselves and made the call from the upstairs extension. Alexis dialled the number and looked at me nervously as she listened to the electronic clicks as the call was connected. The called, as had been agreed was answered by the female who introduced herself as Vera and the ladies talked for about five or ten minutes, although neither of us can remember now what was said or discussed.

With the phone call out of the way, we returned to the safety of the site and continued our email correspondence as we started the long and drawn out process of arranging a mutual time when we could all meet. In the perfect world, a date would be suggested all would be free, the meet would happen and great sex would ensue. In reality what tends to happen is dates are suggested and rejected due to family visits, work, mother nature and all manner of other reasons until all parties believe that the meeting is never going to happen and lose heart. In this case, after three or four suggestions we finally found a free Saturday evening and as we were roughly an hour’s drive from one another a pub midway between us was chosen as the place to meet and have a few drinks, nothing more.

As this was going to be our first meet we were nervous as hell come Saturday evening, Alexis chose a sexy dress stopping just above her knees and a nice pair of heels which made her look incredibly sexy.

We set off in the late evening sun to drive the 30/40 mins to the pub, not ten minutes later we ground to a halt due to roadworks and an accident. Police were diverting traffic off the dual carriageway onto the side roads so predictably we very, very slowly continued our journey toward our meet. Concerned that the other couple might think we were not coming we desperately tried to find their phone number and Alexis rang ahead to warn them that we were going to be very late.

The pub it turned out was one of those country hotels you find littered around the UK with a small bar attached to it. We spotted the other couple as soon as we walked into the bar, they were sitting over in the corner looking as nervous as we felt. We went over and introduced ourselves, I left Alexis chatting to them and went to the bar to get drinks. The rest of the evening was enjoyable as we got to know one another.

The other couple were called Derek and Vera, they lived out in the Northumberland countryside near Alnwick. They had been childhood sweethearts, she worked in an office up in Berwick and he was a gamekeeper. As they had been childhood sweethearts they had decided to try swinging as neither of them had been ever been with anybody else, they had been virgins when they got married and had remained faithful ever since.

We enjoyed the evening immensely and it was late and very dark when we decided it was time to head off home. We walked back to our cars and before leaving Derek and Vera asked if we would like to meet again. We said we would and agreed to make further arrangement over the internet. During the evening conversation had turned to Derek job and from there to Venison. Alexis had mentioned that she had never tasted venison before and now Vera offered when we went to their house to cook us a meal and serve venison as part of the main course.

The next day we emailed them with which weekends we were free and by process of elimination agreed on a date for our next meet and our first swap experience.

That day could not come soon enough for us, we were excited at the thought of what we were about to do, understandably, we were also terrified and wanted to get our first experience out of the way.

We planned the evening with military precision, what time we were going to leave, what we were going to wear and in our heads how the evening was going to go.

We left early because we knew it was going to take us about one and half hours to get to the layby where we had agreed to meet at. The reason the rendezvous being in a layby was because Derek and Vera’s house was, as they put it “in the middle of nowhere” and would not be found by any satnav. We got there slightly early and sat for roughly ten minutes before Derek pulled up in his Landrover and told us to follow him round to the house. We followed him along the country lanes and up to a single row of houses surrounded by fields.

We got out of the car and took in the view of the countryside in the fading light, the yellow flowers on the rapeseed plants seemed to glow. We went into the house and were greeted by Vera who was wearing a crochet mini-dress which as Alexis said later looked rather like a string vest, she had clearly already had one or two drinks for Dutch courage.

Having travelled for nearly two hours, Derek then announced that he had to go to work in a couple of hours as being a gamekeeper he often worked into the early hours. This surprised us as we had expected to have a slow build-up to the main event but now realised that we were on the clock so to speak.

We were shown into the living room and offered a drink, Alexis had a glass of wine and I had a coke seen as I was the designated driver for the evening. Vera poured herself a glass of wine and surprisingly seen as Derek was going out to work later in the evening he had a beer.

Conversation flowed exactly as it had done on the night in the pub and we were enjoying ourselves completely forgetting we were up against time. Vera reminded us that we had been promised dinner when we visited so if we would like to make our way through to the kitchen Alexis would get her first taste of Venison.

We sat down in at the farmhouse kitchen table and were served Venison Sandwiches, not the succulent venison dinner with potatoes and country veg which we had been led to believe we would be getting. Looking on the bright side, it was probably a good idea not to have a big meal before getting jiggy with it and the venison was delicious we both had to agree. Our hosts did not partake in our little feast, Vera had another drink whilst Derek prowled round the table like a wild animal sizing up its prey.

Having eaten, we returned to the living room where Vera had another drink and we chatted for about another 15 minutes before it was suggested we move things along to the bedroom. We all got up and walked along the corridor to their master bedroom.

The bedroom was all Chintz with ornaments everywhere and in the centre of the room stood a double bed which seemed to be about one metre off the ground. Now that was not going to be a problem for me, but Alexis is only 5ft 2ins and she was going to need a stepladder in order to get on to it. As we entered I was extremely nervous as this was it, we were really going to do it, it was no longer going to be a fantasy we were really going to swap. Perhaps it was because of the nerves or perhaps it was just because I am getting old, but it was at that moment that I realised I had forgotten to bring with me our condoms which were still in my jacket pocket in the living room. I announced that I need to go back and get them and turn and left the room.

I was only gone 30 seconds, maximum but on my return, I was stunned to find everybody else was naked. Vera had very little to remove having only had on her crochet vest dress with a bra and knickers underneath. Derek must have just ripped his clothes off because he was down to his boxer shorts and socks whilst Alexis was standing in her stockings and suspenders. I was concerned that I might have gone into a time warp and missed something, or perhaps I had fallen unconscious and had missed the main event, it all seemed to have happened so quickly. Alexis told Derek that nothing was going to happen if he kept his socks on as that was a big turn off and he quickly removed them. Eager to catch up I stripped down to my boxers and looked at Alexis.

Unsure of how to proceed, we all climbed up onto the bed and Derek started to push Vera and Alexis together as he said one of his fantasies was to see Vera playing with another woman. At this point, Alexis was not bi-curious and I am pretty sure that Vera had no wish to kiss or play with another female but under pressure from Derek, they half-heartedly kiss and then quickly broke away and shuffled so that they were facing each other's partners.

We have always like sensual and tender sex; by this I mean we want lots of fondling, stroking and kissing all of which will get both of us highly turned on; on this night neither of us was going to get that.

I started to kiss Vera but by now the amount of alcohol she had consumed was really starting to take effect, this coupled with her nerves made her nothing more than a shell, she kissed but there was no passion, no excitement. She fell onto her back and opened her legs, closed her eyes and I honestly thought she had passed out. I had briefly whilst kissing got an erection, but looking down at her now I realised that she was so drunk she was not aware of what she was doing and was more than likely going to pass out rather than be taken heaven with orgasmic pleasure. Thoughts whirled through my mind, but one phrase kept coming into my head “it's going to be like fucking a corpse.”

Immediately I deflated and that was it, I knew that it was not going to come back. Feeling that I had to try I lay on top of her and started to kiss her, but whilst she kissed back there was little feeling in it and that was pretty much it for my night. She did try to get me hard by giving me a blowjob, but to be honest, I have changed gears in my car more gently that she was with my dick and she yanked and pulled it with her hand whilst putting the head in her mouth.

For Alexis things had gone only slightly better. Moving across to Derek they had kissed and fondled one another before Alexis slowly kissed down his body to his cock, she was disappointed to discover that his cock was quite tiny. Alexis is not bothered by the size of a man’s cock but she does like them to be at least around average size and sadly Derek’s was a good two or more inches smaller than normal. I know I am biased, but Alexis gives some of the best blowjobs I have experienced and she loves the power she has over guys when she is licking, sucking and teasing their cocks, she likes to feel the guys struggling to contain himself and not shoot his load, she quickly had to stop the blowjob as he clearly was not going to last if she played games with him

Switching positions he got between her legs and in her words, “He went at it like a little terrier dog," fucking really fast. All too soon he let out a small yelp and fell off her. I looked at his dick which was now shrivelled up encased in its condom.

We got cleaned up and returned to the living room for another drink. As this was our first time we had not yet learned to walk away when things were not to our liking or to develop a code we could use to help communicate our pleasure or not with the way things were progressing and therefore be able to make good our escape or throw ourselves into the carnal pleasures with abandon.

Later in the car, we both discovered that we had wanted to leave immediately after we had left the bedroom, but felt that we would appear rude if we had done so. Derek came to our rescue by announcing that he had to go to work so we quickly said our goodbyes to Vera and stepped outside.

If the whole evening had been strange it now took another turn for the surreal. We were outside in the middle of the Northumberland Moors and Alexis marvelled at how bright the stars were as there was no light pollution. Derek agreed and said that you could see so many more stars if you put on night vision goggles. He then proceeded to produce a pair of goggles and having just had our first foursome of sorts we now found ourselves looking up at the clear night sky with night vision equipment on.

Eventually, we got back in the car, set the satnav and headed for home. We found ourselves giggling at what we had done and both agreeing that perhaps the night had not gone as successfully as we would hope and that perhaps it was a mistake to have chosen another inexperienced couple like us as our first swap partners.

Thankfully the experience did not put us off and we were lucky enough to have some successfully nights in the years to come, but they may or may not be part of future stories.


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